How to turn off iPhone XR


  • Go to “Settings”, “General”, then to “Accessibility”.
  • Activate the “Bold” button.
  • Next, the phone will offer to reboot, it must be done.

Restart iPhone to Standard Mode

The standard way to restart iPhone if the screen doesn’t work:

  • Press and hold the Power button in the upper part of the case for 2-3 seconds.
  • The display will show “Switch off”.
  • Swipe from left to right in the direction of the pointer.
  • If everything is done correctly, the device will turn off.
  • To return it to working condition, you must again hold down the Power button.

This method is safe for all files and applications downloaded to the phone.

Soft reboot

Restart iPhone if the screen isn’t working, possibly without erasing all information from it. To do this, a soft reboot of the device is performed:

  • Hold down the Home and Power buttons.
  • Hold the buttons for 5-6 seconds until the display turns off.
  • Without waiting for the Apple logo to appear on the screen, release the button.
  • Include following the standard method.

Shutting down iPhone without buttons

There is a way to restart iPhone if the screen is not working without using a keyboard shortcut. To do this, you need to connect the Assistive Touch function:

  • Find in the “Settings” tab “General”, “Accessibility”.
  • Make a function active.
  • Click on the display within the function.
  • A menu will appear on the desktop, you must select the “Lock Screen” icon.
  • The device will turn off after pressing the standard key combination.
  • Turn on the gadget.

Hard reboot device

IPhone users can observe a complete freeze of the gadget, when neither pressing the buttons nor touching the screen gives a result. How to restart iPhone if the screen is frozen and not working:

  • On iPhone 4/5/6/7, you need to hold down two buttons at once. Home and Power.
  • Some smartphone models respond to a different key combination. Power and the volume down button.
  • Hold them for 10-15 seconds.
  • Release the keys and wait for the “Apple” on the screen.
  • If the logo does not appear, repeat all the steps again, hold the keys for 20-30 seconds.
  • To turn on the gadget, you need to hold down the power button for a long time.

This method forcibly shuts down the device, so some files may be lost. You should resort to hard reboot only if there are no other options.

Non-standard ways to reboot the device

There are other, more original methods to restart the iPhone:

iPhone XS & XR How to Turn Off and Restart

How to turn off iPhone if it freezes and the screen does not work

The article discusses in detail the options for answering the question of how to turn off the iPhone if it freezes. The described reboot methods are suitable for any smartphone model and version.

Sometimes Apple gadgets turn off spontaneously. This often happens with outdated models or in severe frost. The phone does not respond when the buttons are held down and the screen remains black.

A frightened user often asks how to turn off the iPhone if it freezes. Below is a list of effective ways to get your smartphone out of a frozen state.

Reset network settings

  • To turn off the device in a few seconds, you need to go to “Settings”.
  • In the “General” select the function of resetting network settings.
  • Next, enter the lock password and restart the phone.

How to Turn Off iPhone. Universal Ways

If you flooded your phone with water and you can’t turn it off, take it faster to the service center, where it will be quickly disassembled and cleaned of moisture.

So there will be less consequences from the ingress of water, the same corrosion. But, before that, be sure to turn it off so that it does not work and no contacts are short-circuited.

How to turn on iPhone if the button doesn’t work

Connect the device to the charger, if it does not work, then connect it to a computer with iTunes installed. iPhone will turn on automatically.

In some cases, this can work and simply by connecting to a native charger. It may not work with a charger from other manufacturers, like a USB cable.

Method 1. in the settings

Open your phone settings and scroll through the menu items to the very bottom. Click on the “Turn off” button and slide your finger over the corresponding word. from left to right.

iPhone XR: How to Turn Off / Power Down (3 Ways)

How to turn off iPhone 6s, 6 and earlier with a mechanical home button

Suitable if the display is broken and the first two options simply cannot be done. Hold down the power and home buttons at the same time. As soon as the phone screen turns black, immediately squeeze them out. If you do not do this, a hard reboot of the device and all settings will occur.

