How to translate the video on the TV with iPhone. Wired

How to connect the iPad to the TV: we display a tablet screen on a television via AirPlay, Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB

AirPlay. a wireless data transmission technology used by Apple.

Since 2018, some manufacturers of television equipment have introduced AirPlay function into produced devices. This is a big plus, since earlier IPAD synchronize with the air receiver was possible only through the external prefix Apple TV Box. Now, if the TV supports AirPlay, it will be possible to display the image from the iPad in several clicks.

Check the presence of AirPlay

Make sure that the TV works with AirPlay technology (AirPlay) is possible through familiarization with the characteristics of the technique.

How to connect via AirPlay

TV and tablet must be connected to one Wi-Fi network.

Below will be instructions on the example of the iPhone 11 Pro. The algorithm of actions and the name of the points is no different from the iPad tablet for new iOS.

Full duplication of the iPad screen on TV:

To turn off the duplication, go into the function and click “Stop repetition”.

How to broadcast a specific video from the iPad on Smart TV TV:

  • Play on the iPad video that must be displayed on the TV.
  • If viewing is carried out through a standard player in iOS (or iPados), then among the functions of managing the reproduction will be the duplication button. Indicated by the monitor icon with the arrow below.
  • After click on the broadcast icon, select the image output device, that is, TV.

The repetition stops similarly. But in the list of devices for broadcasting, iPad is selected.

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To view photos on the TV, go to the photo “Photo”. Open the image, click on the “share” icon. After, select the AirPlay duplication option. The method may be relevant for transmitting films and videos to the TV screen if a playback application is used.

Nuances for old “iPades”

In the control center under the curtain, the option is called the name of the tenology.

The option will be displayed only on condition that at least one compatible device with AirPlay is located on the same network.

After choosing a television receiver, the screen will not be repeated. The devices are synchronized with each other in such a way that the entire perceived content will automatically go to the TV. But in order to enable the full repetition of the contents of the screen, after connecting, switch the “Video” tolerance to the active state.

If the TV is incompatible with AirPlay

You can always connect a cable. But, if it is about wireless duplication, you can improve the TV. Increasing functionality is done by connecting an additional device:

The choice of the device depends on the existing budget and goals. If the TV is not Smart TV at all, then you need to look towards the console from Apple or on Android TV.

The device from the “apple” company external is executed very high quality. The same can be said about the stability of work. But you need to give a lot of money when compared with the usual “Android” prefixes. Apple TV Box, which is logical, supports AirPlay. Therefore, to use the repetition option will turn out in the same way as with a compatible Smart TV.

In the second position on quality and cost are prefixes on OS Android TV. The main rule when choosing is to focus on television prefixes are known for manufacturers, and to be supported by AirPlay. The advantage over Apple TV Box is universality. You can connect not only iPad, iPhone, MacBook, but also any equipment with Miracast support (wireless transmission via Wi-Fi Direct). These include laptops on Windows 8-10, smartphones on Android.

Wireless adapters are in third place. This is a Wi-Fi module that supports Wi-Fi and modern wireless technologies-Miracast, AirPlay. The adapter is intended only for the implementation of the wireless screen.


Conjugation opens up additional opportunities to the user.

  • When connecting to a worldwide network, you can view films with wide resolution on a large screen online. You can also enjoy your favorite television channels and direct broadcasts.
  • Synchronization will be useful in creating your own videos and visual presentations.
  • If a powerful acoustic system is connected to the TV, you can listen to music and other audio recordings through it.
  • Through a large screen, you can broadcast photos and images saved in the phone’s memory.

There are a number of features of connecting smartphones to TVs of different brands.

If you are the owner of a television receiver from Samsung, you can connect a mobile phone in the following ways:

Experts checked each of the options and found that for the technique of the Samsung trademark, it is best to use the DLNA connection. This option is considered the simplest, convenient and effective.

When working with LG equipment, you can use any of the methods described above.

There is an alternative option. Company employees have developed a special application called Smart Share.

To complete the connection, you need to perform the following:

  • Open the program (in this case, the “photo” window will open);
  • find the necessary gadget (in the menu on the left) and choose it;
  • Now you can play files of various formats.

How to connect?

There are several options for connecting devices.

Alternative connection without the Internet and cables

In this case, a special adapter HDMI will be needed. This method can be used if the TV is equipped with the necessary output. It is recommended to buy a high-quality adapter from the manufacturer (AV-Dapter Lightning or Digital AV Adapter).

Connect the devices with each other in the turn off mode. If there is no Micro-HDMI port on the phone, you need to use the micro-USB-hdmi converter. As soon as you run the gadget, the conjugation process will be completed automatically.

