How To Take A Screenshot On Xiaomi A3

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Method two: using physical key combinations

Using this procedure, taking a screenshot on Samsung A30s will also be easy and fast.

To do this, SIMultaneously press the power key and the volume key to make the sound quieter, and if you want to take a video, then the procedure is the same, but press do not decrease the sound but increase.

This can be said to be the classic version. The most often used, only you must press at the same time and quickly. Pressed and immediately released.

You can share and edit right away, but what if you keep it as it is? You will find it in the gallery of your samsung galaxy a30s.

3 ways how to take a screenshot of the screen on samsung galaxy a30s

Today, the main function of a mobile phone or tablet is the ability to take a screenshot of the screen, that is, record the image displayed on the screen at that moment on your Samsung Galaxy a30s 2019.

When you take a screenshot, you can send it to WhatsApp, Instagram story, or video frame and memory of your smartphone.

I’ll tell you right away that in a30s 2019 there are plenty of ways to make screenshots, despite the budget option.

You will need a screenshot in many situations and you need to learn how to do it.

First way: the easiest and most affordable

To be honest, I have not seen the description of the method that I will provide first, but the SIMplest and most accessible even with one hand.

All you need to do is enable one setting. It is not hidden, but most likely a little deeply hidden.

To do this, open the settings and look for the line “Accessibility”. Click. Now we are looking for “Disorder of coordination and interaction”.

The last step remains. This is to find the “Sub Menu” and move the lever to the right. To make it “blue”.

A small black circle with four white squares will now appear on every screen of your A30s.

It can be moved to any place and when inactive it becomes almost invisible, so it will not annoy you, but if you click on it, a menu will appear in the square, where there will be an item. “Screenshot”.

Click and you’re done. Only he will appear on every screen. If you consider it unnecessary then see the second method.

The third way is to make a screen with the edge of the palm

To use this method, you also need to make some minor adjustments to your a30s.

You need to go to “Additional functions” in the settings and find “Movement / gestures”, and there, as in the first method, move the lever to the right.

Now, just slide your palm across the screen from the right side to the left (or vice versa) on your Galaxy A30s and a screenshot is taken.

In addition, you will see a flash that indicates that the capture has been made. This way I made all the pictures that you see now.

You can also do “Bixby” or Google Assistant, and this is theoretically even better since everything happens with just one voice.

This is certainly not bad and even wonderful, but you also have to customize it. A little, but definitely more than in the methods described above.

Now I will not dwell on this, since for the first time you already have enough options to take a screenshot on the Samsung a30s 2019.

Method 3

If you do not want to use the methods of pressing mechanical keys, you can take a screenshot using a special button on the notification curtain. However, this method is not always convenient, because moments from the game and the film cannot be screened like that. Here you need to act based on circumstances.

Method 1

The first method is standard for all mobile phones. This feature is installed in standard android, so many may know about it. In order to take a screenshot in the standard way, you need to hold down the power button and the volume down key. The buttons need to be held for several seconds in order for a characteristic flash to appear on the screen. It will mean that the picture was taken safely.

Method 4

In MIUI 9 version the Quick Ball feature was added. It is designed to help the user complete all tasks faster. With the help of this assistant, you can call a special shortcut for a screenshot. It will not differ in appearance from what can be seen in the notification shade. But it will be much more convenient this way.

To open this function, go to the following menu sections: Menu. Settings. Press Assistant.

5 ways to take a screenshot on a Xiaomi phone

Any device can take screenshots. Some do this using special combinations in the operating system, and sometimes it requires the installation of third-party applications. Many fans of Xiaomi technology do not know how to take a screenshot on the devices of this company. Today we will tell you about all the current ways to take a screenshot of the screen on Xiaomi.

Method 2

On some models, the method of taking screenshots is different. The principle is the same as in the previous method. But you need to hold down the combination of the home button and the volume down key. By analogy, the buttons must be held until a characteristic flash appears.

Method 5

In versions 8 and 9 of MIUI, a special gesture has appeared with which you can take a screenshot. It is much more convenient than anything that has been described before. To use the gesture, you need to slide three fingers across the screen from top to bottom. This method works flawlessly and very quickly. You just need to configure this feature. To do this, go to advanced settings and find the section about screenshots.

