How to Transfer Photos via Bluetooth From iPhone

Is it possible to transfer files from iPhone using Bluetooth

IPhone 5 and newer have a special AirDrop technology that allows you to exchange files between two Apple devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone, OSX).

  • Go to Cydia.
  • Run “Airblue sharing” and find the appropriate program.
  • Install the tweak on your device.
  • The program is ready to use, you can transfer files via Bluetooth using it.

To transfer data via Bluetooth, you can use any file managers that have the “Open file in.” function. Sending files is possible to devices with different operating systems: Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, as well as OS X, Linux and Windows. In order to exchange data with an iPhone or other iOS device, you need to have a similar file manager and tweak on it.

Why does the iPhone need Bluetooth

Apple products differ from devices of other companies in many advantages, the main of which are constant system updates and a reliable data protection system. But still, the main set of functions and capabilities is the same for all gadgets from different manufacturers. All smartphones and tablets have Bluetooth technology, one of the functions of which is wireless data transfer between devices. However, it is this Bluetooth function on the iPhone that is excluded. the developer explains this by copyright protection of the information. Let’s figure out the question that at the dawn of the appearance of “apple” devices in our open spaces was asked by all users. then why do we need Bluetooth on the iPhone?

Connection problems

The main reasons for device connection failures include:

  • discharged batteries on any of the mating gadgets;
  • disabled Bluetooth on one of the devices;
  • too much distance between devices;
  • obstacles to communication (for example, a wall);
  • functional malfunctions of Bluetooth.

In the latter case, to fix the problem, you can turn both devices on and off, or delete the Bluetooth pair and create it again. Also, before using Bluetooth on the iPhone, you can update the software on the device to the latest version.

What is the danger of using pirated applications

Jailbreak iOS allows you to use the hidden capabilities of the device, but you also need to take into account the disadvantages of jailbreak:

  • Pirated apps crash much more often than official ones.
  • Hacking may degrade official apps.
  • Thoughtless installation of tweaks can lead to the inoperability of iOS, since they do not pass the moderation of specialists.
  • Incompatibility of individual tweaks.
  • Jailbreak compromises the security of the user’s personal data.
  • There may be problems with updating iOS, the need for a complete flashing of the device.

Therefore, it is highly undesirable to hack the system and use pirated applications to work with iOS devices.

Bluetooth functionality in Apple products

Connecting various devices, which are becoming more and more with the development of technology, is what you need Bluetooth in the iPhone. You can connect with it:

How to Transfer Photos via Bluetooth From iPhone
  • telephone headsets;
  • wireless headphones;
  • audio and video equipment (some TVs, docking stations, car tape recorders);
  • keyboards;
  • Smart bracelets and watches;
  • monopods;
  • various devices for the “smart home” (lamps, door locks, heating system).

How to connect a wireless device

To connect your device, you must first check if the accessory is compatible with your iPhone model. Then you need to perform the following operations:

  • Before turning on Bluetooth on iPhone, turn on the third-party headset and activate the Bluetooth-module with discoverable mode in it, carefully following the instructions. Then we start setting up the connection.
  • Activate Bluetooth on iPhone. To do this, enter the main menu, go to the “Bluetooth” tab and hold the green slider in active mode.

You can also turn on Bluetooth in a faster way. call the control point by swiping up on the screen (lift the curtain), select the desired icon and click on it.

To check the activity of the Bluetooth module, you need to pay attention to its icon in the upper right corner of the display. If it is white or black, the module is active, if it is gray, it is not enabled.

  • The iPhone will start scanning and show active wireless devices in line of sight, which is about 10 meters. Select the desired accessory and connect to it by enabling Bluetooth pairing.
  • The device is connected to a smartphone and is ready to use.

This connection will be saved in the iPhone, so you only need to activate Bluetooth on the devices to reuse the accessory. Pairing will be done automatically.

In order to disconnect an unnecessary device, in the Bluetooth settings select it from the list of connected equipment and click “Disconnect”. Play for little money in online casinos from 10 rubles on popular slot machines from Novomatic

In the future, you can instantly resume the connection. If you are no longer going to pair with this accessory, select “Forget device” in the settings menu.

