How to Trim Music on a Computer

How to Trim Music on a Computer

Hello everyone! Today I want to show you how to cut music on a computer without programs online. Yes, there are a whole bunch of different applications and audio editors that allow you to do this, but not everyone wants to install them. And I do not blame these people, especially if they do not need special programs on a daily basis.

  1. Why do you need to cut music?
  2. Ringtone maker
  3. MP3 cut
  4. Inettools
  5. Audio cut
  6. Audiotrimmer
  7. MP3 cutter
  8. How to cut a song online through VK
  9. How to make a cut from the phone

Why do you need to cut music?

Nowadays, the separation of songs has become commonplace and there are quite a lot of needs. Let’s see why people cut songs:

  • Create ringtones. This is probably the most important reason. Naturally, everyone wants to stand out with incoming tunes on their smartphone. In addition, a large number of people put different ringtones for a specific circle of people, for example, family, friends, work colleagues. Therefore, to put your favorite song on an incoming call is a Holy cause. But as a rule, they don’t put the whole composition. Personally, I prefer to put either intros or refrains, and sometimes losses.
  • Clipping unnecessary items. If you need to remove unnecessary parts of a track, then why not just cut them out? This is necessary when you recorded a song from the radio, or a conversation from a voice recorder, or broadcast from a radio broadcast, etc. In this case, you can leave only those parts that you need.
  • Separation. There are times when one big track is dropped for an entire hour, and you need to divide it into different parts. Once again, online cropping methods come to our aid.

Perhaps there are still significant reasons why you need to trim or split the music. If so, please write in the comments. Well, we get to practice. All of the following methods are relevant in 2018, but if any of them suddenly stops working, then let us know in the comments. We will remove or replace it.

Ringtone maker

We will start with the ringtone maker, a service that is designed purely to create sliced ​​fragments of songs for setting incoming calls.

  1. Go to and upload any audio recording in mp3, wav, wmv, ogg, aac, etc. To this service.
  2. After downloading the file we will see we will see a full sound track. Here you need to set the start and end of the loss. To do this, drag the green sliders or write the start and end time manually. And do not forget that you can listen to the song so as not to miss. The Start button and the red slider are responsible for this. Among other things, you can adjust the final volume.
  3. After you have done everything, select the format in which you will save the final file (preferably mp3) and click on the “Make Ringtone” button.
  4. After a couple of seconds of waiting, you will see a window about the successfully completed work. You can listen to what you ended up with. And if there are no complaints, click on the “Download” button.

After everything has been downloaded, you can upload the file to your phone and set a new ringtone.

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Here I would like to mention another service. Ringer. I decided not to write about him separately, so the process here is no different from the ringtone maker I told. Here, even the interface is the same, to say nothing about the functionality. You can see for yourself.

MP3 cut

A rather old, but very popular and proven free service that can help you not only cut music online, but also combine several tracks together.

  1. Go to mp3cut.Ru and click on the “Open file” button. You can also download your composition from the cloud, but the service only supports Dropbox and Google Drive.
  2. After that, you will be taken to step 2, where you will need to set the boundaries of your ringtone or audio fragment. Use the sliders to set the start and end of the song. In addition, you can choose fade out and end so that the track starts and ends smoothly.
  3. Next, be sure to select the format in which you want to join the recording. As you can see, there is not only a standard set of mp3 and wav type, but even a ringtone for an iPhone. Whatever you choose, click on the “Crop” button.
  4. In the last step, you will need to download the resulting file by clicking on the button of the same name.

As you can see, using the service is as simple as in the first case. By the way, this sevice is very versatile, so if you want to crop or paste the, you can also contact it.


Inettools is an excellent multifunctional service that contains a lot of cool features, including trimming audio files without programs for creating ringtones.

  1. Go to the website of the online application and click on the “Choose file” button to add music. But personally, I prefer to drag and drop music into a special window.
  2. After downloading the song, start yanking the sliders to select the desired range. And by clicking on the “Play / Pause” button, you can always see what you got. Well, after completing all the settings, click on “Crop”.
  3. In the end, it remains only to download the resulting rinkton by clicking on one of the two buttons, which I noted in the figure below.

As you can see, the service is painfully simple, but the only thing it lacks is the addition of volume in the track.

Audio cut

This is really just a great service that can not only cut a song online for free, but also add volume. This function was not enough in the previous case.


And of course, I could not help but touch the audio trimmer, another great service for not cutting melodies. Let’s take a closer look at the principle of its work.

  1. Go to and then click on the “Choose File” button. Just keep in mind that audio recordings must not exceed 50 megabytes.
  2. After loading, start moving the green sliders until you find the range you need. To do this, do not forget to listen to the marked piece using the Play button.
  3. When all the preparations are completed, select the output format (mp3 or m4r for iPhones) and click “Crop”.
  4. Trimming will take literally one second, after which it remains only to download our fragment.
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MP3 cutter

Another ringtone service that deserves your attention. So, let’s go in order.

