How to transfer contacts from Nokia to Samsung

Transfer contacts from Nokia to Android

One of the most common questions from new Android users is how to transfer contacts from their “Nokia” to Android. You can do this with the SIM card or with specialized software.

The easiest and fastest method to transfer numbers to your new Android phone is to simply move all your contacts along with the SIM card. Then you will not have to install all kinds of additional programs. To do this, you need:

  • On your Nokia go to Contacts.
  • In the functional menu highlight all the available numbers.
  • Find “Move to SIM card” or a similar item.
  • Move the card to a new phone.
  • Make sure that all numbers are available.

But this method has a significant disadvantage. The number of transferable contacts is strictly limited by the number of free slots on your SIM card. If all the numbers do not fit into it, you can try to move them in two steps, first saving all the numbers in the phone memory and clear the SIM card.

How to transfer the contacts from Nokia Suite to your Samsung Note 2 (or Samsung Kies)?!

Please help me to transfer contacts list from Nokia Suite to Samsung Note 2 smartphone. Nokia phone is lost, but contacts are left in Nokia Suite on your computer. Just rewrite them. No way out, I have about 300 contacts (and about 650 numbers) I would be very grateful if someone tells me.

In Nokia in the phone. In the book makes a “Select All” (mark all contacts) and in the menu you choose Transfer Card. Transfer by Blue’ umbrella, in the devices select your second phone Samsung. In Samsung respectively take all the cards from the Nokia and voila )))). All on the 2nd phone

Install Nokia PC Suite. 2. Open Nokia PC Suite. Contacts. Select all (CtrlA). Drag and drop contacts (in Contact format).Vcf) to the previously created folder. 3. Copy the contacts folder to the Samsung flash drive. 4. Open folder with contacts files on Samsung. Select all. Restore, ready.

How to Sync Contacts from Nokia to Galaxy Note Edge, Transfer Nokia Contacts to Samsung Note Edge

Unfortunately, the current Nokia Ovi Suite does not have the ability to Export to Microsoft Outlook (t.Ч. And in Outlook Express) (( If it is necessary to transfer only Contacts. Solved very simple way and without computer help. Ofnokia 5530XM (Symbian 9.4 C6 port). On the Samsung Galaxy Ace (Android 2.3.3) (this method can also be used on other devices). Models of different companies): on Nokia. Select Contacts. Functions. Mark / Unmark. Select Mark All. Copy to Card. Copy to another memory card. Copying process will start. After that we move the microSD card to the Samsung. Choose Contacts icon. Right Menu button. Import/Export icon. Import from an SD card. In the Save contact window. Choose Phone.

How to transfer contacts from Nokia to Android?

The easiest and fastest way to transfer contacts from Nokia phones to Android phones. Export contacts from Nokia PC Suite and then import them into Google Contacts. The easiest way. The most correct. Let’s see what to do.

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  • Connect your Nokia phone to your PC with Nokia PC Suite
  • Launch Nokia Communication Center (Contacts)
  • Press CTRLA (select all the contacts) and access menu File. Export
  • Choose CSV format and save the contacts to a file on your PC
  • Go to Google Contacts (http://www.Google.Com/contacts)
  • Choose Import and load the CSV file
  • Then we access our beautiful Android smartphone and go to Menu. Settings. Data synchronization.
  • Contacts are imported into the address book. Winning !

And if there are 300 contacts, the import from gmail is done for each separately((( another drawback is the saving of only the first number of a contact, because when it has two, the second is lost(((

All done, the contacts are copied. BUT! The numbers on the Sony are now displayed as notes and not as cell phones, you can not call them. What to do? 🙁

My friends help me. Saved Nokia contacts using PC Suite in csv format and exported them to Google Accounts. They are recognized perfectly by Google Accounts. Then exported back to my computer as a VCF card and then to Acer Liquid Gallant Duo E350 based on Android-4,0. It recognized them, but none of the contacts are active. I went to contact. I tried to dial and it was just highlighted. Repeated the attempt several times. Result.

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The direction is right, BUT! Did as suggested by the author and the smartphone displays all the phones as Комментарии и мнения владельцев. In order to have everything displayed correctly it is necessary to synchronize contacts from Nokia to Outlook (there is the button for this in Nokia PC Suite), and then export from Outlook to the file, by choosing the Windows item, separated by commas and pressing the correspondence of default fields. Well then export to google.

People are doing as suggested by the author to save the contacts in a folder with Nokia PC Suite. Then copy the folder (with contacts) to your smartphone. We go from your smartphone to a folder with contacts and save them to the phone contact memory one by one (Clicking on each contact and the system will offer a choice to save: Googling site or phone memory).It’s much better than uploading them via google one contact at a time.

Dear, id3050995_ of October 1, 2013. 7:50 pm. The method is the bomb quickly marked all 1015 pcs.))) of contacts. 5 minutes and everything is copied!Respect! Cpsb. Thanks!

I killed two days for this. I think the method is 100%

This is my first smartphone, used to be a Nokia 6303 and it was easy. No spam, ads and other crap that crawls wherever you go.

When I started using my smartphone I immediately had the desire to study Android and mercilessly cut out 90% of all the crap that fills the internal memory of the smartphone. I went to web sites and started to install programs. Horrible! The usefulness of these, so to speak, “programs” is zero! A lot of Spam, commerce, text / pictures / videos, but they make no sense. No.

And a separate conversation. Contacts. All programs that I have installed. 5 pieces shouted that everything is simple, you only need to connect the phones.

Maybe I’m the only one with such a bad brain, but I have nothing worked. Maybe I’m the only one who has such a bad brain, but I got nothing.