If you could not create a connection, it is necessary to activate the adapter yourself and repeat the connection.

Synchronization via a USB?

This option is very simple and understandable, while it is somewhat organized functionally. You can use the cable that comes with a mobile phone.

To carry out conjugation, it is necessary to act step by step.

  • At one end, the cable needs to be connected to the TV, and the second to the compact gadget.
  • Turn on the television receiver.
  • Go to the settings and select the display function of the USB device screen. The picture should appear automatically.

Through HDMI cable

The second version of the wired connection is the use of the cable and the port of HDMI. The main advantage of this option, in comparison with the described above, is the high quality of the video signal transmission. This method of conjugation is recommended to choose for a video in wide resolution. When connecting the iPhone, you need to use the Digital AV Adapter adapter equipped with the necessary intese (HDMI.).

video, iphone, wired

The conjugation process is as follows:

  • Connect the smartphone with the adapter;
  • One of the wire plugs must be connected to the adapter, and the second to the television receiver;
  • Open the TV settings and select HDMI;
  • After a few seconds, the TV will display the screen of the mobile gadget.

Through Apple TV

Using Apple TV is a convenient method of wireless equipment. To complete the task, it is necessary to use the special player Apple TV.

Also, you can not do without HDMI cable. This method is suitable only for mobile devices not older than 4 generation. Such requirements are established by the developers of the prefix Apple TV.

The branded operating system on both devices should be updated to the latest version.

The conjugation looks as follows:

  • Turn on the multimedia console;
  • Connect it to the TV: for this you need to use the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless signal;
  • Perform a mobile phone with a prefix;
  • On the phone you need to press the “home” button twice;
  • The next step is “volume and brightness control”;
  • Select the AirPlay function;
  • In the list of gadgets that opened, you need to find the equipment you need;
  • The “Switch to AirPlay Mirroring” mode will appear, it should be activated;
  • After a few seconds, the picture will be broadcast from phone to TV.

What you need to work

Any modern iPhone or iPad supports the technology of sound or image on AirPlay. It is more difficult to find a signal receiver for transmitting it is not a TV.

The best receiver is the Apple TV prefix. It without any problems allows you to display the image and does not require additional software or long settings.

video, iphone, wired

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You can display the image through the computer. MAC or Windows Computer can also act as AirPlay signal receiver. To do this, you have to install a special application. The best currents are the programs Airserver and Reflector.

Both programs are paid, but have a trial period for testing performance. They allow not only to display the image, but also to record the screen or connect several devices at the same time.

It remains only to connect the computer to the TV by HDMI.

Some television prefixes also know how to receive AirPlay signal. Many such receivers are sold on AliExpress or Gearbest.

The stability of the work of such gadgets leaves much to be desired, the connection is often interrupted, the devices do not see each other, the signal delays arise.

It is better to focus on the consoles running Android OS, the developers of the Reflector application released a version for this mobile system.

On TV via cable

This is how the official digital AV-Adapter Lightning from Apple

What will be: digital AV-adapter Lightning, HDMI cable


▪️ The adapter will also make it possible to display the image from the iPhone to the monitor or projector ▪️ The image through the wire is transmitted almost without delay ▪️ You can simultaneously charge the iPhone and display the image

Few people know, but the real HDMI can be connected to the iPhone, which will help to display the image from its screen to any supported device: TV, monitor, projector.

You just need to connect one end of the adapter to the iPhone, put into the second HDMI and attach it to the required device. In addition to the adapter, only a digital multimedia cable will be needed.

You can also connect Lightning cable to the adapter for charging iPhone if it is unexpectedly discharged, and use all this bunch together.

Imagine which multimedia center you can turn your relatively old iPhone. I even think to conduct several such interesting experiments with my backup 7th.

On a TV without wires

Meet the Apple TV 4K

What will be needed: Apple TV any model


▪️ At the 3rd generation Apple TV, which can be inexpensively find on the secondary ▪️ Very soon on TVs, you can display an image with an iPhone without Apple TV ▪️ new Apple TV has too many additional functions

Today is the only normal way to display the image from the iPhone to a large screen without wires is Apple TV. It connects to the TV, monitor or projector via HDMI and can accept the image with iOS devices through AirPlay.

When connect the Apple TV, go to the “control point” on your iPhone and choose a television setup as source in the “repeat repeat” item. The picture will appear on the display after a second or two.

To repeat the screen, in this case I use the ancient Apple TV 3 generation. Even it is quite enough for this, but she actually does not have any additional chips. that is why it is my plans for the Apple TV 4k.

Modern Apple TV is something. Analogue of iOS on the large screen of the TV with applications and games, as well as a full access to Apple Music. Here without options, you need to take.

