How to transfer files from Android to iPhone

How to transfer data from Android to iOS? Instruction from Yabko

Hello, welcome to the family of Apple fans! Have you got a brand new gadget from the corporation with Cupertino and ready to transfer all the data from your Android device? It’s simple, Yabko’s team has prepared the most simple guide for you.

Make sure the number of files you plan to move will fit exactly on your new iPhone or iPad.

If you have already set up the device, you need to erase the data and start the whole process over again. If you do not want to erase data from your iOS device, there is an option to manually transfer data.

Note! If a message about the completion of the process appears on your Android device, do nothing. until the loading indicator on iOS devices is fully loaded.

Check again if all the required data has been transferred. Music, books and PDF files need to be transferred separately to download applications, games and programs that you need. go to the App Store.


  • Charge both devices.
  • Connect phones to Wi-Fi.
  • Check if your iPhone has enough memory to move all data from your old phone, including Micro SD.

Automatically transfer data from Android to iPhone

Move to iOS lets you transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, mail accounts, and calendars to iPhone. If your old phone has free apps available on both Google Play and the App Store, you can transfer them to your new device as well.

If you want to transfer bookmarks from Chrome, please update the browser on your Android device to the latest version!

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Sometimes even the most outspoken opponents of the Apple brand go over to the apple side. You can transfer data from Android to iPhone as quickly and painlessly as possible in just a matter of minutes. Follow our instructions.

Final setting

Attention! PDFs, e-books, and music are not automatically migrated. These files need to be copied manually.

Synchronizing devices

If this isn’t your first time turning on your iPhone and you’ve set it up before, you’ll need to factory reset and clear all data to automatically transfer data. “Settings” → “General” → “Reset” → “Erase Content and Settings”. If you do not want to do this, you will have to copy the data manually.

  • Run “Move to iOS” on your Android device, click “Continue” and accept the terms of the program.
  • In the “Code Search” window that appears, click “Next”.
  • On iPhone, at the “Transfer from Android” step, click “Continue”.
  • A 10- or 6-digit code should appear on the screen.
  • Enter the code on your Android smartphone.
  • Open the appeared menu “Data transfer”.

To make everything go smoothly

✓ While the data is being copied, do not receive calls on the phones (you can turn off the mobile connection).

✓ Do not close the “Move to iOS” app on your Android device.

✓ Wi-Fi connectivity can be affected by programs such as Sprint Connections Optimizer or Smart Switching Networks. Disable them if data transfer fails.

✓ If some programs do not appear on your new iPhone, open the App Store and download them manually.

✓ If the iPhone runs out of memory while downloading, the process will have to start over. To do this, you will need to delete everything on your iOS device. And on Android, select data that does not exceed the amount of free space on the new phone.

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone Manually?

If for some reason you cannot use the “Move to iOS” program, for example, you do not want to roll back to the iPhone’s factory settings, you can transfer data manually.

To transfer your mailboxes, contacts and calendars, add email accounts:

  • “Settings” → “Passwords and accounts”.
  • Click “Add Account” and select your mail service.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Click “Next” and add the necessary data from your account, for example, contacts or calendars.
  • Click “Save”.
  • If your mail service is not in the list of accounts, click “Other” → “New account”.
  • Write the name, email address, password and description of the account.
  • Click “Next” → then “Finish” after everything is set up.

In order to manually transfer photos and videos to iPhone, you need:

  • Connect your Android device to your computer and copy all the files you need to it.

Healthy! On your Mac, install Android File Transfer, open it and navigate to DCIM → Camera.

  • Transfer photos and videos from computer to iPhone using iTunes (for Windows) or Finder (for macOS Catalina).
  • After synchronization, all images will be in the “Photos” → “Albums”.

Likewise, you can also transfer music, books, PDF files and other documents to iPhone through your computer.

If your documents are stored on services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, simply download the app you want from the App Store and sign in to your account.

Healthy! All your files and ZIP archives stored on your phone, including cloud services, appear in the Files app. To use files on any device, use the iCloud Drive service. With it, you can create folders, make changes, add new files. Edits are synced across all devices using iCloud Drive.

