How to transfer video from iPad to computer

Downloading movies to iPad from a PC

Many users use the tablet not only for browsing and listening to music, but also for watching movies and TV shows on a fairly large screen with high quality images. So the question arises: how to throw the desired video on the iPad without problems?

Transfer Videos From ANY External USB Hard Drives to iPad Pro Direct!

Until 2019, Apple offered the iTunes app as a standard tool for sharing files and managing iOS devices on Mac and Windows. The iPhone or iPad app must support direct file transfer in order to transfer data. This way, using a USB-Lightning cable, you can easily transfer files between your iPhone (iPad) and Mac. In most cases, this is very convenient when transferring large files, such as videos, directly to the player app (detail).

However, you can’t access all the directories visible in the Files app with this method. On Mac, you can only retrieve files from apps on iPhone (iPad) that support data transfer via USB cable. With the release of macOS Catalina, Apple gave up using it with iTunes. The functionality of the iPhone (iPad) application has been transferred to the Finder file manager.

Here’s how you can transfer files between your iPhone (iPad) and Mac via cable.

Connect your iPhone (iPad) to your Mac using a USB cable.

If you use old versions of macOS (before macOS 10), you may need to copy your files into any folder on your Mac.15 Catalina), the connected device should be recognized in iTunes on Mac.

If you use macOS Catalina or later, open the Finder window. Find the connected device in the Sidebar and click on it.

In case the device is not displayed, go to Finder Settings and check the box next to CDs, DVDs, and iOS devices.

You can work with Music, Videos, Movies, Audiobooks, Books, Files, etc.Д. Directly from this window.

Go to the “Files” tab, where you can find a list of supported applications.

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If you want to transfer any file from your Mac to the Files app on your iPhone or iPad, you can copy it directly to the file system of any of the available apps.

The copied files can be found in the appropriate directory in the “Files” application on your iPhone (iPad).

To transfer files from iPhone (iPad) to Mac via USB cable, first copy the files into any folder of an application that supports data transfer via cable. And then simply select the files you want and drag them to the folder on your Mac.

Importing to a PC

You can import photos to a PC by connecting the device to the PC and using the Photos program in Windows:

  • Make sure your Windows computer is running the latest version of iTunes. You need iTunes 12 to import photos to your PC.5.1 or later.
  • Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Windows computer with a USB cable.
  • This may require you to unlock your iOS device with a password.
  • Your iOS device may also display a “Trust this computer” warning. Click “Trust” or “Allow” to continue.

How to transfer photos and videos from iPad Pro to Windows PC

Then follow the steps in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles to import photos into Windows Photos:

After importing video from an iOS device to a PC, some videos may have an incorrect orientation in Windows Photos. Add these videos to iTunes so you can play them in the correct orientation.

If you have “iCloud Photos” enabled, you must download the original full-size versions of your photos to your iPhone before you can import them to your Windows computer. Learn how to do this.

Photos and videos synced from your computer to your iOS device using iTunes cannot be imported back to your computer.

How to Transfer iPhone and iPad Photos and Videos to Your Computer

We’ve all had the need to transfer data to a computer. Iphone memory may be full and you need to free it. Or you needed to transfer important footage before buying a new phone. We’ve got 3 great ways for you to do it. Let’s go!

Simply connect your iPhone or iPad with a cable to your computer. Unlock the device, agree to share photos and videos. After a few seconds, you will see a menu. Choose “Import photos and videos.”. You can also choose “Explorer”, then look for “DCIM” folder. Photos and videos taken by the device are stored in it.

Important: The computer may not see your phone or tablet because of the cheap cable. It can be non-original, but not the cheapest. The simplest cords support only charging. Data transfer will not be available.

Use iTunes. Download it from the Microsoft app store or the official Apple website. Launch the program, agree to the company policy. Connect your phone to your computer. Device needs to be unlocked, agree in different popups. And in a few seconds you can synchronize any data with your computer. Including you can back up your iPhone and iPad, and more. If you clicked somewhere and the tab is gone, click the phone or tablet icon.