How to transmit information?

If we need to transfer information from a smartphone to a TV, then in this case it should be understood that this is impossible due to the fact that TV does not have a drive. Because of this, the information is simply nowhere to transmit.

But if we are talking about the information that is present on the iPhone drive could be sent to the screen, then it will be best used to use a USB connection. This will display the smartphone as a drive, and access to all files that are on the disk drive of the device will appear from the TV.

And if we talk about broadcasting videos and photos on the screen of TV devices, then here you can use an HDMI connection as the best wired method, and a Wi-Fi connection, as the most effective wireless alternative.

How to choose the best connection method?

Taking into account the listed methods, almost any TV can be connected to the iPhone 10 and below, as well as to the phones working on Android. You can display a signal to a large screen in different ways, in any case, this will use a wide list of the capabilities of a modern smartphone for synchronized work with the TV. The most stable and reliable connection option is the use of a special Apple TV prefix, but it is suitable for those who are not scared of additional costs It can be used to modernize the outdated TV model and open access to new opportunities. The choice of connection option depends on the TV model and its capabilities.

The following parameters must be taken into account:

  • The presence of a router in the Wi-Fi House or the ability to connect to the Internet through a modern Wi-Fi Direct protocol. Such a network combines all the next.side gadgets nearby without using a router, which opens the ability to connect devices without cables.
  • Availability on USB ports. Although the possibilities of such a compound are limited, it will allow the use of a smartphone as a storage drive for storing information.
  • HDMI port on TV. This is the easiest connection option without using the Internet network. It makes it possible to connect the iPhone even to old models that do not have a Wi-Fi module.

Wireless connection allows the use of iPhone as a remote control panel to switch video files and use other capabilities. There is no need to buy an expensive Smart TV, if you can use the existing smartphone to expand the capabilities of a television receiver. Its screen will become a display for displaying browser pages or playing any video files.

If it doesn’t work out

In some cases, the connection of the phone to the TV can happen unsuccessfully. There can be many reasons for such results, so you should study them in detail:

  • Check the integrity of the cord;
  • Reload the mobile device and TV;
  • Connect the cord to another TV connector;
  • Check the integrity of the adapter.
  • Set the optimal screen resolution on the TV;
  • Replace a cable or adapter.
  • Check the speed of the Internet connection;
  • Update the software of the TV and phone;
  • Reload the smartphone, communication module and TV-type.

What can be done by connecting the iPhone to the TV

The main opportunity that is provided to the user after connecting the iPhone to the TV is a broadcast of the image. Using this function, you can watch photos and videos, TV shows and films, play games.

All this is certainly more convenient to do on a large monitor than on a small screen of a smartphone. Especially if you participate in the viewing of not one person, but several.

What are the methods of connecting and broadcasting the image

So, there are a lot of ways to connect the Apple smartphone to a TV of any modern model:

  • By USB;
  • Through HDMI;
  • Through Wi-Fi;
  • Using DLNA applications;
  • Using AirPlay technology;
  • Using Chromecast.

Quite a lot of ways are available, so everyone can find for themselves suitable in all respects. Further more about each of them.

Through HDMI

For this method, you will need a HDMI-HDMI cord with 2 identical plugs on both sides. To connect the iPhone from 5 model and newer, you need an adapter Lightning-HDMI. To connect 4 iPhone models, you will need exactly the same adapter, but with a wide plug.

To broadcast the image from the iPhone on TV, you need to do the following actions:

  • Connect the adapter to the iPhone;
  • Insert one end of HDMI wires into the TV, and the second into the adapter connector;
  • Switch the phone to the HDMI signal source. To do this, you need to go to the menu using the remote control from the TV and select the desired source.
video, iphone, wired

After that, the image with the iPhone should be displayed on the TV.

Through Wi-Fi

To connect the iPhone to TV via Wi-Fi, it is necessary that the TV supports this function (Wi-Fi Direct). As a rule, it is in almost all modern TVs. For such a connection, you do not need to use wires, so this method is called “wireless”.

So, to broadcast the image from the iPhone to the TV, you need:

  • Connect the smartphone to the Wi-Fi network;
  • Next, you need to connect TV to the same network. You need to go to the network settings, select a wireless connection method, find the desired network, enter the password using the remote control and connect;
  • Next, you need to move the curtain to the iPhone to open the control point, press the icon with two monitors and select TV.

If everything is done correctly, questions with the broadcast of the image should not arise.

