How to transfer pictures from computer to iPhone

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone [ iOS 14 ]

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone or iPad

We are often asked the question: how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone or iPad. And in fact, it is not as easy as on Android, where we can work with photos in flash drive mode. With Apple, it takes a few iTunes gestures. In addition, there are several nuances.

Apple does really convenient things, but some things, for some of its convictions, make it very difficult. And you have to put up with them, since there are no alternative ways. These moments include downloading music and photos to your iPhone or iPad.

And ordinary users trite stop using functions such as downloading photos, ringtones, videos and music to their iPhone and iPad. Honestly, I am one of those. I prefer to store everything in online storage, the same DropBox, for example, which I will talk about in other articles. And uploading photos through iTunes, well, I’m not very happy :-)).

And so, let’s say, we really need it, but we cannot use the Internet to access the online storage, on an airplane, for example, or at a grandmother’s in another city or village. In general, it doesn’t matter, there is no Internet, you need photos on the gadget. Well, let’s do it through iTunes.

First, let’s learn how to upload photos to iTunes, and only then we’ll talk about the points to consider.

We connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer and turn on the iTunes program.

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Click on our device and go to the “Photos” section.

Click the “Synchronize Photos from” checkbox and select the folder into which we will pre-add all the necessary pictures and photos.

Here we can set the checkbox “Include video in sync” so as not to forget to transfer video files to our gadget.

Click apply, the synchronization process will start and the photos will appear on your device.

Everything seems to be simple, but now a few points, because of which I prefer DropBox.

Previously, all photos or pictures must be uploaded to one shared folder (you can make subfolders inside), because iTunes allows you to sync only with one folder.

This means that if you choose a different folder on the same computer or on a completely different computer, then everything that was previously synchronized on your phone or tablet will be erased! and will be replaced with a new folder. Be careful! thus, you will have to upload new photos to the same shared folder that was synchronized earlier so as not to delete existing photos. This also means that the iPhone and iPad only need to sync with one computer and only one shared folder of photos and pictures.

All photos will appear in the Photos application, but they will not appear along with the photos taken on the device, they will appear in a separate category or categories (if you had several subfolders in the shared folder) and you cannot delete them on the device itself. Each category will be named as the subfolder is called. On the one hand, this is convenient, it allows you to organize the entire archive of photos and put everything into folders. But the lack of the ability to throw them together with the photographs taken in one pile is also depressing.

In fact, managing photos and syncing with iPhone or iPad requires not only iTunes skills, but also proper storage of photos and pictures in a dedicated shared folder for syncing. And, at times, it is really inconvenient. While I would like to work with photos in flash drive mode, like on Android, freely delete unnecessary ones, and download photos from different sources.

Hopefully someday Apple will revisit this process and make it easier to add pictures, photos, videos and music to iPhone and iPad.

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How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone

Today, no modern person can imagine his life without regular use of a mobile phone. With the help of a smartphone, you get the opportunity to contact the necessary people at any time, surf the Internet, use mobile applications and games. An advanced gadget like the iPhone is capable of storing a lot of useful information by performing the functions of a camera, camcorder, game console, e-book, music player, photo editor. And this is not a complete list.!

How to Transfer From Computer to iPhone. No iTunes (Fastest Way)

Most new Apple iPhone users want to immediately transfer their favorite pictures and photos from their computer or laptop to their phone, but there are some difficulties awaiting them. When you connect your apple smartphone to your PC, the computer will show you the current synchronization with the media device. This means that you can easily reset all photos from your phone to your desktop computer, but the reverse procedure will be much more difficult.

If you are faced with a similar problem, our article will help you complete this simple action. There are two of the most popular and uncomplicated methods. The first is through the use of iTunes, and the second. via iCloud account.


To transfer a photo from computer to iPhone, you need a PC or laptop, a USB cable and iTunes installed.

ITunes software is an indispensable thing for every owner of Apple technology. You can download it for free by following the link to the official website With its help, you can perform such useful actions as downloading your favorite movies and books, fresh music tracks and much more. In addition to this, you will be able to back up all data, get the latest software updates, reset and restore factory settings.

How to Transfer Videos/Photos from PC to iOS

So, to transfer photos, you need to follow a simple step-by-step instruction:

  • first you need to collect all the photos necessary for transferring in one folder;
  • then connect the phone with a USB cable to the PC;
  • start the iTunes program;
  • click on the “iPhone” icon located in the upper left corner;
  • select the “Photos” tab on the side panel;
  • put a tick next to the “synchronize” inscription, and then select a folder prepared in advance with photos;
  • press the “apply” button.

If you followed our instructions correctly, you will have all the necessary photos on your phone.


To implement the second option for transferring photos from computer to smartphone, you will need to use an iCloud account. You do not need to connect the device via a USB cable and sync iTunes as in the first case.

When buying a prestigious gadget like the Apple iPhone, most sellers and power users strongly recommend getting a personal iCloud account. An iCloud account is required to keep your phone secure and in sync. After you have created iCloud, download the application to your PC by following the link to the official website

Let’s move on to the step-by-step instructions for transferring photos from computer to iPhone:

  • we connect the function of syncing photos with iCloud;
  • open iCloud on your computer;
  • enter your account data;
  • go to the “photo” section;
  • choose the photos you want.

That’s all! We hope that the proposed methods were useful and you were able to transfer the necessary photos to your phone. If you encounter problems, try using the step-by-step instructions again or contact the service center for help.

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