So, if you followed this instruction, then you can be congratulated on your new iPhone! You will not have to get used to iOS for a long time, because the system is thought out to the smallest detail, ergonomic, intuitively simple and convenient. You will soon be convinced of this, and a few simple data transfer manipulations will simplify the process of switching to a new smartphone.

Transferring data using the official Apple program

In this way, you can transfer the following data: message history, photos, videos, mail accounts and calendar, bookmarks from the Internet. If, through your negligence or for another reason, you lost your photos when transferring data, this article will help you restore them.

Learn how to transfer contacts to iPhone here

  • First, open the Apps & Data tab on your iPhone.
  • Next, select “Transfer data from Android”
  • Now, open the Move to iOS program on your Android smartphone. Read the terms of its use, after which, accept them, click “next” and click the “Search code” button in the upper right corner
  • Again on your iPhone, click the “Continue” button, then wait until the code appears on the screen. Your old phone may receive a notification about poor quality of the Internet connection, do not pay attention to this message.
  • We enter the received code on our old Android device until the data transfer tab appears
  • Now select the data you want to transfer. Even if on Android there is a message about the completion of the transfer process, wait until the download bar on the other device is full. Otherwise, the transfer attempt will fail.
  • After the transfer is complete, click on the “done” tab on your Android device.
  • Next, on the other device, click on the “Next” button and follow the further instructions.

Ready! To transfer music, books, documents, you will need to use the following methods, which are described below. Since the transfer of these files is done manually.

Important! During the entire transfer process, do not open other applications or use the phone, you cannot even receive incoming calls, as this interferes with the transfer process and the data will not be transferred to the new phone.

Do not use the software during the transfer, which affects the quality of the Internet signal and which selects the Internet speed.

Transfer data Android to iPhone 2020

Mobile Internet must be disabled on the Android smartphone. If other failures occur during data transfer, just restart the two phones and repeat the above algorithm.

Check before transferring how much free space is left on your new phone, otherwise not all files will fit and the transfer will be incomplete! To free up memory on your phone, you can use a cleaner that removes junk from your device and makes it run faster.

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone (2 Free Ways)

How to transfer programs

To do this, install the programs that were on your old phone through the Apple Store on your iPhone. Ready

How to transfer books and pdf files

If you read books in a certain application where you have an account, you just need to download this application on your new phone, log into the account, after which all your books will be available to you.

If the method described above does not suit you, you can transfer all books and pdf files manually!

  • Connect your Android smartphone to your computer and after that, find the necessary files in the “Documents” folder. If these files are not there, look for them in other folders.
  • Select the required files for transportation and place them in a new folder on your computer.
  • Next, we connect the new phone to the PC, and the Android device can be disconnected from the computer.
  • Open the “Books” section in the iTunes application on the PC and drag all the files from the folder that we created earlier.
  • Now, in the same tab, sync all files. Then you can use them on your phone

How to transfer documents

If you store your documents on cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., just download this cloud to your new phone, sign in and access your documents.

If not, you will have to transfer them manually using the same PC.

  • Install the following apps on iPhone: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
  • Connect your old phone to your computer, find your documents in a similar folder and transfer to PC
  • Next, on a PC, you need to sync your documents with your iOS device.
  • Next, contact Support Apple for help on successful document migration

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Some users, after switching from an Android smartphone to an iPhone, face one problem. transferring data from an old phone to a new iPhone. Many people just don’t know how to do it. Therefore, in this article, we will analyze how to transfer data from Android smartphone to iPhone.

Transfer Music from Android to iPhone

To do this, you need a PC with iTunes installed. If you are using another program to play music, download it to your PC and sign in to your account.

  • Connect your Android device to your PC. Then find your music there.
  • We select the tracks to transfer and transfer to a specific folder on the PC, so that it can then be easily found (create a new folder)
  • Next, we disconnect the phone from the PC and connect another device to which you need to receive these files
  • Turn on iTunes on PC and go to the “Music” section
  • Now, drag the songs from the newly created music folder on the PC to the open section of the iTunes application.
  • Next, on the iPhone, open the same tab in the application as on the computer, after which we sync our music. Now you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs on your new phone

Transferring data using a third-party application

If you don’t want to use the first method or if you have any problems with it, we suggest using a third-party data transfer application called AnyTrans from iMobile.

