How to throw a photo on iPad from a computer

How to throw off videos and photos from iPhone, iPad to computer

The easiest solution to the issue of transferring content from a mobile iOS device to a computer is to connect a gadget to PC and get direct access to folders with audio and video materials.

We connect your mobile device to a computer. Next, go to Starting is a computer And, in the “Portable Devices” tab, we find the icon of your iPhone or iPad.

Click on the icon and get access to the internal memory of your device (Internet Storage). Actually there, in the folders, all the photos and photos and videos are stored in the smartphone or tablet.

How to upload photos from a computer on iPad using iTunes

Recall, more recently, we have proved that the use of “iPad” as a camera and tool for photo processing is a logical application of this device. In addition, we also learned to transmit photos between desktop and tablet computers through cloud data storage facilities. Today we will try to exchange photos with a computer using USB cable and “iTunes” or, in simple language, download photos on iPad. It would seem that this archaic solution in the modern world can be useful? In fact, the wired connection has not yet outlived itself. It is it that provides the maximum speed of data transfer, and is also the only accessible solution to such a problem in the absence of Wi-Fi network and Internet connection. Well, let’s see with you what and how!

I warm the hope that ITUNES has already been installed, because this application is mandatory for any user of apple products (mobile, in particular). If for any fantastic reason this nuance was missed by you, Ali you. Newly.Made user of Cupertinovsky technology, then I strongly recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the corresponding topic.

Step 1. Connect the iPad to a desktop computer with a complete cable, as well as launch iTunes and go to the tablet computer page.

Note that the “tuna” can be launched automatically when connecting the gadget if you have taken care of this in advance, and the corresponding “checkmark” is in the parameters.

Step 2. Go to the “Photo” section and decide whether your entire photo biblioteum you want to synchronize with “iPad”.

2.One. If a. Yes, then feel free to check the point “Synchronize photos from images”, as well as “All folders”. Thus, it will be uttered, respectively, your entire library of images.

2.2. If you want to upload only certain photos to your tablet, then you should choose which exactly.

Step 3. After you have decided on a set of photos that you want to “throw off” on the “iPad”, confirm your choice of “synchronize” key (or “apply”, depending on the situation).

In such a simple way, you can “throw” the photo material you need on “iPad“! But how to make a reverse manipulation, that is, throw the photos back to the desktop computer?

Step 4. How to reset photos from iPad to a desktop computer? If you have ITUNES, then all the necessary drivers are automatically installed that allow your PC to define your device as a digital camera and drop images by means of the operating system. So, in the “My Computer” window (if you use Windows operating system), your device folder will appear, which will contain a great many photos that you shot in a couple of weeks of relaxation in warm (and not so) countries.

How, you have a lack of photo masterpieces of self.Portrait content? Remember and inherit the classic: “I put on a thorns. I went to be photographed!”(Alexander Fyurstenberg)

Well, let’s summarize. Today you have learned another method that will help to very quickly exchange any photographic materials between desktop and tablet computers. It turned out to be completely easy, is it not true? Stay with us and you will learn a lot of interesting things, good luck!

Program for transferring files to iPad

In addition to the standard method for transferring files to the Apple tablet computer, there are also options using third.Party programs.


This software is the user version of iTunes. It has a little more functions, but the integration and stability of the work leave much to be desired.

The main advantage over iTunes is that through ITOLS you can transfer very heavy files, while Apple software can block such operations.

  • Download and install iTools on a computer. To do this, follow this link, download the installer, start it and install the software.
  • Run the program.
  • Connect iPad to a computer.
  • Through the “Documents” section, select files on PC, click on them with the right mouse button.
  • Select the Import point and specify the connected tablet.


Official Cloud Service and Apple application with which you can move photos and videos.

The meaning of this method is to transfer the media files from the computer to the cloud storage, and then open the iCloud application on the tablet and load the displaced media files from there.

In addition, it is not necessary to download files in this case, you can just watch them online.

  • On the computer, go to the official website of the cloud storage icloud.
  • Log in the Apple ID account by entering the login and password.
  • Go to the storage.
  • Drafting the necessary photos and videos into it. Wait until the process is over. In the case of high.Quality media files, it can take a lot of time, but it all depends on your Internet. Typically, the unloading speed is much lower than the load speed.
  • Open the iCloud app to iPad. It is among the preinstalled, so it will not be needed to install it. Can be updated to the latest version, but it is at will.
  • Go to the “Internet” folder. It is here by default that all the media files were placed from the computer.
  • Select media files, click on the option “Download”.

All downloaded photos and videos will be available in the Appendix “Photo.

Google Drive

Another option based on working with cloud service. Google Drive is very similar to icloud.

The main difference between the program and Google is that through it you can transmit various formats, and not just photos and videos. For example, text documents, tables, etc.D.

  • On the computer open a browser and go to the official website of Google Drive.
  • Login in the Google account account. If you do not have a Gmail account, here you can create it.
  • Go to the section “My disc”.
  • Transfer any files to cloud storage. You can create folders for more ordered movement.
  • Install the Google Drive application (Google disc) on a tablet. It is available for free in the App Store.
  • Launch Google Drive.
  • Sweep from the left edge to the right, causing a navigation control panel.
  • Click on the section “My disk”.
  • All files stored in the cloud storage will be displayed. You can open and save any of them.

