How to take the cover off the iPad. The causes of failure

Disassembling iPad Mini tablet by yourself. The subtleties of the process

In such a situation, the user decides to take their electronic device to a service, but if the failure is not serious, you can try to fix it yourself.

Apple products are of high quality and durability. If you want to disassemble your iPad with your own hands, you shouldn’t have any trouble. The main thing is to do it carefully, carefully following the instructions:

Protective film for iPad 2/iPad 3/iPad 4, matte on the back

Apple iPad 2 A1395 ( Wi-Fi ) iPad2.1, iPad2.4 ; Apple iPad 2 A1396 ( Wi-Fi 3G / GSM ) iPad2.2 ; Apple iPad 2 A1397 ( 3G/CDMA ) iPad2.3 ; Apple iPad 3 A1416 ( Wi-Fi ) ; Apple iPad 3 A1430 ( Wi-Fi Cellular / Wi-Fi 4G / 3G GSM ) iPad3.2 ; Apple iPad 3 A1403 ( Wi-Fi Cellular, VZ / CDMA ) iPad3.3 ; Apple iPad 4 A1458 ( Wi-Fi ) iPad3.4 ; Apple iPad 4 A1459 (Wi-Fi Cellular / Wi-Fi 4G / 3G GSM) iPad3.5; Apple iPad 4 A1460 (Wi-Fi Cellular, MM / CDMA) iPad3.6 You can be the most careful person, but sooner or later your tablet screen will have scratches and chips. To prevent these problems you can use a protective film. Screen Guard is a thin polymer film coated on one side with glue. The film is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, material of high durability. Thanks to a special coating, a protective film will reliably protect the display of your device from scratches and scuffs. Easily glues on and removes the screen protector without leaving any glue residue. It is important that if the screen already has minor abrasions, scratches or chips, a protective film not only protects it from further damage, but also covers obvious defects. Using a screen protector helps to keep your tablet looking flawless! Matte protective film allows you to use your tablet in all lighting conditions. the sun’s rays will not be reflected from the matte surface thanks to its anti-reflective properties.They are also the reason for the main drawback. the reduced brightness and contrast of the screen. the matte effect makes the image “grainy” even on high quality displays. In just a few days the difference will be imperceptible to the eye, but if you remove the film the difference will be noticeable.Also with a matte film your finger will leave almost no greasy fingerprints, and it will be much easier to move your fingers across the screen. You can buy a film in our store of accessories “Casestudio”, as well as by yourself. Buy the film, you can in our store “Artmobile” or make an order on the website with delivery within Ukraine.

iPhone 4 and 4s

In order to remove the cover of the iPhone 4 or 4s we need only a special suitable screwdriver for the sockets on the bottom of the device (where the input for charging is located) and a little patience. In contrast to later models to make it much easier:

  • Now place your thumbs on the surface of the cover just below the Apple logo, closer to the edges of the device, pointing them towards the apple. It appears as if it is going to fall between them.
  • Push the lid up a little so that there is a gap at the bottom. That is, the lid will move up a little. Then very carefully you can separate it from the device. Done! Now you can see everything inside your smartphone.

How to disassemble the Apple iPad mini 4. remove the cover, replace the battery

In this photo report, you can see how to disassemble the Apple iPad mini 4. This is a relatively new tablet from Apple, which is not difficult to disassemble. Thereby replacing the battery, remove the covers or dismantle any other element.

Let’s say that at home without special tools, there is little chance that you will successfully open the tablet and conduct repairs on iPad without damaging its insides. In addition, do not forget that this is only a photo report, not the official manual, you do the work at your own risk.

We used a very useful tool that heats the screen around the perimeter, so the glue becomes less liquid. Here’s what it looks like:

If you have had even a little experience in this kind of work, you should already know that the plastic spatula work on the perimeter with the utmost care. From the home button lift the front panel, because the other side is held by the cable.

Unscrew the metal cover, and with tweezers remove the contacts of the cable to the front panel (screen, camera). Once there are no contacts, you can safely separate both sides of our Apple iPad mini 4, although it is better not to rush and check a few times in detail.

For your interest, we compared the insides of version 3(left) and version 4 of the iPad mini. Here’s a picture:

As you can see, all elements are in sight, so their replacement is not a problem. The battery is not fixed strongly to the lid, it is very easy to remove and replace. It is noteworthy that the display itself and the protective glass are assembled together, it will be easier to remove them, but there will be problems when you replace the glass on the Apple iPad mini 4. Here is a picture of the complete disassembly of this tablet:

We would like to add that when replacing the screen, you will also have to remove the home button, which is the fingerprint sensor. this will cause a lot of inconvenience. Let’s repeat: since a lot of the elements inside are attached to the glue, a tool that heats and thereby unglues will help you a lot.