This application has a number of additional features and supports not only Android and iPhone platforms, but also supports macOS and Windows. This allows you to transfer data not only between phones, but also between PCs.

Here, you can transfer not only those files that are available for transfer in the first method, but you can also transfer the cache of different applications and even ringtones!

  • Open the Springboard window and then click on the iOS icon.
  • Now click on the “Content to iOS” section
  • Next, select the files you want to transfer, after which the transfer process will begin.

Transferring contacts

It is very easy to transfer contacts, go to the standard contacts / phonebook application on your Android phone. Click on the ellipsis icon at the top right of the screen to open the settings. And select the import and export item there.

We need to export contacts in the VCF file format, then we will transfer it to the iPhone. Do this by clicking on the appropriate items.

The file will be saved on a flash drive or phone memory, you can find it through any file manager. information about the location will be displayed. Transfer it by mail, Bluetooth or other means to iPhone.

As soon as the iPhone receives the file, it will immediately ask you whether to import contacts or not, answer yes and the phone book will be copied.

Important! In detail with pictures and all other methods, read the material. how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone.

Transferring the photo

The easiest way to transfer photos to a new iPhone is using cloud storage applications, the same Google Photo or One Drive.

Install Google Photo from Google Play on your Android smartphone, follow the instructions and wait for full sync. Immediately after that, the pictures will be available from any device, you can even view them directly from your PC at.

On iPhone, install Google Photos from the App Store and log in with your own account, the photos will start syncing and you can watch them from your phone.

Important! The rest of the possible options for transferring photos are described in detail in the material. how to transfer photos from android to iPhone.

How to transfer apps from Android to iPhone

There is no way to transfer applications directly. But, almost everything that is in Google Play is also in the App Store. Just search by name. You can also look at analogs, in some cases they can be much better.

Open Google Play, go to My Apps & Games and go to Installed. Just rewrite what you want on your iPhone.

Therefore, if you delete data from your old phone, first rewrite the list of your applications so that you know which ones to download later.

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone: All the Best Ways

Transferring data from Android to iPhone is a popular and important topic for many users of mobile devices. when changing your device to a new mobile OS. you need to transfer everything that was on the old device.

So that there are no problems and the transition is as fast as possible, it is important to know how to transfer all data from Android to iPhone correctly, so that everything immediately works as it should and without problems.

In the previous article, we took a closer look at how to transfer all data from android to Android. Today you will find out in all details and with pictures, the best ways to transfer all information from android to iPhone as simply and quickly as possible.

Important! Information can be transferred from any Android device, it can be a smartphone or a tablet. Regardless of its brand: Samsung, Honor, Xiaomi, Huawei or whatever. Everything is done according to one instruction.

Transferring Data from Android to iPhone

First of all, it is worth using the method that Apple itself recommends to switch to their products from Android devices. Ideal for use on new iPhones or after a factory reset.

Interesting! Keep in mind that it will be possible to transfer data from Android to iPhone 11 100%, but the Android version must be at least 4, and the iPhone itself must be at least 5.

Important! Only the first method is suitable to transfer all the data at once, in other cases they will have to be transferred separately, the same contacts and photos.

Move to iOS. transfer all data at once

It is important that both phones are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and there is free space on the iPhone for all data to be transferred. On your Android device, install the official Apple app. Move to iOS from Google Play.

Turn on the iPhone and during its initial setup, go to “Programs and Data” and indicate that you want to transfer data from the Android OS, then go to the screen with entering the code.

On your Android device, open the settings and go to the section with wireless networks. remove / disable the current network. Then connect to the one that the iPhone created, it will be immediately visible. Network password. its name.

Important! You can, of course, not delete the network and try with the same one to which you are already connected, but a connection error may occur.

Launch the app and enter the code from the iPhone. A window will appear where you need to select what you want to transfer. make these items active and start the process. Leave the phones on until the carry lights are dimmed on both phones.

At the end, just click “Finish” on your Android smartphone and proceed with setting up your iPhone.

