How To Transfer Tv To Digital Broadcasting

With the country’s transition to digital broadcasting, many people need to reconfigure the television. On newer models with a DVB T2 tuner, this is quite simple. So, you can turn on digital TV on your Samsung TV through the on-screen menu. It is convenient to use the cable parameters of the frequency range if the signal comes from a terrestrial provider. Also, the channels can be caught through the antenna, indoor or outdoor.

Which Samsung TVs can display a number without a prefix

Before you try to set up digital channels on Samsung, you should familiarize yourself with the instruction manual of the model. It provides device specifications. In order to convert the TV to digital broadcasting without additional equipment, it must support the DVB T2 signal format and be equipped with an appropriate tuner.

For an older Samsung TV, there is simply no other alternative than using optional equipment. Without it, the model does not look for digital channels. As additional equipment may act prefix or expansion module. Today they are offered by many cable digital TV providers.

Search channels for new TVs

Digital channel settings on new Samsung TVs may vary for some series. Therefore, you should not neglect reading the operating instructions for a particular device. The general procedure looks like this.

  1. The Home button is pressed, the Source icon is selected with the arrows, the TV icon is highlighted and OK is pressed.
  2. Home is pressed on the remote control, the “Settings” item is selected.
  3. Here you need to find and highlight the item “Broadcast” and click OK.
  4. Click on “Auto tuning”.
  5. Select and activate the start button.
  6. Set the settings, indicate the signal source “Antenna” (for personal or home antenna) or “Cable”.
  7. If used wired provider signal, need to set cable search parameters. The TV will offer a list of the main operators, you need to scroll down and select “Other” to set the full scan band.
  8. Further indicate that you need to search for digital channels by ticking the corresponding item.
  9. Select the search mode “Full”.
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Next, click the Scan button. After the digital TV setup is completed, a complete list of available channels will be compiled. Later, the user can sort them and delete unnecessary ones.

Manual search

Manual search allows you to specify the exact parameters of multiplexes that work in a specific city. These data can be found on the interactive map on the website For manual search:

  • call the on-screen menu;
  • go to settings;
  • select the section “Broadcasts”;
  • select the item “Cable search parameters”.

Here it is necessary to manually specify the scan band parameters. The tuning frequency is indicated as a common range for several multiplexes. Further, in order not to repeat this operation, it is necessary activate automatic search mode.

The parameters that the system will offer to set are quite expected. You must switch the search mode to “Full” and check the “Digital” box to add only channels in this format to the list.

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Change Channel List

The list generated by the channel search can be edited. This is done as follows:

How to Transfer TV to Digital Broadcasting
  • the on-screen menu is called up;
  • you must go to the settings section of the broadcast;
  • there is the item “Channel change”, it is selected and click OK;
  • further in the list of channels tick off highlight unnecessary;
  • by pressing the Tools button on the remote, you can call up the on-screen menu, where there is an item “Delete”.

Channels can move. To do this, select one of them, click the OK button to put a checkmark, then after calling the on-screen menu with the Tools button, select the “Change” item. Move the channel in the list with arrows. Upon completion of positioning, click OK.

In modern TVs The channel editing process is similar. But to activate this mode, you need to register the settings. This is done in the “Advanced” section. You must set the value of the “Change channel list” to “Enable“.

To access the list of channels, press the Home button, select the item “Live TV” and go to the “Channel List” icon. Editing is performed according to the above algorithm. However, you do not need to call the control menu. All control buttons are on the screen, they go to them by pressing the cursor to the right.

Set up old TV via set-top box

If digital channels are not tuned on the TV, and an external set-top box is used to receive them, automatic or manual search is done on it.

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If on TV used extension module, proceed according to the recommendations of the cable digital TV provider. It is necessary to pair the TV and the equipment installed in it. After that, the channel search is performed using the methods described above.

Setup problems and solutions

The correct tuning algorithm does not cause problems when searching and watching digital television channels on Samsung TV. However, users sometimes experience some glitches.

The channel list is gone

Samsung smart TVs periodically update their software suite. After this process, which by default occurs without user intervention, settings are reset. You need to re-search for available broadcasts and, if necessary, sort the list. Auto update can be disabled in the settings.

Advice! It is recommended that you check for new versions with quarterly intervals manually. During the update, the list of programs will also be reset, however, the user will be able to allocate time for searching and restoring other settings.

TV or set-top box does not see channels

Most often, the problem when Samsung TV does not find broadcasts lies in antenna unit. Probably the wrong model is selected, or it is incorrectly installed and incorrectly configured. You can check the health of the amplifier, purchase another, more powerful antenna.

If individual broadcasts ceased to show unexpectedly, it is recommended to check cable network. The wire is inspected for creases, cliffs, scuffs of insulation. If necessary, replace damaged areas. F-connectors are inspected and serviced if they are used in a cable network. Contact pads are cleaned of oxides and dirt. Then the connectors tightly twist.