How to tether your phone to your computer

Tethering your phone to your computer: How to link your smartphone to your PC using standard Windows 10 tools

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1 Some mobile apps may restrict access to content on other screens or require a touchscreen to interact with them. The “Apps” function is only available on an Android phone and PC that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Using the “Your Phone” app on multiple devices is possible on supported Samsung Galaxy phones running Android 11 and the May 2020 Windows 10 update. or later. Devices that support the “apps” feature.

2 Requires OneDrive sync setup with your Samsung phone. Start with 5GB of free cloud storage or expand with a subscription.

3 Users must link their cell phone to their PC through the “Connect to Windows” option on their phone and the “Your Phone” app on their PC, follow the setup instructions, and log in with the same Microsoft account. Requires a phone with Android 7.0 and latest Windows 10 update on PC.

5 Windows 10 with the May 2019 Windows 10 update is required for calls. or later. Requires a Windows 10 computer with Bluetooth support. Requires a device running Android version 7.0 or newer with at least 1GB of RAM and the most recent update for Windows 10.

6 Not supported on devices where “Access to updates” is disabled due to policy or other.

7 Files may be available for offline use. Otherwise an internet connection is required. Additional fees may be required. Microsoft 365 subscription required (purchased separately).

Existing connection options

If you need to connect your phone to your PC, there are several solutions.

The main options are:

Which option you choose depends on the reason for doing it.

If, for example, you need to transfer a large amount of data (a movie, a video, or even a game application), the easiest way is to use the cable and connect via USB port.

The same method is best for using your smartphone as a webcam or modem.

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A cord to connect your smartphone to PC via USB

Wireless connections will allow you to connect faster, although they provide a slower data transfer rate.

They are also used if the PC or laptop has Wi-Fi or “Bluetooth” and the cord is not currently available.

How to connect your phone to your computer via Wi-Fi


Windows 10 has a built-in feature that allows you to link your phone and PC to receive messages on your computer, make calls, and exchange files with your mobile device. Here is how to turn it on.

Press “Start” → “Settings” → “Phone” → “Add phone”. Log in to your Microsoft account if you haven’t already done so (if you don’t have one, you’ll have to create one).

Choose Android. On your smartphone, you will need to install the “Your Phone Manager” program from Microsoft. On some Samsung smartphones you do not need to install anything, just click on “Settings” → “Advanced Features” → “Link to Windows”.

After these preparations on Android, open “Manager of your phone”, check the box “Yes, the application is installed” in the settings on PC and press “Open QR-code”. Scan the code with your phone and wait a while.

How to sync Motorola with your computer?

For starters, it’s worth noting that only phones that support One-touch-Go (OTG) can be tethered. With this technology, you can connect any peripheral device to your smartphone, including a second phone.

How to tether your iPhone to Windows 10?

How can I tether my iPhone to my PC via USB?

  • Download the latest version of iTunes for Windows to your computer, install the program, and run it.
  • Activate a personal hotspot on your iPhone
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable
  • Make sure your computer is successfully connected to the tethered iPhone.

How can I share my computer on the Internet with my mobile via Bluetooth?

Start with the obvious: restart and try a different USB port

Before you try anything else, it’s worth taking the usual troubleshooting tips. Reboot your Android phone and try again. Also try a different USB cable or a different USB port on your computer. Connect it directly to your computer and not to a USB hub.

Sending photos and videos over Wi-Fi in Windows 10

In addition to synchronizing your smartphone with Windows 10, there are other ways to transfer data between devices. Microsoft has released a new app called “Photos companion,” designed to transfer photos and videos from Android and iOS devices to your computer via Wi-Fi. Read the necessary steps to set up “Photos Companion”.

How to make and receive phone calls on a PC

    Between the “Your Phone” app for Windows 10 and “Your Phone Manager” for Android. Users of Samsung’s newest smartphones can use the built-in “Connect with Windows” feature.

  • If you have the Calls feature available in your phone app, go to the appropriate tab and do the extra setup. you will need to connect your phone to your computer via Bluetooth.

Do you use the “Your Phone” app? Would you benefit from the “Calls” feature?