How to Turn Off Autostart Windows 7 64

How to disable flash drive autorun

Why disable autostart from a flash drive? The fact is that if the flash drive is infected with a virus, then when it is connected to the computer, autorun starts with a suggestion of choosing the option to view the content, and through it the virus infects your computer. Therefore, it is better to turn it off, especially since it is not particularly needed. You can simply insert the USB flash drive into the USB port and open “My Computer”, where you can view its contents without any startup.

Attention! This method is only suitable for the windows 7 operating system, so if you have another system installed, this option will not work.

The first thing we do is press the “START” button and go to the Control Panel

Going to the control panel, in the search bar (upper right corner) we type the phrase “Change Group Policy.” The computer will find and issue the “Administration” item. Here we click the line “Group Policy Change”

Next, on the left we find and open the “Administrative Templates” folder, then open the “Windows Components” and find the folder “Autorun Policy”. In the right part of the window, double-click the left mouse button on the item “Disable autorun”

How to Turn Off Autostart Windows 7 64

A window should open where we mark the point “Enable” with a dot, thereby deactivating it (for some reason, it’s the other way around, it seems like it should be written “turn off”)

All is ready! Disabling autorun from a portable flash drive will help you avoid getting a computer infected with a virus. Using the same method, you can enable autorun by performing all the same actions, only at the last stage we put a dot on the item “Not set”.

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Flash drive startup and how to disable it in windows

Good afternoon, dear readers, new and old # 128578; , today I want to consider the issue of the autorun flash drive and how to disable it. We will consider windows operating systems, in my case it is version 8.1, but the steps taken will be suitable for windows 10 and 7, until all this is the same, if melkosoft does not screw up in the future. Of course, autorun is a very useful feature that helps the user get access to the connected device faster, but it also carries the other side of the coin in terms of reducing security, since your flash drive may have a virus or a malicious trojan that starts running as soon as The usb device opens, below we will consider how to defeat it.

How to enable flash drive autorun

What is worse than autostarting a flash drive, for example, I have already described viruses, but earlier I told you how to make sure that there are no viruses on your usb devices, read it will be interesting. Previously, until the 2010 reptile, in all windows editions at that time, it was turned on by default, and users scooped up viruses and trojans, for a long time this could not continue, and Microsoft, under the yoke of the user community, took the right measures and released an update. which disables autorun devices, as well as in subsequent versions of the OS.

If you still want to enable the autorun of a flash drive or other devices, then this is a simple matter. I remind you to do this on the example of windows 8.1. Right-click on the start menu and select Control Panel, in windows 10 everything is the same, in the seven just start control Panel.

In the window that opens, we are looking for an icon that says Autostart, it is responsible for turning on and off

As I told you, by default it is disabled. You may notice that here everything is divided into categories

  • Removable media
  • Memory card
  • DVDs
  • Blu-ray discs
  • Compact discs

and each category has a slightly more right choice of the action that will occur.

Actions will be available everywhere in different ways, but there are common

  • Do nothing
  • Open folder to view files (explorer)
  • Ask every time

For drive media, as you can see, there is still import and playback

Please note that the item on the program and the game is asking every time is correct for security. since you should see which program requested access from you.

disable the flash drive autorun, exactly the same, you just need to remove the daws and set Do not perform any action. In windows 8.1 and 10, you can configure these functions in another mode and disable autorun of flash drives and other devices. We press WINF so that you have a search window appear on the side, you must set where to search (Everywhere) and enter Autostart, wait a couple of seconds for the system to search for snap-ins and select Autostart options.

You will open the mobile version of the autorun control for removable media, use the switch to make the on / off position and lower the default setting for what you need to perform.

You can also get into the Computer and devices menu, using the following other method, move the mouse to the right corner and wait until the side menu comes out, select the parameters there Change computer settings Computers and devices

As you can see, everything is very simple and I think you will no longer have a question, how to turn off the flash drive’s autorun or activate it on the contrary.

Disable flash drive autorun through the registry

For fans of hardcore :), I remind you that the registry is essentially a certain area of ​​windows in which its parameters are written, some kind of notebook. With its help, you can also activate and deactivate devices. We open the registry, you can by regular means, but I prefer the JumpReg utility, its advantage is that it is free and allows you to go to the desired section in one click. The method is universal, it works starting from windows 7.

To solve the problem, we need access to these registry keys

Enable or disable autorun flash drive on computer

For the convenience of users, Microsoft has created such a built-in function in the operating system as the autorun flash drive. Its main task is to simplify the user experience. But the main drawback is the entry on the computer of viruses registered on removable media during copying, which was previously used on another PC. And in order to protect your “machine” from malware, you should know how to enable or disable the autorun of a flash drive and other removable media.

What is a “startup”

This is a function that allows you to quickly and without any action on the part of a person launch a program located on a removable device. Initially, it was developed only for DVD and CD. Whereas now it can start automatically, even when connecting smartphones. For example, a media player is loaded for media with films and music, for a blank disc. software recording, for photos. a viewer, etc. If the removable drive contains heterogeneous files, then a window pops up with a suggestion of several actions.

The essence of the function is that in the root folder of removable media you need to create autorun.inf for the USB flash drive. This is a file that contains a command to automatically launch a specific program. When the drive is turned on, the system will surely check for the presence of this file and, if it finds it, then without making any unnecessary requests, it will start it. Many viruses use the same. But there is a good way to secure removable equipment. create an autorun file for the flash drive. In this case, the malicious program will not be able to register it itself, since it already exists and thereby will not start when the device is connected to the computer.

