How To Turn Cinema From Phone To Tv

All about local area networks and network equipment

In the “classic” view, a local area network is a conglomerate of all kinds of computers, buried in a web of network wires. However, the development of wireless technology makes it easy to integrate even devices such as a printer and a television receiver into a network.

And in this article we will look at how to connect the phone to the TV via wifi, and whether it is possible to transfer the image from android to the lg TV (samsung, sony) without a router.

By the way, the greatest benefit to this feature is for mobile Internet lovers. After all, through wifi you can transfer images, watch your favorite movies ands, as well as broadcast games from your phone to a TV.

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Connecting your phone to a TV via wifi: possible ways

As with wireless printer, Connecting a phone to a TV via wifi can be done in three different ways:

  • – Connect devices directly using the built-in modern TVs (lg, samsung, etc.) Wi-Fi Direct functions;
  • – connect both devices to a local Wi-Fi network;
  • – manage the “home screen” from the phone through the router.

Consider each type of connection in more detail.

How to transfer an image from a phone to a TV without a router?

If there is no router in the house, then you can connect the phone to the TV via Wi-Fi directly using Wi-Fi Direct technology.

1. To connect to the TV via the phone, you first need to enable the Wi-Fi Direct function on your Android mobile device.

To do this, go to the “Wireless Networks” section and activate the Wi-Fi Direct function here (by single-clicking on this tab or using the “OK” button).

How to Turn Cinema From Phone To TV

2. Next, go to the main menu of the “big screen”:

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On the remote control, press the Options button, then select Manual. Other methods and write down the SSID and WPA data. you will need them to connect the phone.

Go to the Security Key subsection and set a unique password to connect to this wireless network.

3. On a mobile android device, select this access point from the “list of available connections” and, if necessary, enter the required authentication data (password, SSID and WPA).

To open the image from the phone on the TV, find the file you need in the device’s memory, click the Share button and select the name of your TV in the context menu.

How to watch from a phone on a TV through a router?

If you have an internal LAN, you can also connect the phone to the TV through a router.

1. Go to the main menu of the TV, select the “Network” subsection, then “Network settings” and select the connection type “Wireless” (or WiFi).

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In the opened list of available SSID connections, find the name of your router, enter the password for accessing the wireless network and activate this connection.

3. In order to freely transfer images and watch from your phone on the “big monitor”, download a special application on your gadget that will make all the data available on the local network (DLNA or UPnP can be mentioned among the most popular software).

How to connect the phone to a TV that does not support wifi?

In this case, you can try to configure the cable connection of the TV to the local network.

To do this, use your twisted pair cable to connect your “blue screen” to the router and when setting up the device, set the connection type to “Wired Network”.

Connecting a mobile device to Wi-Fi in this case is carried out similarly to the previous case.