How to Transfer Viber to Another Phone

When buying a new smartphone, the question often arises: how to transfer Viber to another phone, keeping the correspondence? Users want to save not only messages, but also received photos,s. Consider what is needed for synchronization and how to save the entire message history when reinstalling the messenger on a new device.

How to transfer Viber to a new smartphone

Keeping correspondence is not difficult. This can be done using the built-in functionality or using third-party applications.

How to Transfer Viber to Another Phone

The backup option works on devices with Android and iOS operating systems. To work, you need an Internet connection.

On Android devices

You can transfer the message history on the Android phone using the built-in “Backup” option.

How to save a story:

  1. Open the messenger and go to settings.
  2. Go to your account, click on the line “Backup”.
  3. Sign in to your Google Account if required.
  4. To create a copy, click on the appropriate line.
  5. The application will save the history of all messages and upload copies of the images to the server.

You can restore a copy at any time. The method is suitable for transferring saved data from Android to Android.

On iOS devices

The backup option is suitable for transferring data to a new iOS phone. Saving is done in cloud storage. To start copying, you will have to enter your iCloud personal profile.

How to transfer Viber to another phone with iOS operating system:

  1. Open the messenger and go to settings.
  2. In the account settings, click on the backup option.
  3. Click on the line “Create Now” to start copying data.

In the settings you can set the time to automatically create a copy. Automatic data recording is not activated, then the copy will not be saved.

An internet connection is required to record data. Using backup, you can transfer Viber from iPhone to iPhone in a few minutes.

Using third-party applications

You can transfer Viber to a new device using third-party applications. One popular is Titanium BackUp. The application archives data and can restore it at any time.

To copy messages and media files:

  1. Launch the application and click on the “Backups” button.
  2. Find Viber and click on the save button.
  3. Install Titanium BackUp and Viber on your new smartphone.
  4. Copy the files from the Titanium BackUp folder from the old phone to the new one.
  5. Launch the application on a new device.
  6. Press the “Menu” button, select the option to restore backups.
  7. Find Viber and click on the Restore button.

How to transfer Viber to another computer

What if I need to transfer Viber to a new computer? You do not need to record copies or back up to do this. The computer version is automatically synchronized with the mobile.

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How to transfer Viber to another computer:

  1. Launch a new PC or laptop.
  2. Install the new version of the messenger on it.
  3. Scan the code that appears on the screen using your mobile phone’s camera.
  4. If the camera on the smartphone does not turn on automatically, then click on the scanner icon.
  5. Point the smartphone camera at the computer screen and scan the code.
  6. A window will appear asking for synchronization. Confirm the action.

To start synchronization, open Viber on your phone and confirm the action again.

How to recover media files and correspondence

Weiber’s transfer will not take much time. To restore messages on a new device, you need to install Viber, connect to the Internet and log in to your Google or iCloud account, depending on the installed operating system.

How to restore Viber on a new phone:

  1. Launch the messenger.
  2. Go to your account settings.
  3. Click on the backup line.
  4. Click on the “Restore” button.
  5. To confirm, click Restore Now.

Using backup, you can save from Viber, photos, messages. Recovery time depends on the amount of data and the speed of your Internet connection.

View save history

Information about the latest copy can be found in the settings of the messenger.

How to see the history of data storage:

  1. Go to the messenger settings.
  2. Enter the account options and click on the line “Backup”.
  3. The upper part of the window contains information about the last copy and its size.
  4. If the copy was created long ago, save it yourself.

How to transfer Viber to another phone while maintaining the correspondence? To do this, it is most convenient to use the built-in backup data backup option. Messages are stored on a cloud drive and can be restored at any time. When transferring Viber to another computer, scan the QR code and wait for the synchronization to complete.

The question of how to transfer Viber to another phone, with a history of correspondence and other information, is very relevant. For example, you need to transfer Viber when buying a new gadget. All information is stored on the server, so if you log into your account from the previous number, the devices will synchronize with each other.

Therefore, in order to transfer Viber from Android to Android, just log in to your account. And all settings and correspondence will be restored in full. However, many users are wondering how to transfer Viber if the number changes with the device?

How to transfer Viber to another device?

If you buy a new gadget, it is natural that you want to save all the information from the old phone so that the use of the messenger is as comfortable as possible. Therefore, the development provided for the moment.

