How to turn off iPhone if sensor is not working

If the lock button does not work

What should those people who do not have a button do to do? The method described above, in this case, is completely inappropriate: if you hold down an idle key for a long time, then nothing will happen. Then we do the following:

  • Go to the machine settings menu and click on the “Basic” tab.
  • Scroll down a bit and find the item called “Universal Access”. Click on it.
  • In the list that appears, we will need the AssistiveTouch setting, which is located in the physiology and motor skills block.
  • Toggle the slider to the active position, which is marked in green, to enable AssistiveTouch.

turn, iphone, sensor, working

  • From now on, a new touch key will be available on your screen, when you press it, additional functions will open.
  • Go to the main menu using the Home button. Now click on the AssistiveTouch button and select “Apparatus”.
  • Next, in a new window, press and hold the “Screen Lock” button until the menu for shutdown appears (the second item of the previous block).
  • With the swipe you already know, you can turn off your iPhone without the lock button. Ready!

But then an involuntary question arises: how to turn on such a device? The button doesn’t work, and Assistive Touch doesn’t work when it is off! In fact, the solution is very simple: connect your device either to a charger or to iTunes on your computer or laptop. In this case, the gadget will turn on normally.

If the touchscreen does not work

Now let’s talk about the case if the sensor does not work. This is most often due to a hardware or software failure. You need to clarify the nature of this problem in order to correct it. After describing the method, we will tell you why. So, how to turn off your iPhone if the sensor is not working?

  • Take the device in your hands and simultaneously hold down the lock button and the Home key. Keep them pressed until the smartphone screen turns off. If you are using the seventh iPhone, then instead of the Home button, you will use the volume down key.

Hold down the lock button and the home key

The described method is a way to force reboot the apple device. It is only used in cases where other methods are powerless. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it frequently. If your screen is broken, then take it urgently to a specialized service center, where you can have it replaced.

Another very simple and harmless way to turn off your iPhone without a button is to simply wait. The question immediately arises in my head: what is the expectation? You just need to wait until your apple device runs out of charge and it turns off on its own. Then you don’t have to hard reset your smartphone, as described above.

How to easily turn off your iPhone?

Dear friends, today we will learn how to turn off the iPhone if the sensor or the lock button does not work. Naturally, such cases often happen to users. It happens that the device simply freezes and does not respond to pressing on the display. Or after an unsuccessful fall, the button to turn off the device stopped responding. But we hasten to please you: in any case, you can turn off the power of the apple smartphone without any problems.

First, let’s refresh our memory a little and remember how to turn off the iPhone in the standard way:

  • Take the device in your hands and hold down the lock key for a few seconds.
  • Two switches will appear: at the top and bottom of the screen. One serves to turn off the power of the gadget, and the other to cancel the operation, respectively.
  • Move the button to the right position using the appropriate swipe on the top panel and wait until the device turns off completely. Ready!

Let’s sum up

Today we have learned how you can turn off your iPhone if the sensor or the lock button does not work. In the first case, you will need to activate the Assistive Touch function, and in the second, either wait until the charge on your gadget runs out, or resort to a forced restart of the phone. We hope you succeed. Tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев which method helped you.!

Turn off iPhone when sensor is not working

When the smartphone stops responding to touch, it will not be possible to turn it off in the usual way. Fortunately, this nuance was thought out by the developers, so below we will consider two ways at once to turn off the iPhone in such a situation.

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Forced reboot

This option will not turn off the iPhone, but force it to reboot. Great for those cases when the phone has stopped working correctly, and the screen simply does not respond to touches.

For iPhone 6S and lower models, press and hold two buttons at the same time: Home and Power. After 4-5 seconds, an abrupt shutdown will occur, after which the gadget will start to launch.

If you own an iPhone 7 or newer, you won’t be able to use the old restart method because it does not have a physical Home button (it has been replaced with a touch button or is completely absent). In this case, you need to hold down the other two keys. “Power” and volume up. After a few seconds, an abrupt shutdown will occur.

How to turn off iPhone if sensor is not working

Discharging iPhone

There is another option for turning off the iPhone when the screen does not respond to touch. it needs to be completely discharged.

If there is not much charge left, most likely you will not have to wait long. as soon as the battery reaches 0%, the phone will automatically turn off. Naturally, to activate it, you need to connect the charger (a few minutes after the start of charging, the iPhone will turn on automatically).

One of the methods given in the article is guaranteed to help you turn off your smartphone if its screen does not work for some reason.

