How to turn off the black white screen on iPhone

Effective ways to fix iPhone white screen of death

You are facing the problem of white screen death iPhone when your iPhone 12/11 / X / 8/7 / SE / 5s / 5c / 4 turns completely white, sometimes with black apple logo on the screen. The name may sound scary, but it’s not a death sentence for your iPhone. In this article, we want to analyze the causes of white screen iPhone and provide some effective ways to fix iPhone white screen death.

In the first part of this article, we will show you some simple ways to get rid of iPhone white screen problem. You can try the following methods to fix iPhone white screen of death.

Hard Reset to fix iPhone white screen death

In most cases, a simple hard reset can return your iPhone with a white screen to normal. However, this method will cause loss of iPhone data, so you should think before applying this option.

Step 1 Hold down and simultaneously press the Home and Power buttons.

Step 2 Hold down both buttons for 10-20 seconds until you see the Apple logo.

Step 3 Release the buttons and iPhone will reboot itself. Then the iPhone white screen problem will disappear.

Restore iPhone white screen of death by entering DFU mode

You can turn your iPhone into DFU mode to restore iPhone hardware when the iPhone screen turns white.

Step 1 Turn off your iPhone before DFU mode goes into DFU mode

turn, black, white, screen, iphone

Step 2 Hold and press the home button and connect your iPhone to your computer with iTunes running.

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turn, black, white, screen, iphone

Step 3 Release the home button until you see a USB cable with an arrow in the direction of the iTunes logo. Then the iPhone screen will be black, which shows that you have entered DFU mode. And the iTunes message will tell you that iTunes has detected the device in DFU mode.

A professional way to deal with iPhone white screen (Best Way)

Alternatively, you can choose a reliable third-party recovery tool to help you easily deal with the iPhone white screen of death problem. System Repair iOS, which has the ability to fix all system problems of any iOS device. During the repair, it will save and protect all your iPhone data such as contacts, messages, videos, photos and so on. First, download and install iOS System Recovery to see how FoneLab fixes the iPhone white screen.

Launch FoneLab and connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable. Select ” Tools” on the left side, and then select Restore iOS System in the main interface. Then you will be taken to the iPhone System Recovery window.

Step 2 Start fixing iPhone white screen

Click the “Start” button to start fixing the iPhone white screen of death. This professional program can detect your iPhone in DFU / Recovery mode and fix it immediately.

Step 3 Have your iPhone go into recovery mode or DFU mode

Tap the “Question” icon and follow the instructions to have your iPhone with white screen enter Recovery or DFU mode.

After that, press “Restore” button to load the desired iPhone firmware.

Step 5 Return your iPhone to normal state

Once the firmware download is complete, FoneLab will automatically fix your iPhone’s white screen problem. After this, your iPhone will get out of the iPhone white screen death dilemma and return to normal life.

Have you managed to fix iPhone white screen of death? In this article, we mainly discuss the situation when your iPhone may get white screen and provide some effective ways to fix iPhone white screen. Hope you can get out of the iPhone white screen death dilemma and get your iPhone back to normal.

How to make iPhone colorful

Hello! Faced with a problem: My little son set something in the iPhone so that the screen now shows a strong red tint. How to put everything back the way it was?

Apparently, your baby got to the filter application settings in iOS 10. This feature is new and was not available in previous versions of the operating system.

To disable applied filters, go to: Settings. Basic. Universal Access. Display Adaptation. Light Filters.

In the suggested menu it is enough to disable the Light Filters slider. For the characteristic red color the adjustments Intensity and Tint are responsible.

This menu item Apple has developed in order to correct the color of the screen for people with special color perception caused by the peculiarities of the organs of vision.

If your screen looks yellowish, go to Settings. Display and Brightness. Night Shift. Turn off the display temperature change function and the characteristic warm color disappears. Night Shift is designed to make the iPhone LCD display more comfortable to see in the dark.

Accidental turning on

Before declaring the problem completely solved, it’s important to point out one other setting that can cause grayscale to turn on or off without your knowledge.

Go back to Settings, open Universal Access. Scroll to the Quick Command at the very bottom.

Quick Commands is a handy feature that allows you to turn on or off universal access features by triple-tapping the iPhone’s side button (or the home button on earlier models).

If there is a tick to the left of the “Light Filters” function name, it means that you can turn the monochrome mode on by clicking the side button or “Home” button three times.

Uncheck the box to make it impossible to accidentally turn monochrome mode on or off and no longer be surprised that your phone’s screen is black and white. At least now you know how to turn off monochrome mode and turn your iPhone into a color screen.

