How to turn off sound on iPad

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  • Click on the bell icon to mute the sound.

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  • All audio on iPad will be muted.

When silent mode is active on iPad, the bell icon changes color. In silent mode, the tablet will not play sounds from applications, notifications, etc. It will be completely silent.

How to turn on sound on iPad

To turn on audio on iPad or iPad Pro, do the following:

  • Press the volume up button on the side of iPad or iPad Pro until the sound reaches the volume you want
  • Open Control Center.
  • Click the bell icon.
  • Now adjust the sound volume using the slider in Control Center or using the buttons on the side of the tablet.

Your iPad will now play all sounds as usual at the volume you selected.

How to turn off sound on iPad

To mute all audio on iPad, do the following:

  • Press the Volume Down button on the side of your iPad or iPad Pro until the silent icon appears on the screen

How to turn sound on or off on iPad

Want to completely mute your iPad? This can be done in several ways.

IPad and iPad Pro have volume buttons that you can use to mute the sound. Previous iPads had a separate mute toggle switch, but it has now been removed and the method has changed.

Below we will share two ways to turn off the sound on iPad. They are relevant for all new iPad and iPad Pro models.

What to do if audio won’t turn on on iPad?

If your iPad is stuck in silent mode, make sure it’s not turned on by checking the bell icon in Control Center. Then press the volume up button several times. It is unlikely that the mute switch will be returned to future iPad models. It may soon disappear from the iPhone too.

However, it is still very easy to mute the sound, and now you know how.

How to turn sound on or off on iPhone

On iPhone, you can mute an incoming call. This can be done using a dedicated switch or through the settings. Below we will show you how to turn sound on or off on iPhone.

This method is relevant for iPhone 7 and newer. For older models go to Sound Settings.

Other options

There are many options on the iPhone related to calls, messages, notifications, and more. To customize them, go to Settings Sounds. This is what these options are responsible for:

How to turn off sound on iPhone

The easiest way to put your iPhone on silent is with a dedicated switch on the left side of your smartphone. It is located above the volume buttons and serves to mute the sound on the iPhone.

When the switch is closer to the back of the smartphone and the orange indicator is visible, the sound is muted. When you slide the switch to this position, an icon with a crossed out bell will appear on the screen.

To enable ringtone on iPhone, slide the switch closer to the front of your smartphone. The bell icon reappears on the screen.

How to turn on silent mode on iPhone

Your iPhone can notify you of an incoming call not only with a ringtone, but also with vibration. When someone calls you, you will not hear the ringtone, but you will feel the vibration.

You can adjust vibration in Settings Sounds and vibration patterns (or Sounds).

  • Vibration while ringing: Your iPhone will vibrate and you will hear a ringtone
  • Vibration in silent mode: iPhone will vibrate in silent mode.

Silent mode is off, but there is no sound?

Controlling silent mode on an iPhone is simple in theory. with a toggle switch. However, in reality, everything is a little more complicated. Silent mode is disabled on iPhone, but you still can’t hear the sound of an incoming call? There may be several reasons for this.

You may be in Do Not Disturb mode. You may have blocked the number calling you, so you cannot hear the sound. First, check everything, and then review the settings again.

How to download the app?

If you live in a country in which the soundtrack of photography should always be on, then this application is a must for you. Download Stealthsnap here.

What else makes the app stand out is its awesome compatibility. It supports all versions of operating systems from iOS 1 to iOS 10.2. In the future, it will also be compatible with iOS 11 without installing any additional modifications.

How to turn off sound on iPhone when taking photos

Mute shutter effect sound with music app

Another method has been discovered to turn off the camera shutter sound on iPhone, which works with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9 and newer, without depending on the “Mute” switch. This is a workaround that involves playing the song, this is how it works:

Open the Music app and play a song, no matter what.

Now, use the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone and completely lower the song volume to zero.

After that, use the “Camera” application in normal mode. after that, when shooting, the camera will not make a sound.

There are also other ways to mute the camera sound on iPhone and iPad. They are a little more difficult, but still worth mentioning.

How to turn off or turn on camera sound on iPhone and iPad?