Important! Also, you can simply reset your iPhone to factory settings and do the same operation. So all the data will be transferred and it will be easiest to start using the new device. Go to “Settings”. “General” and erase the content and settings, then follow the instructions above.

So quickly and most importantly, you can simply copy basic information from your old device to a new one running iOS. Everything is done as simple and easy as possible.

It is easier for users who switch from Android to Pndroid in this regard. Absolutely all applications can be transferred to this OS, while maintaining accounts.

But if you decide to switch from Android to iPhone, then you are forced to disappoint. Applications can NOT be transferred in ANY way. After all, these are completely different operating systems.

Suddenly, after this phrase, “damn it, I don’t remember the passwords” appeared in your head. do not rush to get upset and give up. Passwords are recovered in seconds, so GO TO BATTLE.

Transfer photos using Google account

All Android users know the program for storing photos. Google Photo. This utility is designed for storing, editing, sharing photos and videos.

And fortunately, the iPhone gives permission to use this program on iOS, which greatly simplifies the user’s life. After all, you can not only save time while transferring data, but also win valuable gigabytes of memory.

Download the application “Google photos”, enter your account and wait for a while. It will pull up all the photos and in the future, if the Internet is available, you can download absolutely any photo without problems.

How to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone?

Unfortunately, this will be a disappointment for users, but you cannot transfer music to iPhone.

The only option is to download it again.

transfer, files, android, iphone

Well, or, as an option, resort to the help of Telegrams. Upload audio to chat from one smartphone, and download these files from iPhone.

Naturally, it will take time, but so you can continue to enjoy your favorite tracks without obstacles.

How to transfer absolutely all data from Android to iPhone?

Transferring ABSOLUTELY everything from one smartphone to the second is impossible.

At the very least, you can’t transfer apps from Android to iOS.

But you can easily, in a few minutes, be able to transfer: contacts, SMS histories, images, bookmarks from the Internet, accounts, mail and calendar.

Now every article on the Internet talks about the Move to iOS app (Apple’s official app).

Program for transferring data from phone to phone

Feedback on the program for data transfer

If the Move to iOS application does not work for you. we have an alternative! Shareit is a free application for transferring files between devices.

You just need to install this program on both devices and then follow the instructions.

Sherit Data Transfer Software

How to Transfer All Photos from Android to iPhone Quickly?

You can transfer all photos from Android to iOS, in a minimum amount of time, in several ways.

How to copy all your data from Android to iPhone ?

Buying a new smartphone is a crucial step. And if you decide on it, then be prepared to spend a little time transferring all the data.

over, if we are talking about the transition from Android to iPhone.

These are completely different phones and operating systems, so some difficulties may arise.

In this article, you can find answers and step-by-step instructions for transferring data from one OS to another.

Complete Guide to Send Files from Android to iPhone Effectively

“I just got my new iPhone X and it performs better than my old Android phone; however I don’t know how to transfer files from Android to iPhone, please help “.

It used to be very difficult to switch from Android to iPhone because iPhone uses a closed system and rejects data from Android phone.

Third-party apps that are compatible with both Android and iPhone are enough to smoothly move data from Android to iPhone.

This page brings together top 3 ways to help you transfer files from Android to iPhone with SHAREit, cloud service and phone transfer. Supported data such as text messages, contacts, photos, music and other files.

  • How to transfer files from Android to iPhone via WI-FI with SHAREit (wirelessly)
  • How to Send Files from Android to iPhone via Cloud Service (No Computer)
  • How to transfer files from Android to iPhone immediately (without internet)
  • Frequently asked questions about transferring files from Android to iPhone

How to Send Files from Android to iPhone via Cloud Service (No Computer)

Another option for moving files from Android to iPhone. cloud service. You need to back up data from Android phone to cloud services and sync Google backup to iPhone.

It supports Android 4.1 or later and iOS 8 or later and keeps the same Google account on your Android phone and iPhone for file transfer.

Data Supported: Photos, Audio, Video and Documents.

Download the Google Drive app from Google Play and install it on your old Android phone. Sign in to your Google account, click the “Menu” button with the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, and then select “Create”.

Step 2. Click Upload in the menu list, Google Drive will open the file manager and allow you to view the data you need to transfer.