In the end I spent two days and a lot of nerves, but I found the way.

CONFERENCE: Transferred from: Nokia 6303i pink = [phone] transferred to: Sony xperia V LT25i = [smartphone] Number of contacts: 210 pcs (but here if you want 200 or 20000 pcs it seems)))

How to copy contacts from Nokia to Android using Android File Transfer and Nokia phone

Works for Nokia phones with S60 3rd Edition operating system: Nokia 5700 Nokia 6110 Nokia 6120 Nokia 6121 Nokia 6124 Nokia 6700 Nokia 6290 Nokia E51 Nokia E63 Nokia E66 Nokia E71 Nokia E90 Communicator Nokia N81 Nokia N82 Nokia N95 Nokia N95 8GB Nokia 5320 Nokia 5630 Nokia 5730 Nokia 6210 Nokia 6220 Nokia 6650 Nokia 6710 Nokia 6720 Nokia 6730 Nokia 6760 Nokia 6790 Nokia C5 Nokia E52 Nokia E55 Nokia E72 Nokia E73 Nokia E75 Nokia E5 Nokia N78 Nokia N79 Nokia N85 Nokia N86 8MP Nokia N9

Press “Contact”, then “Settings” “Mark / Unmark” “Mark all” on Nokia Phone;

Go “Settings” “Copy” “In order that the memory card.”

Select “Yes” if you see “Delete existing contacts from memory card?”, (if there is no such message, go through the step), then all contacts on your Nokia phone will be saved as contact-name.Vcf files to the memory card;

Connect your Nokia Phone with your computer. When the computer finds the Nokia Phone, select “Mass Storage”;

Copy all files with the extension.Vcf in the directory / SDCard / Other / Contacts / in the folder of your computer;

Connect your phone or tablet to your computer and run Android file transfer (MobileGo for Android);

When the name of your Android device displays on the sidebar of the software, tap it, then “Contacts” in the advanced menu;

On the top navigation bar, go to “Import / Export” “Import contacts from computer” “Business card from file” to view the contact.Vcf files saved on your computer in step 5 import them into your Android device.

Currently, you can find all the contacts previously on your Nokia phone on your Android device.

Manual mode

For example, if you decided to use the service Google, in this case you will definitely need to log in to your account, and then do the synchronization from the first mobile device. If you have previously used the services of this portal, then probably the merging took place in automatic mode. But we still recommend that you do it manually if you’ve recently added new numbers that may not have been processed by the system yet. In how to transfer contacts from “Nokia” to “Android”, you can figure out directly on the service. And when you log in to your account from the second device, you’ll be automatically prompted to update not only your contact data, but also other settings.

How to Transfer Contacts from SIM to NOKIA. Import / Export Contacts

Transfer phone numbers from Symbian to Android

First, let’s consider the most difficult variant. How to copy contacts from Simbian to Android. The application for the pairing of Symbian with your computer, Nokia PC Suite, will help you to perform the task. The order will be as follows:

  • Install and run this program on PC.
  • Connect the PC with the phone via USB cable. On the screen of your device indicate the appropriate connection type.
  • After the utility has recognized the smartphone open the tab “Contacts” and click “Synchronize.
  • When synchronization is completed, select all numbers, click Export in File section and specify the place for storing them. It is recommended to use a separate folder, as for each record will be created the file.
  • For easy copying, put all numbers in one VCF file. To do this on a PC in the folder with the data from the phone book through a standard notepad, create a text document, open it and type “copy/B.Contacts.Vcf”.
  • Save what you typed, and then change the document format from TXT to BAT.
  • Double-click on this file. In the specified folder will appear file contacts.Vcf file with all your Symbian phonebook data.
  • Once the computer has a copy of the phone book of the old device, connect the Android phone and copy the file to the built-in memory card.
  • On the new smartphone, enter the standard “Contacts” application and in its settings, activate the “Import from internal memory” function.

When the reading of the information is completed, your phone book will be updated with new entries.

Copying phone book with standard Android features

The easiest and fastest way to transfer numbers from Samsung to Samsung is to copy them to the SIM card. To move contacts from the phone to the SIM, you need

Copying procedure will take some time. After its completion all the numbers on your old smartphone will be recorded on the SIM card. You only have to insert the card into your new cell phone.

The only disadvantage of this method is that the SIM card has a limited capacity, which means that all contacts on the SIM card may not fit. The way out of this situation is to create a backup file of the phone book and copy it to the new smartphone:

  • Using the “Import/Export” procedure, save all the numbers from the SIM card on the old device.
  • Create a backup copy (backup) of the phone book on the internal or external drive, using one of the available functions.
  • The file with all numbers will be called “Contacts.Vcf” and be in the folder storage/emulated/0/. You need to transfer it to the new smartphone via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or computer, and then resort to the tool “Import from internal memory” or “Import from SD card” and specify the path to the desired file.
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Transferring via MOBILedit

The universal program MOBILedit will help you transfer contacts from Nokia to Android. It allows you to synchronize data between any cell phone, including between old and new. The program has a solid set of drivers for connection to any handset. To perform the porting you need to connect your Nokia smartphone to the PC and run the program. It will find the drivers and connect.

Then we save contacts from the phonebook in the computer memory and disconnect. Now it is the turn of the Android smartphone connection. Connect it to the computer, wait for the installation of drivers, and then import contacts. To transfer contacts from Android to Nokia we carry out the operation in the reverse order.

The main disadvantage of the program MOBILedit is that it is paid. You must pay for its use. But its functionality is worth it, because it can work with different phones and can synchronize any type of data.