On Apple iOS devices, there are some tricks that can be applied to solve this problem. Below are a few ways to turn off / on the camera shutter sound on iPhone.

These tips are universal and suitable for all models, so you can use them for any smartphone and tablet from Apple, regardless of the version of iOS that is installed on it.

How secure is the application?

The app is completely safe as it just changes the name of the photoShutter.caf file. This file in iOS memory is responsible for the camera shutter sound. After renaming the file, iOS stops seeing it and the soundtrack of camera triggering disappears.

When the application is uninstalled, the file returns to its original state and the shutter sound reappears.

How to Mute the iPad Quickly

How to mute the camera on iPhone 5s, 6, 7, 8, X and iPad?

As you know, any picture taken with the camera in the iPhone is accompanied by a sound that simulates the release of the camera shutter. This clicking sound is just a props, and you might think there should be an easy way to turn it off. I hasten to disappoint you, but there is no such setting in the iPhone.

If you constantly use your smartphone as a camera, then the presence of such soundtrack is not always convenient. In some cases, “clicking the shutter” with every shot will be simply inappropriate.

In this article, we will show you how to mute the camera on iPhone and take photos without disturbing others.

Who needs the StealThsnap app?

Stealthsnap Cydia app allows you to mute the camera shutter sound on iPhone. Its developer, Lex, is a talented newcomer to the cracking software industry. The application is very convenient to use for all models of smartphones and tablets.

Use the Using Assistive Touch function

Turn on Assistive Touch and adjust the volume controls. To do this, go to “Application Settings” → “General” → “Access” → “Assistive Touch” (“Settings App” → “General” → “Accessibility” → “Assistive Touch”).

For convenience, add a Mute control button to the Customize Top Level menu. Now you can turn off the shutter sound before turning on the camera or while using it by simply tapping on the picture on your iPhone or iPad (iOS).

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There are also alternative ways to mute the iPhone camera sound:

The first way is pretty funny, if it didn’t cause tears. Its essence is to take a photo while recording a video. You will not hear the shutter sound, but you will get a picture in lower quality (in the same resolution as the recorded video) and an unnecessary video file that you will have to delete in the future.

The second method will not remove the sound when shooting, however, others will not hear it. All we need is to plug in headphones (no matter standard wired or bluetooth) and take pictures.

iPad Sound Problem And Fix, How To Fix Sound Issue on iPhone or iPad

I do not think that wearing headphones will be a problem, since a large number of people cannot go about their business without music or an audiobook. However, if you are with friends, having your ears covered can be bad form.

The third option is the most harmless and effective. After all, it will remove not only the click sound when shooting the camera on the iPhone, but also turn off all sound in principle. Just mute the audio player.

Alas, all these methods do not turn off the sound of the camera, without causing consequences for other systems. The only way to mute the camera sound on iPhone and iPad is to download a jailbreak.

What to do if the sound drivers on the laptop have crashed

Quite often, the reason for the disappearance of sound on a laptop is incorrect or missing sound drivers. To do this, you need to open the task manager and check if there is a yellow circle opposite the item “Sound devices”.

If there is a yellow circle, then you need to update the drivers in the task manager. If the sound does not appear, then remove all sound devices from the “operating system”, restart the computer so that the drivers are updated. Most of the time this helps.

Another reason for the sound to be muted might be if Windows Audio is turned off. To turn it on, you need to find it in the “Services” item and put it on automatic start.

In case of serious breakdowns of the sound system, it is necessary to completely reinstall the entire operating system of the laptop or purchase and install a new sound card.

You can also always ask for qualified help from specialists at the service center, where you will always be helped to cope with technical malfunctions.

Those who have a laptop now, probably, do not even imagine how it was possible to do without it before. It is much more convenient than a desktop computer. This is not surprising, because a modern device has a number of indisputable advantages. it is an autonomous, mobile and practically silent device. No other personal computer can boast of such characteristics. Despite all its advantages, a laptop is not the best device for playing sound. Small built-in speakers on the case are just the minimum necessary for work, which is not enough for comfortable listening to music or watching movies. Let’s consider several options for how to increase the sound on a laptop.