Important! Hold down the power key first to see that the screen lights up and when to release the buttons later.

This method works only on old models, on the new ones it will restart the iPhone with the reset settings and the device will turn on.

How to turn off iPhone 11, XS, XR and 10

In new models, together with the power button, you need to press the volume down key, only after that an inscription will appear on the screen to turn off the device.

It will be important to note that this can be done with the volume up key, but when the device is unlocked, this combination will take a screenshot instead of disconnecting the device.

How to Turn Off iPhone: All Models. 11, XS, XR, 10, SE and

IPhone users know that you can turn off your smartphone by holding down the power button for a couple of seconds, and in new versions, holding it together with the volume down button, and then swipe the corresponding word on the screen.

But, not always everything is as simple as we would like, for example, the sensor on the screen may not work corny. Therefore, many have a problem with turning off their iPhone, and the question arises of how it can actually be turned off.

In the last post, we looked at six ways to turn off Google Assistant, today you will learn how to turn off the iPhone quickly and most importantly correctly, regardless of its model. This could be iPhone 11, XS, XR, 10, SE and earlier.

Important! iPhone of any version is turned off by simply holding down the power key and then swiping on the word “Turn off”. In models where there is no Home button at the bottom of the display, the volume down key is also clamped. Below are ways to help if the power key or screen doesn’t work.

Method 2. through universal access

Go to settings, open the “Accessibility” section and go to the “Touch” menu.

Turn on “AssitiveTouch” here. The icon will appear on the bottom right of the display, clicking on which will open the menu. Click on “Device” in it and then hold down the “Lock screen” item until a plate appears to turn off the device.

Interesting! If the display does not work, except for how to wait until it is discharged, there are no options. You’d better take your phone to the service center right away.

How to access the Action Center

Swipe down from the top of the screen (middle or left) to open the Action Center.

How to avoid screen burnout

One last tip that doesn’t apply to the Home button, but applies to another feature of the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max (but not XR or 11): screen recording. This is an extreme form of image preservation and the main disadvantage of OLED screens, which are otherwise excellent. (XR and 11 have an older type of LCD screen.)

If you let a static, bright, high-contrast image appear on the iPhone 11 Pro for an extended period of time, there is a danger that it will hit the screen and remain there in a faint ghostly form for a long time. So be careful with Auto-Lock and don’t forget to turn down the brightness if you need a static image on the screen for a long time.

tips (and a few possible fixes for the problem in case the worst really happens) in a separate article: How to Avoid and Fix iPhone X Screen Burning.

How to unlock your iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 and X-series do not have Touch ID as the fingerprint scanner was in the Home (RIP) button and Apple chose not to move it to the back of the device or stick it on the screen. Instead of Touch ID, we get Face ID.

To unlock your iPhone, you just need to pick up your device and look at it. by default, you need to make eye contact, a deliberate feature designed to prevent people from unlocking your phone while you are sleeping or unconscious. It should unlock nearby instantly.

Please note that this will not automatically go to the Start screen, it will simply unlock the device. you can see this by changing the lock icon at the top of the screen. Then you need to swipe up from the bottom or activate one of the other functions available on the lock screen (for example, the camera).

turn, iphone

We’ll cover this feature in more detail elsewhere: How to use Face ID.

How to switch from one app to another

As usual, you can go back to the home screen, find the app icon and press to open it, but you need to know the equivalent of the old double-tapping the Home button that was used to bring up the app switcher. ,

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen (on the small bar), just like you would return to the home screen, but this time hold your thumb or fingertip on the screen for a few seconds until the app switcher appears. You can now swipe left or right to flip through recently opened apps and then tap on one to open it.

If you don’t want to worry about the app switcher and just want to go back to the previous app, you can swipe down on the bar at the bottom of the screen. Some early adopters found it easier to make a small semicircle up, across, and then down, but experiment to find what works best for you.

