How to Transfer Data from Honor to Xiaomi

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How to download photos from Honor / Huawei phone to computer via cord

How to Transfer Data from Honor to Xiaomi

First, let’s look at how to transfer a photo from Huawei to a computer in the classic way. For this we need a standard USB cable. We connect a mobile gadget and a stationary computer or laptop. Wait until the corresponding notification is displayed on the smartphone screen. Next, you need to select the mode in which the interaction between the devices occurs. In our case, this is file transfer. When we select the desired item, the PC also signals that a new medium has been found.

Next, we act according to the algorithm:

  • open “My Computer”;
  • there we find the phone folder;
  • we open it;
  • select the components to be duplicated on the computer;
  • drag them or select them and right-click on “Copy”;
  • insert into the desired storage;
  • if the files are large, you need to wait for the transfer process to complete.

The operation usually takes 1-2 minutes. When finished, close all windows and safely remove your phone.

How to Transfer Photos from Huawei and Honor to Computer: Step by Step Guide

How to upload photos to a computer with Honor and Huawei? There are several options for transporting files. And these skills are needed by almost every modern user of advanced gadgets. Backups, ordinary storage, lack of space on the phone. these are not all circumstances that require the skill to transfer photos, videos, music or APK to PC.

How to upload photos from an Honor phone to a computer via HiSuite

This method involves the use of third-party software. Using HiSuite, you will have to install a utility of the same name, which will allow you to copy files from the internal and external drives of your smartphone and place them on your computer or laptop. The uniqueness of the utility is that data from a mobile and stationary device can be synchronized in real time.

Works on both Android OS and Windows operating system. When you install the application, you will have access to the following information:

  • phone book contacts;
  • calendar, reminders, important dates, appointments;
  • files in explorer;
  • the ability to create new backups and view existing ones.

It is possible to download HiSuite both on the official website of the developer company and on the Google Play web resource. There they are presented fully functional and free from viruses. If you download hacked versions of the application, you risk losing your data and getting a virus.

Transfer photos via Huawei Share over Wi-FI

As of 2020, in the digital world, there is another way to transfer photos from Honor to computer. through the SHAREit app. It is supported on almost all phone models. To transfer files:

  • download and install the required software;
  • copy the files to the memory card;
  • insert the SD media into the card reader;
  • activate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC on a PC or laptop;
  • agree with the connection on both devices;
  • go through authorization.

The software is convenient in that even beginners can figure it out. It works for free. When downloading, also be guided by the fact that only official sources will help you not to pick up virus components. If on some sites they offer to download the program for money, do not get fooled. These can be scammers, because the application is officially free and is in the public domain.

How to upload photos from an Honor phone to a computer via HiSuite ?

Using a special program will not only allow you to perform common tasks, but also get access to contacts, notes, applications and other files.

Modern models suggest that the phone memory is displayed as SD-drives. This way you can copy all the files

You can transfer photos from Honor to your computer using the special utility HiSuite. allowing you to perform more operations than using standard features.

Designed by Huawei. Allows you to easily sync your smartphone (Android OS) with a PC (W indows OS)

After installing the application, the user has free access to managing any data: contacts, calendar, backups.

How to transfer photos from Huawei and Honora to a computer: step by step

There are several options to upload photos from Honor and Huawei to your computer. The option is necessary in many cases: if you want to share certain files with another person, or if you need to free up memory, you can drop all media files and documents to another gadget. Despite the fact that manufacturers are constantly improving the parameters of smartphones and offer options with more possibilities than in previous models. PCs are better at saving data than mobiles. Especially considering that photos and videos take up the most space.

How to download photos from Honor / Huawei phone to computer via cord?

Transferring photos from Huawei to your computer is easy with the U SB-cord. provided with the Honor phone After the user connects the smartphone to the PC using a special cable, the system will search the PC for drivers that will allow transferring (downloading) files between the two devices. If the actions did not start automatically, then the drivers can be found on the manufacturer’s official website.