This method will show you how to increase the sound on your laptop using the built-in features of Windows. First, you need to right-click the speaker icon, which is located in the system tray next to the clock. From the list that appears, select the item “Playback devices”. The “Sound” window will open, in which, in the “Playback” tab, select the default device. “Speakers”, click on “Properties”. In the “Improvements” tab, put a tick in front of the “Loudness” item and click “OK”. When playing any audio file, you will notice the difference.

Increasing sound with Media Player Classic

This method will help increase the sound for watching movies, but not for everyone, since Media Player Classic will be used. This player was not chosen by chance. it has a small size and is unpretentious to system resources. This program plays almost all video formats, and it is also free. So, let’s take a look at how to increase the sound on a laptop using Media Player Classic:

  • Launching the video player Media Player Classic.
  • Go to the ViewOptions menu.
  • In the settings on the left, select Internal FiltersAudio Switcher.
  • Adjust the desired volume level using the Boost slider.
  • Click “Apply”.

The result of such manipulations may not appear immediately, but after a few seconds.

How to Amplify Sound on a Laptop Using the K-lite Codec Pack

This method is suitable for those who have the K-lite Codec Pack installed on their computer. To amplify the sound, you must first start playing a movie that has insufficient volume, and two icons will appear in the tray: red and blue. Double clicking on the blue icon will open the settings window. In the “Volume” tab, put a checkmark in front of the following options: “Normalize”, “Regain volume”, “Show current volume levels”. Slider “Master volume” all the way to the right. We save the changes by clicking the “Ok” button.

It so happens that the sound is quiet because the volume control is at its minimum position. In this case, the setting is even easier, since you can increase the sound on the laptop using the keyboard. To do this, use the Fn key and the speaker keys. When pressed at the same time, the sound will either increase or decrease.

If none of the above methods helped, then the reason is in the sound card. You can try updating its software. To do this, you need to insert the disk that was included with the laptop into the disk drive and reinstall the necessary drivers. But if this does not help, you need to contact the service center. They will not only find the cause of the problem, but also explain in detail how to set up the sound on your laptop. Trust the experts. They will tell you how to increase the sound on your laptop, in the most accessible way.

The laptop was created for the convenience of its owners. Having it, you can use your personal computer anywhere and at any time. Every year manufacturers release more compact models. However, sometimes you have to pay for compactness by the absence of some keys on the laptop keyboard. If there is no volume button, then this fact can drive an inexperienced user into a dead end. Where and how to turn on the sound in a laptop is a question that has worried more than one buyer of this technology.

Step-by-step instructions for mute the sound

Disconnection occurs in the following order:

  • We go to the “Control Panel”.
  • So go to the accessibility item.
  • Looking for “Change keyboard settings”.
  • Next, you need the item “Enable sound of switches”. Opposite it, you need to uncheck the box.

Only 4 steps, and no more unnecessary sounds will distract you from the main process when working with a PC.

Important! If you want to experiment with screen design, don’t be afraid to do something “wrong”. We’ve prepared a detailed step-by-step guide for you to get things done quickly and easily. Follow the links below to the individual articles of our portal of useful tips:

Step-by-step instructions for mute the sound

Disconnection occurs in the following order:

  • We go to the “Control Panel”.
  • So go to the accessibility item.
  • Looking for “Change keyboard settings”.
  • Next, you need the item “Enable sound of switches”. Opposite it, you need to uncheck the box.

Only 4 steps, and no more unnecessary sounds will distract you from the main process when working with a PC.

Important! If you want to experiment with screen design, don’t be afraid to do something “wrong”. We’ve prepared a detailed step-by-step guide for you to get things done quickly and easily. Follow the links below to the individual articles of our portal of useful tips:

other methods

Depending on the characteristics of your particular computer and its keyboard, you can use shortcut key combinations to mute the sound on your laptop:

  • fnF5;
  • fn the crossed out speaker icon.

Important! You can also turn off sound effects in Punto Switcher if you are using it.

Enabling the sound card

Some laptop models have a separate tab in the BIOS utility for enabling the audio device. Installing this option can be a last resort. To do this, you need to restart your computer, then:

  • During boot, you will need to press “F8”, “Del”, “Esc”, “F10” or “F12”, depending on which of the buttons corresponds to entering the BIOS.
  • Find the section “Onboard device configuration” in the utility.
  • Find the text “Audiocontroller” and check its status.
  • If necessary, change the state to “Enabled”.

