How to Turn Off Power-Saving Mode On Apple Watch

Battery saver mode or Apple Watch eco mode or Power Reserve mode is used to save battery power in your Apple Watch. This can come in handy when there is no way to charge your watch nearby, and charging is needed.

This mode is activated very simply. Follow the instructions below.


To enable the mode:

  • Activate your Apple Watch screen. If the theater mode is on, you need to tap (press on the dial), if the theater mode is not activated, just move your hand to the working position;
  • Now swipe up. This means that you need to drag your finger across the clock screen from the bottom up;
  • You will see a section where the percentage of the battery power of the Apple Watch is shown. Click on it;

How to Turn Off Power-Saving Mode On Apple Watch

  • After that, a warning appears about the activation of the power saving mode. Click “Next.
    Now you can safely use the Apple Watch without fear that the battery can drain at any time.
    Important: Please note that all Apple Watch features in Power Reserve mode will not be available. Only the current time will be displayed.

    If you managed to activate the power saving mode, then the question naturally arises: “how to disable the eco mode on the Apple Watch?”. There is only one way to remove this mode. you need to reset your watch.

    You can do it this way:

    • Press and hold the side button (not the wheel) on the watch until the Apple icon appears on the screen. a bitten apple;
    • After some time, your device will reboot and the eco mode will turn off.


    You can also activate the power saving mode via the iPhone Watch connected to the iPhone:

    In the menu that opens, go down below and find the slider “Energy Saver Mode”. Move the slider to the right, thereby activating the mode.

    The eco mode is disabled via the iPhone in exactly the same way as it is turned on, only the slider moves to the “Disable” position again. Rebooting the Apple Watch itself is not required.


    If you want to find out information and battery usage statistics on your Apple Watch, then you can use the “Use” menu:

    • We take our iPhone and run the Watch application on it;
    • Then we go down below and select the main section;
    • We go down to the very bottom of the section and find the item called “Use”;
    • Scroll down and see information on battery consumption on your Apple Watch.

    Using. This value shows how many hours your Apple Watch has been used since the last charge. This refers to active use, i.e. while the watch was in use by you or the screen was active.

    Expectation. here we can see how long your Apple Watch has been in standby time. This refers to the operating time of the watch when the screen was not active and the watch was not actively used.

    Eco mode. shows the time when your watch was last used in power saving mode.


    I will give some tips on how to save battery power hours:

    1. When not using the watch, turn on the theater mode. This is necessary so that the watch screen does not light up from any movement of the hand, thereby saving your battery. The theater mode is activated simply: swipe up the screen (swipe your finger from bottom to top) and in the window that opens, click on the icon with the mask image;
    2. Do not run many applications in the background. Remember that every application running in the background spends your battery on the Apple Watch. In order to see which applications are running in the background on the clock: press the side button on the clock, with this action you will open a list of all the applications in the background, then the applications that you do not need to be disconnected, you can do this by swiping to the left (swipe right to left) to disable the application, click the “Close” button;
    3. Activate the eco mode when you are not planning to use the applications on the watch for a long time. For example, if you plan to do any business and do not use the Apple Watch at this time, it makes sense to activate the economy mode. This is very good at saving battery.