How to Transfer Ringtone from iPhone to iPhone


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How to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone after activating AirDrop option? This requires:

  • open the application that contains the desired file, for example “Music”;
  • select a ringtone and click on the “Share” button (looks like a box with an arrow);
  • then click on the recipient’s icon, it will appear in the AirDrop list;
  • then the file transfer will start.

Can ringtones be transferred

After enabling AirDrop, the owner has the opportunity to share information with the owners of the “apple” technology. With the help of technology, you can transfer ringtones, notes, contacts, photos, videos and other files. With AirDrop, you can send ringtones from any iPhone or iPad app that has a Share option.


AirDrop helps you send information over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to iPhones. This option allows you to conveniently and quickly transfer the required file to a nearby person. In terms of security, AirDrop beats email and SMS. A firewall with the ability to encrypt is used to connect to the gadget on iOS.

Starting with the seventh version of iOS, the option uses low latency and high speed protocol. Its work is due to the presence of enabled Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi. Both options connect automatically when AirDrop is active.

How to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone: instruction

Not all Aplle owners know how to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone. It is worth noting that every smartphone owner at one time faced the need to convey any melody or picture. Usually this problem is solved using infrared or Bluetooth. But the manufacturers of Apple gadgets have their own thorny path, and even after many generations of smartphones and iOS versions, the phones of this company cannot simply transfer files via “Bluetooth”. Of course, if the owner has a jailbreak, then the question of how to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone is very easy to solve. It is worth knowing that jailbreaking can seriously compromise the security of your device. Therefore, it is not recommended to do it. Below we will talk in more detail about how to exchange files on “apple” devices without resorting to changes in the operating system.

How to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone using AirDrop

In order to send information, you must enable the option. This is done as follows:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the section “Control Center”.
  • There we find the AirDrop option.

In the operating system iOS 11, the function is in a separate section: “Settings-General-AirDrop”.

After that, you will also be prompted to choose who exactly you can transfer files to.

How to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone

Apple believes that cloud storage, e-mail and a variety of messengers are enough to transfer information. This, of course, is so, but what if there is no Internet at hand or it is very expensive, for example, in roaming? In the iOS 7 operating system, the AirDrop function has appeared, it allows you to exchange information between devices located nearby, without the need to make any additional settings. However, data can only be transferred between Apple gadgets.

Transferring ringtone from iPhone to iPhone, as well as other information, is easy. It is enough to learn how to use the AirDrop option. and you can share data with your friends.

How to compose and transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone using dr.fone

While other smartphones have an added advantage over the iPhone for sharing ringtones using Bluetooth and NFC, the iPhone shouldn’t be left behind. This is because there is special software that you can use to transfer ringtones from one iPhone to another quite easily. One of these programs is dr.fone. A phone manager (iOS) that can be used not only to transfer ringtones from one iPhone to another, but for much more!

Let’s find out more about dr.fone. Translation:


AnyTrans is called the best iTunes alternative and can do multiple tasks for your iPhone. Here is a list of functions that AnyTrans can easily accomplish:

  • Transfer ringtones, songs, messages, videos, documents, chats, contacts and emails from your iPhone to PC or iPhone to iPhone.
  • It is completely safe and does all its transfers without losing any data.
  • Send ringtones directly from iPhone to iPhone.
  • You can also use it to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iTunes, iPhone to computer and iTunes to iPhone.
  • It is a one-stop content manager for iPhone that you can download for free.
  • It works seamlessly on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac computer, and is compatible with the latest iOS 12.

Now, let’s see how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone using AnyTrans.

For this transfer, you will need both your iPhones and two different USB cables, your personal computer or Mac, and you will need to download AnyTrans. Just follow the steps below and you can transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone very easily:

Install and open AnyTrans on your computer and then connect both of your iPhones to your computer using USB cables. Once the software recognizes both of your devices, proceed to the next step.

Click on ‘Audio’ then click on Ringtones on the main page.

Select the ringtones you want to transfer from one iPhone to another and click “To devices” in the upper right corner of the window.

Your transfer will start and when finished, you can use the ringtone you sent from your other iPhone to your new iPhone. You can set it as your ringtone and it will play on every call.

So now you have figured out how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone.

How to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone using dr.fone

In this part of the article, we will finally look at how you can transfer ringtones from one iPhone to another using dr.fone software. To figure it out, just follow these steps:

Open dr.fone on your PC and then connect both of your iPhones to your computer using USB cables. Wait for the software to recognize both of your devices, then proceed to the next step.

Select the device you want to transfer the ringtone from and open the Music tab. With the Music tab on your screen, select the Ringtone option located on the left sidebar and proceed to the next step.

When the ringtone option opens, you can select the music you want to transfer as a ringtone from your iPhone to another. Select the music and then click on the export option.

Once you click on export, you will be able to go to the dropdown menu and select your destination. At destination, select another iPhone and then export the ringtone to another iPhone.

So, now you will know how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone using dr.fone. Phone Manager (iOS) by Wondershare.