Exactly the same instruction has another Google cloud service. Google photo. Both services use the same accounts, but Google photo is designed specifically for media files, while Google disk for files of different format.


Domestic program for transferring files on iPad, which works very simply. You can download the installation file to the computer from the official software site.

  • Open the program on PC.
  • Connect the tablet to the computer. Fonetrans automatically recognizes the device.
  • In the right menu, select the type of file that you want to move. For example, “music”.
  • Select tracks for moving through the option “Additional”.
  • Click on the “Open” button.
  • Wait until the transfer process is over.

Fonetrans software automatically converts for iPad to the type that is supported by the device.

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How to upload photos on iPhone or iPad via iTunes

Connect the iPhone/iPad to the computer and start iTunes. 2. We go to the ITUNES “Devices” section by clicking on the iphone/iPad icon in the upper left corner.

Next, go to the “photo” subsection, where it is necessary to note the “synchronize” tick.

If necessary, in the line “copy photos from”, indicate the folder from which the photo will be copied on the mobile device.

Now it remains only to press the “synchronize” button in the lower right corner and wait for the end of synchronization.

At the end, it is worth noting that the images transferred in this way, that is, synchronized from the computer to the iOS device through iTunes, cannot be imported back to the computer.

Transfer of photos from a computer to iPhone, iPad

Icarefone can not only transfer photos and videos from its gadget to the computer, but vice versa, download data from PC to iPhone or iPad.

Simple & easy way to transfer Video from PC to Ipad or Iphone

First, download and run the program to your computer.

Connect the iPhone to a computer via a USB cable, start this program. Select the “Management” button, click on files that you need to drop, for example, contacts.

All contacts on your device are listed on the window, select the contacts that you want to transmit and select the format of the imported data, click the “Import” button.

You can also delete contacts and edit contacts, combine contact duplicates.

Export photos

Select photos you want to transfer to PC, click “Export”. Then select a place to save them.

You can install images using the “Export Settings” parameter.

How to throw a photo from a computer to iPhone via icarefone

Tenorshare icarefone. Allows you to quickly move files (videos, photos, music) from different devices (smartphone, computer, tablet) like a regular conductor (file manager on your computer). In addition, the program can correct the problems of updating iOS, applications and iPhone, optimize the memory of the device (delete residual files, duplicates, etc.D), as well as reserve system settings (create a backup copy of the settings and data of the device).

For new users, developers offer to try the free (test) version of the Icarefone program (possibilities as in the paid version of the program).

Download and run the program, through a USB cable, attach your iPhone smartphone to a computer.

In the service menu, select “Management”, from the category of files select “Photo”.

Click “Import”. “Select files” on the parameter panel, select photos and find on the computer a folder with photos, click “Open” to transmit photos of photos, select “Import” “Select the folder”, select folders and press “OK”.

throw, photo, ipad, computer

How to Transfer Photos from PC Computer to iPad. Import and Copy Photos from PC to iPad 2021 Way.

Expect the movement of the photo from the computer to the iPhone (time depends on the size of the files, as well as on the PC and your smartphone parameters).

Methods of mutual data exchange


It is a universal tool for managing applications and iPad files. It has a huge number of functions in its asset and does not have the restrictions that ITUNES has. You can download from the developer website: http: // www.I-FunBox.COM/EN_Download.HTML. Here are some of his capabilities:

  • Installation of iOS applications from user and not signed packages.IPA;
  • Transfer of media files: songs, videos, pictures and ringtones. Throwing photos on iPad is incredibly easy. They can be copied with ordinary drag;
  • Research of data in sandbox mode;
  • Using the iPad as a USB flash drive with the highest file transfer speed;
  • Full control of the iPad file system.

To make an exchange of photos between a computer and a tablet, follow the following actions:

  • Connect the tablet to the computer and start the IFUNBOX program;
  • Go to the tab of your device, select the “Export files” or “import files” section;
  • Click on the icon you need, for example, a photo or camera library;
  • Select the necessary files;
  • All files will be successfully copied.

Private camera application

Gallery photo with improved security. You can download the link http: // iTunes.Apple.COM/RU/App/CASTNOE-KAMERA-ZAPIRAT-VASI/ID477970594?MT = 8. Has access to camera functions. Allows you to edit albums, rename, change the cover. There is a function of group processing photos.

throw, photo, ipad, computer

Thanks to iCloud, pictures will be available on all devices at the same time. The protection function will allow you to put the password in the photo or on the entire gallery.

Cloud services

In principle, when fast Internet has become very affordable, the use of cloud storages has become very relevant. The iOS system has already built in the standard cloud iCloud. The only disadvantage is that the exchange is possible only between Windows, iOS and Mac devices. If, for example, you want to copy data on the Android device, you will have to use another service.

A large number of them are available in free access: Yandex.Disk, Google disk, Microsoft OneDrive, cloud and others. You just need to configure the automatic download of new photos into the cloud. If, for example, if you do not want to spend mobile traffic, this can be done manually. Synchronized photos will be available on all devices at the same time. You will not need to throw files between all devices separately.