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How to turn off iPhone if the screen is not working

If the touch screen stops responding to touches, this is not a reason to rush to the workshop. just try restarting your smartphone first. How to turn off the iPhone if the screen does not work, we will tell you in this article.

The first thing that is advised to do in case of any malfunction or freeze of the smartphone is to restart the device. However, the non-functional touchscreen makes the standard reboot procedure impossible. Below is a detailed explanation of how to disable iPhone if it freezes and the sensor does not work.

How to turn off iPhone if sensor is not working

When a reboot is not needed and you only need to turn off the smartphone, the algorithm of actions changes somewhat. The shutdown procedure is similar to the one discussed, only you need to hold down the lock and Home buttons for 4-5 seconds until the screen turns off and then immediately release it, without waiting for the logo to appear. In this case, the phone will not be switched on again (rebooted). To restart the smartphone after a hard shutdown, standard actions will be required. hold the power button for two to three seconds.

Possible consequences of rebooting without using a sensor

The “hard reboot” procedure is marked in the instructions as a last resort for cases when other, more secure, ways to turn off or restore the smartphone to work do not help. In fact, if you do not abuse the “Hard Reset” and do not use this method all the time, then there will be no negative consequences for the smartphone. However, with frequent use, there is a possibility of losing information that is stored in the smartphone’s memory. Hard reboots can cause the iPhone memory module to crash or completely break down. The number of hard reboots and module failure are not directly related, but the probability increases over time. Thus, do not neglect regular data backups to iCloud and try to use “Hard Reset” as little as possible.

Breakdown reasons

Unstable operation or complete failure of the touch screen is often associated with the following reasons:

  • Mechanical impact (caused by hitting or dropping the phone).
  • Ingress of moisture into the case (moisture protection for Apple smartphones does not guarantee complete impermeability).
  • Overheating of the smartphone.
  • IOS software crash or freeze.
  • Poor quality protective glass or bumper.

And if it is better to contact a service center with mechanical problems, then in other cases it is worth trying to restart the iPhone. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this will be enough to restore performance. How to turn off the iPhone if the screen does not work, we will tell you in the following sections.

How to restart iPhone if the screen is not responding to touches

In a standard situation, to reboot after pressing the lock button, you need to confirm the action by swiping your finger across the screen. But you can reboot your smartphone even if the sensor does not respond. This procedure is called “Hard Reset” or “Hard Reset”. To do this, you must simultaneously press the lock and “Home” buttons on the phone. You need to hold them for a few seconds (about 10) until the screen turns off and the Apple logo appears on the display. This means that the smartphone has rebooted.

If all else fails

If the described methods did not work or you do not want to perform a hard reboot, then try other options. “Hard Reset” is a quick and easy way, but not the only one. Two more methods on how to turn off the iPhone if the sensor does not work are described below.

The safest option would be banal waiting for the battery to drain. The iPhone will turn itself off and to turn it on again, you just need to connect the charger to it. This method is the safest for the phone and does not create additional risks.

Another fairly harmless and uncomplicated option would be to restore your smartphone through the iTunes media service. You will need a computer with the installed program and Internet access. Connect iPhone to PC with original USB cable and wait for iTunes to find and detect your device. If the identification stage has passed successfully, find the button “Restore iPhone” on the “Overview” tab and confirm the action.

In the process of updating and restoring factory settings, the program will automatically restart the phone. This iTunes function will delete all media files and other data from the device while it is running. Therefore, before starting the recovery, be sure to make a backup and save it to iCloud.

How to Turn Off iPhone 10 If the Screen Doesn’t Work?

How to Reboot iPhone X in Force Mode

  • Quickly press and release the volume up key;
  • Quickly press and release the volume down key;
  • Press and hold the side button until the smartphone turns off.

How to turn off iPhone x without sensor?

How to restart iPhone X without home button?

  • Hold the volume up button and quickly release
  • Press and quickly release the volume down button
  • Hold the power button until the smartphone screen darkens and then displays the Apple logo.

How to Turn Off iPhone 8 If the Screen Doesn’t Work?

To restart iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, do the following:

  • Press and quickly release the volume up button.
  • Press and quickly release the volume down button.
  • Press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

How to Restart iPhone 10 If Screen Doesn’t Work?

How to restart iPhone 10 if it freezes

  • Hold and quickly release the volume up button.
  • Hold and quickly release the volume down button again.
  • Hold down the power / lock button (Power key). Hold it until the iPhone screen darkens.

How to turn off iPhone without sensor and button?

