How to Take a Screenshot on Xiaomi Phone

How to Take a Screenshot on Xiaomi Phone

It turns out the combination for creating a screenshot in Xiaomi Redmi is almost the same. There are several regular options to take a screenshot of the Xiaomi screen:. a combination of keys. simultaneously press the “Volume Down” button and the “Power” button and hold for about 3-4 seconds;. use the Screenshot button in the top menu of the phone.

In this article, we will consider all possible options for making a screenshot on Xiaomi smartphones and tablets. We present 6 ways to capture a picture from the display in MIUI firmware so that everyone can choose their own option, which is more convenient.

1 Power key Volume down key

This is perhaps the most standard way to take a screenshot on your Xiaomi smartphone. This feature came to the MIUI platform from the original Android OS. To perform an action, you just need to hold down the power / lock key and the volume down button at the same time. The screenshot will be saved to the album.

2 Menu key volume down

Another variation of the first method from the developers of MIUI. To capture a screenshot, you need to simultaneously press the menu touch key under the display and the physical key volume down. Done!

3 Through the notification curtain

In the notification curtain in MIUI 7/8/9 there is access to quick settings, among which there is an icon with scissors. With its help, you can also take a screenshot on Xiaomi smartphones. To do this, select the desired area in an open application or desktop, lower the curtain and click on the “Screenshot” icon. This is convenient to do, for example, if you want to take a screen shot with one hand.

4 Using Quick Ball

MIUI 8 introduces an interactive desktop assistant called Quick Ball. In the settings of the assistant you need to add the ability to take a screenshot and then after clicking on it, you will open quick access to the icon with scissors. In the screenshot itself, the Quick Ball will not be visible.

5 Shortcode on the desktop

The shortcut that is responsible for taking a picture of the display can be brought directly to the desktop using a shortcode. It is activated in MIUI in the menu with widgets, just drag the screenshot icon to the desktop and you’re done.

6 Using a gesture three fingers down

Another feature of MIUI 8 was the ability to take screenshots on Xiaomi technology using the “three fingers down” gesture. Alas, such a function does not work on all firmware and not on all devices, but you can try.

To do this, go to Settings Additional Screenshots and activate the ability to create a screenshot with a gesture. Then, on the screen you are interested in, swipe three fingers down the display and a screenshot will be taken.