IMPORTANT. Many virus creators know this trick and can easily delete this file from removable media. Therefore, the issue of infection with equipment viruses should be taken more seriously.

Before you turn on the autorun flash drive, you need to open the control panel in the “Start” menu and select “Autostart”. Opposite the entry “Use for all media and devices” check the box.

Next to the entry “Use for all media and devices” you need to check

Then save the settings. And in order to disable the flash drive autorun, you must remove the pointer from this tab.

The process of connecting and disabling this feature in XP is a bit more complicated. To do this, go to Group Policy. In the “Start” menu, find the “Run” tab, register the command gredit.msc and press “enter”. In the window that opens, select “Computer Configuration”, “Administrative Templates” and “System”. On the right side, find the line “Disable startup”.

Click on Disable autorun

To enable the function, mark the item “Disabled” (not set) and confirm “OK”. And to disable it, select the line “Enabled” and “For all drives with confirmation of choice.”

After the flash drive has been autostarted, insert the removable drive into the PC and check the system.

The Basics of Using the Autostart Feature

  • You should know that the autorun for a flash drive does not in itself contain malicious code, but only has a link to an existing file with a virus from the Internet.
  • Malicious utilities are also registered in the Autorun folder when copying with the extension inf.bat.exe.pif.ini.cmd and others.
  • You cannot immediately run a file or a group of autorun files. You must open them using software to view (for example, notepad) and check for viruses.
  • If autorun is found while copying data in addition to the necessary information, then it should be deleted. And if it does not delete or disappear, and after a minute it is created anew, then the computer is infected.
  • Also, to disable the function, you can use various optimization programs (tweakers). But it’s better to do it manually, for greater security.

Why create autorun.inf

Before making autorun for a USB flash drive, you need to know that you should not just create a folder, but make it so that malicious software cannot delete it. And in order for the virus to not be able to understand how to remove autorun.inf from a flash drive, it must be hidden. In this case, it can play the role of an indicator. For example, if the flash drive contains viruses, then they probably already tried to delete this folder, and during this operation it ceases to be hidden. Thus, it becomes clear that there are malware on the media. And since autorun cannot be removed from a flash drive in a simple way, it needs to be either formatted, or cleaned using AVZ antivirus, or use the FlashGuard program.

Now, knowing how to enable or disable autorun of removable equipment, securing it with the autorun file, you can significantly reduce the virus attack on your computer or laptop.

How to enable or disable autorun of removable media (drives, flash drives, external drives) in windows 7

How to enable or disable autorun of removable media (drives, flash drives, external drives) in windows 7

In this article we will look at how to disable autorun in windows 7. By default, autorun of disks, flash drives and other media is turned on How to enable or disable autorun of removable media (drives, flash drives, external drives) in windows 7

In this article, we will look at how to disable autorun in windows 7. By default, autorun of disks, flash drives, and other media is enabled. Sometimes it is very annoying. To disable it, you need to do a few simple steps.

And so, to turn off autorun, go to the “Start”, then “Control Panel”.

Autostart in windows 7

What is autostart? When autorun is turned on while connecting removable media to the computer (flash drives, players, optical disks, USB hard drives, etc.), executable files that are located on them are allowed to run.

For clarity, we give an example:

You insert the driver disk into the drive. The windows system reads the disk, finds the executable file setup.exe on it and launches it. As a result, a dialog box opens offering to install drivers.

You can see how it looks in the image below (using a disk with software for an mp3 player).

DVD movies, music CDs, and more can also automatically run.

Pros and cons of autorun

Autostart eliminates the need to independently search for an executable file, which is extremely convenient. However, it also has its drawbacks.

Most viruses are executable files, which means that when an infected flash drive is connected to a computer with autorun enabled, the malicious program can be installed automatically. Not infrequently, computer users are annoyed by constantly pop-up windows with autorun, especially with frequent use of flash drives and CDs.

Conclusions: Autostart has both advantages and disadvantages.

Each person must decide for himself whether he wants to use it or not. There are no optimal recommendations.

How to disable autorun in windows 7

Disabling autorun in windows 7 is not as relevant as in windows XP, since the execution of executable files in most cases is performed only after the consent of the computer user, which reduces the risk of installing viruses. And when using a good antivirus (for example, Kaspersky), the risk of infection is completely reduced to almost zero.

Nevertheless, if you want to disable autorun, it is possible to do it! For this:

1. Press the key combination “Win” “R”, enter Gpedit.msc and press “OK”.

2. In the window that opens, we open one by one the following items: “Computer Configuration”. “Administrative Templates”. “Windows Components”. “Autorun Policy”.

3. In the list we find the line “Disable autorun”, right-click on it and select “Change”.

4. In the new window, check “Enable” and click on the “OK” button below.

Autostart from all removable media is disabled. A brief instruction on how to do this is posted below.

Autostart setup in windows 7

Autostart can not only be disabled, but also customized. This is done quite simply:

1. In the “Start” menu, select “Control Panel.”

2. In the control panel, put “Large Icons” on top and open “Autostart”.

3. In the window that opens, set the values ​​for each type of removable media, then click the “Save” button.

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