How to connect your phone to a computer via Bluetooth: Video

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Sending using cloud services

Cloud services can be used for more than just backing up data. Most of them enable us to easily share files and photos with other Android users. Dropbox and Google Drive are perfect for this purpose, they are capable of generating secure links to your images at full resolution. The services are free for the user if he does not need more space than the one offered by the free account. Dropbox only provides 2GB for free, but you can expand your storage by gaining extra space, referring friends, and / or performing various tasks. On the other hand, a free Google Drive account gives you a generous 15GB, but the space is shared between your Google and Gmail accounts.

Messenger, Google Hangouts, Viber, etc.

It is very popular to share photos and videos through your favorite IM clients like Messenger, Google Hangouts, Viber, Skype, CHATON, WhatsApp, Kakao Talk, BBM and the like. Available on both iOS and Android, these services are easy to use and allow you to send images in batches. On the other hand, most of them reduce the size of the outgoing photo to save data and speed up the process. In other words, the resulting image will not be of its original quality. If this is not a problem for you, use the instant messaging service that you like best.

Fast File Transfer

This application is installed on an Android device and allows you to create a Wi-Fi network to which an iOS device will connect. Within this network, at a short distance, you can exchange files. The exchange is carried out using QR codes, so there must be some kind of QR reader on the iOS device (any will do). The download link is contained in the code, after reading which the file transfer starts.

Download QR-Code Developer: Florian Draschbacher Price: Free

Feem works the same way as Instashare, sending files over the local network. In this case, of course, the application must be installed on iOS and Android devices. Each of them receives its own login, having learned which, files can be sent to the device.

Using a computer

As long as you have the required USB cables, you can copy the images using your computer’s file manager. The process is quite simple and does not require access to the Internet or the installation of additional equipment on an iPhone or Android device, unlike the methods described above. This option is suitable for transferring a large number of photos and videos or large files.

Via email

Every iPhone has a fully functional email application, and even a novice user will likely know how to use it. With it, you can easily send one or two photos to a friend, regardless of the recipient’s smartphone make and model. Unfortunately, there are a number of restrictions for this sending method, and one of them is the data transfer limit. Apple Mail has a 20 MB attachment limit, while Gmail only allows you to attach a maximum of 25 MB to an email. These restrictions can be circumvented using a cloud service, but not much.

How to transfer photos from jailbreak

In addition to the above methods, you can use an equally effective utility. BigBoss Repo. Of course, the application is also paid, but it differs in many respects from the previous options. First of all, it is worth noting the high speed of data processing. The application can save transferred files to a standard gallery for an iOS smartphone.

Using this utility, the user can exchange objects with phones on any operating system. It is also possible to transfer files to a computer. The main thing is that it has a Bluetooth module. Another distinguishing feature of BigBoss Repo is support for almost all media content extensions.

How to set up Bluetooth on iPhone

Pairing devices through the described technology is carried out as follows:

  • Fully charge the battery on both phones, then put them at a distance that will not exceed 10-12 meters.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on an additional gadget.
  • In the settings of the Apple device, find the section of wireless technology and go to the described menu.
  • In this section, you need to activate the Bluetooth module. To do this, you need to move the slider. You can also carry out this procedure using the control center. When the module is in an active state, the icon on the express panel will light up white. Also, a small module label will appear near the battery level.
  • Wait while the Apple device searches for smartphones to pair. Then click on the name of the found phone.
  • The next step is to enter a special code, which is in the instruction manual. If there is no password, then you can use the standard combination 1234 or 0000.

After successful pairing, “Connected or Connected” appears next to the device name. The next time you do not need to enter the Pin-code, the iPhone will automatically remember it. After using data transmission, it is recommended to turn off the module, as it quickly consumes the energy reserve.

Cloud storage

Another fast and convenient way to share files between different operating systems.

To transfer data, you do not need to search for a recipient in a particular messenger, add him to your contacts or scan QR codes. We just upload the file to the cloud and send the link in any convenient way. Even by e-mail or SMS.

There are no problems at all between our gadgets (with one cloud account), we install the client and see all the data.