File transfer via USB cable. the ability to quickly exchange information between different gadgets.

In order to view files that have recently been transferred by the user, two simplified options are offered. as they say, for dummies:

  • use PC Manager. by clicking on “My Phone” Allow the PC system to read the technical information. Completion of the necessary actions is displayed on the display of the mobile;
  • click on the PC Manager icon. selecting “Recent Documents”

Transferring photos via Huawei Share via Wi.FI

Before proceeding with the implementation of this option, configure the device: turn on Wi-Fi To do this, download the SHAREit application. which is supported by most models.

To implement this method, copy the files to the memory card (creating a separate folder for convenience) and insert it into the card reader. the device can be either built into the gadget or be a removable mechanism.

You can use the dedicated Android app. Huawei Share

But first, connect your smartphone and PC. To do this, follow these steps step by step:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on a PC or laptop. but first check that it is set to background mode;
  • turn on NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth;
  • point the NFC sensor area to the Huawei Share icon on the laptop;
  • confirm the user’s consent to connect; perform the same actions on the PC. click on “Authorization”.

The program does not create difficulties even for a person who does not have much experience in using various gadgets. But it quickly solves a number of tasks for exchanging data and transferring them to another device. this is especially true if the purchased smartphone does not provide the ability to connect a memory card. And if it is not very convenient for the user to use the application, there is a classic way. just connect the devices with a cord.

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How to Transfer Contacts from Honor or Huawei to Xiaomi?

If the methods described above, for some reason, turned out to be inaccessible for copying data, users will have to look for other solutions to understand how to transfer data from Honor to Xiaomi Phone owners are able to:

  • use your Google account;
  • use Bluetooth or Wi. Fi;
  • transfer contacts using an external drive or flash drive.

It is important to emphasize that there are other file transfer methods, including third-party applications, but the ones suggested above stand out for their simplicity, versatility, and security.

Transferring Data to Xiaomi via Phone Clone

The main drawback of the service described above is that data retrieval is available only on smartphones with the MIUI operating system installed. and sending is only allowed from Android devices. Phone Clone has no such drawbacks and can be used on any mobile device, including iPhones. To use the program, you will need:

  • install the application on both devices;
  • open the program and select the “old” and “new” phone, depending on where the files are being sent;
  • scan a QR code or establish a wi. fi connection using a password;
  • select files that need to be transferred;
  • start transfer procedure.

It is important to emphasize that using the described approach will not incur traffic consumption, so users do not have to worry that sending contacts will result in additional costs.

Method via Bluetooth or Wi. Fi

The second option is even simpler, since it will require the use of services and functions already installed on the phone:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • the first step is to enable Bluetooth devices on devices or connect them to a shared Wi. Fi network;
  • then you need to enter the contacts and click on the “control” button;
  • in the list of available actions that opens on Huawei, select export, indicating the preferred communication method;
  • after which it remains to establish a connection between smartphones and allow the transfer of the phone book.

The transfer time depends on the amount of information transferred and takes from one to five minutes.

How to transfer data from Honor / Huawei to Xiaomi via Mi Mover ?

Mi Mover is a service for transferring files to Xiaomi. At the same time, the phone from which the information is sent can be anything, the main thing is that it has Android. To use the service, you have to:

  • download and install the program on both phones;
  • launch the application and press the “send” and “receive” buttons on each device;
  • scan the QR code by the phone sending contacts (the code will appear on the second smartphone);
  • after establishing a connection between the devices, it remains to select the files that you want to send;
  • and start the transfer process.

The receiving time depends on the number and size of the transferred files. In this case, only the phone book, applications, call log and message history are allowed to be sent.