For example, if you want to transfer photos, go to the Gallery app. Rename the file or keep the original one and click OK to upload the file to Google Drive.

Step 3. Next, unlock your iPhone, open the Google Drive app after installation from the App Store, sign in to the Google account you used to download the files to your Android phone. You can now navigate to folders and view Android data on iPhone.

To download photos and videos from Google Drive to iPhone, find the one you want, click the three-dot icon below the image, select Send a copy, and then click Save Image. The photo will then go to your camera roll.

Google has a file size limit for data storage, 15GB free for each account.

When you sync Google data to iPhone, existing data will be overwritten with Google backup.

How to transfer files from Android to iPhone immediately (without internet)

If you want to get fast transfer speeds and keep your iPhone data safe, just use the latter method using iPhone Transfer.

It will help you transfer data from Android phone and organize received files to iPhone in an orderly way.

Data Supported: Photos, Contacts, Video and Audio.

Move data from Android to iPhone in one click.

Don’t interrupt existing data on iPhone.

Fast file transfer between Android and iPhone.

Works for iPhone XS / XR / X / 8/7/6, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, etc.

Great, right? Just check the steps to send files from Android to iPhone.

Start Phone Transfer

Download and install the right version of the best phone transferring app to your computer depending on your operating system. Connect both Android phones and iPhone to the computer with original USB cords. Launch Phone Transfer so it can detect your devices.

Make sure your iPhone is defined as the “Target Device” and your Android phone appears in the “Source Device” area. If not, click the Toggle button to fix it. There are three options: Contacts, Photos and Media. Check all of them or the data types you want. And uncheck “Delete selected data on target device before copying” to protect existing data on iPhone.

Transfer from Android to iPhone

When you’re ready, click the Start Copy button to start transferring data from Android to iPhone. After that, disconnect both smartphones from the computer.

This tool does not transfer applications. You can refer to this page to transfer apps from Android to iPhone.

How to transfer files from Android to iPhone via WI-FI with SHAREit (wirelessly)

SHAREit. it is a free application that allows you to exchange files and folders between smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

To use it, you just need to run this app on both devices and connect the same local Wi-Fi on both devices.

Now let’s check how your Android to iPhone data transfer works.

Data Supported: Any documents, photos, music, videos and applications.

Go to the App Store and Google Play to download this app on both devices separately. Or just visit its official page to download this app, install and launch it immediately.

Send data from Android

Turn on the same Wi-Fi connection on both devices. On an Android phone, tap Send to select the types of files you want to transfer and Next to see a radar-like screen and find your iPhone’s name.

Receive data on iPhone

On your iPhone, tap “Get” on the iPhone screen to save the data to iPhone.

You will then find the repository of the received files in the My Files folder on the home screen of this application. They are located in different folders depending on the file type.

You need to reconnect the Internet for a new translation.

Transmission speed depends on Wi-Fi environment, distance between two phones, memory card reading speed, or phone working status.

Frequently asked questions about transferring files from Android to iPhone

Can I send files via Bluetooth from Android to iPhone?

Apple does not allow non-Apple devices to exchange files with their products using Bluetooth. This means you cannot transfer files from Android device to iPhone using Bluetooth.

How to Import Contacts from Android to iPhone via Google Account?

On your Android phone, go to Settings Account Add Account, then select Google and enter your Gmail username and password. As soon as your Android phone connects to the Wi-Fi network, contacts will be automatically saved to Google Contacts. Next, you need to set up Google on your iPhone. Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi, and then go to Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendars on iOS 9 and earlier, or Settings Mail on iOS 10 and later. Click “Add Account”, select “Google” and enter the same Gmail credentials. Turn on the data type of contacts and they will be imported to your iPhone.

How to Send Large Video from Android to iPhone without Losing Quality?

To Send Large Videos You can try MobieTrans to help you move videos from Android to iPhone without losing quality. Also, you can use it to backup videos between iOS devices, Android phone and computer, or transfer videos, music, photos, etc. directly from Android to iPhone.

Can I Airdrop from Android to iPhone?

You can use Airdrop to share files between iOS devices, but you cannot Airdrop from one Android device to iPhone.