How to turn off the sound on a laptop keyboard

Sometimes users turn off the sound in some strange way. There are several ways to turn on sound on a laptop, among which are special cases that can make you break your head.

Accidental shutdown on keyboard

Notebooks from Asus, Lenovo, Acer, HP, and others use function keys. With their help, you can turn off or turn on the sound. The use of these mute and enable buttons is configured in the BIOS. You can set the setting to require or not press Fn.

By accidentally hitting this combination, users often turn off the sound on their device.

Note! ASUS X540sc is characterized by the following feature. Reducing the sound to a minimum with the combination “FnF11” is not displayed in the volume mixer (for all laptops, this combination just changes the position of the slider). You can turn on the sound on this laptop only by returning the volume back.

What to do if there is no sound on your iPhone?

  • if the headphone or speaker jack is dirty, clean it carefully;
  • if the program fails, update the iOS device;
  • crash after unplugging headphones. plug and unplug again;
  • in case of a breakdown that does not fix itself, contact Apple Pro Service.

How to turn off screenshot sound on iPad?

You can turn off the sound using the Volume Down button or the Ring / Silent switch if your iPad has one. (In some countries / regions, the shutter sound cannot be turned off.)

How to mute the camera on iPhone via iFunBox?

Editing the file that is responsible for the sound signal.

  • We connect to the computer and launch the file manager that works with iOS. These can be: iFunBox;
  • We follow the path: / System / Library / Audio / UISounds.
  • Find a file named “photoShutter. caf ”and rename it, for example, to“ photoShutterOFF. caf “.
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How to turn on sound on iPhone?

On iPhone 7 and later, go to Settings> Sounds, Tactile Cues. On older iPhones, go to Settings and Sounds. Select the option you want, such as Ringtone or New Mail. Tap the selected alert sound.

How to mute iPhone camera sound?

The easiest way to completely turn off the camera sound on most iPhones is to activate silent mode using the toggle switch on the left side of the device. When the mode is turned on, the display will show an inverted bell icon labeled “Silent Mode On.”.

How to mute audio on iPad Pro?

To mute all audio on iPad, do the following: Press the Volume Down button on the side of iPad or iPad Pro until the mute icon appears on the screen May 23, 2019.

Mute keyboard clicks altogether in iPhone settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Select the settings section Sounds, tactile signals (red icon).

You will see a lot of settings that regulate audio playback on your smartphone. Go down to the very bottom and deactivate the green switch opposite the inscription Keyboard clicks. There is also the Lock sound switch, which also makes sense to turn off (extra load on the battery :)).

Done! To test the iPhone or iPad in new conditions, open any messenger or text editor on your smartphone or tablet and type at least one character on the virtual keyboard.

If you don’t like life without keyboard clicks, go to settings again and activate the switch.

How to mute keyboard clicks on iPhone or iPad

The sound accompanying typing on the keyboard is an attempt to compensate for the sensations of working with physical keys, a kind of “feedback”. Some people like it, some don’t. Honestly, we’re leaning towards the latest version. when you type quickly, the cute sound of a typewriter seems like an unpleasant noise! Right now, we are going to show you two ways to turn off annoying sound.

There are two ways to do this. What is the difficulty level? “Elementary Watson”. Just choose the one you like and the one that suits your situation.

Temporarily turn off keyboard sounds on iPhone

Perhaps annoying clicking does not suit you only at certain periods of time. for example, you do not want to wake up your family or attract the teacher’s attention during a lecture :).

For such cases, there is an easy solution. the physical Mute switch on the left side of your iPhone. Move it to the bottom position (if everything is done correctly, you will see a red “tongue”). and that’s it, all sounds will be turned off. The main thing is not to forget to turn off the silent mode when you no longer need it. otherwise it is easy to miss an incoming call.

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone?

Apple is notorious for making life difficult for its users. Even such a trivial operation as turning off the camera shutter sound is not easy on the iPhone. The article will tell you about several effective ways.