How to Transfer Data from Honor / Huawei to Xiaomi

How to transfer data from Honor / Huawei to Xiaomi is a rather specific question, since it may only interest the owners of the mentioned phone brands. But, given the widespread use of smartphones from these Chinese companies, it is becoming more and more relevant. Fortunately, both manufacturers thought about this issue and provided special programs for transferring files and phonebooks. Their use is extremely simple and will not cause any difficulties for users. The main thing is to take into account some specific nuances of the applications and study the instructions in advance. And then achieving the desired result will not cause huge difficulties.

Method using a Google account

If the user stores contacts in a Google account. you can transfer them using this account. This will require:

  • enter the smartphone settings and switch to the “accounts” section;
  • log into your own account, if this has not been done before;
  • press the “synchronize” button in the menu of available actions;
  • after which it remains to repeat the described procedure on the second device and wait until the phone book is transferred to the smartphone.

Usually, this process takes almost no time and happens instantly.

Export method to drive

The last way to transfer data from Huawei to Xiaomi involves the use of external media. Usually it turns out to be a regular memory card that is compatible with every type of smartphone. To use this approach, you need to open contacts and select the option “export to storage” from the menu, after which they will be transferred to the USB flash drive. Then it remains to rearrange the memory card and repeat the procedure, choosing instead of exporting import.

It is important to emphasize that people who are afraid of data loss should make a backup copy of their phone book in advance. This will save the numbers in case of a sudden failure or error.

Method via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

It is also possible to manage contacts and other files via Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi hotspot. To do this, activate Bluetooth or connect to the nearest internet point. Next, go to the phone book and click on the “Manage” button, then select export and define a convenient export channel for yourself. Next, connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the new phone. The last step is to transfer. To avoid signal loss, place phones as close to each other as possible.

How to transfer data from Honor / Huawei to Xiaomi via Mi Mover

Mi Mover is a modern multifunctional software for the exchange of components between devices. It fits all phones with Android operating system. Firmware version. 4.4 and higher. To use it:

  • download the program to the old and new device;
  • install;
  • turn on;
  • on your old phone, click “Send”;
  • on a new device, click on “Receive”;
  • a barcode scanner will appear on the new smartphone, and the QR code itself will appear on the old one;
  • point Xiaomi at Honor / Huawei, scan;
  • when contact between the devices is established, select the files for transportation;
  • enable shipping.

A few tips for using Mi Mover.

How to Transfer Data from Honor and Huawei to Xiaomi Completely

How to Transfer Data from Honor / Huawei to Xiaomi? This question arises for the owners of modern gadgets when they decide to change their smartphone. And we are not talking about changing the version of the phone, but about completely replacing the company. Honor and Huawei occupy a significant niche in the cell phone market in 2020, and Xiaomi is their worthy competitor. Users face a serious choice, as both companies offer equally strong tools and features. However, if you prefer Xiaomi, you need to know how to move information from the old device to the new one.

Transferring Data to Xiaomi via Phone Clone

Phone Clone is a proprietary utility from the Chinese company Huawei. It allows you to automate the process of transferring music, videos, photos or phonebook contacts between your old and new phone. The program does not require any intervention in the transfer process. You just need to select which components to transfer. The transfer process takes just a couple of steps:

  • install your application;
  • in the device to which you need to upload the data, during registration, select “New phone”;
  • in the device from which you need to throw off the data, when registering, select “Old phone”;
  • on your old device, select the content you want to drag and drop to Android;
  • start the process;
  • wait until the end.

Do not turn off the Internet or turn off your smartphone while the Phone Clone program is running.

How to Transfer Contacts from Honor or Huawei to Xiaomi

If transferring data from Huawei to Xiaomi using the above programs did not work, or they turned out to be inconvenient for you, there are three more effective methods:

  • through your Google account;
  • via Bluetooth port or Wi-Fi connection;
  • use an external drive, hard drive, USB flash drive.

They cannot be called equivalent, since different communication channels are involved here. One is via the Internet, the other is the connection modules, the third is external storage. However, if configured correctly, the action can be performed the first time.

