How to turn a simple TV into a Smart TV

How to turn a regular TV into a Smart TV

Hello, dear readers! Today let’s talk about Smart TV, TVs with this feature, how to turn a regular TV into a Smart TV, what are the solutions and tell you what option I chose for myself.

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Now in any digital technology stores, sell Smart TVs and their cost is higher than conventional, the functions of which are mainly the viewing of analog and digital television, the ability to view multimedia files from USB drives, due to the built-in player and plus use as a second screen to any computer device.

Features and functions of Smart TV, increase its value, and not without reason, because it is inherently a kind of computer. With firmware (system), a sophisticated media player, the ability to view media files from the Internet, through a built-in browser or special applications.

For some people it makes sense to buy an expensive brand-name Smart TV, while others already have a modern, but ordinary TV and do not consider it necessary to buy a new one just because of this function. And it’s not required, because a simple inexpensive TV or old CRT, and even a regular monitor, you can turn into a Smart TV in the presence of HDMI output. And now everything in order.

What is Smart TV and its benefits

What makes Smart TV different from the others is that you can watch broadcasts by connecting an Internet cable. If your TV has its own operating system, you can connect to the Internet and get many more apps and services. Smart transforms into a true multimedia device, with enhanced capabilities when watching shows and surfing the Internet. The TV remote control has a Smart button, which gives you access to a special menu with a large selection of applications.

How I Transform OLD TV into Smart TV. Voice Controlled

The main advantages of Smart TV are:

  • Connecting to the Internet. Today’s TVs allow you to connect to the network in two ways: via LAN-port or Wi-Fi. The latter method is considered the best, since it does not require any wires.
  • Communicating. Certain models of Smart TV are sold with a camera installed that enables you to make calls over the Internet. Now you can see through the screen the person you have not communicated with for a long time. The best way for this is the well-known all over the world application Skype.
  • Connecting an External Media. Every modern TV set has the ability to connect via USB ports. Readable include external hard drives or flash cards. To watch your favorite movie you don’t have to wait for it to come out on TV. You can download most any hit movies and watch them at any time.
  • Gesture Control. In addition to the joystick-style remote controls, there are TVs that understand gestures. In this case, the model must have a camera. You can also control Smart TV with a modern phone.
  • Record your desired TV program. Useful features also include the ability to record television broadcasts. You’ll need a memory stick of any kind. You’ll need a memory stick to put it in your TV, because you’ll record the video you want right away.
  • Games. If you want you can spend your time with a game and be sure it’s licensed. All games are installed through official stores.

Options and Implementation

Every year the popularity of using Smart TV grows. To keep up with current trends without spending a lot of money, apply options for converting a regular TV into an innovative Smart TV. Which devices can help this kind of conversion? For example:

1) Media player of medium price range and small size.

2) Smartphone or tablet connected to your TV device.

Firstly we determine the advantages and disadvantages of all devices, after analyzing which we can start the implementation of the chosen option. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of each method.

Media player. The essential remark. The device must be of high quality. Allows you to watch videos and movies in HD quality, listen to music, enjoy great pictures. The player functionality allows you to connect to the internet. The widget store will help with the installation of necessary applications. The only disadvantage of such a device, remains its inability to work with Blu-ray discs.

turn, simple, smart

Tablet and smartphone. Connecting these gadgets, we use the Internet services directly in them. Problematic is the connection method, often requiring the purchase of separate adapters. Besides, such devices don’t have big memory, which limits the opportunity to store the needed volume of information. The main advantage is to add computer functions to a regular TV set. No need to pay for a new device. But you need to install additional software. Connects to your TV via HDMI connector.

Blu-ray player. Equipped with a variety of features. It has a built-in Smart-TV option. With this device it is convenient to watch movies and video files, install applications and access to the Internet. HDMI cable provides a reliable connection. The disadvantages are high cost and the inability to support some formats.

Game console. Can convert your ordinary TV to Smart TV with limited functions. Still, such a device has a different purpose. To fully use the set-top box in a given direction, you will need to go through the registration process on the Microsoft console. After that the paid access to the selected applications is opened. This will be the main disadvantage of the described method.

Smart TV. Set-top box. The best option for transforming an ordinary TV into a full-fledged “smart model”. Its advantages, disadvantages, connection options and features will be described below.