When the photo is taken, the iPhone emits a loud click, imitating the sound of a camera shutter. This often becomes a hindrance for the photographer, because a characteristic click attracts the attention of others who are eager to find out which of them became the object of interest and got into the frame.

Users trying to find a way to mute the camera make the same mistake. they look for a solution in Settings. But there is no toggle switch in iPhone Settings to disable the shutter click. You will have to resort to other methods.

How to turn off camera shutter sound on jailbroken iPhone?

On a jailbroken iPhone, you can turn off the shutter clicking without affecting other system sounds. But for this you need to use computer software. one of the following file managers: iFile, iFunBox, iMazing. We recommend iFunBox because this program has the most intuitive interface and is easy to use.

How the camera shutter sound is turned off via the iFunBox file manager?

Run the utility and go to the “Browser File” tab.

Find the one named “Raw File System” among the root folders and select it with the cursor.

Follow the path / System / Library / Audio / UISounds. In the last subfolder you will find the photoShutter.caf file.

Change the name of this file in some way. You can, for example, add the number 1 to make “photoShutter1”, or swap the letters. It is not recommended to delete the photoShutter.caf file. Otherwise, if you later want to return the shutter sound, you will be faced with the task of finding this file on the Internet.

Save changes and close the iFunBox utility.

Muting the iPhone camera using different file managers is almost the same. Minor differences can only be in the first stages.

If the user of the jailbroken iPhone does not want to make changes to the system files, he should resort to another method of disabling the shutter click. download and install the tweak intended for this from Cydia. The tweak is called Silent Photo Chill. it’s available in the ModMyi repository.

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone without jailbreak?

The easiest way to get rid of the shutter click is to put your gadget in silent mode. You can use a special lever located on the left side of the mobile device.

You can also turn off the sound through the “Settings”. You need to go to the “Sounds” section in the “Settings” and move the “Calls and reminders” slider to the left until it stops.

If the iPhone is in silent mode, the user, of course, will not hear not only the shutter click, but also the calls and message notifications. This is a significant drawback of this method.

There are other ways to get rid of the camera sound:

    Take pictures while filming a video. There will be no click, but the pictures will be of rather poor quality. because they will receive the same resolution as the video. Shoot by connecting headphones to the 3.5mm jack. In this case, the sound of the shutter will go to the headphones, and people around, most likely, will not be able to hear it. However, wearing headphones specifically for the sake of taking photos without attracting attention is absurd. Take pictures while the audio player is silent.

Alas, all of the above methods are from the field of “life hacks”. To remove the shutter sound at the software level, you definitely have to jailbreak.

Are there iPhones on which you cannot turn off the camera sound?

Does iPhone camera click even when the device is in silent mode? Well, we can only congratulate you. obviously, you got a smartphone intended for sales in Japan. It will be possible to turn off the shutter sound on such a “mobile phone” only after jailbreak.

It’s all about Japanese law. One of the laws of the Land of the Rising Sun prescribes that any photographic equipment must necessarily emit a characteristic click during photographing. this applies to both professional cameras and mobile phones. The law is aimed at combating voyeurism. a sexual deviation, which consists in the desire to spy on people in intimate situations. In Japan, voyeurism has become a serious problem after everyone has the opportunity to purchase a compact smartphone with a camera and participate in a “skirt hunt”.

When buying a Russian amateur photographer, make sure that the iPhone is not intended for the Japanese market. It’s easy to check: just pay attention to the model name of the device. Information about the model can be obtained by following the path “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”.

Latin letters at the end of the model name carry information about the country. In our case, the name contains the letters RU, which means that the iPhone is intended for Russia. If the name of the model is the letter J. the smartphone is “Japanese”.

How To Fix The Sound On An iPad EASILY (Tutorial)

Models with the letters KH in the name should also be avoided. These gadgets are made for sales in China and South Korea. South Korea also has a Japanese-like law, although in this country the fight against voyeurism is not so fierce.

There is no official way to get rid of iPhone camera shutter clicking. The simplest solution for a photographer is to turn off the sound on the gadget completely using a special lever.

There is also a method that makes it possible to remove only the click of the shutter, leaving the rest of the system sounds at the same level. However, it can only be used by users of gadgets on which the jailbreak is already installed. Hacking a device to get rid of the camera sound is just silly.