How to turn off iPhone without sensor? You just need to hold down the lock and “home” keys at the same time, hold them for 4-5 seconds. Then the device turns off without confirmation. After that, you can simply turn on.

How to turn off iPhone 8 if frozen?

Press and hold the Volume Up / Down and Side Button until the Power Off slider appears. Move the slider and then wait 30 seconds for the device to turn off.

Turning off your smartphone normally

The iPhone is turned off by the Power button, which is also a lock (unlock) of the device. This method is relevant only if the screen does not work partially, for example, your lower part is broken and you see nothing or the screen does not work at all, but the sensor works (even in this case, you can roughly guess when the strip should appear shutdown and pull it in the right direction). Therefore, the procedure is as follows:

  • On your device, hold down the Power key and wait a few seconds (3-5 seconds);
  • If your screen is partially broken, but the sensor works, just pull the slider in the right direction and the phone turns off;
  • If the screen is completely broken, but the sensor is working, also press Power and wait a few seconds, then step back from the screen about 1 centimeter of distance and slide your finger to the right. This is a kind of “blind shutdown”. In some cases, you need to repeat the operation several times to get where you need to;
  • If the screen does not work, the sensor does not work either, go to the next paragraph of our article.

Assistive touch

Attention! This method is relevant only if you have previously activated the Assistive Touch option and the screen sensor somehow reacts to your actions.

  • Now you only need to try to launch Assistive Touch on the smartphone screen (albeit on the working part of it);
  • Next, in the menu, select the “Device” item, hold the “Screen lock” for a few seconds and turn off the phone.

For iPhone X

Here, the “hard reboot” process is no different from the iPhone 6s. All you need to do is just hold Home and Power for 4-5 seconds until the phone turns off. After that, immediately release the keys to avoid rebooting.

How to turn off iPhone if the screen is not working

Problems can arise with any devices, be it Android-based gadgets or smartphones from Apple, because this is a technique, and sometimes it can malfunction: mechanical influences from the outside or from the user, defective components, software errors and many other reasons. Sometimes users have a problem when the screen stops responding to touch, and as a result, a person cannot do absolutely anything with his phone, especially if it is an iPhone.

If in a conventional device you can simply take and pull out the battery, then for an iPhone you need to disassemble half of the phone, which can lead to a loss of warranty. What if your phone’s sensor stops working and you need to turn off your device? There is a way out, and we have described all possible options in this article.!

Full battery discharge

Another option is to wait until your phone’s battery is completely depleted. Yes, the method is not the most thoughtful, but it should also be taken into account. And you can charge the device without any problems, simply by connecting the device to a charger or by connecting it to a computer via a USB cable. Just keep in mind that if the device turns off and you have a password set at the entrance, then when you turn it on with a broken screen or a non-working sensor, you will not be able to use it and unlock it.

Ways to Turn Off iPhone

You should understand that there can be a hundred reasons why the sensor does not work on the iPhone, so here, for each case, you need to go through all the options. Follow all the steps in order to decide which one suits you best. We’ll start with the simplest.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

For iPhone 7, the default reboot is done with the Power and Volume Down keys, but this is a reboot. If you need to turn off the iPhone 7 with the keys, then the procedure is as follows:

  • Press the Home and Power keys at the same time and wait about 4-5 seconds;
  • As soon as the screen turns off, release them, after which the smartphone does not turn on to restart.


How to turn off iPhone if sensor is not working? You can use other techniques to accomplish the task at hand. They are all very easy to learn.

If you want to turn off your Apple phone while the sensor is not working, you will need:

  • Click on the “Home” button.
  • Hold down the power key of the device.
  • Hold the controls down for a few seconds.
  • Wait for the phone to boot up again.

Fast, simple, convenient. Now it is clear how to turn off the iPhone if the sensor does not work. But there is another rather simple approach to the problem under study. What exactly is it about?


How to turn off iPhone if sensor is not working? Typically, users set themselves the task of returning the phone to work. If the sensor does not work, the iPhone needs to be restarted.

How it’s done? You just need to press the “Home” button and hold it in this position for a few seconds. The device will completely reboot. And, most likely, the sensor will work again.

When there is no answer

Sometimes it happens that even the listed techniques do not help in any way. The phone does not turn off or restart. What to do in this case? How to turn off iPhone if sensor is not working?

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We’ll have to stock up on patience and free time. The point is that the user will have to completely discharge his smartphone. And only after that the device will turn off. It remains to plug it in and recharge it before trying to turn it on. There is nothing incomprehensible or special about this.