In this tutorial, we will share the best ways to transfer files from Android to iPhone in 3. You can use SHAREit to send photos, videos, music, apps and documents from Android to iPhone; you can move media and documents using Google Drive; However, you can use Phone Transfer to copy media, contacts and photos from Android to iPhone. For the latter two methods, you need to endure slow speed and data overwriting, and the latter is better because it allows for fast and safe transfer from Android to iPhone. Pick your favorite and get what you want.

iTunes. how to move data from iPhone to iPhone

First of all, it’s better to install the latest version of iTunes, connect your old iPhone, iPad and iPod to your computer via USB cable.

Open iTunes by holding down the iPhone button in the menu.

In the help that appears, click “Create a copy now” and the backup is done.

Start a new iPhone 8, select Russian language, connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Then open “Settings”, click on “Restore from iTunes copy”, and the backup file is restored to a new iPhone.

How to Import Data from iPhone to Android

Sometimes you need to transfer data from iPhone to Android, now 5 ways will help you make the transition from iOS to Android.

transfer, files, android, iphone

Transfer to iOS

To successfully transfer files from Android to iOS 11 using the Transfer to iOS app, the following conditions must be met:

  • The iPhone must be running iOS 11, and Android must be at least 4.0;
  • All programs affecting the functioning of the Wi-Fi module should be stopped or completely removed;
  • There must be enough free space on the iPhone for new data;
  • The batteries on the devices need to be fully charged;
  • Even a phone call can interrupt copying, so on smartphones it is better to temporarily disable incoming calls by activating airplane mode.

Download and install the application, then launch it. click “Continue” and then read and agree to the terms.

While setting up iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad as a new device, stop at the Apps and Data step and select Move Data from Android.

In the “Find the code” window, click “Next”, thereby activating the synchronization of mobile devices. And you can transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, bookmarks, Google accounts and calendar entries. This data may differ depending on the Android device.

After the data transfer process is complete, you can proceed with setting up your iPhone or iPad.

This application, which was released by Apple, is the easiest way to reload most of the files. Recommended for users with phone data.

Export data from iPhone to Android via Gmail

To export data from iPhone 7 to Android smartphone via Google service, you need to log into your Gmail account and synchronize information.

Go to the settings and in the “Mail, addresses, calendars” section, select “Add account”.

Enter your google account data and click on. Indicate the necessary items to be synchronized. The information will be transferred to your device.

Using iTunes

You can transfer files from Android to iPhone 7, in addition to the above method, through iTunes.

First, you need to connect Android to your computer and copy all the music, picture, and video you want. Next, you need to switch your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. To move music, go to the “Music” tab, mark the appropriate items and specify the path to the directory where the files are stored. And click “Apply”, thereby activating the copying procedure.

iTunes can quickly transfer a note, contacts, music, video, photo to a new iPhone. The advantage is that iTunes is free. But problems. you need to install iTunes on your computer.

Transfer notes from iPhone to Android using yandex

Plus, there is one option. service “Yandex.Move”, is an addition to the cloud storage “Disk”. It can copy data from iPhone, iPad, iPod to a cloud service, and off from the cloud to Android, the two devices exchange files through this method.

Install Yandex.Disk on iPhone. Set up a username, password from the account, click the “Next” button. Information will be moved to the cloud service.

Enter the same required data into the disk. And open Yandex.Move, go to the “Settings” section, click “Move from phone to phone”.

Write the previously generated code, tap “Start transfer“.

Google Cloud Storage

You can use Google to sync contacts, notes, calendars, and other important information on iPhone 8. This is done in the following steps.

Open Settings, select Accounts and Google. Then click the Synchronize Contacts button. Then we will transfer all data from Android phone to Google cloud service.

Then there will be an extraction from the Google cloud storage on the iPhone. Open the settings on your iPhone, then go to the Mail, Addresses, Calendars menu item. Here click Add Account, and CardDAV Account. Enter your Server, User and Password. And finally press Forward, the list of data is transferred. Now all the information from the Android phone is on the iPhone 8.

This method is performed without a computer, it can be done only on the phone, and there is no need for subsequent saving on one or several devices, which significantly saves time.