Method using a Google account

This option is suitable for registered Google users. If there is no account there, you can create one. It is effortless and takes a couple of minutes. Before transferring data from Honor to Xiaomi, please make sure your mobile internet connection or hotspot is stable.

  • Sign in to your Honor account.
  • Go to the “Account” sector.
  • Next, find the sync point.
  • Click on it.
  • Log in to the same account on Xiaomi.
  • There go to the “Account” sector.
  • Find “Sync” and click on it.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

Export method to drive

A standard memory card or hard drive will do. You insert SD / microSD into your phone or connect a hard drive via an adapter. Next, you throw everything from the explorer to the removable storage. Connect the USB flash drive to the new device and import the data.

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How to upload photos from an Honor phone to a computer via HiSuite

Transferring photos from Honor to your computer using HiSuite software is another convenient and fast option.

  • Downloading software HiSuite.
  • Go through authorization.
  • Next, go to the same program from your PC, find the files of interest.
  • Carry them over to yourself.

This option works on the principle of remote use. Convenient in that it is free and there are almost no ads. Trust only official sources so as not to install malicious software on your tablet or phone.

How to download photos from Honor and Huawei phones to computer via cord

If you are looking for an opportunity to transfer a photo from Huawei to a computer, then there are two options:

  • via USB cable;
  • through the HiSuite exchanger;
  • via Wi-Fi.

The easiest way is to use a USB cable. Step-by-step instruction:

  • we connect the phone to a laptop or computer;
  • open the section “My Computer” on the PC;
  • we find our phone there, most often its name is the device model;
  • go to the storage;
  • choose the place where the pack with the photo is located. internal space or external;
  • copy the necessary files from there;
  • go to the section on the PC;
  • create a folder;
  • give it a name;
  • go to this folder;
  • click “Insert”;
  • wait until all data is copied;
  • we complete the contact between the smartphone and the PC.

This technology is suitable for any phone model, since the functions of the operating system are not very different from each other.

How to Transfer Photos from Honor and Huawei to Computer: Step by Step Guide

How to quickly upload a photo to a computer with Honor and Huawei? Such search queries often arise among not very advanced digital device users who have just purchased digital gadgets. If your mobile device is low on memory, copying all content to your computer or laptop is a reliable option. Moving files is possible in several ways. wireless and wired. We will tell you more about each of them in the step-by-step instructions below.

Transfer photos via Huawei Share over Wi-FI

If the previous two options did not fit, there is another one. via Wi-Fi.

Be sure to copy your multimedia components to your memory card before transporting them. Next, we perform the actions step by step:

  • turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices in the background;
  • activate the NFC module;
  • place the NFC modules and the Huawei Share icon as close to each other as possible;
  • when the system asks for the owner’s consent to connect, confirm;
  • give confirmation on a computer or laptop.

After Wi-Fi contact is established, it is possible to start transferring. The transfer interface for Huawei Sheru is simple and accessible even for inexperienced users of the digital world. If you are not a fan of using downloaded utilities, the most convenient option is to transfer via a regular cord. For the operation to be successful, make sure that the cord and sockets are physically intact and will not disconnect during the connection.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

How to Transfer Data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi

Technology has gone far ahead and now allows you to transfer files extremely quickly from device to device. Xiaomi has several functions for this. Two of them, called Mi Drop and Mi Mover, create a bridge for transferring data between two devices via Wi-Fi modules.

In general, moving data in Xiaomi smartphones from one to another is possible in several ways: a built-in option exclusively for Xiaomi smartphones called Mi Mover, the Mi Drop program for sending data to smartphones of other brands and by transferring files through a Mi account.

QR code

To transfer information extremely easily using a QR code, you will need to use the Mi Mover option. It is available in the “Settings” section.

