How To Transfer Data From Samsung To Computer

Mi Mover. a convenient and easy tool

To transfer data to a Xiaomi smartphone, it is best to use the proprietary utility Mi Mover, which differs in a concise, clear interface and fairly wide functionality.

IMPORTANT! With this application, you can transfer information from any device on Android only to the Xiaomi device, but not vice versa!

The whole process of moving can be carried out very quickly, in just a few steps:

  • On the Samsung smartphone, install the Mi Mover program through the Play Market. It is already preinstalled on the “Chinese”, you can find it by going through the Settings → System and Device → Advanced Settings → Mi Mover.
  • On both devices, turn on Wi-Fi and launch the application.
  • On the new mobile phone to which the transfer will be carried out, tap on the icon “I am the recipient”. The QR code appears on the display, which you want to scan with the “old” Samsung device.
  • In the list of data that can be transferred to a new gadget, it is possible to select SMS, contacts and applications. The information transfer process is fully automated, no user intervention is required.
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IMPORTANT! Photos, audio and files, documents and other user information will not be transferred, it is better to copy it to a memory card in advance or upload it to the cloud service.

CloneIT. a free and functional tool

If Mi Muver’s capabilities are not enough, you can use software from third-party developers. There are a lot of similar applications and features in the Play Market. We recommend resorting to CLONEit. The program can transfer twelve types of data to a new smartphone, including contacts and messages, a log of all calls, installed applications, files of all formats on a microSD card. Calendar, system settings, including accounts, passwords, etc. can also be copied.

IMPORTANT! Before you start working with the program on one of your smartphones, you need to create a Wi-Fi access point, the second gadget must connect to it.

To successfully copy information from a Samsung device to a Xiaomi mobile phone, you need to do the following manipulations:

  • Download CLONEit in the Play Market and install it on both gadgets;
  • turn on the application on the Samsung smartphone and press the “Sender” button. On the Xiaomi device, note that this device will become the recipient;
  • after both smartphones see each other, click “Connect”;
  • mark the types of data that you want to move;
  • tap on the Start icon.
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IMPORTANT! Before deleting data on an old mobile phone, be sure to check that the process has passed correctly and that all information has been copied successfully. No application is immune from errors!

Do not be afraid of change!

Smartphones become obsolete very quickly; in the modern world, mobile devices lose their relevance within a year or two from the moment they enter the market. Do not use an outdated gadget because of concerns about migrating to a new device. Literally in a few simple steps, the “new thing” can be adapted for you. As you can see, the user does not need any special knowledge and complex actions, the software performs almost all the work completely independently.

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How to Transfer Data From Samsung to Computer