How to throw music on the iPhone without a computer

The main ways how to upload music to iPhone without iTunes

Iphone is a “smart” device, and therefore does not “let” third.Party, not “apple” applications inside the system. This also applies to listening to tracks. But not all iPhone owners are conveniently using the iTunes program installed on a computer or laptop that synchronizes multimediaFiles with a “official” smartphone.

The “manifest” Safari browser is also not capable of downloading mp3 files from Internet resources. We delight our readers looking for an answer to the question: how to download music on iPhone without “iTunes”. There are still ways to copy and listen to the compositions offline! Consider them in more detail.

Installation of iTunes on a computer

You need to download the installation file on Apple’s official website. How to install iTunes you will figure it out yourself. It’s not difficult. It is unlikely that you may have problems with the installation, but if you arise, it is better to seek help from Support and they will help you quickly. After installation, start the application.

In a running application, you must find a small icon in the upper left upper corner, which is marked with an arrow on the screenshot below, then click on it and select the “Add File to the Media Text” in the menu that appears.

After pressing this item, a window will open in which you need to choose a directory (folder with music files) on your computer.

Having opened the folder in which your music files lie, select the necessary (which you will upload to the iPhone) using the mouse clicks with a clamped Ctrl button, then click the right mouse button, pointing the cursor to any selected file and click “Select”. All selected Files will move to the program integration.

When the files became available from iTunes in the music section, you can issue information about each music path, that is, register metadata. Click on one of the files, click “Information”, and then you will understand everything.

Now the music is ready to be loaded on a mobile device. True, you still have to tinker a little. Synchronize it with iTunes.

The process of throwing songs

Pouring music on iPhone through iTunes is quite simple, but the process takes a lot of time due to the features of loading and its design. Initially, you will need to transfer the desired file to the “library” of the player, and then conduct synchronization with a smartphone. The following instructions are given for a better understanding of how to do this correctly:

  • We launch the iTunes application on the computer, having previously entered your Apple ID.
  • Now add songs to the “Library” of the application. To do this, click “Add the file to the media”, and then from the arbitrary folder on the computer we select suitable tracks. The download will automatically begin and the playlist will create.
  • If desired, these tracks change or their own covers are added so that when listening, the musical composition looks aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. To edit, click on the track and select the item “Information”.
  • We connect the iPhone to the computer using Wi-Fi or direct connection through the cable.
  • After connection, we go to the “Music” tab, and then synchronize tracks with the memory of the phone as shown in the image.

As you can see, adding songs to the iPhone is not such a difficult task. After getting used to such a system, it becomes very convenient. The possibility of adding metadata and free editing information greatly simplifies the life of the user.

How to download music on iPhone without a computer

Licensed digital content for devices running the iOS operating system is distributed through the iTunes Store store, in connection with which iPhone and iPad users are faced with difficulties when trying to download music or video from any other third.Party site. Fortunately, there are several ways at once how to download music on the iPhone without a computer. This is what we will talk about them within the framework of this small article.

You can distinguish 2 the simplest methods of loading music on the iPhone from any unofficial resource. We will devote to each of them a separate section of the article.

Through UC Browser

Using the standard Safari browser, the user can listen to music on any site he liked, but he will not be able to download the track for the device. No prerequisites for Apple will decide to add such a function to its browser, it was not noticed.

How to Transfer Music from PC to iPhone [Without iTunes]

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A worthy replacement for the standard observer can be called the UC Browser browser, with which you can quickly upload any listened musical composition to the smartphone. To do this, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Go to the browser page in the App Store and install it on the device.
  • Open the observer, go to the site with music (absolutely any), start playing. The browser will lose the track using its own player.
  • Click on the “watch offline” button in the player in order to start downloading the track. When the loading strip reaches to the end, the musical work will be saved in the memory of the device.

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To gain access to the downloaded track, you need to go to the “download” and select the “Music” section. There are no restrictions on downloading.

Several shortcomings of this method can be distinguished:

  • UC Browser calls all loaded tracks as “Untitled”. If you plan to download a large number of songs, you will have to constantly rename them manually.
  • Downloaded tracks are not available for listening through the standard “Music” application.
  • The tracks loaded in this way will not be played in order, it is impossible to build a playlist from them.

This method is ideal in a situation where one specific track needs to be preserved. Otherwise it is worth paying attention to other options.

Through File Master

File Master is one of the most popular file managers for iOS devices. The program allows you to load music on the device without connecting to a computer. The key advantage of the application is that it freely spreads through the official App Store store and does not require a jailbreak for the correct work.