Google Chrome Browser

To mute the sound on a tab in the Google Chrome browser, simply click the speaker icon that appears on the tab that is playing the media file. A line appears, crossing out the speaker, and the sound on the tab will be muted.

You can also just right click on the tab and select Disable Site. This feature will disable audio and video playback on all tabs for this site that will open in the future.

Mozilla Firefox Browser

To mute sound in the Firefox browser tab, right-click the tab and select Mute Tab. As in Chrome, you will see a crossed out speaker icon to the left of the x button in the browser tab.

You can easily determine which browser tabs are playing media files, just look for the speaker icon on them. And you can easily turn it off before it starts. The easiest way is to left-click on the speaker icon in a tab to quickly mute or unmute the sound on it.

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How to turn off sound on individual tabs in Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers

Read how to quickly mute the sound on a tab in your browser. For example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Microsoft Edge. Modern web browsers allow you to mute individual tabs in just a few steps. Even Microsoft Edge gives you this option, although Microsoft could have made it a little easier.

This is useful if a tab starts playing music or video automatically when you open it, and you want to temporarily disable it. In most cases, it just takes a click or two to do this. If you want a more reliable solution that can automatically disable tabs for you, then we have already described it earlier (How to automatically disable the autoplay feature in Chrome and Firefox).

Apple’s Safari browser

In Safari on Mac, you can mute a tab in several ways. While the currently active tab is playing audio, a speaker icon appears in the Safari preferences panel. Click on it to turn sound on or off.

You can also right-click on any tab and select mute from the pop-up menu.

Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Edge also displays a speaker icon in browser tabs when that tab is playing audio. But unfortunately, there is no easy way to actually turn off the sound on them.

However, there is a way to disable individual browser tabs. To do this, right-click on the speaker icon in the notification area in the lower right corner of the screen and select “Open Volume Mixer”.

The window that opens will display various browser tabs that play sound. Click on the speaker icon below the page title to turn it off.

To enable sound, you need to close and reopen the tab in the browser, or return here and click the speaker icon again.

Hopefully Microsoft will one day add a more integrated mute / unmute feature to the Edge browser. At the moment, so far this is the only option, except to completely turn off the sound on the computer or switch to using another browser.

How to turn off T9 (autocorrect) and keyboard sound on iPhone and iPad

One of the most frequent questions of new owners of Apple devices is how to disable T9 on an iPhone or iPad. The reason is simple. autocorrect in VK, iMessage, Viber, WhatsApp, other messengers, and when sending SMS, sometimes substitutes words in the most unexpected way, and they are sent to the addressee in this form.

This simple tutorial shows you exactly how to turn off AutoCorrect in iOS and some other onscreen keyboard-related stuff that might be useful. Also at the end of the article on how to mute the iPhone keyboard, which is also often asked about.

Note: In fact, there is no T9 on the iPhone, as it is the name of a predictive input technology designed specifically for simple push-button mobile phones. Those. the thing that sometimes annoys you on iPhone is called auto-correction, not T9, although many people call it that.

Additional options for customizing keyboard input

In addition to disabling T9 on iPhone, you can:

  • disable automatic input of a capital letter (the “Auto-capital” item) at the beginning of input (in some cases it can be inconvenient and, if you often encounter this, it may make sense to do it).
  • disable word suggestions (item “Predictive typing”)
  • enable custom text replacement templates that will work even if auto-correction is disabled. This can be done in the menu item “Text replacement” (for example, you often write SMS to Lidia Ivanovna, you can configure the replacement so that, say, “Lidi” is replaced by “Lidia Ivanovna”).

I think we sorted out the T9 disconnection, the use of the iPhone has become more convenient, and incomprehensible texts in messages will be sent less often.

Disable auto-correct input in settings

As noted above, what replaces the words you enter on the iPhone with something worthy of memes is called auto-correction, not T9. You can disable it using the following simple steps:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  • Open “General”. “Keyboard”
  • Disable the item “Auto-correction”

Done. If you wish, you can also turn off the “Spelling” option, although usually there are no serious problems with this option. it just underlines those words that, from the point of view of your phone or tablet, are spelled incorrectly.