Next, to transfer files exclusively between Xiaomi devices, follow the steps:

  • In the “Settings” section, go to the “Advanced settings”.
  • Open the column “Mi Mover”.
  • Confirm terms of use.
  • Enter Mi Mover on the device on which you plan to receive information and click “I am a recipient”.
  • The display will immediately show a QR code.
  • It must be scanned by the smartphone from which you plan to transfer files.
  • After that, it remains to select only the sections with the information that must be transferred and wait until the end of the procedure.

Transfer from iPhone

Gmail can help you move contacts from iPhone to Xiaomi devices. For everything to go well, you need to complete several steps:

  • Turn off iCloud sync in your iPhone’s Mail settings. But so that the list of phone numbers is not deleted (for this you need to uncheck the corresponding item).
  • Set Gmail as default account in your account.
  • Sync your contacts data with Gmail.
  • Upon completion of all these steps, contacts will be directed to an email address. Then it will remain to log in from the same email address on the Xiaomi device for quick data integration into the phone book.

Transfer to SD

To copy files to memory cards via Xiaomi smartphones, you will need to use third-party software. Because there is no standard alternative.

Safe, time-tested Clean Master app will help you with this. It was created with the aim of cleaning devices from various kinds of garbage, freeing up RAM as a result of closing unused applications, as well as clearing the cache. The function of transfer to SD cards itself is auxiliary and makes it possible to move applications from the device to microSD cards.

In order to successfully carry out the procedure, you will need to launch the application, go to the “Application Manager” tab and put a checkmark in front of those applications that you plan to move to flash memory. Then touch the “Move” button and wait for the transfer procedure to complete.

Mi Drop app

The program is designed to transfer selected files. In other words, you can enter the section with music and select only those songs that you want to copy.

Unlike Mi Mover, Mi Drop allows you to reset files to smartphones of other brands. For this to happen, you need to download an application with the appropriate name from the Play Market.

The process of copying information in this way is very simple. To transfer files you will need:

  • Take the smartphone to which you plan to transfer files, activate the Wi-Fi access point in it and turn off access to mobile traffic.
  • Launch Mi Drop on the same device, select “Get”.
  • After the appearance of such a window, the smartphone can be put aside.
  • Take Xiaomi and enter “Explorer” on it.
  • Open the folder with the files you want. Mark in it those that are planned to be transferred to another smartphone and click “Send”.
  • Click on the item Mi Drop.
  • Touch the icon with the name of the detected device.
  • Confirm acceptance of downloading files on a different brand device and wait for data transfer.

At this point, the copying process will be considered complete. In this case, do not forget to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which is activated automatically, unlike an access point. On some devices, all modules are turned off automatically.

Transfer from other phone models

In other phone models, files can be transferred through proprietary applications. It’s simple, as is the case with the Mi Drop program for Xiaomi, because such utilities for the most part repeat each other and even have a similar interface.

To send files from other brands of phones to Xiaomi, you need to install the official application of the manufacturers from which you are transferring. Apps are downloaded to Xiaomi. For the reverse procedure, you will need to install the Mi Drop programs on smartphones of other brands.

Transfer from Sony

Transferring data from Sony is as easy as with Xiaomi via Mi Drop. Sony has developed its own application called Xperia Transfer Mobile. At the same time, you can send files from it to both Android and iOS. To make a transfer, you need to install and run Xperia Transfer Mobile on another device, then activate the program on Sony and follow 4 steps:

  • select the file sending mode;
  • choose the operating system Android or iOS;
  • select categories to send (photos, videos, images, documents, etc.);
  • wait for the file import process to complete.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is a very convenient service for storing data outside the device’s memory. They are stored on the servers of those companies that develop clouds. There are only 2 disadvantages:

  • The transfer requires an Internet connection and the presence of sufficient traffic to be able to reset all information.
  • Limited data storage.

For the rest, these are convenient services for storing data. They act as intermediaries for the temporary storage of files, which can be completely deleted after being downloaded to other devices. The transmission can be carried out at an unlimited distance, which is a big plus.