To download music on the iPhone using File Master, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Download and install the application. You can find it at this link.
  • Open the file manager and go to the Browser tab.
  • Insert a link to the site where the track is located.
  • Find a suitable song and click on the “Download” button, located under its name.
  • Rename the loaded track in the desired name, click on “confirm”.
  • Go to the download folder to find a loaded composition.

It is impossible to transfer the downloaded song to the directory of the standard musical application “Music”, however, it can be sent to the folder with the corresponding name to simplify the search. For this you need to hold the finger on the track, select “Cut” the item, go to the desired folder and slip through the “insert button” “”.

As you can see, the instructions for using the file manager in our situation are almost identical to the instructions for working with the browser, which cannot be said about the functionality. File Master provides the user with a much wider horizon of capabilities.

How to download music from a computer on iPhone or iPad via iTunes for free (recommend)

Install iTunes on Windows or Mac computer. Download link.

Launch iTunes and connect iPhone or iPad to a computer using Lightning Cable. The iTunes program must determine the connected device (the corresponding icon should appear on the panel).

Download the necessary audio recordings into the iTunes media. This can be done in two ways:

  • Through the file. Add the file to the media.
  • By dragging songs from the folder using a mouse B (you must first open a music section in iTunes and select a song tab).

Press the connected device on the icon and go to the music section.

Press the checkmark opposite the inscription to synchronize music

And choose which compositions should synchronize with the iPhone: “The whole media” or “Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres”.

Click the application button to start synchronization.

Synchronization can take several minutes depending on the number of synchronizing content. Songs will appear in the application music on iPhone or iPad.

To add music, it is necessary to repeat the above actions, selecting in p.5 new names (artists, albums, playlists, songs).

The main advantage of this method is the organization of a home media text in iTunes (creating your own playlists and other possibilities), which is convenient to use on a computer and without much difficulty to transfer to iPhone or iPad. It should also be noted that all the music will be reproduced on iOS devices through a standard application of music, which has an excellent design and all the necessary opportunities for convenient listening.

The main disadvantage of this method is to link to the computer and the need to use the cable.

Iphone music using itools. Step.By.Step instructions

First of all, of course, you need to download the ITOOLS program itself, you can do this by the link:

The installation of the program is intuitive, so we will not paint each step in detail. But the process with the transfer of music, consider step by step.

1 Launch iTools, connect the code to the computer using a USB cable. The program should determine the type of device that was connected. In the main menu you will see the name of your mobile gadget.

2 Go to the navigation panel to the “Music” section, then click the “Import” button as shown in the screenshot below.

3 Further, a window will open in which you need to specify the path to the folder where you store music downloaded on PC. If you are a confident PC user, then it is unlikely that you will not be clear to you at this stage.

In a folder with music, you must choose those files that you want to download to your iPhone, for this, select them one by clicking each time “choose”. Or highlight several in the list, then also click “Choose”. It is convenient to prepare a folder with music on the computer in advance, which you want to download on the iPhone.

4 That’s all. Audio files loaded onto the device are now also available in iTools, in the “Music” section. That is, this section displays files stored on a mobile device. If you wish, you can copy them to your computer, for example, if you are connected by a friend’s device who came to visit.

The method will work on almost all modern devices of Apple, that is, regardless of whether the iPhone 6 you have, iPhone 7 plus or iPad, the method considered above will work perfectly.

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How to download music from the Internet on iPhone and iPad without iTunes

Open the Browser menu and enter the address of the site from which it is supposed to download music in the address bar. In our case, this is SEFON service.Pro.

Select the necessary composition, click on the file download icon in the Filemaster program.

Then a window will appear in which the reproduction of the downloaded composition will be launched. Click on the icon with the image of the diskette in the lower menu, enter the desired file name, then click “Confirm” to save changes.

The uploaded file will be in the root folder of the application, but it is easy to transfer it to the music folder.

To do this, press and hold your finger on a loaded composition until a pop.Up menu appears. Select cut, then open the music folder, click on the button in the lower right corner and slip in the insert button. The composition will be moved into the current folder.

The Filemaster program is available for free, however, shutdown of advertising in the free version will cost the user 279.

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How to Add MUSIC From Computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod

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Music from these third.Party browsers is not always reproduced. Accordingly, you do not know whether this or that track is necessary or not. Idownloader, Goodreader, Filemaster. And so there are such tips about downloading like mushrooms. Result = 0.

Seriously? And what prevents me from just throwing music in iCloud, one of the folders? Or just download from Safari to icloud? Why is the left application for this?