Using an Android phone (smartphone) or tablet

To be honest, I do not even know how you can turn a regular TV into a Smart TV with Android smartphone. I can only assume a few options:

  • Transfer the image from your phone or tablet to the TV screen. Ok, let’s say. But for this your TV must support the technology (Chromecast, Miracast or AirPlay). And if your TV is not smart, does not have Wi-Fi, it does not support these technologies (you can see the specifications). So, you will need to connect either the same Smart Box to the TV (why would you need a phone then?), or a Chromecast/Miracast adapter (more on that in the article). But does it make sense? I don’t think so. Over, it is impossible to make a full-fledged “smart box” in this way.
  • Connect the same tablet or phone to the TV via HDMI (usually requires a special adapter or cable). Maybe. But the solution is also like this, honestly. Only the image from the same tablet will be duplicated on the TV.

I would like to see your options in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I may have overlooked something.

How to connect a Smart TV set-top box to the TV

There are many different manufacturers of set-top boxes and a huge number of all kinds of TV models. But despite this, the principle of their connection is approximately the same. It’s done in the following way:

  • Firstly you need to unplug the TV and make sure the STB is unplugged too. This is done due to the fact that connecting the devices on the switched on devices creates the risk of damaging the ports of the devices;
  • If you use a TV set-top box in the form of a flash drive, you will simply need to insert it into a USB port on your TV. After that, you can turn on the device and go straight to the last step;
  • In the case where a box set-top box is used, it will be necessary to connect the appropriate sockets of the smart set-top box and the TV. If both the box and the TV have an HDMI output, you need to connect them with the appropriate wire. It is worth noting that this wire may not always be included with the set-top box, so you may need to purchase it additionally;
  • Older TVs do not have HDMI ports. They usually have three different-colored jacks, also called “tulips”. In this case, two options are suitable: buying an additional HDMI-AV converter and connecting one connector to the HDMI port in the smart set-top box, and the other to the three “tunnels”. In the second variant, the AV output of the set-top box is connected to the “tuning pins” of the TV. Choosing the most appropriate method depends directly on which ports are available in the smart STB purchased by the user;
  • After selecting the most suitable connection method and the connection itself, you can plug the network cable back into the smart set-top box and plug it into the network, as well as turn on the TV itself;
  • Now you need to select the signal source on your TV. Usually press SOURCES, INPUT, AV, or the Rectangle & Arrow icon on the remote control. This also depends entirely on the TV model and remote control you are using. In some cases you may need to press the button several times or use the arrows to select the desired port. For example, if you connect the cable to the HDMI 2 connector, then in the list of available sources you must select this name. Once the correct source has been selected, the smart set-top box splash screen will immediately appear on the TV screen.

Conversion via Blu-ray or game console

To connect the Blu-ray player, you need to connect the HDMI cable to the appropriate jacks. Then select “HDMI” as the source on your TV.

Blu-ray was originally designed to play videos in high quality. Now developers are adding support for TV Smart and DLNA to new models. This allows the user to connect to video services and install games.

You can only get the best picture quality when connected through HDMI.

What set-top boxes are used for Smart technology:

  • If you have a PlayStation 4 console, connect it to your TV using HDMI. In addition to games and other media services, select “TV and Video” from the home screen. Here are the pay and free TV channels. You can download games of any genre from the PS Store, including games for virtual reality. Playstation 4 also supports streaming channels. You can surf the Internet by first downloading the browser.
  • With Xbox you can not only use the game content, but also install applications, chat on Skype, store files in Dropbox, listen to music, etc. There is a paid store. Connects via HDMI or other cable, depending on the connectors.

Extend the functionality of the usual TV with the game consoles is advisable for those who already have it. Buying a set-top box for the sake of Smart features is not the most far-sighted decision.

General recommendations for increasing the functionality of TV

Not all televisions support 4K and video streaming. Older models often do not play videos over Full HD. And they are not designed for use when connected to the Internet.

How to Turn your NON-SMART TV into a SMART/Android TV!!!

This is important to consider before choosing how to upgrade your TV to Smart TV. It can be done only on modern models with expanded functionality. The exception. Viewing content from your phone.

turn, simple, smart

When there is 100% certainty that a plasma or LCD panel can turn into a Smart TV, you need to select the purpose of the transition. For full functionality of Smart TV it is worth to connect a Smart STB. For video games only a game console is enough. And to watch a movie downloaded to your phone you don’t need any additional equipment at all.

General recommendations for improving TV functionality

Not all televisions support 4K format and clips from the global network. Older models most often do not play videos above Full HD. And they’re certainly not designed to be used when connected to the Internet.

It is important to consider this before choosing how to upgrade your TV to Smart TV. It can be done only on modern models with advanced functionality. Exception. Viewing content from your phone.

When there is 100% certainty that a plasma or LCD panel can turn into a Smart TV, you need to select the target for the transition. For the full functionality of the “smart” equipment is worth to connect the Smart console. For video games. Only a game console is enough. And to watch a movie downloaded to your phone, you don’t need any additional hardware at all.