How to throw pictures on Android with iPhone

How to copy photos from Android on iPhone X/8/8 Plus

You finally became the owner of the new iPhone X/8/8 Plus, and now you are acutely faced with the issue of data transfer from Android to iPhone. Quite a standard situation when changing one phone to another. It is photos that are of the highest value for many of us: there are several ways to move photos from Android to iPhone X/8/8 Plus. And which of them is the most effective and as simple and fast as possible. To solve only you.

There are several ways to transfer photos from Android to the iPhone. Some of them are implemented by standard capabilities, others. Using additional software from third.Party developers. We decided to highlight several, in our opinion, the most common methods.

Steps for transferring photos from phone to tablet without any problems.

Synchronize the devices before transferring the photo from phone to tablet

To move photos from a mobile phone to a tablet, you need to create a connection between two devices (in this case by a phone and a tablet) use a mobile translation.

All you need to do is install and start the program on your PC.

As soon as you do this, you will see the window of the program with the ‘phone for transmission by phone’.

Click on it and connect your phone (with iPhone / samsung / Windows Phone / Blackberry and others.) And tablet PC (with support for iPad / Samsung Tablet / and others.) To PC using USB cables.

It is so simple! You just need to make sure that your tablet is on the right side, which is an destination. If this is not the case, use the “turn” button. Then you’re fine.

(You will need to follow the instructions on the screen to enable USB debugging a few steps if you transfer photos from the Android phone or to the Android tablet.)

Select photos you want to transfer from phone to tablet

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After synchronizing the phone with the tablet, switch the mobile translation will ask you to choose the content that you want to copy to the tablet. Of course, in this case, all you need to do is to put a check in the “Photo” field. (Supported format: GIF / JPEG / HeIF / HeVC / Heic / MP4 / PNG / RAW / TIFF and others)

But to switch a mobile translation can also transmit data from a phone to a tablet, such as contacts, a list of contacts, text messages, call magazines, calendar, reminder, alarm clock, bookmarks, Safari history, notes, voice mail, wallpaper, calling, voice notes, vocal notes, applications, music or video, and t.P.

Then click the “Start transmission” button. The program will begin as soon as you press the button, but you should know that this may take some time, depending on the size of the documents. During the transmission, you should not disconnect or cancel progress on any device. Wait until the execution indicator reaches 100% and all. Now you can view, edit or share your recently transferred photos on the tablet.


Each iPhone has a full.Fledged mail client. The Mail application is extremely easy to master, even a newcomer will deal with it. Through an e-mail iPhone, it is easy to send a couple (to be precise, five) photos in one message. Limit on the quantity is not the only minus. Apple does not allow you to make investments to letters in a size of more than 20 MB, Google. No more than 25 MB. True, it can be circumvented using the “cloud service”.

Modern Cloud services are used not only for backup data. With their help, you can easily share files. Dropbox and Google Drive are ideal for this purpose. You can post a picture in full resolution in them, and then give a friend a protected link. Another great news. These services are absolutely free. Dropbox offers free 2 GB of free space. An additional place can also be obtained for free. If you invite friends and perform various tasks. Google Drive is given for free 15 GB, but you should remember that this place is divided with your accounts on Google (for many this is not a problem, the social network Google has not become popular) and Gmail (and this is already worse).

How to transmit files between phones

If your friend, relative, colleagues or just a friend who you want to transfer files, phone or tablet with the same operating system as yours, is much easier for you. And in Android and iOS there are special file exchange systems that work natively and very convenient. In this case, additional crutches are not needed, but sometimes without them just nowhere. Here are ways to transmit files and just media at least a little easier.

File transfer via Telegram

This method will be the simplest if you need to convey something not very large and at the same time you have a good and inexpensive (or unlimited Internet). I myself often use this way. All due to the fact that almost everyone has Telegram and you do not need to install applications separately if a person does not have them.

There are no problems on Android with Telegram at all, and the iPhone has a long.Standing application for a long time, which is also closely integrated with Telegram and installed initially. When the iPhone user receives a file, he will be able to save it to this application, and if it is a photo or video, he will have a choice between a media section and “files”.

Telegram solves many problems when transferring files between devices.

The only thing you need to understand that when you want to send a photo or video, choose not a “gallery”, but “file”, and then look for a photo in the file system. So it will be transmitted in the original quality without compression. Some messengers squeeze images and videos even more. For example, WhatsApp reduces the file size by about 10 times. As a result, many details in the transferred picture simply do not see.