How to mute the keyboard sound

Some iPhone owners dislike the default keyboard sound on iPhone and ask questions about how to turn it off or change the sound.

Keystroke sounds on the on-screen keyboard can be configured in the same way as all other sounds:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Open the item “Sounds”
  • Disable Keyboard Clicks at the bottom of the Sound Settings list

After that, they will not bother you, and you will not hear any clicks when you type.

Note: If you only need to mute the keyboard temporarily, you can simply turn on Silent mode using the toggle on your phone. this works for key clicks too.

As for the ability to change the keyboard sound on the iPhone. no, such an opportunity is currently not provided in iOS, this will not work.

When the button is broken

In the case when you need to turn off the sound on the iPhone, but the button on the body of the smartphone has broken, the “Do not disturb” mode comes to the rescue, which is configured in the Control Panel and through the Settings menu. It blocks all distractions from ringing tones and vibrations to light alerts.

To enable the Do Not Disturb function through the Panel, you need to slide your finger across the display from bottom to top and tap on the crescent-shaped icon. The corresponding icon will also appear in the status bar.

You can also go to “Settings”. “Do not disturb” and slide the switch opposite the corresponding function.

Do not disturb can be made permanent or scheduled for a specific time (for example, at night from 22:00 to 7:00).

  • choose in which case incoming calls and notifications will be blocked. always or only when the iPhone is locked;
  • allow certain “Favorite” numbers to receive incoming calls;
  • activate the “Repeated calls” function (canceling the muffling of the second call lasting three minutes from the same subscriber);
  • configure the “Do not disturb driver” function;
  • edit auto-reply to messages.

The main difference between “Silent” and “Do not disturb” is that in the first case, when you receive messages and notifications, the screen starts to glow, but in the second one does not.

How to turn off the sound on a smartphone

To quickly activate the silent mode of the iPhone, a special button is provided, which is located on the left side panel of the device, above the volume control buttons.

To turn off the melodies, just slide the button to the left. An orange indicator will appear next to it, and a notification about switching to “Silent” and an icon with a crossed-out bell will appear on the device screen.

To turn off not only sound notification, but also vibration, you need to go to the “Settings” of the phone, select the section “Sounds, tactile signals” and move the switch to the right opposite “In silent mode”.

Features of mute and unmute sound on iPhone

In iOS, developers have implemented several ways to turn off notification sounds for incoming calls and receiving notifications at once. The first is a silent mode that replaces the ringtone with vibration. The second is the “Do not disturb” function, which blocks any signals (including vibration and light warning) for a certain period of time. Both functions are subject to Customizing.

Silent mode on iPhone

This is a function used to reset incoming calls, as well as to turn off notifications and replace them with vibration (if vibration itself has been configured). This is the fastest and most convenient way to mute the device without turning it off completely.

The quietness of a smartphone can be useful when you are in places where you need to maintain silence: at work, in public places. At the same time, turning off the sound will not prevent the user from receiving notifications from applications and about missed calls. at such moments the display will be highlighted, displaying the received notification.

Attention! Silent mode does not apply to the alarm set in the Clock system application, and therefore it will ring at the appointed time. But the alarm clock set in a third-party program may not ring.

What to do if the mode is disabled, but there is no sound

In case the silent mode is disabled on the iPhone, but the ringtones of incoming calls are not played, it is worth checking if the Do Not Disturb function is activated, since both of them can be enabled at the same time. Also, the sound can be muted if the calling number was blocked by the user.

How to turn off silent mode on iPhone

To turn off silent mode on iPhone, simply slide the switch on the case to the right. The action will be accompanied by vibration and the appearance of a bell icon on the display, under which there will be a volume status bar.

To turn off the Do Not Disturb function, you need to click on the crescent moon icon in the Control Panel again or toggle the corresponding slider in the Settings menu to the inactive position.

The choice of the appropriate mode depends on the iPhone usage scenario. Switching to Do Not Disturb is useful when your smartphone is in your hands or on your desktop. nothing distracts you from an important business meeting or work. Also, this function is useful at night to protect the device user from calls, alert melodies and a glowing screen.