How to Transfer Music From a Computer to a USB Flash Drive

Experienced users are unlikely to remember the moment when they first became acquainted with a computer, and with what difficulty the first execution of any operation on it was given. Despite the widespread use of computers, there are always people who see it for the first time. Young people quickly understand how to perform all operations with a computer, but older people have to explain for a long time and clearly where to click and in what sequence. This article is more suitable for older people, and in it we will look at how to transfer photos or other files from a computer to a USB flash drive with a minimum of simple operations.

Elderly people are usually left with clear instructions on a piece of paper, what where and how to look for, where to click and what to do in what cases. As a rule, they only need to see photos from a computer, read news on the Internet and possibly look for old friends on social networks. It is insanely difficult for them to carry out any new operation, and then we will consider a sequence of simple steps that will allow you to record photos from your computer to a USB flash drive in order to take them to a photo print salon or to let your friends see it.

Photos are likely to be located in a prominent place, i.e. in the folder on the desktop, and we need to open this folder with photos. The image below shows how this might look in the end.

To select specific individual photos, you will have to use both the keyboard and mouse. We simplify this process to the selection of absolutely all files, given that in the cabin photo printing should help with the choice. Left-click once on any photo in the folder, thereby making the folder active.

Now use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl A”, which will allow us to highlight absolutely all the photos in the pack. We press the keys one by one, while not releasing the first. Push “Ctrl”, then the letter “A” Latin regardless of the keyboard layout, and then release all the keys.

The image below shows what the selected files will look like.

The next step is to copy the files to the clipboard with a key combination “Ctrl C”. We also follow the sequence of pressing. What is the clipboard will not be disassembled, the main thing is that everything is copied.

Now we are close to the flash drive itself. It needs to be connected to any free usb connector. Just find the connector that the USB flash drive fits into and plug in, as it simply won’t fit into the wrong connector.

The pictures below show where there may be usb connectors on the computer and laptop.

Immediately after connecting the flash drive, a window should appear on the screen “Autostart”. In this window you need to select the option “Open folder to view files using Explorer”.

Perhaps the flash drive was recently purchased and there is nothing on it, but if it’s some kind of old flash drive, you can create a separate folder with the button “New folder”, and go into it. After creating a new folder, its name is highlighted in blue, and any name can be entered.

It’s time to copy our files to a USB flash drive. Before us is an empty window in which we will insert files. Press the key combination “Ctrl V”, and all the files from the clipboard are written to the USB flash drive.

If there are a lot of files, then it will be possible to observe the copying process.

After a while, the files will already be on the flash drive. It will be possible to close all windows, programs or turn off the computer altogether, remove the USB flash drive and carry it to a photo salon or to friends.

If you want to become a more advanced user and copy only your favorite photos to a USB flash drive, you can do it a little differently. It is necessary to place two windows side by side, in one photo, in another flash drive. If large icons are configured in the explorer window, then the photos will be clearly visible so that you can choose your favorite.

How to Transfer Music From a Computer to a USB Flash Drive

To move the windows around the screen, left-click on the folder header, i.e. almost over the edge, and without releasing, drag and drop to the right place. To resize the window, move the mouse to the edge of the window until another icon appears, press the left mouse button at that moment and move it, changing the size of the folder window. You can drag your favorite files from one window to another by simply clicking on the file with the left mouse button, and without releasing drag it to another window.