How to tuck paints in a printer. Important points

How to refuel a printer cartridge yourself

And if you take into account that with active use, the paint in the printer ends like hot pies in the cold, then, as they say, you can’t get money. over, the cost of a bottle of paint or a set of syringes is 3-4 times less than one cartridge for the HP or Canon printer (it depends on the model, so we will not argue).

Of course, you can come to the nearest service for the repair of office equipment or computers and season the cartridge there, but this option will cost you a penny. Isn’t it easier to learn how to refuel the printer cartridge yourself and forget about all these problems?

What do we need

I assure you that refueling a cartridge is not at all difficult. All that we will need to be found either at home or buy in the nearest store of computer accessories:

  • A jar of paint or a set of syringes with paint: for a black cartridge you will need only 1 syringe (most often 3 finished filled syringes are sold in the set), for color. 3 syringes (printing base).
  • Napkins, newspapers, unnecessary fabric for the base, so as not to stain the table.
  • Gloves so as not to wash your hands from paint.
  • Awl to break through the cartridge or knife to remove the lid from it.
  • Adhesive tape. we will fix the cartridge cover so that it does not open while using.

Set of syringes or jars with paint for refueling a cartridge

, Depending on the manufacturer. Each such set is suitable for a certain list of printers and manufacturers. you can find your model on the back of the set on the label.

The reason for this is not universality is that, depending on the type of printers, the density of the paint may vary. so as not to spoil the printer and cartridge, it is better to supervise suitability.

If you could not find a set of syringes, you can buy paint for a printer in special jars or small bottles.

Before buying, write down the numbers of cartridges. they are written on the case or on the printer itself. These are 2 digits, most often walking one after another (for example, 46 and 47).

An important condition

For Canon jet, the cartridge must be redirected (PZK), that is, to be able to add ink inside the container and work after.

In most cases, the cartridge is so. But sometimes the manufacturer equips printing devices with disposable consumables, which greatly applies the cost of printing and maintenance for the consumer. Laser devices can always be refuel.

Canon printer ink

Chinese cheap ink will not only give out poor image quality. Ultimately, the cartridge can generally fail. Therefore, you need to buy only a high.quality product that is completely suitable for the printer and model of the cartridge.

Accurate information about the printer, the necessary data are always in the documentation, can be contained on the box or on the equipment case. Upmissant when choosing ink to operate the specific name of the cartridge (for example, PG-445 and CL-446) and its number. So you can choose the most suitable and high.quality dye.

It is necessary to buy only in trusted stores that specialize in printing equipment. Of course, a certain choice will be in common computer stores, but it is small.

In appearance, ink are pigmented and water.soluble. Sometimes there is the possibility of refueling one type instead of another. It is better to clarify information when buying equipment. But this is still not recommended to do this, especially if there are no problems with the prey of the right ink.

Dismantling the cartridge

Take the cartridge conveniently in the hand with the end to yourself and carefully so as not to get hurt, cut the plastic fasteners of the side cover with a knife (if available) and unscrew the screws with a cross blade.

Also unscrew the screws and cut off the mounts on the other side.

Then, carefully, slowly and without unnecessary efforts, we remove the side covers, picing them in a special groove or another convenient place with a flat screwdriver or other suitable tool.

This is what a cartridge looks without a lid on one side.

After that, the cartridge must be divided into two parts (with toner and working out).

Often, for this you need to pull out metal pins from plastic loops on the sides using tweezers or thin pliers. And sometimes it may require an awl to pierce the plastic on the outside and squeeze the pins inside.

Dismantling of the bunker with working out

We take part with the hopper for working out and pull out a metal axis from the photo bank.

Then we remove the photo bank, pulling slowly up and then to the side of the end the opposite gear.

In the same way we remove the rubber shaft of the primary charge.

Using a cross screwdriver, unscrew two screws on the sides of a metal rocket.

Remove the rocket, pulling up from one of the sides.

Under it is a bunker with a spent toner, which needs to be removed.

tuck, printer, important

How is the refueling

A similar event is held in 2 stages:

Cleaning the container

The screwdriver will come in handy for the work. The algorithm itself will be as follows.

Delicately extracting a photosensitive drum. It should be kept by the sides or gear. otherwise you can damage the part, and it will become unsuitable for further use. Photoval should be put aside and protected from dust, closing with a sheet of paper.

The next step will be the extraction of the rubberizing shaft part (it is behind a photosensitive drum). It should again be pulled out, holding on the side parts.

Now we need to unscrew the rocket (cleaning blade).

tuck, printer, important

We continue to work with extreme caution, shaking the remnants of garbage and powder.

It remains to clean the released details from the particles of dirt.

As you can see, all stages of cleaning are carried out with special attention and frugality. If a person does not have these qualities, there is no one to think about independently holding an event.

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Ideally, all these works should be done in a special room with good exhaust ventilation.

Refueling process

First you should take a short course of the “Anatomy” of the cartridge. The inspection will show whether the device has a hole in which you can fill up the toner itself. If one is not observed, then you will have to completely disassemble the cartridge, and fall asleep the toner into the gap through which it will further fall into the magnetic shaft.

one.Magnetic bunker cork opens. Using a sheet of A4 paper twisted by a funnel, a pre.prepared toner powder is filled into the bunker.

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It is best to leave 1.5-2 cm to the edge of the cartridge-this will prevent the jamming of the part.

The cover is closed, both parts of the part are assembled and the entire installation is carried out in the reverse order.

