How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

How to transfer iPhone to iPhone contacts: iCloud, iTunes, Bluetooth, App Store

Hi all! Many iPhone users are wondering how to move contacts from one iPhone to another. There are several simple and effective ways. How to make a transfer of a block of information from one device to another. About everything in the article and in order.

Transferring contacts via iCloud is easy. Using iCloud is one of the basic tools for transferring information from one device to another. Icloud is the cloud storage company Apple. All owners are provided with five gigabytes of memory which can hold quite a lot of different information.

The application “iCloud” benefits from the simplicity of the device and the speed of operation. To implement this method you need only a simultaneous access to the Internet for two devices. From the new “apple” device will need to be authorized, so that from the old cloud account, the data will be transported to it.

To copy contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone, you should synchronize iPhone contacts with iCloud. This can be done using an algorithm:

transfer, contacts, iphone
  • Find “Contacts”, check the switch. It must be activated.
  • To save all the information from the old device, go to the “Backup” directory (not hard to find in iCloud).
transfer, contacts, iphone

Do not forget that you need to transfer iPhone contacts to iPhone, so that the “iCloud backup” is always active. After the manipulation is completed, you can test the cloud storage, using Apple or desktop. They will definitely show: whether it was possible to adequately transfer, contacts or not.

Copying data via iCloud

The second method, as well as several subsequent ones, involves pre-exporting the contacts stored in the old iPhone. The user who wants to copy names and addresses from the phonebook to the new device can go to their cloud storage on both iPhone and PC.

Note: the second option is preferable, as it is more convenient to work in iCloud on a larger monitor; however, whichever way the user chooses, it will be easier to copy the data than to put the iPhone into DFU mode.

Here is the iPhone owner’s procedure:

  • Go to iCloud.Type the username of the account linked to the iPhone you want to save contacts from in the only text field.
  • The cards are exported in VCF format, which is universal for all modern devices: you can view them not only on your iPhone, but also on Android smartphones and PCs.
  • Log out of iCloud and re-enter the cloud storage using the account linked to the new iPhone, then. Click on the now familiar “gear” and select the “Import vCard” option.
  • Find a contact card you just saved in Explorer and open it. The names and addresses from your old iPhone will automatically be copied to the new one.

You can save iPhone contacts to your computer the same way; but if you’re not planning to connect your new iPhone to your PC, it’s worth trying another way to use iCloud:

  • Sign in to the same account on your new iPhone, go to the same section and download the card by clicking on the cloud with the down arrow. The contact card will be downloaded to your iPhone, so all you have to do now is open it and import it using the system’s tools.
  • Then send it to your new iPhone in a message or an email. Now you can open the link on your device, download the card and run it. It won’t take long before the contacts you exported from your old iPhone will be in your phonebook.

Tip: Once you’ve downloaded the card, it’s a good idea to delete the file containing your private information from iCloud, or at least close the “Share” link.

Transferring to iCloud

Because of the ubiquity of Wi-Fi, using iCloud will be the most convenient option. All you need to do is specify the settings once and then you don’t have to worry about backup. It will be copied to the cloud on a regular basis by the iPhone.

Macbook owners have an added advantage. On the laptop will automatically appear the email data that is entered in the contact card.

How to transfer contacts from Google Gmail to iCloud

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android (Without PC or Apps)

  • On the iPhone, open the settings. The area in the user’s photo is located at the top of the screen. There you will find the tools to manage Apple services.
  • The slider marked with an arrow should be in the position shown in the screenshot below. If necessary, activate the option to create a fresh backup.

It is better to perform the above instruction beforehand, so that after buying gadget you don’t waste your time, and after re-installing the SIM-card you can immediately start using the new device. You don’t have to do a full restore from a backup. Once the gadget is bound to your Apple ID, it will automatically transfer all your contacts.

Transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud

First you need to save them in iCloud, if you have not already done so. Go to settings. Icloud and move the slider to the active position next to the “contacts” menu item.

