How To Transfer Contacts From Iphone To Android

How To Transfer Contacts From Iphone To Android

The first thing to do after buying a new phone is to copy the contacts from one device to another. It’s good that those times were left behind when for this it was necessary to rewrite everything into a notebook, and then manually enter hundreds of numbers and names. Today I will talk in detail about the best ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, spending a minimum of time and effort.

Copy from iCloud Cloud

Apple offers a simple solution. It is enough to use the browser on the computer, or through any Internet browser on the phone.

An important condition for the success of further actions is the active synchronization of iPhone with a remote server. You can check this option in the “Settings”. We find the section of options “iCloud” and inside it we include the item “Contacts”. A similar method is relevant when transferring other data (photos, messages, notes).

PC Export

This method involves the use of only a computer, iPhone is not needed.

  • We open this site.
  • We log in to your account with the Apple ID and password. If you forgot, here recovery instructions.
  • Now click on the “Contacts” icon and select all the elements (you can press the key combination Ctrl A in the window for this);
  • We click on the image of the “gear” to open the menu of additional actions. We need the option “Export vCard”;
  • As a result, one file with the extension “vcf” will be saved on your computer, in which all numbers will be saved;
  • Copy the backup to a new phone (preferably to an external memory card).
  • Open your Android contacts, enter the menu and tap with your finger on “Import / Export” (it may be called a little differently, but the essence is the same). It remains only to specify the source of import. your file vcf, and choose where to save contacts to your phone (or SIM card).

The above actions are relevant for any brand. Samsung, Lenovo, Meizu, etc.

Export from Afyon without a PC

If there is no computer at hand. no big deal. How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android in this case?

  • It is enough to connect to the Internet (preferably via Wifi) and launch the Safari browser.
  • We follow the link and wait for the download of the mobile version of the iCloud resource.
  • At the very bottom of the screen there will be several icons. In the middle is a button with a “rectangle and up arrow.” Click it and select “Full version.”:
  • Enter your username and password to access your Apple ID;
  • After a successful login, you will need to go to the “Phone Book”, click on the “gear” icon, then select all the contacts and perform “Export vCard”.
  • In Safari, an additional tab should open, where we click “Open in.” (. with) and specify the location to save the file.
  • It remains only to download the created file to a new device, import the numbers, as in the first method (see above).

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android via iTunes

Suitable if the laptop has a proprietary program Aityuns. Keep the instructions:

  • Open the specified application;
  • We connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable;
  • As soon as the PC sees your gadget, the utility will display data about it. Go to the “Information” section and check the box next to the option “Synchronization.”;
  • Then we select the export format: Google contacts, Outlook, Yahoo or Windows. I advise you to choose Google Contacts.
  • To connect to the listed services, you must specify the correct e-mail and access code (password).
  • Now we pick up a new device and add a Google account in the settings. Then we turn on the synchronization of the components we need and we get all the numbers in automatic mode.

Gmail Migration

Using an Android smartphone is impossible without connecting a Google account. If you don’t have it, then it’s worth create. Then it should be attached to your “old” iPhone gadget, from which you will transfer contacts.

  • Go into the settings and find the parameters “Mail, calendars.”;
  • Click on add account:
  • Among the many options, you should stop at Google, enter your e-mail (created on and password to it.
  • It remains to specify what data you want to synchronize with the remote server.
  • On the second smartphone (important!), Connect the same Google account and enable automatic synchronization. As soon as the device makes a connection with the “cloud”, your contacts will be copied to the phone.

Special Utilities. Carddav

  • You need to install software on Android. here is the official link. After starting the application, you will see a list where we select CardDav:
  • We register the following server address:
  • We specify the data for accessing the Apple ID, the profile name is any.
  • Be sure to check the box next to “Copy from server to phone” and click on the button to complete the operation.
  • Data is automatically downloaded to your device.

My contacts backup

As for me, this program is slightly simpler than the previous one. It needs to be installed on the iPhone (download link).

  • Install the software and give it access to the phone book;
  • Create a backup by clicking on Backup;
  • We choose where to copy the backup. I recommend “E-mail” in order to receive the file to the mail you specify;
  • Download the reserve to another smart and just open it.

That’s all. If you know other methods how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, please share them in the comments.