Some models of laser printers are equipped with chips cartridges. This element represents the print counter. Such cartridges should not be tried to refill yourself. most likely, this will simply lead to the refusal of the entire device. This situation is quite justified, because the counter “thinks” that its resource is spent.

To reserve information (or change the chip) will help in specialized service centers.

In addition to black and white “laser”, there are also color models, they are also seasoned if necessary. At the preparation stage, toners of the necessary colors will be needed. The refueling is carried out using the same technology, but separately for each color cartridge. After which it is necessary to print a test page and, if necessary, carry out appropriate calibrations.

Color toners for refueling a cartridge

Precautionary measures

Any toner is a chemically dangerous toxic substance. It must be used with special caution. It is important to take special measures.

one.Before starting work, put on a working dressing gown or other clothes that are not sorry to stain. There must be rubber gloves on hand. It is advisable to put on a special respiratory mask or gauze bandage. this will reduce the risk of poisoning.

2.The premises in which you will produce the process of refueling should carefully ventilate. Separate particles of a toner powder are able to penetrate even through a gas mask.

3.The table on which the action will take place is covered with a protective coating. A simple newspaper is also suitable as a budget option.

Building a jet printer: step by step

The cartridge is refueled as follows:

  • First you need to determine which ink will be needed. For the device to work correctly, the paint should be compatible with the printer.
  • Clean the print head of pollution.
  • We take the syringe and fill it with color. Follow the air in the syringe, it should not be there.
  • We cover the workplace with newspapers that protects it from ink (they are hard to remove).
  • We are looking for a hole on the cartridge. We are looking carefully, the hole is small and is designed precisely for the use of the syringe needle. Usually the hole is under the sticker. We delete the latter, but do not throw out.
  • We begin to fill in ink. We do it slowly.
  • Return the sticker to the place (this will not allow the paint to flow).
  • You can check the work by printing a test page.

Reference! But if there is no required hole, it can be done independently. To do this, use a thin drill. We make a scarlet hole, and fill the paint described above.

If we have a colored printer, each container must be filled separately, the necessary color. For each tank, separate syringes should be used.

The process of refueling the cassette does not depend on the printer manufacturer, the algorithm is the same. You can season with the cassette and yourself. But special attention must be paid to the number of containers and the necessary paint. If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, it is better to take the cartridge to the service center. It is not necessary to carry a printer itself.

Instructions for refueling PZK Laser Printer

Laser ALL-In-One Printer-the choice of users for whom the print quality is primary. It can be difficult to refuel such printers with your own hands, but for many, given the of new cartridges, this remains the only way out.

As an example, the following sequence of actions when refueling the PZK of the company Brother will be given.

The screws on the left end of the toner cover are twisted. Then you need to dismantle the lid, neatly with the help of a screwdriver, the protective film. Next, all the gears seen should be dismantled except one.

Then you need to dismantle the stop to the left of the gear, which remained in place. On the opposite side, the shaft is fixed by another screw, which also needs to be unscrewed. After that, the transfer shaft can be pulled out, and toner is removed using a special vacuum cleaner. A new toner is placed in the place of the remote, and all disassembled parts are assembled and installed in the reverse order. It will be useful to wipe every detail before installing it in place.

Resetting the chip

Manufacturers to protect the original cartridge from additional refueling use the technology of automatic calculation of print pages. When the number of prints reaches a certain value, the printing process is blocked. Automatic calculation is implemented using an electronic chip located on the cartridge case.

The counter is discharged is carried out by manual or hardware-software method. Manipulation requires special skills from the user. Inappropriate actions can cause a refusal of printed equipment in work. Each model has its own nuances to overwhelm the chip.

Recommendations for resetting the chip on the printers of popular brands are given here.

In general, it is quite possible to independently refuel a laser printer. But when holding the event, one must be accurately confident in your own abilities and carefully study the manual to your own model. Otherwise, there can be no talk of saving a “service with your own hands”. it is better to conduct such maintenance by the hands of specialists.

About the choice of dye

Inkjet devices work on the principle of creating an image on a sheet with liquid ink. For laser, you need dry powder. toner. To choose the right ink, you need to find out the exact data of the printer and cartridge models.

Incorrectly selected dye causes the press worsening and the gradual failure of the cartridge. Especially, this applies to non.original consumables. Having tucked original ink or powder, print quality will not differ from the original. With compatible or original quality can deteriorate a little. It will not be such a clear color reproduction, the text or images can become more dull.

About the redirect cartridges (PZK)

PZK are bought for both the jet and a laser printer, and you can refuel repeatedly.

Subject to the rules of operation of PZK in jet colored printers, you can charge up to 10 times.

So that the dye does not dry out on the foam sponge and harden, it is necessary to prevent the printer downtime without paint in the cartridge. But it is impossible with ink inside that the printer stands without work for a long time, otherwise the nozzles and duz can dry out.

PZK for laser HP is almost eternal, but different details can break. First of all, the photoval breaks, then Magn. shaft dosing the blade (rocket). To extend the life of the cartridge, you need to clean the bunker with work with each refueling.

Print check

To check the quality of the completed refueling, you need to print a test page.

Also, in the printer properties, you can go to the “service” and select the “Sopel check” item for printing the sample. So the quality of monochrome printing is checked. Relevant for Canon models.

To check color images, you should additionally use a selection of test pages to check brightness and color saturation. Test sheets download from the Internet.