How to transfer files, photos or videos from phone to computer

You can also transmit files and media from a smartphone to a computer and back. You just need to install the application on Windows or Mac and you can use. The only negative is that first you need to wait until the file downloads to the server, and then download it. If it is not very large (several photos, short videos or text files), waiting time will be calculated by seconds, but if we are talking about hundreds of megabytes, then at a good connection speed you will have to wait a few minutes.

File transfer through file hosting

In this way I also often use it when I need to transfer the file not urgently. It just needs to be loaded to any cloud. Google Drive, Yandex Disk, Mail Cloud, Dropbox. There are many options and they all offer some volume of free storage, as a rule, we are talking about 15 GB. Therefore, you can exchange large enough files.

Probably Google Drive will be the most subsidized option.

To take advantage of this method of data exchange, just download one of the exchanger applications, register there if you have not done this yet, and you can download files. After that, you can give a person a link to download.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is more laborious, you need to do more actions and downloading the link is more difficult than just from the messenger. However, we consider all the options, so it will also come. This will be especially relevant to transfer files to a computer. And just an exchanger will never be superfluous. Be sure to register if you haven’t done it yet.

Files from Android to iPhone via FTP

This method cannot be called the simplest, but in general it works. You can transmit files between smartphones and computers through ftp. In this case, the server for transmission is created and the second smartphone simply downloads them from it. The simplest application of those that I saw was Shareme.

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Previously, this application was regular for Xiaomi and was called Midrop. Over time, it has become public and now it can be installed on any Android Smartphone.

Opened, scanned, sent. Everything is simple.

Using the application is simple. It is necessary to open it and in the side menu select “Connection to the computer”. Inside you will need to select the “download” item “. The program will show you the address of the FTP server, which it created. Now, to download files, it will be necessary to simply enter the address into Chrome, Safari, Edge or any other browser, and ready, you can download files.

This method will only work in one Wi-Fi network. If the devices are connected to different networks or it is not at all and you transmit files on the mountain, when an eagle flies over you, then in the application you need to select “Direct Gear”. Further, the principle of operation does not change much, just the devices will exchange files directly.

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Transfer of fals between phones through the application

In order to transmit files from one smartphone to another, many applications were invented that are both in Google Play and the AppStore. One of these applications is Xender, but if you have encountered more worthy alternatives, share them in our Telegram chat.

There are malfunctions and lags in the work of this application, but in general there are no special complaints about it and is more and less stable. At least many applications from those that I tried before, worked even worse.

There are usually no problems with this application either

If you need to transfer the files between the phones, then you need to do the following. First of all, install the application on both devices. Next, open the application on both phones. Then on the iPhone click “Connect Android”, and select “SEND” on Android and scan the QR code from the iPhone screen. Now you can transfer files.

To transfer files to a computer, the algorithm is approximately the same, but you need to choose the option “connect to PC”.

Contact transfer

If you set up the Google account on the iPhone and turn on synchronization, you can transfer contacts in just two accounts. To do this, go to the iPhone to “Settings”-“Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and add the Google account, which you will subsequently use on the Android girl. Then go to the added account and make sure that the switch opposite the contacts is in an active position.

If something does not come out, that is, an alternative way. You can use iCloud to export contacts, and then import them into the Google account.

  • Go to “Settings”. “Post, Contacts, Calendars” and make sure that the iCloud account is active, and the switch opposite the contacts in this account is in an active position;
  • Go to the site icloud.COM from a computer and enter your Apple ID identifier;
  • Click on the “contacts”, then on the gear in the lower left corner and select “Everything”;
  • Next, export the selected contacts to the VCARD (the corresponding item is on the same menu). You will see a downloaded file with extension.VCF;
  • Go to Google.COM/Contacts, on the left you will see the item “”. Click on it, in the opened list, click on the “import” and download the file downloaded in the item above.

Thus, all that remains for us to do is go from the same Google account on your Android device. Contacts will be synchronized automatically.

How to transfer photos and videos from one iPhone (iPad) to another using USB-flash drives and adapters

On the official website of Apple you can find a fairly large range of accessories, thanks to which you can transmit photos and videos straight to the USB flash drive or SD card.

Attention! The presence of the installed iOS 9 is required.2 or a newer firmware version.

Third-party manufacturers also produce various flash drives for iOS devices that allow you to store or transfer data, for example, LEEF IBRIDGE, Transcend Jetdrive GO 300, Ixpand Flash Drive and others.

Photos in iCloud

All photos and even videos that you shoot on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or other Apple device will automatically be loaded in iCloud if you have ever included ICloud Photos.