How to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes

iTunes is usually the first available solution for iOS users in situations where they need to transfer data from iPhone to PC or vice versa. However, despite the free solution, using iTunes can sometimes be a little tricky. This usually happens due to the unavailability of a viable method to transfer data directly from iPhone to another iPhone using iTunes. Hence, when using iTunes tool, you need to transfer ringtones from old phone device to iTunes and transfer it back to new iPhone device again from iTunes. If you have experienced this pain, these tips are perfect for you on how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes.

Start by connecting your original iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.

Select your phone name in the iTunes interface to go to the Tones segment.

How To Transfer Ringtones From iPhone To iPhone 12 / 11 / XS / XR / X / 8 / 7 (Plus) Directly

At this point, start checking the “Sync Ringtones” option and start syncing all your ringtones from iTunes to your phone device. Select the “Apply” option to activate it.

When finished, start unplugging your old iPhone.

If you have saved ringtones in your local storage, go to the Add Files from Files menu under the Library option to import your preferred ringtones files into iTunes from your phone’s local storage.

After you have added the selected ringtone to iTunes, start connecting the desired phone device to the system.

To find out how to transfer ringtones from iTunes to iPhone, select the device and go to the Tones section.

Then confirm the “Synchronize Tones” selection. The desired melodies for synchronization can be manually selected or completely selected.

Click on the “Apply” option so that the selected melodies are synchronized with the desired purpose.

By following the above tips, you can successfully learn how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes.

How to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone with AnyTrans

But what if you don’t want to use dr.fone to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone? Fear not, because we have other software with its own method with which you can also learn to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone very easily. This software is called AnyTrans software and here it is completed Review of iMobie AnyTrans attributes:

So, you can use dr.fone to teach how to compose iPhone ringtones by following these steps:

Install and run dr.fone on your computer, then connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Once dr.fone registers your iPhone, you will be able to see the picture and model number of your iPhone. After that, you need to find the music icon at the top of the screen and click on it.

Once you click on the music icon; You will be redirected to the music window. In the music window, you can look at the Ringtone Maker. ” Click on it and you will be able to choose between ‘musical device’ and ‘local music’. Select the one through which you want your ringtone from.

Open the window and select the song you want to make your ringtone from. dr.fone will play every song you choose, finally choose the one you want your ringtone from. After that, select the part of the song from which you want to make a ringtone, and a part of no more than 40 seconds will be selected. Then you can save it to your computer or iPhone.

You can preview the ringtone before export by clicking ‘Listen to Ringtone’.

And therefore, your ringtone will be compiled and ready to use as your iPhone‘s ringtone. So now let’s see how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone using dr.fone Software:

Transfer ringtones from one iPhone to another

Below we will look at two easy and convenient ways to transfer downloaded ringtones.

Backup copy

First of all, if you are moving from one iPhone to another while maintaining your Apple ID account, the easiest way to transfer all downloaded ringtones is to install an iPhone backup on the second gadget.

    To begin with, an up-to-date backup must be created on the iPhone from which the data will be transferred. To do this, go to the smartphone settings and select the name of your account.

Select “Backup”, and then tap on the “Create a backup” button. Wait for the process to finish.

When the backup is ready, you can proceed to work with the next device. If the second iPhone contains any information, you will need to delete it by performing a factory reset.

Read more: How to Hard Reset iPhone

  • When the reset is completed, the screen will display the initial phone settings window. You will need to sign in to your Apple ID and then agree to the offer to use the existing backup. Start the process and wait for a while while all data is downloaded and installed on another device. Upon completion, all information, including custom ringtones, will be successfully transferred.
  • In the event that, in addition to your own downloaded ringtones, you also have sounds purchased from the iTunes Store, you will need to restore purchases. To do this, open the settings and go to the “Sounds” section.
  • Tap on the button “Download all purchased sounds”. iPhone will immediately start restoring purchases.

  • On the screen, above the standard sounds, the previously purchased melodies for incoming calls will be displayed.
  • How to Transfer Ringtones from One iPhone to Another

    iBackup Viewer

    This method allows you to “pull” ringtones made by the user yourself from the iPhone backup and transfer them to any iPhone (including those not connected to your Apple ID account). However, here you need to turn to the help of a special program. iBackup Viewer.

    How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone [2021]-4 Ways

    • Download iBackup Viewer and install on your computer.
    • Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer. Select the smartphone icon in the upper left corner.

    In the left pane of the window, click the Browse tab. On the right, in the “Backups” block, check the “This computer” option, uncheck the “Encrypt iPhone backup” box, and then click on the “Create a copy now” item.

    The backup process starts. Wait for it to end.

    Launch iBackup Viewer. In the window that opens, select the iPhone backup.

    In the next window, select the “Raw Files” section.

    Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the window. Next, the search box will be displayed, in which you will need to write the query “ringtone“.

    The custom ringtones will be displayed on the right side of the window. Highlight the one you want to export.

    It remains to save the ringtones to your computer. To do this, click on the “Export” button in the upper right corner, and then select the “Selected” item.

    An Explorer window will appear on the screen, in which it remains to specify the folder on the computer where the file will be saved, and then complete the export. Follow the same procedure with other ringtones.

    You just have to add ringtones to another iPhone. Read more about this in a separate article.

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