How to transfer SMS from Android to Android

Via bluetooth

A Bluetooth module is built into every mobile device. The convenience of using this type of connection is that you can transfer files over short distances (up to 100 meters) without any problems. Of course, it is impossible to send SMS messages directly, but experienced users suggest everyone to use the following trick:

  • copy the content of the message that you want to transfer to a new device;
  • create a new contact in the phone book;
  • enter the copied text in the name field.

Of course, the method cannot be called effective, but it has a right to exist, and it is worth considering if there are only a couple of letters in memory. But in the case of an extensive archive, it is advisable to consider one of the methods proposed above.

Why transfer messages and why it is difficult to do it?

Synchronization of data on Android looks somewhat one-way. built-in functions allow you to save various information: contacts, notes, calendar entries, photos and videos, application data. But, as you can see, SMS is not included in this list. This is due to the fact that, by default, incoming and outgoing messages are stored in the device memory in a special section, and not on the SIM card, as is the case with numbers from the phone book. over, it is impossible to confuse letters, because they are sorted into folders: in the “Inbox” there are received notifications, in the “Outbox”. sent. Even drafts cannot get lost, since they also lie in a separate directory.

Some may argue, they say, the phone book, images, media files are also stored in the device’s memory, so it’s easy to copy them, but SMS is difficult?

[3 Ways] How To Transfer SMS from Android to Android Tutorial

Modern users have probably come across the need to create a backup copy of data, or at least have heard about this possibility. The backup function is designed to save valuable information and personal data in the event of a flashing device or replacing an old gadget with a new one. This can be done with built-in tools that are available on any mobile device. Indeed, you can copy any data available on your smartphone, including messages from Telegram or WhatsApp messengers. The difficulty with transferring traditional SMS is that they have a standard that is not supported by the copy function.

Transferring messages through apps

Transfer Tool on HTC

The tool, created by Taiwanese specialists, allows you to transfer to a new device all the information stored on an old smartphone in just a couple of clicks. The disadvantage can be called work only between your own devices. Otherwise, it supports the principle of operation of other applications integrated into the operating system. The scheme is simple:

  • Run the program on the old smartphone and new device. Wait until the PIN appears on both devices and compare the combinations;
  • On a fresh device, you need to go to “Settings” → “Get content from another phone” and click on the “Next” button;
  • On the old gadget, mark all types of data intended for transfer, and then click on the “Transfer” button.

Wait for the operation to complete and check the contents of the corresponding section.

transfer, android

Via computer

If for some reason it was not possible to use the whole arsenal of applications, it is recommended to resort to a completely different option for copying the correspondence. For example, using a computer. For the correct execution of the transfer procedure, you will need to download the appropriate program. The choice of utilities is wide enough, but two of them are considered the most popular.

Smart Switch on Samsung

Korean developers have released a free application that allows you to transfer data from one device to other smartphones of their own production. It exists in the format of a mobile version and programs for personal computers running Windows and Mac. The SMS transmission process looks like this:

  • Install “Smart Switch” on your phone and PC;
  • Launch the application on a working device and specify the type of Wi-Fi data transfer;
  • Select the “Send” option;
  • In a special window, you will be asked to select the type of OS;
  • Check the Android option and then click on the “Connect” button;
  • From the list of data available for movement, select SMS and then press the “Send” button;
  • Go to a new gadget, launch the program and activate the “Receive” option;
  • Confirm the action and wait for the operation to complete.

When the system notifies about the successful transfer of SMS-correspondence, it will remain to close the application by clicking on the “Close” button. In the same way, data can be transferred via the app and via the USB cable.

Third party messaging apps

This option is worth considering if there are no built-in applications, and the smartphone itself is not branded. The most popular and stable program for creating a backup copy of personal SMS-correspondence is “SMS Backup Restore”. Using her example, you can also consider the work of other utilities, since most of them operate on a similar principle.

MOBILedit Forensic Express

If it was not possible to install the official program on your computer, you can use third-party software. An affordable and useful utility that allows you to quickly and easily transfer SMS from an old device to a new one is the MOBILedit program. The algorithm is simple:

  • Download the program to your computer;
  • At the first start from the File menu, call the “Phone Connection and Connection Wizard”. He will offer to choose the type of connection (you can choose USB-cable or Bluetooth);
  • After pairing, go to the “Messages” section, where you will have access to the correspondence stored on the current phone;
  • Make a backup to be stored on the PC. To do this, mark the conversations of interest (or select all), right-click and select the “Copy” option in the context menu. In a matter of seconds, a backup file will be created, which the system will send for storage to the PC;
  • Next, connect a new gadget to the computer and transfer the saved file to its memory in the standard way.

With the help of the program “MOBILedit” you can copy not only SMS, but also other data stored on your smartphone.