  1. We go to the site of the cutter and select the audio file. The only thing is that the file size should not exceed 16 megabytes, but in most cases this is quite enough.
  2. When the record is loaded, we will need to select the cut fragment. To do this, start moving the sliders over time. In general, nothing new.
  3. When you align everything, click on the traditional button “Cut fragment”.
  4. In the end, you can listen to what happened in the end. And if everything is fine, then click “Download file.”

The service is very fast and convenient. It works just with a bang.

How to cut a song online through VK

The most interesting thing is that even inside the social network there are special applications that allow you to cut melodies, so we will consider a couple of them. Its advantage is that it can not only make a separate fragment from the whole composition, but also remove unnecessary. That is, he can glue two fragments, isolating an unnecessary middle.

  1. Go to your VK profile and select the “Games” menu item, then in the search type “Cutting music”. After that, install the application of the same name.
  2. Next, click on the “Download” button and select a track from the computer.
  3. Now start moving the sliders in the form of scissors until you get the right piece of the melody. After that, click on “Crop” and select the save folder.
  4. But this application has another cool trick. It can not only cut off the beginning and end, it can cut out an unnecessary fragment even from the middle. Imagine how it is necessary when you can remove a piece of advertising or unnecessary chatter from a recorded broadcast. To do this, just click on the button that is shown in the figure and select the range that will not be included in the final file. When everything is ready, click on “Trim” again and listen to what we have got.

How to make a cut from the phone

Well, since in the modern world you cannot do without mobile technologies, I will at the same time tell you how you can cut music without programs from your phone to make a ringtone without an intermediary as a computer.

In fact, there are no tricks here, as some of the online services described by me support full-fledged work from the phone.

  • Audiotrimmer. It copes with cutting excellently and very quickly, and the adaptive version of the site makes this process even easier.
  • Inettools. Also perfectly copes with its task. All plugins are supported. The site is fully adapted when working with mobile devices.
  • Ringmaker. I described this service at the very beginning. He does an excellent job with his work both through a computer and through a telephone.

I think that’s enough for you today. I hope you enjoyed my suggestions today for trimming music to create ringtones. And if this is the case, be sure to subscribe to my blog, as well as to all my social networks and YouTube, so as not to miss something interesting for yourself. And on this I say goodbye to you. See you. Bye Bye!

Everyone loves to listen to music and can give an example of songs or melodies in which there is one piece that takes just a couple of seconds, which spoils the whole song. It can be some kind of click that appeared during a poor-quality transcode of a song, or a poor-quality recording from a radio. Of course, you can search the Internet for a better copy, but what to do if you don’t know how the song or melody is called and by what signs to look for in this case. Everything is very simple, you can use the program to trim mp3. You can also use such a program for trimming mp3s to cut a piece of a song and make a fashionable ringtone on your phone. Further we will consider how to cut music on a computer with a simple free program.

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At first glance, the task may seem overwhelming, especially if this has never been done. It’s hard even to imagine how to cut music on a computer and in general, with what program to cut an mp3 file. For these purposes, any program for trimming music is suitable for us. For example, a free program for cutting music will be considered. Audacity 2.0.2. You can download the program from the official site audacity.Sourceforge.Net or from any other site.

After a successful installation, run our program and cut the music. Let’s open our selected song and try to find the piece we need.

Our song is presented in the form of a graph of frequency modulation, and in order to find the piece of melody we need, we need to know the approximate time at which it sounds. Next, put the slider in the approximate time of sounding, and listening to this section, set the slider more clearly. The displayed graph can be either increased or decreased using the program menu, which will allow you to very clearly set the slider and cut the music in the right place for us.

The program menu is intuitive and if at first it is not clear what and why, then after a few minutes of clicking, everything will fall into place, moreover, when you hover over menu items, prompt signatures appear.

In our case, we will cut out a piece of the melody inside the song in order to use it in the future as a ringtone for the phone. There are several ways to perform this manipulation in this program. For example, you can select the necessary piece with the slider and cut the music left and right with the click of a menu button, or select the piece before and after our melody, cutting them one by one by simple deletion. As a result, we cut the song to the boundaries we need. The resulting melody lasts 25 seconds and in theory it can already be saved. But we will do one more little trick. So that our melody does not begin and does not end abruptly, we will make a smooth increase and smooth decay of the melody. To do this, we select a slider on the eye a couple of seconds at the beginning and at the end of the melody in turn, applying to them the corresponding menu items located in the section “Effects”.

To save the result of our work, it is necessary in the menu “File” select item “Export”, then select the desired file format, in our case mp3, and make quality settings.