How to Take a Screenshot on Xiaomi Mi A1

Since the smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1 does not work on MIUI, but on the stock android, the usual user may not be able to understand the usual actions. For example, taking a screenshot on Mi A1 does not work, if you do it the same way as in the Xiaomi graphical interface.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Mi A1

Therefore, if you are used to taking a screenshot (screenshot) through the corresponding menu item in the blind, now we will teach you how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Mi A1. The instructions are simple and even inexperienced Xiaomi users will be able to master it.

How to Take a Screenshot on Xiaomi Mi A1

A guide on how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi for other phone models, including the Redmi and Mi Mix rulers.

With 2 buttons

In our case, all the buttons are on the right side panel of the device.

Step 1.

Select the page on the basis of which you want to take a screenshot, for example, a website. Or you want to share a screenshot with a friend, or send a screenshot of the correspondence to Viber or Telegram. There are no restrictions, since you are taking a full screen shot.

Step 2

It is necessary to simultaneously hold down two buttons: volume down (volume down) and the power button (power button) of the smartphone for 1-2 seconds.

If you were unable to take a screenshot the first time, try this technique. we press the buttons at the same time, not sharply and not pressing hard on them.

Step 3

You will hear the shutter sound and see the animation on the screen. Screenshot is ready. The image can be found in the “Gallery”, on the internal drive in the DCIM folder or by clicking on the icon in the notification panel.

With one button

To take a screenshot using only one button, we need to install an additional application.

For example, Button Mapper is an application that allows you to set custom actions on the main buttons: volume control, forward, backward, home.

Button Mapper has a ready-made Screenshot script.

You must assign a screen capture action to a button convenient for you and enjoy a quick result.

Congratulations, now you can take beautiful screen shots on Xiaomi Mi A1.

How to send a screenshot to Mi A1?

To share the result with friends, in the VK group or Mi community, there are several simple solutions.

We move the notification curtain and open the “Screenshot” icon. Next you will see the “Send” button (sent).

By clicking on it, the Android system will offer you a list of available actions (depends on installed applications):

  • Upload to Google Photos;
  • Add to Dropbox;
  • Share via Dropbox;
  • Paste in the message;
  • Share using Total Commander;
  • Sync with SHAREit;
  • Share Vkontakte;
  • Add to Google maps;
  • Add to attachment in a letter through Gmail;
  • Save to Google Drive;
  • Send via Bluetooth;
  • Post to Instagram.

For example, if you want to share a screenshot of Vkontakte, then you can add the image to the album, send it as a message or send it directly to the wall of the Rumicomrussia group.

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