How To Transfer Applications To A Memory Card On Lenovo

How To Transfer Applications To A Memory Card On Lenovo

lesson: “How to transfer third-party applications to an sd card using AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD)”

A simple method to transfer applications to a memory card on Lenovo

“Not enough memory to install the application”. this message is seen by many users on the screen of their gadget when they try to install or even update a specific application. It is not worthwhile to ignore the message or inaction in such a situation, because due to the inadequate use of the smartphone, you will experience discomfort during its operation.

. Attention. If your smartphone has enough free memory, and the device notifies you of the opposite, the reason may be a software configuration failure. In this case, it is better to contact the service center specialists who will diagnose your device and repair Lenovo phones as necessary.

So how do you transfer third-party applications to a memory card on Lenovo (Lenovo a310, a2010, a328)? If your gadget has MicroSD installed, on which there is free memory, then the problem is completely solvable, and what exactly steps should be taken in this situation, we will now tell you in detail.

What is the essence of the problem, and how to solve it constructively?

This kind of message is due to the fact that all applications on your phone are installed by default in the phone’s system memory. As you know, on many budget models of Lenovo smartphones extremely limited reserves of system memory, so it’s not surprising that it clogs up very quickly. This problem can be dealt with in a very simple way. you need to download and install the App 2 SD program on your gadget, with which you can easily and quickly move certain applications from the phone’s system memory to an SD card or internal memory.

How to use AppMgr Pro III (formerly known as App 2 SD)

Using this program is quite simple:

  • After which we will see a list of all applications installed on the gadget.
  • Then we find the item called “Movable.” This section contains exactly those programs that are to be moved to the memory card.
  • At the bottom of the display you will see a special indicator on which the memory status is displayed. Under the icon of each installed application, you will see information about how much memory it takes on the phone.
  • Next comes the most important part of the work: in order to move a specific application from the phone’s memory to the memory card, you should click on the icon (which we just mentioned).
  • After this action, a window will open in front of you. In this window you will need to find the option “Move to SD card (internal memory)” and click on it.
  • If you did everything right, the move process will succeed.