Transferring photos and videos using iCloud. You can also download this program from the Microsoft app store and Apple’s site. Launch it and enter your username and password. Click the gear next to Photos. In these settings we can choose synchronization options: upload only new photos or all of them, transfer to your computer or download from it to your device.

Transferring Photos from iPad to PC

The process of transferring photos from the tablet will not cause difficulties for the user, because for some methods it is not even necessary to connect the iPad to the computer with a USB cable. In addition, some applications offer additional useful features.

Activated function of synchronization with iCloud implies automatic uploading of photos and videos to the “Media Library”, which can be viewed at the iCloud website. Here the user can also work with contacts, notes, reminders and other data from all the devices which have the same account and this function is enabled.

If synchronization with iCloud is not enabled, you must do the following:

After this procedure, go to the “Photos” application and wait until all files are completely uploaded into the “Media Library. Speed depends on available Internet connection. The migration is successfully completed; now you need only to find them on the iCloud site.

    Open iCloud. Enter your Apple ID and account password.

How to download video from iPhone on Windows XP

Connect your iPhone to your computer and wait for the Scanner or Camera Wizard to launch

Click Next and choose which photos and videos you want to transfer from iPhone to your computer, and in which folder they will be saved

Press Next again and wait until the photos are completely saved in your computer memory

Warning! The Scanner or Digital Camera Wizard does not support importing large videos (over 500 MB). In order to download these files you need to manually navigate to My Computer. [Your device]. Internal Storage. DCIM. 100APPLE and move the videos to the desired folder.

These instructions are equally good for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, so you can easily import videos and photos from any Apple mobile device.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone or iPad to Windows or External Drive via Cable

Connect the external drive (USB flash drive). If you are just going to transfer photos or videos to your computer, skip this option.

Make sure that the connected external drive appears in Windows Explorer.

Install iTunes for Windows (necessary for installing the necessary drivers for iPhone and iPad).

Connect the iPhone or iPad from which you want to transfer photos to your Windows computer with a cable.

When connecting iPhone or iPad to your computer, it must be recognized as an external device.

Note: There are cases where an iPhone or iPad may not be recognized by a Windows system because of the use of adapters (adapters, hubs, and hubs). If possible, connect your device directly with the original cable.

Tap the connected Apple device icon.

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Go to Internal Storage → DCIM.

If you see “This folder is empty” instead of DCIM, unlock your connected iPhone or iPad and click the Allow button on the notification.

The DCIM folder will now appear in Windows Explorer.

All photos and videos will be placed in the system folders of the form “100APPLE”. Copy all the contents of the DCIM folder or the selected photos and videos to your computer.

Applications and services

In addition to specialized PC software and cloud storage, you can use one of Google’s services or Readdle’s file manager to transfer photos to your iPad.

Google Photos

Google Photos provides unlimited space in the cloud for storing photos and videos (but there are quality and size limitations), which can be uploaded to it from a smartphone or tablet as well as from a PC, after which they will be available on all devices.

    If the application in question is still missing on your iPad, install it using the link above and log in to your Google Account.


The popular file manager from the company Readdle offers a wide range of opportunities to work with data of different types on the iPhone and iPad. The app allows you to interact with local files, cloud storage, and computers on the network. It is the latter feature that we will use to solve our task.

Important! To perform the instructions below you need to use the browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. Standard Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer do not support the necessary data transfer technology.

  • Install the app on your iPad, if not already done so, and configure it first. Go to the “Computer” tab in the sidebar.
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Press “ENTER” for the transition, then indicate the four-digit code, which is also displayed in the window of the file manager on the tablet.

Note: If the connection by code does not work, in the browser interface, click the link “Show QR-code to Scan”, launch the iPad standard camera, scan the QR-code and open the result in Documents, and then the remote connection will be established.

Select them and drag and drop them into the browser window, then wait for the download to complete, or click “Open,” depending on which move method you choose.

Note: This way you can move not only separate images, but also folders with them.

To throw photos from a computer to iPad is possible both by connecting the devices directly via USB and without wire, and each of the available methods has several options.