How to transfer video from iPhone to TV

Broadcasting video from iPhone to Smart TV

Afternoon! Need your help. I am not versed in the ways and possibilities among the options of broadcasting from iPhone to Smart TV, so forgive the wording of my further question. Telefunken TV with Android 4.4 Smart TV. Phone iPhone 7.

Tell me what options you have for dubbing and streaming from iPhone to TV.

I want to find the best way. Ideally I would like to see the phone screen on the TV and watch photos, movies through YouTube and the browser online, in fact use your phone as usual on a big screen.

If this is not possible then at least watch movies and YouTube in some way. I do not want to buy Apple TV, if there is a less expensive way. The first thing I read was to download an app on my iPhone like iMediaShare and wirelessly select TV and use. My phone can’t see the TV.

The TV settings have wireless connection for mobile devices enabled (if that’s relevant), there are no other hints in the TV settings.

Both devices are connected to the router. In the settings of the TV and iPhone are different IP addresses (maybe this is also the reason).

Also tried the YouTube app, installed on both devices. But my phone doesn’t find anything. And some kind of stechny code when you set it manually on the TV does not appear. In general, all in vain.

Help who knows what solutions are possible, based on the need. How to make the least efficient duplication and broadcasting, less expensive, while not bothering with the brakes of various applications and other things. I’ve searched all over the internet, but due to the fact that I don’t understand what DLNA, Miracast, and other things I’ve been able to proofread I can’t implement my question without help.

I would be very grateful if someone has time to explain it to me in plain language and take the time to.

Connect via HDMI or analog cable

The traditional way to transmit a signal from a variety of devices to your TV is through HDMI, composite, coaxial, or analog cable. Mobile devices from Apple do not have this feature “out of the box,” making it necessary to purchase an additional device.

The process of broadcasting from an iPhone is as follows:

  • Connect the adapter to your smartphone through the Lightling connector.
  • Connect the adapter to the TV via HDMI or analog cable (depending on technical capabilities).
  • Use the remote or physical buttons to select the appropriate input source.
  • Once a photo or video is turned on, it will be duplicated on the screen.

The same way you can output an image from an iPad. Ipad is equipped with identical interfaces.

Instructions for wired and wireless TV and smartphone connections are available in video format:

Wireless connection via DLNA

The DLNA standard (Digital Living Network Alliance) is intended for transmitting content over a local network and is supported by most modern televisions. To broadcast photos, videos and music from your iPhone or iPad to the big screen, you’ll need to install a special application from the App Store, good thing most of them (like iMediaShare) are free.

The algorithm of such programs is quite simple, the only condition. Iphone (iPad) and TV (supporting DLNA) must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You just need to choose the right TV in the application to create a pair, and then start streaming content to the big screen. At the same time, the application itself often offers the user a variety of streaming services, films and music (in most cases in English), as well as the ability to transfer content from the Photo, Video and Music applications.

If the TV is not equipped with a Wi-Fi module or does not support applications for broadcasting content from the iPhone (iPad), you can use a special TV adapter that supports AirPlay piercing, such as MiraScreen (even cheaper can be found on AliExpress at the link).

The adapter is connected to the HDMI-connector of the TV and receives the signal from your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. To transfer video, photos and music you also need to install a special application on your device, such as the aforementioned iMediaShare.

Next, you need to select the HDMI connector on the TV to which the device is connected and establish a connection to Wi-Fi.

The advantage of this method is that the connection does not require any additional devices (except for the transmitter in some cases) and is quite easy to set up. However, such programs are not able to directly display images from the iPhone (iPad) screen on the TV, but only transfer content from certain iOS applications and connected partner services. In addition, DLNA technology involves using the resources of the final output device (i.E. TV), which can affect the speed of.

How to connect your iPhone via AirPlay

A great counterpart to Miracast is AirPlay or “Screen Replay” technology developed by Apple. With this option, you can easily and quickly display any photo and video files on the TV screen, or duplicate the phone display in real time.

One condition for this connection is that the TV has built-in support for AirPlay. Samsung has been releasing such models since 2018; TV series from the 4th and up, as well as the ultra-modern QLED Samsungs.

Organizing a wireless connection between iPhone and Samsung TV will also help the Apple TV set-top box.

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It is connected to the TV screen via HDMI wire and is a kind of an intermediary between the TV and phone during the transfer of media content. The connection itself is also made through “Repeat Screen”.