QR-Code Developer: Yandex LLC Price: Free QR-Code Developer: Yandex Apps Price: Free

I prefer to use Yandex.Disk, in it the easiest way is to get 40-50 GB of space for free, uploading photos from a smartphone is not limited, and the mobile application has a simple and clear offline mode.

You will be surprised, but not all popular cloud storages allow you to download data for use without network access.

How else can you transfer photos from iPhone

There is a very effective program that allows you to transfer photos via Bluetooth without installing a jailbreak. The main feature of Image Transfer Plus is its simplicity and fast data transfer. In many ways, it is similar to the Celeste 2 utility, but in that case you will have to install a jailbreak.

If the above option does not suit you, you can pay attention to the Instashare manager. Information is transferred in a similar way, only the utility is suitable not only for phones, but also for computers. How information is transmitted through the described manager:

  • Open Isnta both smartphones and wait for loading. Next, three sections will appear. One of them is intended for displaying received files, the second one is used for displaying photos and videos, and the third one is for configuring the manager.
  • The user will need to select a file from the first or second section, then indicate the desired phone number and transfer the object. This is done using normal drag and drop.
  • Trusted gadgets are recommended to make the transfer process easier. This is due to the installation of a special security code between the two devices. In the future, this procedure will not have to be performed.

A pretty useful feature is the file transfer level display. It is also worth noting the possibility of sending various information from cloud services through the described program. To perform this action, you need to open the manager and click on the command “Open file in”.

Another useful tool is file transfer while the application is minimized. If instashare was accidentally deactivated while sending the object, it should be started again and the transfer will continue.

However, despite all the advantages, the application has a significant drawback. The problem is that it is rarely updated, which affects the stability of the work.


Recommended! InstallPack Standard
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Now open the file that you received. If a notification appears that SHAREit cannot be installed, then enable the option to install from unknown sources. Then tap on the start button. At this point, the task of how to transfer SHAREit via Bluetooth can be considered complete. Both mobile gadgets are ready for file transfer.

Android and iOS do not always “find a common language”: after all, both Google and Apple strive to retain their users by all means, including maintaining software incompatibility with products of other companies. However, there are many applications and techniques that allow you to quite comfortably combine the use of systems.

You don’t have to choose between Android and iOS: you can use both operating systems at the same time, writes KM.

Emails, contacts and calendar

IMAP makes it easy to manage your iCloud email account using the Email app on Android or your Gmail account using the Mail app on iOS. If you exclusively prefer Gmail, then Android and iOS apps are for you.

There is no single email setup wizard that can store both iCloud and Gmail messages at the same time (in theory, Mail on iOS and Email on Android allow you to do this, but in practice these are two separate accounts). iCloud does not accept incoming Gmail messages, and Gmail does not accept or send iCloud messages. The best option here is to choose one provider and work with it.

When it comes to contacts and calendars, you feel like pulling your hair out in despair. Ultimately, you have to ditch Google services if you want to achieve two-way sync between iOS and Android.

All sorts of potential tweaks and configurations in this area are available today, but if all contacts and calendars are pinned to Google / Gmail, it’s better to upgrade to Android. CalDAV and CardDAV will help you move data to iOS: go to Settings. Mail, Addresses, Calendars. Add Account. Other. Here select CardDAV or CalDAV, and use Gmail username and password as server.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to sync iCloud data between iOS and Android yet. The only thing that can be done is to transfer the information to Google, but this option is not for everyone. Log into the Contacts app in, select all your contacts, then select the Export vCard option from the pop-up settings menu. Save the resulting file to a convenient location, then go to your contacts in the Gmail panel and use the import function from the drop-down menu at the top to access your iCloud contacts on Google (you may need to use the search and copy function).

For calendars, the export process is even more complicated. Open your calendar from the iCloud web interface, paste the resulting URL into the address bar of your browser and change “WebCal” to “HTTP”. Your browser will save the resulting ics file to disk, then you can import it into Google Calendar (or Outlook, or somewhere else). Data transfer is one-way, then you will need to switch to Google Calendar, designed exclusively for work with Android / iOS.