Then you can get access, view, look and share your photos / library with iCloud.COM and any Apple devices (your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Apple TV) and PC with Windows. These modern photos ICloud Photos.

Before you get confused, it’s good to read how iCloud works.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone

Transfer to iOS

For successful transfer of files from Android to iOS 11 using the IOS transfer application, it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:

  • The iPhone should be IOS 11, and on Android. At least 4.0;
  • All programs affecting the functioning of the Wi-Fi module should be stopped or completely deleted;
  • The iPhone should have enough free space for new data;
  • The batteries on the devices must be completely charged;
  • Even a phone call can interrupt copying, so it is better to temporarily turn off the incoming calls on smartphones by activating aircraft mode.
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Download and install the application, then start it. Click “Continue” and then read and agree with the conditions.

In the process of configuring iOS 11 on the iPhone or iPad as a new device, stop at the “program and data” step, and select “Transfer data from Android OS” (Move Data from Android).

In the “Find Code” window, click “Next”, thereby activating the synchronization of mobile devices. And you can transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, bookmarks, Google accounts and calendar records. These data may differ, depending on the Android device.

After the data transfer process is completed, you can continue the iPhone or iPad settings.

This is the application that Apple has released, the easiest way to overshane the file of files. Recommended users from telephone data.

Google cloud storages

Synchronize contacts, notes, calendars and other important information on the iPhone 8 can be using Google. This is done as follows.

Open the settings, select accounts and Google. Next, click the Synchronize contacts button. Then we will transfer all the data from the Android Telphone to the Google Cloud Service.

The Best Way To Transfer Data From iPhone to Android!

Then there will be an extraction of Google on the iPhone cloud storage. Open the settings on your iPhone, then follow the mail, address, calendars to the menu item. Here, click add an account, and the Carddav account. Enter your server, user and password. And in the end, press ahead, the data list will be transmitted. Now all the information from the Android Telphone is on the iPhone 8.

This method is performed without a computer, this will become only on the phone, and subsequent conservation on one or more devices is not required, which significantly saves time.

With iTunes

Transfer files from android to the iPhone 7, in addition to the above method, you can via iTunes.

First you need to connect Android to the computer and copy all the necessary music, image, and video. Next, you need to switch the iPhone with a computer, and start iTunes. To move music, you should go to the “Music” tab, mark the corresponding points and indicate the path to the catalog where the files are stored. And click “Apply”, thereby activating the copy procedure.

Itunes can quickly throw a note, contacts, music, video, photo on a new iPhone. The advantage is that the iTunes program is free. But problems. You have to install iTunes on your computer.

How to import data from iPhone on Android

Sometimes you need to transfer data from the iPhone on Android, now 5 ways will help you make a transition from iOS to Android.

Transfer of contacts from iPhone to Android via iTunes

You can transfer files for free, for example, contacts, photos, email, additional numbers or notes from iPhone on Android using iTunes.

You need to run the iTunes program, connect the Apple smartphone to PC using a cable.

Then he serves to press the “Information” button, and put a box in the “Contact Synchronization” item, select in the “Google Contacts” opening list.

You need to go to Google and wait for the end of synchronization of contacts with the iPhone.

Transfer of data from iPhone to Android via icarefone

You can use Tenorshare icarefone tools to transfer data to a computer.

Then use a USB cable to connect the Androod phone to the computer, and then transfer data from the computer to the Andriod phone. In addition, with this amazing tool, you can easily clean from unnecessary files and speed up your devices, control contacts, photos, videos, music, applications, create backup copying and restore iOS device in case of data loss, etc.D.

Whatsapp data from iPhone on Android via iCloud

After replacing the old iPhone, it is necessary to back up. ICLOUD will allow importing WhatsApp to Android smartphone or tablet without data loss.

And now a new device should launch, all correspondence and stories of WhatsApp messages will be saved in it.

Iphone data export to Android via Gmail mail

To export the data from the iPhone 7 to the Android smartphone through the Google service, you will need to go to the Gmail account and synchronize information.

Go to the settings and in the section “Post, Addresses, Calendars”, select “Add account”.

Enter the Google account data and press further. Indicate the necessary points that should be synchronized. Information will be postponed to your device.

Transfer of notes from iPhone on Android using Yandex

In addition, there is one option. Service “Yandex.Moving “, is an addition to the cloud storage” disk “. It can copy data from the iPhone, iPad, iPod to the cloud service, and throw off from the cloud on Android, two devices exchange files through this method.