They are “flown” to the cloud. All you need to do on your new device is the same. After a while (depending on the speed of your Internet connection), all the phone numbers will be copied on your new iPhone.

transfer, contacts, iphone

Important! The login and password on the new device are the same as on the old one.

Even more important! After synchronization you can change the login and password to the new one, but you’ll be asked what to do with the contacts you’ve already synchronized. Press. Leave on iPhone.

Transferring a single contact to the iPhone

If you have not so many subscribers on your device which you decided to transfer to another iPhone, it is possible to use a little bit other way. In Apple devices there is an option to transfer contacts, for example, via SMS or email. To do this, follow the steps:

  • Find the subscriber whose data you decided to copy by going to “Contacts“;
  • Click on it and select “Share contact”;

Whichever way you decide to use, always create backups and connect the iCloud service just in case, so your data can be stored in the cloud as well. Remember that the capabilities of Apple products are indeed very extensive, and most problems can be solved by the regular means of iOS.

How to Move Contacts via iTunes?

Transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone is also quite easy:

Transfer contacts from old iPhone to iPhone 13 Pro Max / Mini [Free with iCloud]

After connecting your gadget to your PC and starting iTunes, click on the “Device” icon.

Go to the “Details” tab (in some versions of iTunes it’s “Info”).

transfer, contacts, iphone

Check the box for “Synchronize contacts with:”. Leave “Outlook” in the drop-down menu.

Scroll down and make sure the “Replace the following information on this iPhone: contacts” is not checked in the “Extras” block. If it’s checked, iTunes will erase all your contacts from the gadget’s memory as soon as the next sync happens.

Click “Apply”. This will start the synchronization.

Next it is necessary to connect the second gadget to PC and repeat steps 2, 3 and 5 already with it.

How to transfer contacts to iPhone from Android

Previously, we looked at ways to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another. But what to do for those who are going to change their Android smartphone to a new iPhone? Of course, in this case there are a lot of variants of how to move the address book data from phone to phone.

  • Insert a SIM card into an old phone.
  • Move all contacts to the chip memory.
  • Install the SIM card into the iPhone.
  • Synchronize the old device with Gmail, putting there contacts.
  • Open the iPhone settings.
  • Select “Mail, Addresses, Calendars.”.
  • Click on “Add account”.
  • Choose “Google”.
  • Enter the account parameters.
  • Wait till the end of data importing.
  • Download the Move to iOS app to your old phone.
  • Select “Transfer data from Android” option when launching iPhone.
  • Memorize the code that appears on the screen.
  • Launch the downloaded application on your Android phone.
  • Enter the code that was suggested by the iPhone during the initial setup.
  • Press “Continue”.
  • Select contacts to transfer.
  • Wait until you finish importing data.
  • Create a backup as a vcf file on your Android device.
  • Send the resulting file to your iPhone in any convenient way.
  • Open a backup on your iPhone and select “Create new contacts”.
  • Back up your Android phone.
  • Choose a file and press “Send via Bluetooth” button.
  • Confirm acceptance on your iPhone.
  • Download the Android smartphone app with the same name.
  • Run the app on the old phone, wait until synchronization is completed and remember the offered PIN.
  • Open iPhone settings.
  • Select “Mail, addresses, calendars”.
  • Create a new account by specifying Yandex mail.
  • Confirm sync.

Which method is better to use, let everyone decides for himself. But it is only worth noting that the transfer using a SIM card seems to be the easiest. However, it does not allow you to open more than 250 contacts on your iPhone.

If you’re tasked with copying your phonebook entries to your computer, you should use one of the third-party programs. Such as iBackupBot. There is no need to be afraid of additional software: it is very simple to use, takes minimum disk space, and besides it makes the copying of contacts as easy as possible. Ibackupbot, in particular, allows you to get a book of numbers in Excel format, which saves the iPhone user from having to deal with Outlook mail.

Transferring contacts via iCloud is also considered a convenient way, because the owner of the gadget does not have to look for a USB cable. However, the export from the “cloud” is only in the file format.Vcf (for Outlook). There are no other options, and this is a minus.