MP3 or AAC songs without DRM or other protections are easy to read on iOS and Android devices. There are many applications that will provide you with quality listening to your favorite music. For example, Google Music can store up to 20,000 tracks for free and scan the iTunes library if you already have the necessary settings (unfortunately, to date, the official iOS application has not yet been released).

Another way to store and play the audio collection is Amazon Cloud Player; special applications for iOS and Android have been developed. And if you already have an iTunes library, then it will be convenient to use DoubleTwist (this application is even called “iTunes for Android”). DoubleTwist’s feature set includes scanning your music collection and copying it to portable devices.

When you buy recordings of movies or TV shows from iTunes, Apple reps assume that you will only watch them on your own hardware. It is very difficult to bypass the protection provided by the company, but there are workarounds that will allow you to view DRM-protected video files on Android tablets and phones.

The situation is simpler with unlocked and homemade videos (DVD rips, for example). Download it to your device using iTunes or DoubleTwist, or if you need a powerful free conversion program, use Handbrake. If you’ve already bought content from YouTube, you can access both the official iOS apps for YouTube (as of today, however, none of them support Apple TV) and Play Movies for Android.

Applications, documents and files

A magic utility capable of giving iOS apps access to Android apps and vice versa has not yet been invented. Fortunately, many applications now work on both platforms and are even able to sync information over. Instagram, Skype and other social networks. This is quite handy, especially if the data is stored on the Internet and not on a local device. While many applications are initially launched only on iOS, the situation is changing, and most major releases can be found both in the App Store and in Google Play.

There are also many third-party apps that sync files between iOS and Android systems with ease. The most popular. the neat and unassuming Dropbox app. is easy to install, fast and easy, keeping competitors on the sidelines. When working with Android and iOS, it can be used to view shared photos and videos: the application is able to create backups of every picture and video taken on a mobile device and synchronize them into a single stream of constantly available content.

It is worth mentioning the Evernote service, which is convenient for synchronizing notes, documents, pieces of content. The app offers many great cross platform and web capabilities. There is also Yandex.Disk and Microsoft SkyDrive. applications that can store all files available through Windows, OS X, Android and iOS.

For editing documents on iOS, there are Office apps Pages, Keynote and Numbers that are unlikely to appear on the Android mobile platform. Google Drive, on the other hand, is a cross-platform service: it is a recently updated Quickoffice for Android and iOS and allows you to edit texts on the go.

It is impossible to cover every aspect of the individual OS process and configuration, but to some extent it is possible to get Android and iOS devices to work successfully together.

Many iPhones are capable of syncing via Bluetooth with devices that are not only developed by Apple. For example, there are many Android devices that can connect to an iPhone. Also, through this technology, the headset from the manufacturer Jabra pairs well. Before buying a gadget, you should always check with the seller whether he is able to sync with an iPhone device via Bluetooth.

How to transfer photos to iPhone via Bluetooth

The procedure is fairly easy. This requires?

  • Open the iPhone main menu. Go to the gallery and find the file you need to transfer. In this case, this is a photograph.
  • Open the picture by touching it with your finger. Then click on the photo again, after which a list of commands will open in the corner of the screen, among which there will be “Functions”. Click on it and select the transmission via Bluetooth.
  • At the next stage, a list of devices that are paired with the iPhone will open before the user. The list will contain the phone model or name. If the required device is missing, then you need to use the search tool. The procedure will be carried out within 10 meters of the available facilities. After a successful search, click on the transfer.
  • Further, a request will come to the device to receive the file to confirm the transfer consent. In some cases, you will need to enter a security code. As a rule, the combination 0000 is used for this.
  • If you need to transfer several photos at the same time, then you need to hold down a specific file in the gallery, after which it will be possible to select several elements. The choice of the desired file is carried out using a check mark.
  • Press the “Functions” command again, and then proceed to the transfer of the selected objects.
  • After the procedure, turn off the Bluetooth module to avoid unnecessary power consumption. It is worth remembering that timely disconnection allows you to protect your phone from hacking by intruders.

There is the following instruction to help you disable the wireless file transfer module:

  • Go to the module settings block.
  • Click on the icon with the letter “i” located opposite the name of the smartphone.
  • Tap on the “Disconnect” button, after which the connection will be terminated.

