How To Throw Money From Phone To Card

Many owners of PrivatBank bank cards had situations when it was necessary to replenish it by transferring money from your mobile phone account, in this case, consider the Kyivstar operator. Indeed, many PrivatBank customers are also Kyivstar customers and they are wondering: how to transfer money from Kyivstar to the PrivatBank card. Until recently, it was impossible to transfer money from a mobile account to a bank card. However, today Kyivstar offers its customers this opportunity.

First of all, we will consider situations in which it may be necessary to transfer funds from a mobile account to a bank:

  1. Erroneous replenishment of a mobile when the account was replenished by an amount greater than required;
  2. Fundraising for specific purposes, when it is convenient to transfer funds to both bank accounts and mobile numbers;
  3. Settlement for purchases or services made remotely;
  4. Emergency need for money on a bank card account.

Translation through the official website

To transfer money from Kyivstar to PrivatBank cards, you can use the special Mobile Money service. The service is available on the official website of the company at

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This service offers customers to operate funds on their mobile accounts in various ways. For example, with mobile money you can pay for various services or purchases, book tickets, transfer to charity, and transfer to a bank account.

The Mobile Money service is very easy to use:

  1. To get started, you need to find the Mobile Money option on the upper hidden panel of the Kyivstar main page. Opening it, a list of service services appears in front of us.
  2. To transfer funds to a bank card, you need to select “Mobile Bank”, after which a list of possible operations will appear.
  3. The client is invited to transfer funds to any VISA or MasterCard of any Ukrainian banks. We are interested in PrivatBank, so we select it in the list.
  4. Further, the matter remains a formality. It is necessary to fill in some required fields.
  5. The service asks you to enter the card number of the recipient. Below you need to enter the amount. It is worth paying attention that you can throw off only a limited amount. up to 3000 UAH. When making an operation service charges a fee from the client, but only if the amount is 50 UAH. and more. Amounts up to 50 UAH. transferred without commission. When transferring from 50 to 199 hryvnias, a commission of 8% is charged. Starting from 200 UAH. the commission is 5% and may decrease depending on the amount. The box below will show the amount that will be debited from the Kyivstar account along with the commission funds.
  6. Finally, in the bottom field you need to enter the mobile phone number from which funds will be debited. After all the fields are completed, you need to click “Next”. The operation is completed.
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Transfer via SMS

Transfer money from Kyivstar to PrivatBank in a real and other instant way. This does not require access to the Internet. All you need is to send an SMS message with a special service code 63069 to the short number 888.

The message should contain the service code, PrivatBank card number and the transfer amount in the following format: “63069 Card number Amount”. In this case, we must take into account that all data in the SMS text is entered through spaces.

Useful tips and the nuances of transferring funds to a card

Thus, now Kyivstar clients have the opportunity to instantly transfer funds to the PrivatBank account. You can transfer money online or even without access to the Internet. using one SMS message.

How to Throw Money From Phone to Card