This is the point, but we will describe this process in more detail elsewhere: How to switch apps on iPhone X.

How to take screenshots

You can’t take a screenshot on your 11-series iPhone by pressing the Home and Power buttons at the same time because you don’t have a Home button. Instead, you now press the volume up and power buttons at the same time.

The screen will blink white and you will see a small thumbnail screenshot in the lower left corner. You can tap this to add annotations or share it, swipe left to make it disappear, or just wait until it disappears.

Some users find themselves launching screenshots without making sense. often when picking up their iPhone. In a separate article, we explain how to stop random screenshots on iPhone X.

How to see battery life as a percentage

The easiest way is to open the Control Center as described above: swipe down from the right side of the top edge. The top status bar also drops slightly, and with extra space next to it, the battery image is displayed as a percentage.

There are several other methods as well, and they are described in How to show iPhone X battery percentage.

How to activate Siri

Press and hold the power button to turn on Siri. or say “Hey Siri!”.

How to disable T9?

If a feature is ineffective, it is wiser to disable it. You can remove T9 on iPhone in just a few steps:

Go to “Settings” and select the “General” section.

Scroll down and find the “Keyboard” subsection.

Toggle the Auto Correction toggle switch to the inactive position.

It’s time for an easier exhalation. T9 will no longer interfere with the process of writing SMS, as well as messages in Viber and What’s App messengers.

In the “Keyboard” section, you can not only turn off T9, but also perform a lot of other settings that most iPhone owners do not even know about. for example, add a new keyboard in Hebrew, Chinese, Korean and other languages, set up autocorrect abbreviations (“etc.” on “etc”).

How to turn on T9?

It is logical that “Autocorrection” is turned on in the same way as it is turned off. just move the slider to the active position. The main question is different: is it worth enabling this feature and, if so, why?

In fact, T9 is not as useless as users think, it can learn. If you set up, for example, abbreviations for those cumbersome terms that you have to constantly use due to the debt of work, this will help to significantly save time on correspondence.

You can teach “Auto-Correction” new words like this:

In the subsection “Keyboard” find the block “Abbreviations” and click on “New abbreviation”.

In the “Phrase” and “Abbreviation” fields, write down the full cumbersome phrase and its truncated variation (for example, an abbreviation), respectively.

Try to write an SMS. make an abbreviation in the message body.

“Autocorrection” suggests using an expanded version of the phrase. Press Space and the abbreviation will immediately be replaced by the full phrase.

T9 on iPhone

The automatic word substitution feature on the iPhone is not actually called T9 at all, but Auto Correction. Commoners also use the term AutoCorrect. This feature is activated on Apple gadgets by default, so the iPhone user will definitely suffer from the “disservice” of the device from the very beginning of its use. Fortunately, turning off T9 and avoiding discomfort is easy.

How Autocorrect works and why people complain about it?

Auto-Correction monitors what the user writes in the Text field of the SMS. If he uses a word that is unfamiliar to the program, “Auto-Correction” considers that the user was mistaken, and suggests the correct (in her opinion) option. The corrected word is visible just above the one entered by the originator.

turn, iphone

The user needs to click on the “cross” and close the option offered by T9. If he clicks on the space, the word he wrote will be replaced by the upper one. This is where the problem lies: when typing, iPhone owners constantly forget to press the “cross”. as a result, instead of a reasonable message, a sheer absurdity is obtained.

Autocorrect was supposed to improve the speed of typing SMS messages, but had the opposite effect. The reason is simple: there is a huge number of slang words in the Russian language, and new ones are constantly appearing. it is, alas, impossible to teach the program to the “common Russian” and make it follow speech trends.

Most iPhone users take T9 for granted. they constantly suffer from the interference of this function, but do not try to disable it, although this is done in a few simple steps. Disabling is optional, because T9 on the iPhone can not only “put sticks in the wheels”, but also be a “good assistant”. you just need to spend some time replenishing its vocabulary.