If the user no longer intends to transfer files to the paired device, then it can be removed from the list. How is the procedure carried out:

  • Click on the command “Forget this device”.
  • Confirm disconnection of pairing with the corresponding key.
  • After that, you can go to the list of paired devices. It will no longer include a disabled gadget.

Unfortunately, Apple is strongly committed to transferring files via Bluetooth. This is due to several reasons ^

  • First, using this technology to send data is not a secure process. You can pick up malware.
  • Secondly, this is a complete violation of copyright for all media content.

But, despite all the company’s prohibitions, you can send information via Bluetooth. Just before sending you need to jailbreak. After this operation, you need to download several resources, which can be found in Cydia.

AirBlue Sharing

This is a more powerful utility that costs less than 5. However, by paying the indicated price, the user will be able to enjoy convenient operation and a pleasant interface of the utility. You don’t need to make any manipulations in the settings, since you just need to select the desired item and press the send button. A list of available phones will appear in a special window.

If the transfer comes to the user’s device, then a window will appear on the iPhone screen in which you will need to accept the agreement.

The main advantage of this utility is that its functionality allows you to exchange files not only with Apple phones, but also with gadgets led by Windows, BlackBerry and Android.


This is a very small application that will allow you to transfer data via Bluetooth. First, the user will need to enable the module in the iPhone settings, and then go to the application. In it, you need to select the desired object and transfer it to another smartphone. The program is paid, however, a trial period is provided for a week. At the end of the term, you will need to pay 4.


The easiest way to transfer one or another file between different file systems is messengers.

They are already on every smartphone and nothing else is required to transfer data. Just open the conversation and add the desired file from the device.

The most convenient way to use Telegram. The application allows you to insert a photo or video from the gallery directly into the chat, or add any data from iCloud.

The messenger is built into the Share menu, you can send a file from any third-party application, for example, a player, file manager or cloud client.

QR-Code Developer: Telegram Messenger LLP Price: Free

QR-Code Developer: Telegram LLC Price: Free

To transfer data between your devices, a special Favorites chat is provided. All data sent to Telegram will be available in the messenger on any platform, files are stored in the cloud and are available after a long period of time.

Try viewing a file you sent a month ago in Skype or Viber. You will see an error asking to resend the data.

How to transfer files via Bluetooth from phone to computer

If you want to send files (photos, videos, etc.) via Bluetooth from your Android phone to a laptop or computer, it is very easy to do this, provided that the Bluetooth adapter on the computer is correctly installed and enabled.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of sending files over Bluetooth to a Windows 10 computer, but for Windows 7 and 8.1 the procedure will be about the same. See also: How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

Sending files via Bluetooth to a laptop or computer

The steps for sending files via Bluetooth are very simple: it doesn’t even require pairing devices, usually everything works without it:

  • Make sure the Bluetooth adapter is turned on: in Windows 10, you can click on the action center icon at the bottom right and make sure that the button with the Bluetooth symbol is blue (you may need to click “expand” to see this button). If not, just click on it.
  • If it does not turn on after this step, see if your laptop has a key in the top row with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi icon, if there is, try pressing this key or it in combination with Fn to turn on the Bluetooth adapter. If this does not help, the instructions can help: Bluetooth does not work on a laptop, Fn key does not work on a laptop.
  • The next step is to enable pending file transfer. This can be done by clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the notification area and selecting “Accept file”, or (for example, if the icon is not displayed), press the WinR keys, enter fsquirt in the run window, press Enter, and then select “Accept files”.
  • Now grab your Android phone, open any file manager (see Best File Managers for Android), in my example I am using the default File Manager on Samsung Galaxy. Select the files you want (usually this can be done by holding the file for a long time) and click the “Share” button.
  • Select “Bluetooth”.
  • Wait a while for available Bluetooth devices to be found. Select among them the device with the name of your computer.
  • The file transfer begins, the process is usually displayed on both the phone and the computer.
  • Specify the location to save the file on your computer.

Done, the file transfer via Bluetooth is complete and, as mentioned above, usually everything works by default, provided that you have the original drivers installed and you can enable the BT adapter.

Some additional information that you may find useful: