How to transfer information from iPhone to iPhone

Transferring data from iPhone to iPhone

Sometimes there are IVEstore service centers not nearby or not present in your city, and you need to transfer iPhone data to iPhone and retain your valuable information. You do not want to go to strange centers, because they can make a copy of all your data, and arrange the transfer with losses or errors, and they will take a pretty penny for the whole procedure. For example, some centers, not only those who repair Apple products, but also sell them, transferring data from iPhone to iPhone costs 5000, which looks robbery to the client. In the center of IVEstore such service costs from 500 to 1000, the price varies from stock, in fact, very often for regular customers this service costs nothing. So we’re happy to share with you how to transfer all the data from one iPhone to another yourself.

Transferring data to a new iPhone

First of all you need to figure out what kind of iPhone you have in your hands. If you want to transfer data from your old iPhone to the new model provided that the old smartphone you have at least version 11 of iOS, the procedure is simplified to insanity, you just need to bring the two devices to each other and voila, magic:

  • As said before, put both iPhones together.
  • Choosing a language on the new device.
  • Go to the Apple ID window and press on, you will be prompted to use your Apple ID at this point.
  • Make sure you’ve selected the right Apple ID and click “Continue.”.
  • Bluetooth must be turned on.
  • A balloon animation will appear on the new device.
  • Pick up your old iPhone and point it at the orb on the new one.
  • The message “Ending on new device” will appear.
  • The new iPhone will ask for the passcode from the old one, so enter it.
  • Set up Face ID and Touch ID on your new iPhone.
  • Next, enter your Apple ID password on the new smartphone.
  • After that you will be prompted to restore the programs and other settings, select.
  • It is necessary to be connected to Wi-Fi.
  • That’s all, just wait.

By the way, starting from 12.4 version iOS this procedure can be done even faster, simply by selecting the data transfer by cable, to do this you will have to connect the iPhones to each other. The only thing you need for this method is a Lightning to USB adapter and a USB-Lightning cable, which comes with your new iPhone. By the way, we advise you to buy the adapter Lightning to USB for iPhone in IVEstore, as this accessory is indispensable, it can be connected to flash drives and other accessories, and in our network of Apple centers a very good price for it.

Transferring data to the iPhone using iCloud

This method is one of the most uncomfortable, especially if you use 100% of Apple hardware. When you have a lot of apps, data, photos, and so on, you just might not be able to fit a backup into the cloud. Usually unknowingly some people activate a paid cloud subscription and every month they have to pay a pretty tidy sum for using the additional storage space for their backups only, since very few people use the cloud in general. But if suddenly, you don’t have that much data and everything fits into the free iCloud plan, then do the following:

transfer, information, iphone
  • Open the settings on the old iPhone.
  • Go to your Apple ID and go to iCloud there.
  • Then just choose iCloud backup.
  • Click “Make a copy.”.
  • Once the backup has been created and uploaded to the cloud, take your new iPhone, choose a language, set up Wi-Fi, and click “Restore from iCloud backup”.
  • Next, go into your iCloud account and select the backup you recently created on your old iPhone.
  • Then you wait, the process may take several hours and depends entirely on the Internet connection and the size of the copy itself.

Transferring data using iTunes

This is one of the most reliable and stable ways to transfer your data because it uses a proxy device which we will save the backup to and won’t lose it 100%. You will have to install iTunes, though, if you haven’t used it before:

  • Download the latest version of “Tunz” and install it
  • Run “iTunes” then connect the old iPhone to the computer via cable
  • At the top of iTunes you will have a small iPhone icon, click on it and choose “Encrypt Backup”, then click on “Run Backup”
  • The backup process will show up at the top of the iTunes window with a blue bar, or on the right side of the menu you’ll see the % of data copied
  • Once all the data has been copied, disconnect the old iPhone from the computer
  • Then plug your new iPhone into your computer and you’ll be prompted for the initial setup. Here select “Restore from iTunes backup”
  • After that choose a recent backup (it will be in the drop-down list and will be called by the same name as your iPhone)
  • Press “Restore from backup”
  • Enter your backup password (if you encrypted it)
  • Wait for the process to finish and voila, magic!

As you can see, the data transfer from iPhone to iPhone. It’s very simple and there’s no point in relying on someone else when you can do everything at home in the shortest amount of time. So don’t overpay for the service at some obscure company for 5,000. If it still proves difficult for you, then come to Apple’s network of centers. Ivestore, where you will carry out a data transfer at a token price for the time of the master, no more. And at that we’ll tell you how to handle iPhone correctly, find useful accessories and give you discounts on them. Thank you for your attention.

First, make a backup copy

So, the first thing to do is to transfer the data from your old device. There are three ways to do this:

Each method has its pros and cons. Let’s look at each of them in detail.


Icloud cloud storage allows the user to transfer information such as: photos, videos, documents, program data, program settings and desktop visuals, Appstore purchases, media files, and SMS and MMS messages. You can also specify the items and settings that will be saved on Apple’s servers. For example, only gallery data, ringtones, audiobooks, but not e-wallet config or notes.

The user has access to a virtual space of 5 GB for free. You can get more memory if you buy additional space in iCloud, or clean up your already “uploaded to the cloud” media library. This factor should be considered before creating a backup.

  • Go into your smartphone settings and click on the user image.
  • Find iCloud. Tap on it and click on the “Backup” tab.
  • Turn on the “Backup to iCloud” toggle switch. Just below it, tap on the “back it up” line.

Ios will show the status bar, as well as the approximate time in which the backup will be created.


The main program, which allows you to make a lot of adjustments to the Apple equipment, including the creation of a complete archive, without losing data. This will save all the same data as iCloud. Through iTunes you can remember all logins and passwords to your social networks, the entire contact list, data from the Apple Watch, including health records, Whatsapp chats, music, photos, SMS.

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer or laptop with the factory cable.
  • Open iTunes and look for the phone icon in the upper left corner. Click on it.
  • In the window that opens, you can see a field called “Backups. Here you also need to check the two checkboxes. One in front of “iCloud” or “This computer”; you can choose either one at your discretion. The second checkbox is recommended to be checked against “Encrypt local copy”. This is the setting that allows you to save logins, passwords (including from Microsoft Exchange and Gmail), open sessions on social networks and other web resources.
  • Click on the “Create a copy now” button. The device will start the synchronization process.

Important: Be sure to remember or save your Apple ID password. Otherwise, the new smartphone will be locked after the completion of the “migration”.

Transfer photos and videos manually

You can make a manual backup of photos and videos using a PC (without using iTunes). In this tutorial, let’s look at the algorithm for transferring files directly to your Windows 10 computer. Your system must have Apple Mobile Device Support drivers installed or iTunes version 12 or later.5.1.

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer with a lightning cable. You may need a password to unlock it in some cases.
  • Your phone’s security system may display a warning, “Trust this computer. Click “trust” or “enable.
  • Click on the “start” button and select the “photos” item. This will launch the Windows app of the same name.
  • Select “Import” and “From USB Device,” and then follow the system’s instructions and prompts.

This method will work if the smartphone does not store images in the cloud “iCloud”.

How to Transfer All of Your iPhone Data to iTunes

Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. If you do not have iTunes installed on your computer, download the latest version of the utility from the official Apple website.

Select the device in the iTunes window.

On the “Browse” tab, which opens by default, check the “This computer” box and click “Create a copy now”.

Tip! If you want to back up your iPhone to something other than the system drive, you can learn how to do so in these instructions.

Itunes will begin the backup process on your computer. The following content is stored in the copy:

  • Device settings.
  • Data about installed applications and their settings.
  • Text message history, including iMessage. Important! SIM card required for successful recovery of iMessage, SMS and MMS messages.
  • Home screen view and app order.
  • Health app data.
  • Media Library (photos and video).
  • App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store purchase history.
  • Homekit devices settings.
  • Ringtones.

Select “File” → “Devices” → “Move Shopping from [device_name]”. Wait until synchronization is complete. Its duration depends on the number of purchases you make on your mobile device.

Done! You can check to see if you’ve successfully transferred data from your iPhone to iTunes from Edit → Settings → Devices. The “Device Backups” field should display the backup with the current date.

How to transfer data to a new iPhone using iCloud

If you use iCloud cloud storage, you can take a backup from there, and transfer all your data wirelessly. First, it’s best to manually run a backup on your old device before you install it on your new iPhone. This will ensure that all the latest information has been backed up and transferred.

1: Get your old iPhone.

2: Make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to Wi-Fi. (If it is drained, connect it to a charger.)

3: Go to Settings on your old iPhone

5: Find and go to Backup

6: Click on Create Backup

7: When the backup runs out, turn off the old iPhone

8: Remove the SIM card from the old iPhone

Be sure to wait for the backup to complete before continuing.

1: Insert your SIM card into your new iPhone and turn it on.

2: Start setting it up, choose your language, connect to the Wi-Fi network.

3: On the iPhone Setup page, select Restore from iCloud copy

4: Sign in to your iCloud account. (Enter your Apple ID and password.) and press Next

5: Choose the latest backup from the list and enter your iCloud password (if needed)

Depending on how much data will be downloaded, including music and apps, it will take a while. Be within Wi-Fi range as much as possible to speed up the process.

Your iPhone can get very hot during the process, as well as the battery drains a lot during the restore. No need to worry, after restore, the temperature will be normal.

Transfer your data from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud |how to copy data from iPhone to iPhone

Transfer all data from iPhone to iPhone

So, you have two Apple smartphones: one that has information on it, and one that you need to download it to. In such a situation, it is rational to use the backup function, which can be used to transfer all the data from one phone to another. But first you need to create a backup. You can either do it with your computer using iTunes, or with iCloud, a cloud storage service.

Next, how you install the backup will depend on whether you install it via iTunes or the cloud-based iCloud service. However, it is worth noting that there is an alternative solution, which we will consider in the first place.

How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone

Tenorshare iCareFone

With the help of specialized software you can create backups of all the information, multimedia files and app data stored on your iPhone, save them to your computer and then restore/transfer them to the same or another phone. One of the available representatives of this segment is iCareFone from the developers of Tenorshare, which we will use to solve the problem from the title of the article.

Backup creation

Note: If the “Trust this computer” popup appears, unlock the phone screen and answer affirmatively by tapping “Trust”.

Notice! Tenorshare iCareFone provides an unlimited number of backups, and any of them will be available for restoration.

Restore from backup

    Similarly to the first two steps of the previous instruction, start the application, connect your iPhone to the PC, and go to the “Backup & restore” tab.

Notice the following! If the backup is password-protected you will need to enter it to proceed to the next step.

Please note! Tenorshare iCareFone lets you restore to your iPhone only photos, videos, music, messages and contacts, bookmarks and notes (the appropriate notification will appear in the program interface).


With the advent of iCloud, most users practically no longer need to connect their smartphone to their computer because even a backup copy can be stored in the cloud instead of iTunes.

    To install a backup from iCloud, you need to completely clear your smartphone of content and settings. Therefore, if the second smartphone already contains any data, perform deletion.


It’s easier to back up your devices through iTunes, because you don’t have to perform a data deletion beforehand.

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Please excuse me for asking a silly question, perhaps, but I still have to ask: Is it possible on an iPhone that has some music and, most importantly, ringtones, to REMOVE music from a computer that this iPhone has not previously been connected to, WITHOUT LOSING the music information? The simple fact is that the laptop through which all my iPhones have been synced for years has been stolen. It turns out that now the only thing left is to “friend” the phone with a new computer, but I did not want to lose everything that has accumulated there for so many years Simply put: there is a need to add new music to the existing music, through the same new computer. Thanks in advance for the answer. I hope I more or less stated the essence of my difficult question)

Good afternoon. The best way out in this situation would be to use iTools. With it you can either: a) just transfer music and ringtones to iPhone from computer; b) initially copy music and ringtones through iTools to computer and then re-sync old content new songs/ringtones through iTunes. No music or ringtones will be lost in this case.

Info about how to download/download music to iPhone via iTools can be found here. There’s also a lot of information on other ways to download music to your iPhone, might be useful.

Thank you so much for such a quick and detailed reply. Can you tell me exactly where to read about iTools) I can’t seem to get my bearings here. Sorry. And thanks in advance.

transfer, information, iphone

Oh, and another question: you do not need to install jailbreak to use iTools? You really don’t want to


The built-in cloud service iCloud allows you to store any data added to the iPhone, including photos. When transferring photos from one iPhone to another, it is convenient to use this standard service.

    First, check if you have iCloud photo sync enabled. To do this open the settings of your smartphone. Choose your account at the top of the window.

These are the basic ways you can transfer photos to another iPhone. If you know any other more convenient solutions that aren’t in the article, be sure to share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

If you need to transfer data from one iPhone to another, if you are a novice user and have little or no PC skills, then use iCloud. Cloud storage allows you to transfer the necessary data, if you have free space in the cloud.

The information on the phone is more than can hold the cloud, and to buy additional space is not desirable? No Apple ID? Then use iTunes or an analogue with a suitable interface.

As a convenient alternative to iTunes, recovery software will also work. These utilities will allow you to extract data from a damaged device. Choose what data you want to restore and not save all of them.

If you still have questions, then in the block below “User Комментарии и мнения владельцев” you can ask the author a question, leave a comment or share your experience. We will try to answer.