There are two very popular cloud storage solutions. Russian Yandex.Disk and American Google Drive. They both have similar functions, but differ only in the interface. The vaults allow you to upload and store files indefinitely. Further, the user leaves a link to other users of the storage for the necessary data, and another user can download them to his phone.

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You can log into one account from different devices. Therefore, this option for transferring files is preferable for the owner of the device, since there is no need to register two accounts.

Xiaomi to Xiaomi File Transfer: Sending Faster Than Bluetooth

The most “ancient” method of sending files via Bluetooth has long become ineffective, since it was possible to send large folders after a huge amount of time. Now the data transfer from Xiaomi to Xiaomi is several times faster. We will talk about new transmission methods in the article.

Transferring Data to Xiaomi via Phone Clone

The main drawback of the program is that the option works on gadgets with the MIUI platform. At the same time, it is possible to send a media file only from Android. Phone Clone utilities works on all models of smartphones, including the IPhone. Follow the detailed steps to use the program:

  • Download the app for both devices;
  • Open the widget and click on “old” and “new” mobile, depending on the situation;
  • Make phone connections via WI-FI or scan a special icon;
  • Define a shipping list;
  • Confirm the operation.

When using this method, the Internet will not be charged. Synchronizing phonebook, photos and videos will not waste megabytes.

How to Transfer Contacts from Honor or Huawei to Xiaomi?

Are the previous methods unsuitable for some reason? We offer several other methods that each user will perform. They allow you to copy data without wasting time and megabytes. Currently, the following methods are available:

  • using a Google account;
  • using Bluetooth or Wai Fai;
  • using any storage device or cloud on the Internet.

How to transfer data from Honor / Huawei to Xiaomi via Mi Mover?

Mi Mover is a program for transferring data from Huawei and Honor to Xiaomi. This can be done from any mobile phone that has an android model. To use the service you need:

  • download and install applications on two smartphones;
  • enable the option and click the “send” and “receive” buttons on two devices;
  • on the old gadget, turn on the camera and scan the QR code that will be displayed on the old mobile
  • activate operation.

You can send any files, pictures, videos and contacts. The transfer rate depends on the size of the specific data.

Completely Transfer Data from Huawei and Honor to Xiaomi. Step by Step Guide

Don’t know how to transfer data from Honor / Huawei to Xiaomi? We suggest using step-by-step instructions for performing basic steps. This question is considered one of the most popular on custom publics. The popularity of Xiaomi gadgets is growing every day. Every third user has a smartphone from the brand of the same name. The developers have come up with special services for transferring data and contacts. Using them is easy enough. Even novice users shouldn’t have any difficulties in work. It is important to take into account certain features and understand the instructions. Learn quick tips and quickly sync files to your smartphone.

Method using a Google account

Google account holders can use a personal account. Often times, page owners store important data in their profile. What is needed for this?

  • Open the “Settings” section and activate the “Accounts” folder.
  • Enter your username and password and log in to the system.
  • Find the key to sync;
  • Now continue with the second gadget and wait for the contact list to appear on the second mobile phone.

Method via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

This method is much simpler. It does not require downloading additional programs or applications. The user needs to use the built-in capabilities of the device. To start:

  • activate Bluetooth or set up Wi-Fi on two devices;
  • then go to contacts and click on the “Control” button;
  • in the new window, select the item for export and define the transfer method;
  • we confirm the connection between the gadgets and send the phone book.

This action will take 5 to 10 minutes.

Export method to drive

Another way involves the use of additional media. Most often, users choose a memory card. It fits any smartphone model. Insert it into a separate port located on the side of the mobile panel. Check the activation of the flash drive Next, you need to run the section with contacts and click on the item “export to a separate media”. Wait for the information to be transferred to the USB flash drive. After that, insert the memory card into another gadget. Leave the device on your mobile or upload the list to a new smartphone.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Are you worried about the safety of your personal data? Then create a backup. In case of failure, the numbers will remain on the media. Failure to do so will result in loss of files.