Arrangement of device elements

How to turn off iPhone if sensor is not working? To do this, you will have to use several buttons of the device.

What controls do we need? For instance:

  • Home button. It is a large, white, circular control. It is located at the bottom of the Apple phone, under the touchscreen. Helps to work with the smartphone operating system.
  • Enable button. Usually this element on the iPhone is located on the top panel of the device. Responsible for turning the device on and off.

Perhaps that’s all. No more buttons are required. With the help of these two controls, you can both reboot and turn off the “apple” device.

How to turn off iPhone if the sensor is not working: detailed instructions

How to turn off iPhone if sensor is not working? A similar question arises among many modern owners of Apple phones. Sensory devices can sometimes be problematic to disable or reboot. For example, if the device is overcooled and now malfunctions. Disconnecting your smartphone is no hassle. Especially if you know how to act in this or that case.

Pair of buttons

Some may simply turn off the smartphone. And a non-working sensor will not interfere with the implementation of the task at all. The main thing. know how to act specifically.

If you press the Power button on the iPhone along with Home, and then hold down the controls for 3-4 seconds, the device will simply turn off. There will be no reboot.

Accordingly, sometimes just such a scenario is encountered in practice. It is very popular among the owners of “apple” products.

We’ve figured out how to turn off your iPhone if your cell phone’s sensor isn’t working. Bringing an idea to life takes a minimum of time and effort. All the suggested tricks work equally well today.

As practice shows, usually it does not reach the last algorithm of actions. After all, if the sensor refuses to work, the buttons still cope with their functions. This means that it will be possible to forcibly restart the “apple” device, and turn it off.

proximity sensor not working on iphone

How exactly to proceed? Each person decides for himself. But, as a rule, it is possible to get rid of the problems with the iPhone sensor after a forced restart of the mobile phone.

How to restart iPhone if the screen is not responding to touches?

The need to turn off the iPhone without swiping the screen usually arises when the device freezes when installing a mobile application. The sensor also fails due to physical impact. for example, after the gadget falls to the ground. When the sensor freezes, most users immediately apply for warranty repair, not suspecting that they can do without the 45-day wait and fix the smartphone on their own.

The probability that after a reboot a frozen sensor will “resurrect” is 90%. But since the screen does not respond to touch, you will not be able to turn off the smartphone in the usual way. you will have to perform a hard reboot. It is done like this:

Press simultaneously two physical buttons. “Power” and “Home”.

Hold them until the Apple logo appears on the screen. about 10 seconds.

Wait 4-5 seconds and you will see the desktop of your mobile device.

On iPhone 7, instead of the “Home” button, you need to hold down the volume down key.

Possible consequences of rebooting without using a sensor

If you apply Hard Reset once or twice, there will definitely be no negative consequences. With repeated hard reboots, there is a risk that the memory module will fail, as a result of which all data stored on the iPhone will be lost. There is a widespread opinion among users: each subsequent Hard Reset increases the likelihood that the memory will “fall”. However, this has not been confirmed by experts.

You should resort to a “hard reset” only as a last resort. when other ways to solve the problem have already been tried and have not brought any result.

How to turn off iPhone if sensor is not working?

Turning off iPhone when the sensor is not working seems to be an impossible task for many users. But in fact, this task is being solved. you just need to know the cherished key combination.

To control a mobile device without using physical buttons, the iPhone has the Assistive Touch function. therefore, it is quite easy to reboot a gadget with an inoperative “Power” key. However, if the sensor is out of order, it is more difficult to turn off the iPhone: you will have to resort to Hard Reset. an operation that can harm the device.

How to turn off iPhone if sensor is not working?

If you just want to turn off the gadget, and not restart it, you should proceed a little differently:

Hold “Home” “Power”.

Hold the buttons for 4-5 seconds. until the screen turns off. then release them. Do not wait for the “bitten apple” to appear!

After that, you can turn on the smartphone in the usual way. by holding down the “Power” button for 2-3 seconds.

Not only the sensor problem is solved by a “hard reset”. Hard Reset is also resorted to if the iPhone has become poorly connected to the network or consumes too much power.

“Hard reset” is the simplest and fastest measure aimed at returning the sensor to operability. But not the only one. If the user is afraid to make a Hard Reset, he can turn to iTunes. the media combine will restore the device, and together with the restoration, the gadget will restart. There is an option for the most cautious users: wait until the smartphone is discharged and turns off by itself, and then “start” it in the usual way.