How to remove the black and white screen on your iPhone or quickly switch between modes

To be able to quickly turn on or off the black and white feature on your iPhone follow these steps:

After this setting, triple-tap the “Home” button (on the iPhone X on the side Power button) and the full color mode will turn on, if you do triple-tap again, the black and white mode will turn on again.

When you set your iPhone to monochrome mode you’ll notice that you are not as impressed with images and icons, and the time you spend with your smartphone will be significantly reduced, and therefore you will have more time for your business and for live chatting with friends and colleagues.


To lower the color, you should figure out how to make the iPhone black and white screen. This can be done using the Settings menu, but an inexperienced iPhone user will find it tricky, as the feature is hidden in the system sections. Step-by-step on the iPhone, the black and white screen is turned on as follows:

In the window that appears, not only the colorless filter is available, but also some other formats designed for the visually impaired.

Brightness will disappear, visually the device will become gray. The phone continues to display color schemes, but the filter applied changes the result. This explains why photos and screenshots remain in color, while the user sees a cropped picture.

How to make black and white screen on iPhone

If for some reason you needed to use the monochrome display mode on your iPhone, it is very easy to do so: the necessary settings to switch the mode to “grayscale” are provided by default in iOS.

This instruction details how to turn on the black and white screen on the iPhone, according to some reports, an unknown degree of reliability, it helps to spend less time “in the phone”. The same can be implemented on other smartphones: How to make the screen black and white on Android.

How to turn on the black and white screen on the iPhone (grayscale)

To turn your screen image black and white, follow these simple steps on your iPhone with the latest versions of iOS:

  • Go to Settings. Universal Access.
  • Select “Display and text size”.
  • In the list, find the item “Light Filters” and click on it.
  • Turn on the light filters, and then switch the mode to “Grayscale”.

Done, right after that your iPhone will show the screen image in black and white.

On iOS earlier than version 13, the steps for enabling a monochrome screen are slightly different:

  • Open Settings. Basic. Universal Access.
  • Tap “Display Adaptation.”.
  • Select “Light Filters.”.
  • Turn on the light filters and set the mode to “Grayscale”.

Important note: even though you will see the image in black and white, photos, videos and even screenshots will still be in color (I made the screenshot in step 4 monochrome manually, which is what your screen will look like).


I hope some of the readers found the instruction useful. Might also be interesting: How to use iPhone (or Android) as a TV remote, How to transfer an image from iPhone to Windows or Mac OS computer.

Iphone Black and White Mode. Screen Setup

How to remove the black and white screen on your iPhone or quickly switch between modes

To be able to quickly enable or disable black and white mode on your iPhone follow these steps:

  • In the “Settings” application open the “Main” section.
  • Then enter the “Universal Access” subsection
  • Select “Quick Commands” and check the “Light Filters” box.

After this setting, triple-tap the Home button (on iPhone X, the side Power button) and it will turn full color, triple-tapping again will turn on the black and white screen.

When you turn your iPhone into monochrome mode, you’ll notice that the images and icons are not as impressive, and the time you spend on your phone will be significantly reduced, so you will have more time for your business and for live chatting with friends and colleagues.

Scenario 3. The problem with iOS

If both attempts don’t work, your iPhone probably has an operating system problem.

At this pointYou may have to reset it to factory settings to fix the problem. You can do it through iTunes.

Connect your iPhone to your computer and run iTunes. If you can connect to your iPhone via iTunes, be sure to back it up first. Otherwise, you will lose the current data on your device.

In fact, there is a way to bring your iPhone back to life without losing data. Fonelab iOS System Restore, a good tool to fix almost all iOS problems such as iPod stuck in recovery mode, can’t slide to unlock, DFU mode or Apple logo, iPhone screen black, blue or red, iPhone reboot problems, etc. Д.

The important recovery process will not modify or erase any data and continue in a safe and clean environment 100%. Let’s look at the step-by-step guide below to see how it works.

Choose Repair iOS system on your iPhone. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable as required.

The software may detect that the connected iPhone is in an abnormal state, and will ask you to press Start to begin.

You will be asked to confirm the information on your iPhone. Click Repair if this is correct, but if not, select the exact information manually before repairing. It will take some time to download the plugin, please do not unplug or use your device during the process. Otherwise this may cause the repair to fail.

Once it is finished, you will find that your iPhone becomes alive, and is still safe.

If you lose data during the procedure, you can use FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery to recover iMessages, photos and more on your iPhone.

Fonelab iOS System Restore

Fonelab lets you switch iPhone / iPad / iPod from DFU mode, recovery mode, Apple logo, headphone mode etc. Д. Back to normal without losing data.