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All ways to make a screen on Xiaomi

Want to save a picture from your phone display? We bring to your attention the ways to take a screenshot from the screen on Xiaomi. There is nothing complicated, the developers took care and provided several options for creating a snapshot.

Using the keys

The method refers to the standard version. It has been successfully applied to the Android operating system and has been implemented on the MIUI platform. To save a screenshot, use the keyboard shortcut.

To do this, on the phone, SIMultaneously press the volume down rocker and the power button. After a couple of seconds, you will hear a characteristic sound notifying that the picture has been saved.

Another interpretation of the keystroke method for capturing is holding down the volume down key of the touch menu key. It all depends on the OS version.

Although the option is SIMple, its implementation can be difficult:

  • Skill is required, it is not always the first time that you can SIMultaneously hold down the keys, which is why, instead of taking a picture, the user triggers the direct functions of the keys;
  • Inconvenient for devices with large diagonals;
  • This method does not work in all models or firmware;
  • The latest frameless models often lack the menu button. It is replaced by gestures.

So let’s move on.

In the Quick Ball menu

MIUI 8 version is supplemented with Quick Ball widget. To activate it, follow: the “Settings” menu, then go to “Advanced settings”, select “Quick Ball” or “Touch Assistant”, change the switch to the “Enable” position. After that, a transparent circle will appear on the main desktop, clicking on which will display additional options, among them scissors for a print screen.

The smartphone has the ability to take a long screenshot. First, take a regular picture in a convenient way, then quickly click on the thumbnail that appears. The options “Send”, “Change”, “Scroll”, “Delete” will appear at the bottom. Select “Scroll”, scroll down to the desired moment. Then click “Stop”. The image will be saved to the gallery. The function is available for browsers or applications that work on the principle of page scrolling.

In the curtain menu

You can take a screenshot of the screen on Xiaomi, in versions MIUI 7, 8, 9, using the notification curtain. Quick access to settings is provided here. To save a snapshot from the display, find the “Snapshot” scissors icon. Select an option. The image will be frozen. The notification curtain itself will not be saved.

Three fingers and all business

Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to save a screenshot, introduced in MIUI 8, is a gesture screenshot. To do this, you need to swipe down on the Xiaomi display with three fingers. The image will be saved in the corresponding folder.

If the gesture does not work, check the settings, and change them if necessary. Go to the “Settings” section, select the “Advanced settings” item, then “Buttons and gestures”. After we find “Screenshot”, select “Gesture down with three fingers”.

Video screenshot

To save a still video frame on Android, you need the “Screen Recorder” option. Go to “Settings”, then “Advanced” and select the column “Screen recording”. Make adjustments to the shooting parameters. Then a shortcut for recording will be displayed. By pressing “Start” we start recording, make a print screen.

It is not difficult to save a screenshot on Xiaomi, you just have to choose which one is preferable for you.

How to know if a photo was taken successfully

At the top of the screen, on the left, a small icon will appear in the form of two combined triangles in a square.

The captured images can be viewed in the gallery, in which a new folder will appear after the first successful screenshot is taken.

If the screen did not work

If you tried both methods and the screenshot did not work, then there are several reasons for this.

  • Your Samsung Galaxy A3 has unofficial firmware, and it is better to contact the service center to replace it.
  • You were sold a fake and it just doesn’t have a screenshot function.

How to Record Screen in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30s? As on

How to Record Screen in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30s? How to turn on screen recording in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30s? How to use Screen Recorder in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30s? How to Capture Screen in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30s? How to Save Screen Action in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30s?

If you want to keep fleeting content. That appears on your display, or to share some action that is difficult to describe in words, just Screen Recorder in your SAMSUNG Galaxy A30s. Learn how to activate and use this super tool. You won’t miss anything! Record your screen, save and share it with your friends!

How to Record Screen in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30?

  • At the very beginning, slide the top panel down.
  • Second, find and click the Screen Recorder icon.
  • After 3 seconds, screen recording will start.
  • To write or draw on the screen, click on the pen icon, choose a color and do it!
  • To add your photo to the corner of the display, click the avatar icon.
  • To end recording, click the stop tab. Small square icon.

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How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A3

Sometimes there are situations in which you need or want to take a picture of the screen, for example, in order to save or send to friends on social networks. Previously, in order to take a screenshot, you had to use applications, but modern smartphones do not require additional programs.