Disassembly process of iPad Mini

If you bought a special kit, you need to take a tool similar to a pad and put it in the microwave. After that, put the pad on the edge of the screen and wait. During this time the glue that is between the case and the touch screen, will warm up and you can separate the parts. If suddenly there is no such a “pad”, you can use a regular hair dryer. After you have heated up the tablet we start to disconnect the construction.

Lift the touchscreen glass with plastic picks or a plastic spatula, but don’t make any sudden movements. Since the touch screen is attached to the chassis by a special flat cable. The flat cable is not easy to disconnect, as it is hindered by the screen construction. To do this, you need to remove the screws that secure the screen. Once the screws are unscrewed, lift the screen from the bottom.

There is a plate under the screen which is fixed with screws. It is necessary to unscrew the 16 screws in a circle, and then you can remove the plate. Under it is all the “stuffing” of the iPad mini.

To get to the touch panel and display flat cable it is necessary to remove the special protective plate. This is done very simply: you need to unscrew three more screws).

Now we have access to the screen flat cable. Detach it with a plastic spatula. After that, peel off the special adhesive tape that holds the screen design. Now loosely detach the display. If there were any problems with the display. replace.

In this collapsible construction “sandwich” there is a definite disadvantage, between the touch glass and the display can fall dust. So when putting the whole thing back together, wipe the glass and the display well. And be careful not to get any dust on it.

Now you can remove the touch glass. Disconnect the cable and put the glass aside. If it was broken, replace it with a new one. Also here is the Home button, which can also be replaced with a new one if the old one is faulty.

Next, the battery is next. To get it out, you need to disconnect the connector that goes to the motherboard. Here it is the same as on the big iPad. The battery needs to be hooked up with something like a plastic card, as it is also attached to the adhesive.

Carefully swipe the card around the edges of the battery to peel it off evenly. Next you just take the battery out. If the battery is faulty, it can be replaced. A common problem with it is overheating, after which the battery swells up and needs to be replaced immediately.

Next, remove the stereo speakers, which are located at the bottom. Together with them there are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module. Loosen a couple of screws and remove.

The main thing is not to lose the screws, because they are very small. Continue disassembling. Some people will mistakenly try to remove Apple’s unique Lightning connector as well. Be warned though, the USB cable connector is part of the motherboard, so it’s not completely removable.

Next, remove the Power button, volume knobs and silent mode button. If you don’t do it immediately, they will not allow you to dismantle the rest of the structure and remove the motherboard.

Then we need to use a hair dryer (preferably an industrial one). Warming the case from the back. Since the motherboard is attached to the case with glue, you need to heat up the case to remove it. It is better not to hold the case with your bare hands during this operation, because it gets very hot and can burn your hand.

cover, ipad, causes, failure

You can use a silicone tack or a towel. Then we take a plastic spatula and gently slip it under the board, slowly remove it from the case. That’s it, the board is dismantled and ready for replacement, if the problem was in it.

From the remnants left to dismantle the FaceTime camera, microphone and headphone jack 3.5mm. To do this you need to use the hair dryer again. We heat the case on the back side at the top of it. Then using a plastic spatula we carefully peel off the whole construction.

That’s all. Apple iPad mini completely disassembled. As you have noticed, unlike the iPhone, the iPad uses a lot of glue. All those screws that are present here are hidden under plugs and tapes. Also the iPad mini has a lot of one-piece construction, so it will cost more to repair the front camera, for example, than on the iPhone. We have to change the whole module with camera, microphone and mini jack.

Also see the video :

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You’re probably wondering, “What to do if your MacBook is flooded??”The first thing to do is to disassemble the device. Arm yourself with a 5-corner MacBook backdoor screwdriver (available from us). If you don’t have one, bring your computer to our 2Mac service. We’ll solve your MacBook’s flooding symptoms quickly and efficiently!

If you have a screwdriver rather lay the flooded macbook on the table, keyboard down. Let the display hang off the table and let the computer rest on the keyboard. The surface liquid will leave the top case. When the macbook is located as described above, start to unscrew the screws! Despite the seemingly simple procedure, it is worth focusing.

Now remove the RAM strips (see link for how they look like). All you have to do is lift it up and gently pinch the sides. They are probably green or blue in color. When you are done removing the RAM don’t forget to unscrew the heatsink.

Immediately behind him you need to remove the motherboard. It is as easy to remove as the back cover. You should unscrew the screws, disconnect the stubs and other contact elements that hold the board in the case. Once the part is removed, it’s time to fill it up. Put the motherboard in a container and pour the circuit board flush.

It is necessary to live the board in a container and pour it so that the flushing agent completely covers the part. Recommended duration of the procedure. seven hours. After pouring it in, place it on a towel or dry wipes. Allow it to sit for up to four hours. When the board has dried, you need to apply thermal paste to the processor, in the shape of a silver square.

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