Complete Guide to Transfer Data to Xiaomi Smartphone

If you are the owner of Xiaomi, try the following methods to transfer data.

  • All Ways to Transfer Data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi
  • Via bluetooth
  • Mi Drop app
  • QR code
  • Via Mi-account
  • Cloud storage
  • Transfer via SD card
  • Transferring data between devices
  • Transferring data via backup
  • Transfer with Mi Mover
  • Via Shareit
  • IPhone Transfer Methods
  • Ways to Transfer Data from Samsung

Transfer with Mi Mover

The app is only used to transfer data to Xiaomi.

The transfer can take place from any smartphone with the Android operating system.

  • In “Settings” open “Advanced settings”. “Mi Mover”.
  • Select “I am a recipient”. a QR code will appear on the screen.
  • Scan the QR code with the sending smartphone.
  • Select the section to transfer and send it to the addressee.

Mi Mover allows you to exchange only sections of information (photos, audio, video files, applications, etc.), individual files cannot be transferred.

Transferring data via backup

Backup is easiest to do through the MIUI operating system. This method allows you to make a local backup, as well as back up using Mi Cloud.

To save data locally:

  • Go to “Settings”, from there to “Advanced” or “Advanced settings”.
  • Select “Restore and reset”, click “Local backup” (here you can also select Scheduled Backup and Google Backup).
  • Create a Backup highlighting the content you want. Expect save.

To transfer, you need to log into one Mi-account on both devices.

To synchronize data on devices:

  • Log in to the Mi-account on the second smartphone.
  • In the “Settings” click “Restore using a backup”.
  • Specify a restore point and transfer the saved data.

All Ways to Transfer Data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi

Transferring data between devices

Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 7 and higher firmware have a special transfer function. “Transfer”. Data is transferred using Bluetooth.

  • Follow the path “Settings”. “Other” (or “Additional”). “Transfer”.
  • Select “I am the sender” or “I am the recipient” depending on the role of the smartphone in the transfer.
  • Determine the type of files to copy. The following categories are available in the program: files located on the memory card, applications, contacts and system settings.
  • After selecting the destination smartphone, the transfer process will start automatically.

Transfer via SD card

You can also use a removable storage device to transfer data between devices.

Transfer can be done using such applications as AppMgr III (App 2 SD), Link2SD, MiniTool Partition, FolderMount, etc.

Most of them will require root user rights to work.

  • Insert SD card into device.
  • Log in: “Settings”. “All Apps”. sort by name. “Documents”.
  • Download and install a file transfer software.
  • Using the instructions of the program, we move the necessary materials to the SD card.
  • After installing the card in another device, all the transferred files will be available on it.

Via bluetooth

Bluetooth transfers files between devices without installing additional applications.

To exchange data, you need:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on both gadgets.
  • Select content and click on Bluetooth transfer.
  • The smartphone starts searching for available devices. When finished, click on the required.
  • On the receiving gadget, tap “accept” and wait for the process to complete.

QR code

In Xiaomi devices, the phone book assigns a QR code to each entered contact. You can transfer numbers with this utility.

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on both smartphones.
  • Click on the contact and scroll to the QR code image.
  • ON the receiving smartphone go to “Tools”, select “Scanner”.
  • .By pointing the camera at the QR code, you will move the contact to the device.

IPhone Transfer Methods

IPhone and Xiaomi do not have common applications, so use the Gmail application to transfer files.

Moving from iPhone to Xiaomi:

  • Turn off iCloud sync in your iPhone email settings. Uncheck the box that offers to delete the list of subscribers.
  • Gmail is assigned by default to your iPhone account.
  • Synchronize your data with Gmail. After that, it will be possible to copy contacts, photos and videos to the specified email address. To do this, log into the same Google account with Xiaomi and copy the necessary files.