How to Take Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy A3 A5 and A7

Here’s how to take screenshots on the new Samsung Galaxy A7, A5 and A3 phones

How To Take A Screenshot On Xiaomi A3

Capture what is happening on your cell phone screen. This is what most of us are used to. It’s pretty easy to do if you know how to do it.

So let me show you how.

Even though we are talking about three different phones in this guide, the important points for taking screenshots (button layout) are the same for all three. So, whether you have A3, A5, or A7, you can follow these SIMple steps to take a screenshot.

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How to Recover Data from Broken Samsung Screen with USB Cable?

You can also use AutoPlay to recover files from damaged Samsung screen. As we all know, you need to enable USB debugging on your broken Galaxy when you want to transfer files from your phone to your computer. It can be tricky because when we don’t need it we always disable USB debugging, but if USB debugging is enabled, you can try this method to recover photos, videos, music, documents and VCFs (contacts) from broken Samsung.

Here’s how:

  • Connect Broken Samsung Galaxy to PC via USB Cable.
  • Autopaly will start automatically. Select “Open folder / device to view files”.
  • Select the files you want, then copy and paste from broken Samsung to PC.

Optional: Transfer Data from Broken Samsung to New Phone

If the screen of your old phone is cracked but still functional, then it is best to switch the phone while everything is in order. To do this, you will again need a third-party program such as Mobikin Transfer for Mobile (Windows / Mac). To transfer data from broken Samsung phone to new one.

Details. Go to the complete guide to transfer contacts from Android to Android in 2019

How to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung Galaxy A3. How to Record Screen in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30? As on

How to Record Screen in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30? How to turn on screen recording in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30? How to use Screen Recorder in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30? How to Capture Screen in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30? How to Save Screen Action in SAMSUNG Galaxy A30?

If you want to keep fleeting content. That appears on your display, or to share some action that is difficult to describe in words, just Record the screen in your SAMSUNG Galaxy A30. Learn how to activate and use this super tool. You won’t miss anything! Record your screen, save and share it with your friends!

Method 1

In order to get a screenshot, go to the screen that we want to capture, then with two fingers (or one thumb, as it is convenient) press and hold the power and volume down button for 2-3 seconds.

Then you will see the screen flicker and hear the sound of the camera shutter. The resulting screenshot will be hidden in a thumbnail and will appear in the upper right corner of the screen as a preview of your screenshot.

You can click on this thumbnail to view the screenshot, edit it, share it or delete it.

Two buttons and the screenshot is ready!

Yes, in order to take a screenshot on Xiaomi we only need two buttons: power and volume down. This is the fastest and most popular way to take a screenshot of a Xiaomi smartphone and is familiar to most advanced MIUI users.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on Xiaomi?

Let’s take a look at all the ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi, working with MIUI 8 and above. The instruction is relevant for most models. For example, Redmi 4 / 4x, Redmi Note 4, Mi 5, Redmi 3S, Redmi 4 Pro, RN 3 Pro, Redmi 5A, Mi 6 and many others.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi

Taking a screenshot of the screen is a popular feature that even the least experienced Xiaomi smartphone user will want to master. It will be useful if you need to save a message on social networks or share the screen of your smartphone in order to solve any problem or question.

Xiaomi is one of the most popular phone manufacturers in the world. The number of users who are just starting to learn all the chips and advantages of MIUI is growing every month.

Method 2

If you have control buttons on the front of your phone, you can use both the Menu touch button (instead of power) and the volume rocker.

Three fingers. What could be easier?

The method is suitable for the most lazy Mi Fans, since to capture the screen we need to vertically slide three fingers across the sensor.

The only drawback of this method is that the quick screenshot function makes the Xiaomi phone freeze with a weak processor and RAM.

There is also a special button in the notification shade with which you can take a screenshot.

To take a screenshot, go to the screen that you want to capture, then slide out the notification panel with your finger, in the menu that appears, select the “Screenshot” item. Then the screen blinks, the shutter sound and thumbnail move to the top right side of the screen.

If you want to move the “Snapshot” icon to the top four positions, then you need to open “Settings”, then “Notifications”, then “Status” and select “Toggle positions”. Now you need to drag the screenshot icon up.

How to take a long screenshot on Xiaomi

There is no particular secret here when we need to take a long photo and capture the entire site or a long correspondence that does not fit into the visible area.