Transfer SMS from Android to Android. 3 Easy Methods to Transfer

A standard data synchronization tool between devices with a connected Google account allows you to transfer information about contacts, e-mail, files, notes, appointments. However, there is no such function for short text messages. This causes a number of inconveniences when a new smartphone is purchased and the need arises to save data. Let’s consider how to transfer SMS from Android to Android using computer programs and mobile applications.

How to transfer SMS from Android to Android through apps?

The previous method provides a wide range of options for backing up and transferring data, optimizing contacts, archiving, and many other actions. However, for most users who do not have a sufficient level of computer skills, it may seem complicated and confusing.

Using apps will make it easy to transfer SMS messages with just a few taps.

One of the most popular and trusted applications is SMS Backup Restore. Let’s figure out how to transfer messages from Android to Android using his example:

  • Immediately after launch, you need to provide the necessary permissions to read SMS, access multimedia files and control calls.
  • Click the “Create a backup” button.
  • Leave the active slider opposite the SMS message line and disable it opposite the Calls line. The last option can be left enabled if you also want to move the call log. After clicking on the “Advanced settings” item, you can choose to save media files that may be contained in MMS.

    Decide on the choice of storage location. Cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox) and local storage are provided as options. In this example, the storage method will be selected. in the phone.

    transfer, android
  • Disable archiving scheduling if the transfer is performed once.
  • Click on “Archive. now”.
  • The system will inform you about the successful completion of the operation.
  • Now the received copy of the messages needs to be moved to the memory of the second mobile device. This can be done in several ways:

    • Via Bluetooth.
    • Through a dedicated application for transferring files between Android devices. For example SHAREit or ES Explorer.
    • Using a computer. Connect one phone first, copy the file to the hard drive. Then connect the second one and move the file to the memory of the mobile device.
    transfer, android

    Next, to transfer SMS from Android to Android, you need to:

    • Install SMS Backup Restore on the second phone.
    • Launch the application.
    • Open the menu by clicking the three bars in the upper left corner.

    Specify where the backup should be taken from. In our case, it will be “Local folder”.

  • Specify the directory where the file was copied. Click “Use this folder”.
  • The app will show the data when the copy was created and how many messages it contains. If everything is correct. click “Restore”.
  • Confirm the change of the default SMS reader application, otherwise the messages cannot be restored.
  • Wait for completion.
  • When the data is restored on the new device, you can change the SMS viewing application back.

    Transfer SMS from Android to Android via Computer

    Using a PC helps you cope with a variety of tasks, and transferring messages from one device to another is no exception. There are many programs available to help you carry out this process. As an example for step-by-step instructions we will use “MOBILedit”, which has a number of advantages over competitors:

    • support for any models of phones and tablets;
    • built-in database of drivers for connecting to a PC;
    • automatic synchronization between devices.

    Installation takes place in English, in the process you need to agree to the installation of mobile drivers, otherwise there is a high probability of connection problems.

    The system prompts you to specify the device model for which you want to download drivers. At this step, you need to remember that two phones or tablets will be connected in series to the PC. Therefore, if their brand is different, you must select several items in the list.

    Immediately after launch, a window will appear, requiring the activation of the product, but you can use the trial version by clicking the “Activate Later” button. Next, you should select the operating system of the mobile device (Android) and the connection mode (Cable).

    How to transfer text messages from Android to Android (THREE Ways)

    In the next window, the program will ask you to activate USB debugging mode. This is done in the “For Developers” section. It appears in the main menu after repeated clicking on the “Build number” item in the “About phone” section. Now you can connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable.

    On the main screen, select the “Backups” section, mark the backup of SMS messages and specify the folder to save the copy. Then connect a second smartphone and follow the same path, but select “Recover from file”. Indicate its location in the computer memory and wait for the operation to complete.

    How to Transfer SMS from Android to Excel

    When working with a large number of text messages, you may need to export them to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. To cope with the task will help a special application that is installed directly on the phone and does not require special skills. To complete the task, you must:

  • Launch the application and grant permissions to read memory, messages and contacts.
  • Press the “Export” button.
  • Wait for copying to complete.
  • Specify the save destination: SD card, Google Drive, Dropbox or sending by e-mail.
  • The process is over, the file will appear in the folder specified in the application settings. You can view the path by clicking the “Settings” button, the line “Default Folder”.

    The Excel file will indicate the addressee (number, name), creation date, type (incoming, outgoing) and message text.

    The information provided in this article will help you understand how to transfer messages from one Android phone to another. The process is performed using programs for a personal computer or special applications running directly on mobile devices. The first option provides more options and is suitable for advanced users, the second does not require special skills and is easily carried out using step-by-step instructions.