If you have questions, you can contact a specialist for help. Ask a question

The utility itself is installed on a mobile device, not on a SIM card, however, software is attached to it. Therefore, it is impossible to activate the application if there is no mobile number. To transfer Viber to a new device, perform the following operations:

  • Insert in the new device exactly the SIM card to which the application is attached;
  • Download the application again and run it;
  • Indicate the information specified during the first registration.
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All contacts will be automatically displayed in the appropriate section of the application. However, the old correspondence will not be saved in this way.

How to transfer Viber correspondence?

How to transfer correspondence? To do this, you must first save the correspondence using the built-in tools of the messenger itself, or the cloud services.

To archive correspondence, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Run the program and go to the section of additional parameters;
  • Go to the calls and messages section in the settings;
  • Select item “Send message history by mail”;
  • Select the email address to which you want to send the archive with the correspondence. He will come to the specified address in the format Csv.

Thus, you can save the message history using the standard tools of the messenger itself. To transfer it from Android to Android:

  • Open the folder data / data / com.Viber.Voip / dtabase;
  • Copy the archive that you received in the mail;
  • You may receive a warning that old files will be replaced with new ones. Agree;
  • Restart attachment.

The answer to the question of how to transfer history from iPhone to iPhone is slightly different. On such devices, the search for a folder is hampered by the need to pre-root the gadget itself. However, transferring the story itself is much simpler, as it can be saved using cloud services. ITunes or iCloud. With their help, you can also return all stored information. It is very simple. A step-by-step instruction will appear on the screen of your phone, which must be followed.

You can watch a on this topic:

How to transfer Viber chats to another phone? Interesting tips can be found on online forums. Some users say that simply copying the entire program folder to the root folder of the phone itself is enough. However, this method does not work on all mobile phone models.

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The question of how to transfer Viber to another phone, or rather correspondence and other data, will be relevant, for example, when buying a new device.

How to transfer the history of correspondence from one Viber to another Viber

Generally speaking, all Viber clients that log in from the same number are fully synchronized with each other. So in most cases you only need to log in to your account on the new Viber. And the correspondence will be restored in full with the settings. Another thing, if you want to transfer the story to a new account.

When buying a new smartphone, it is quite natural that you will want to transfer all the data from the old device in order to continue using Viber as comfortably as possible. And the developers envisaged transferring the correspondence history to a new phone. To do this, you first need to save the correspondence either with the standard tools of Viber itself, or through cloud services on the iPhone.

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And to archive the correspondence, you will need:

  1. Run the Viber program on your device;
  2. Go to “Advanced Options”;
  3. Go to the “Settings” item;
  4. Go to “Calls and Messages”;
  5. Here, select the option “Send message history by mail”.

This is how the correspondence is saved using Viber’s standard tools. Of course, you will also need to indicate to which email address the archive with correspondence should be sent. The archive itself is saved in a CSV file format.

And in order to transfer it from Android to Android, you will need:

  1. Open the folder on the device at: data / data / com.Viber.Voip / dtabase;
  2. Copy archive files previously sent by mail to this folder;
  3. If you receive a warning about replacing old files with new ones, you should agree;
  4. Restart Viber.

You must also keep in mind that on individual devices in order to find such a folder, you will need to first root your smartphone or tablet. In the case of transferring messages from iPhone to iPhone, everything can be simpler. Indeed, it is possible to save correspondence on the cloud services of iTunes or iCloud. From here, you can return the saved data. You will only need to follow the instructions on the phone screen.

Connoisseurs on the forums can also advise a much simpler method, which, however, does not work on all device models. Nevertheless, it can be considered the simplest. You just need to copy the entire folder with the Viber program to the root folder of the new device. In a word, it’s still possible to transfer data from one Viber to another Viber. Although in some cases this is not done as easily as we would probably like.

A bit about Viber itself

The first version of the Viber messenger was released in 2010. So during this time, the developers were able to make many improvements to their program, thanks to which today Viber is considered by many experts to be the most advanced and most demanded application of its kind worldwide. According to the developers, the number of users who installed Viber on their devices has already exceeded one billion! And this is a truly outstanding indicator.

However, given the really rich opportunities in terms of communication that the program provides to users, this result does not look exaggerated. After all, using Viber, you can not only exchange instant messages in individual and group chats, but also send all kinds of files to each other. You can even call each other. Over, it’s completely free. Provided that the call is made from one messenger to another.