How to Top-Up Kiwi From Another Phone

How to Top-Up Kiwi From Another Phone

QIWI Wallet is rapidly gaining popularity. Today, this system is one of the three largest Russian services. This article will discuss one of the ways to replenish an account in the system. the function of how to transfer money from a phone to a QIWI wallet. But before moving on to the main issue, you should consider some features of this service.

Translation Features

To begin with, it is worth noting that only residents of the Russian Federation will be able to perform such transactions, since for this the user must be fully authenticated. Of course, users from other countries can also pass it. But as a rule, the vast majority of customers do not do this, since they have enough of those functions that are in anonymous status. over, remote identification is available only to citizens of the Russian Federation, and in other countries it requires a visit to the office of the system.

Thus, all users of the system can recharge a mobile phone, regardless of their place of residence. But the transfer from phone to wallet is available only to Russians.

There is such a nuance in how to transfer money from a phone to a QIWI wallet: you can replenish a virtual account only from a mobile phone attached to it. That is, from the number to which QIWI Wallet is registered. Exceptions to this rule can be found on the official support site.

About Methods

So, there are two approaches to replenish a QIWI wallet from a mobile phone:

  • Through the section “Work with accounts”.
  • Through the “Replenish wallet” tool.

In fact, these are different ways of implementing the same method. In addition, you can transfer money from your phone in another way: for example, the MTS operator provides its users with a personal account that contains not only information about the current balance, tariff, and so on. In it, you can transfer money from a mobile balance to a virtual wallet.

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So, all these methods are working and can be convenient depending on the specific situation.

Work with accounts

First, let’s go into your wallet. To do this, go to the website, enter the login (your phone number) and password and click “Login”. On the main page at the very top, the balance that is on the account is displayed. Click on it. A popup menu appears. Here you need to select “Work with accounts.”

After that, you will be taken to a page on which all your accounts are displayed, including linked ones:

  1. WebMoney (if there is a binding).
  2. Mobile wallet (MTS, Beeline, Tele2 and so on).

Your task is to find your mobile operator here and click on the “Transfer” button under it.

Now the page of transfers between your accounts will open. And on the left there will be a column “From the account”, for example, MTS (if you have MTS attached), and on the right. “To the account”, here we select QIWI Wallet. You just need to fill out the proposed items and click “Translate”.

QIWI-wallet replenishment

This method, how to put money on QIWI from the phone, is not more complicated than the previous one. Again, go to your personal account. Now pay attention to the toolbar, which is located under the search bar. In it you will find several points:

  1. To pay.
  2. Translate.
  3. Fill up a purse.
  4. Bank cards.
  5. Withdraw.

Choose the third item “Top up.”. A few categories will open below:

  • Cash. through an ATM.
  • Bank cards.
  • Online
  • Translations.

From them it is necessary to choose “Online”. Below you will find a list of ways that you can transfer funds to QIWI via the Internet. Choose your mobile operator from the list.

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That’s it. we get to the translation page. The first (left) column indicates the account from which funds will be debited. The second (right) column indicates the account to which the money will be credited. We indicate the amount and click “Pay.”

Other options

As mentioned above, there are other ways how to transfer from a phone to a QIWI wallet. You can go to the official website of your provider, register on it and enter your personal account. Many of the operators provide the opportunity to pay for purchases from a mobile balance or transfer funds to virtual wallets.

In addition, some exchangers also allow you to withdraw funds from the balance of the phone and transfer them to electronic wallets.

Still, the simplest, fastest and most profitable methods are to use the built-in QIWI Wallet tools. Here, however, it is necessary to mention that each operator has its own commission:

Taking this into account, we make the obvious conclusion that it is better to use other ways to replenish the wallet, for example, with a credit card.

How to replenish QIWI wallet from your phone:

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We don’t have that place in Uzbekistan (your task is to find your mobile operator here and click on the “Translate” button under it.) Where can I choose the operator? what to do?

Hello. Only residents of Russia can replenish Qiwi wallet from a mobile phone. Without exception, only residents of Russia and owners of the Russian SIM-card (one of the Russian mobile operators). over, not all operators are supported. Only mobile operators Beeline, TELE2, MTS and Megafon are supported. Another rule to those already described is that you can replenish only the wallet to which the mobile number from which the recharge is connected is attached. That is, the wallet number and phone number must match. Otherwise, the transfer will fail. Since you are not a resident of Russia and use a non-Russian SIM card, the system does not even give you the opportunity to choose your phone for transferring to Qiwi.

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Hello. I have a push-button telephone and I can’t pay for a transfer from a mobile phone to a qiwi wallet. What should I do?

Hello. How are these two things related? How does the transfer from a mobile account to a Qiwi wallet depend on the type of phone? Only residents of the Russian Federation can replenish Qiwi wallet from a mobile phone. Exclusively from the Russian mobile operator. over, not all Russian mobile operators are supported by the system. And even if you use the mobile account of one of the supported operators, if you are a resident of Russia and have fulfilled all of the above conditions, the phone number from which you want to transfer money must match the number of the Qiwi wallet to which you need to transfer money. That is, you can transfer only from the phone to which Qiwi wallet was registered. But that is not all. Kiwi supports only 4 mobile operators in Russia. If all the conditions are met, then here is a detailed instruction on how to translate. // If you use a mob. If a Russian operator is not supported by the Kiwi system, then try to go to the site of your mobile operator, enter your personal account and transfer money from your personal account to the Kiwi wallet. Some mobile operators allow you to perform such operations. But how this is done, you need to check directly with your mobile operator.

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