In order to activate it, you need to open the hidden panel of the iPhone, and activate the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. If the Bluetooth connection is correct, the screens on both devices will ask you to connect.

With a long swipe, reopen the bottom panel of the phone, and click on the corresponding “AirPlay” icon. Choose an Apple TV set-top box from the proposed list. Then activate the “AirPlay Mirroring” switch. If properly connected, in a few seconds the iPhone picture will be displayed on the Samsung TV screen.

Note! When using Apple TV, it is important to keep an eye out for iOS updates on both devices. This will preserve the high quality of the image.

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Connecting your iPhone using the Apple TV set-top box

Apple TV is a set-top box for TVs that lets you watch TV shows, videos, movies and music and, with a recent update, play games as well.

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This set-top box can also help you transfer images or media files using Apple’s proprietary AirPlay data transfer protocol, which is available only for Apple devices.

Airplay 2

Also note that this connection method is only supported by iPhones older than the fourth generation.

  • Turn on the set-top box and connect an HDMI cable to it.
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the TV.
  • Once the set-top box has turned on and you can already see the image on the screen, go through the initial setup of Apple TV. If the set-top box has been previously used or configured, you can skip this step.
  • Pick up your iPhone and start streaming via AirPlay by clicking on the circle with the arrow or the rectangle with the arrow.

Using this connection method, you can transfer absolutely any content to your TV, without downloading it to the TV itself, because this method of data transfer is a broadcast. Over, it is possible to run the screen display on your TV.

There are also Apple AirPlay analogs for Android smartphones. You can read about them on the website of the manufacturer of a particular smartphone, dedicated to this technology.

How to connect your iPhone to the TV without Apple TV and installing special applications:

Why connect your smartphone to the TV?

An ordinary TV set without Internet access has very limited functionality. With its help you can only watch TV programs on available channels. However, this narrows the choice, the quality of television content continues to decline. If you understand how to connect the iPhone to the TV, you can significantly expand its capabilities. The following functionality becomes available to the user:

  • Watching all kinds of movies and videos from YouTube. You can watch them on the big screen, enjoying the quality of picture and sound. In this case, the TV is used as a monitor on which the picture is transmitted.
  • Internet seeding. You can visit any websites, look through social networks, search for what you want, and display it on a big screen.
  • Video calls with the help of modern instant messengers. The TV screen will display a clear picture, it will make communication with friends and family much more pleasant.
  • Conducting business video conferences, which is especially important for office workers.

Can the iPhone be connected to the TV if you have an ordinary model with outdated capabilities?? There will be no problems with the connection, as there are several ways to do it.

Benefits of connecting your TV to your smartphone

Smart TV is a “smart” functionality, allowing you to use your TV not only as a receiver of channels, but also as a full-fledged computer that gives you access to the network, surf the Internet, or watch any video. However, these same features will be available even for older models of TV, if properly connected to a modern cell phone. Apple’s smartphones haven’t lost their popularity thanks to their rich array of features, and they can be used to handle a variety of content.

It is worth connecting your iPhone to your Samsung Smart TV to add a whole range of new features:

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  • View videos on the big screen in high quality. A small screen of smartphone is not very comfortable, despite the high resolution and clarity of the picture. Connecting to a TV will allow you to enjoy watching your favorite movies, on the screen you will be able to clearly see even the smallest details.
  • Video communication using the big screen. Skype and other popular instant messengers can be installed on the iPhone for constant contact with friends and family.
  • Conducting video conferences and other business events remotely. The large diagonal screen provides professional quality video communication, this feature is convenient to use if the TV is installed in the office.
  • Watch photos and videos taken with your phone’s camera.

There are several ways to display the image from the display of your mobile device to your Samsung TV, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Broadcast videos from YouTube to your TV through your iPhone, or iPad

If you have a Smart TV, it must have a built-in YouTube app. But if you can’t find it, or it doesn’t work, you can watch YouTube videos on your TV using your phone, or tablet. You can create and manage your playlists.

It’s very simple. You don’t need anything else besides the standard YouTube app. In the app itself, just click on one button (see screenshot below). And the videos would start playing on the TV. If you have more than one TV in your network, then after pressing the button, select the one you want.

You can control playback from your mobile device.

How to Connect iPhone to TV Screen Mirror! (2021)

To make it work, the TV must support DLNA (if there is a Smart TV, it does). And both devices must be on the same local network.

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