However, the following problems may arise:

  • The inscription “No signal” on the TV screen. Such a problem may arise if the wire was inserted into the port that was selected in the settings for connecting. If the TV has several HDMI connectors, when connecting, you need to pay attention to this. Fix this is quite simple: you need to look at the number of the connector, which is indicated near it, and select the right port in the TV settings. If the inscription has not disappeared, it is quite possible that the port is faulty. You can try to insert an adapter in another connector. It is also worth checking the adapter itself, as well as the cable for the presence of faults. If necessary, you need to replace them with new.
  • No sound. If there is an image on the TV, but sound. no, do not immediately panic. First you need to check whether the sound has been reduced on the phone and TV to the end, as well as the port is inserted into that port. On many TVs there is a port of HDMI (DVI), which is designed only for video transmission.
  • Image with interference. If stripes and other interference appeared on the screen after connecting the iPhone, it is possible that the problem lies as a cable. It is better to use the original cord and high.quality adapter. It is also worth paying attention to the length of the wire, it should not be too large.

These are the most common problems that can be corrected independently. If you could not eliminate the problems yourself, it is better to contact the master.


This method is the most common, because for connection you do not need to buy additional equipment. Only a USB-Lightning cord will be needed. To connect the iPhone to the TV, you need to insert the cord into the smartphone and TV connector. There are several disadvantages:

  • Only those files that are in the phone’s memory can be viewed, the image from the iPhone will not work. This method is great for viewing photos and videos.
  • Play on the TV using such a connection will not work.

Therefore, those users who want to watch a movie on the big screen will have to first download it to the phone.

But there is a significant advantage: you do not need to spend money on additional equipment and adapters.

Using AirPlay technology

This method is not compatible with all modern TVs. To connect the iPhone via AirPlay, the TV must support this function.

Previously, this could only be done using a special prefix, now AirPlay technology allows you to broadcast the image from iPhone to TV without an additional device. In this case, the TV should be compatible with this function. You can clarify this when buying a device or in the instructions.

To connect the iPhone to TV using AirPlay, you need to do the following:

  • Select a video or clip that you need to broadcast on the TV;
  • Find the “AirPlay” button and press it;
  • If the connection is made for the first time, you will need to enter the code in the iPhone, which will be displayed on the TV screen.

After that, you can watch a video or movie on a big screen in good quality.

Using DLNA applications

This connection option is also economical, since it is wireless, and also does not require additional equipment.

The capabilities of Chromecast

This is a gadget from the Google search giant, which also provides the possibility of transmitting streaming videos and other information from mobile devices on the TV screen TV. In some plan, he can compete with Apple TV. Has support for popular Internet services. This is a small device, the size of no more than an ordinary flash drive, which is inserted into the HDMI connector and provides information through the wireless connection of Wi-Fi. Connection is carried out similarly to the previously considered method of transmitting multimedia content via DLNA.

Ways how to display the video and other multimedia content from iPhone to TV, several. They differ among themselves by the need for different additional equipment and certain characteristics of the devices used. Depending on these criteria, the most optimal option for synchronization of a mobile phone and TV is selected for transmitting data between them.

Using other connectors

How to connect the iPhone to the TV, if the latter does not have an HDMI partition? In such a situation, you can use the composite entrance, but since the connection is impossible, you will need the same Digital AV Adapter. over, through the adapter there is the opportunity to synchronize the technique even with the help of a VGA cable, but the sound will need to be displayed separately.

In general, you can easily connect using various wires and special adapters. For 3G/3GS/4 telephones, a composite cable produced by Apple is suitable. “USB AV”, it is installed in the RCA nest. All plugs are marked with their own color, which excludes confusion in the connection process.

Iphones 4/4s will need to purchase component audio/video cable AV HDTV from Apple. 5th generation devices are connected through the VGA Lightning adapter.

How to connect iPhone to TV using AV cable:

  • turn off the connected equipment;
  • connect each plug into the corresponding output;
  • when switching through a VGA cable, display an audio separately with a cable for acoustics or through a lightning partition;
  • The telephones of the 5 or 4S series duplicate the content on the display, but 3G or 4 display programs;
  • The USB connector is used to recharge iPhone during playback.

Connection of the phone via USB

IPhone synchronization with a TV apparatus through a USB output is quite simple, and at the same time the phone accumulator is recharged during the connection, which is very convenient. If you connect the iPhone to your TV via a USB connector, then the smartphone will not play content, but act as a removable drive. Depending on the phone model, you should connect a micro-USB cable and a 30-pin or Lightning connector.

This method is most often used to show images from the gallery on the display, as well as during presentations, reading documents.

Asking the question of whether it is possible to connect the iPhone to the TV, the user can dwell on any of the four main methods. Naturally, there are alternative methods, for example, using the Apple TV prefix or less legal options, but they are not so popular among experienced owners of smartphones. Fans of “apple” equipment will also be interested in how to connect iPad to TV.