We make a screen in any way we like. As soon as the thumbnail appears, quickly click on it to bring up a special window for advanced options:

  • Send message,
  • Edit,
  • Delete,
  • Extended.

By selecting the first menu item, you can scroll the screen and select an area that was not initially captured. You can scroll manually or enable automatic scrolling. To get a long shot, press “Finish”.

Smart menu

One of the features of the MIUI 8 and higher GUI is the Quick Ball feature. This is a touchscreen assistant in the form of a transparent floating ball that allows you to get a quick way to the Smart menu. Five different phone functions, including a screenshot.

After that go to “Select shortcuts”. Click on any of the five circles on the next screen. The snapshot function will be located in the “Quick Settings” area.

Once that’s set up. To take a screenshot on Xiaomi using this method, just touch the “ball” to open the Smart-menu and click “Screenshot”. Further, everything is the same as in the first two methods.

How to take a screenshot of a video on Android

To do this, Xiaomi smartphones have a new function “Screen Recorder”, which records a sequence of actions.

To control the recording, go to “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Screen recording”. Here you can configure all the parameters of the future video (picture resolution, sound, audio bitrate, etc.).

As soon as everything is set up, the shortcut will automatically appear on the desktop and all that remains is to press “Start” and enable video recording from the Xiaomi screen.

Hello dear friends! My name is Mikhail Xiaominko, I am a fan of Xiaomi technology, gadgets and smartphones. Having access to information, I try to provide interesting and high-quality content for the readers of Xiaomi. I share the latest news and exclusive materials.

On devices prior to Android 4.0

Before Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released in October 2011, there was no way to take a screenshot in the operating system.

Fortunately, not many people use older versions of Android on their phones. But if you are forced to use Gingerbread or Honeycomb. Possibly because your primary device is out of order and you are using an old spare. You also need to know how to take screenshots.

The best way for non-rooted devices. Use Android SDK. Yes, it is cumbersome to set up, but this is the most reliable approach.

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You can download the SDK from the official Android site. Installing and configuring the SDK app is beyond the scope of this article, so check out No Root Screenshot It app if you want a SIMpler user interface.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 phone

How to Take Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7

  • Press and hold the power button and home button at the same time.
  • Do not release the phone until the phone responds to you with a flash, sound or vibration.

Press buttons SIMultaneously for more success

To see the finished result, SIMply drag down the notification area by placing your finger over the screen and pull down. A thumbnail will be present. Click it to open it in an image viewer.

If you’ve taken a lot of screenshots or removed your thumb from the notification area, you can find the newly created images in the gallery app. If you don’t have a gallery shortcut on your home screen, open the app drawer and find the gallery app inside. A new folder named screenshots will appear. This is where your images will be stored.

About Bertil Hansen I am the owner and principal contributor to this website. I’ve had an annoying number of Android phones over the years. Too many to mention, let’s just say it started with the HTC legend and now I’m using the Galaxy Note 4.

Use manufacturer labels

Not all phones use the standard Android method.

For example, Samsung devices require pressing the Power Home buttons. To take a screenshot. After that, the process is the same. You will receive a confirmation on the screen and the image will be available for viewing in the gallery application.

Some phones use the standard method, but there are additional features. For example, on some Sony devices, you can press the Power button to access the options menu. From there, you can take screenshots as well as record the screen of your Android device.

All phones from Motorola, LG and HTC use the standard method.

Screenshot (SAMSUNG A310F Galaxy A3 (2016))

Screenshot SAMSUNG A310F Galaxy A3 (2016) as on

How to take screenshot in SAMSUNG A310F Galaxy A3 (2016)? How to take screenshot in SAMSUNG A310F Galaxy A3 (2016)? How to save screen on SAMSUNG A310F Galaxy A3 (2016)?

Easy way to take screenshot on SAMSUNG A310F Galaxy A3 (2016). After saving screens, you can edit / share / delete captured screens in Android 5.1 Lollipop Gallery. Click here to read more about screenshot.

  • If you want to take a picture, you must first select the screen to capture.
  • After that, you need to SIMultaneously hold down two keys: Power and Volume down.
  • Excellent! Your screenshot is already saved in your SAMSUNG A310F Galaxy A3 (2016) Gallery!

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One more step.!

Confirm your email address in the email just sent to you.

Use third party apps

Let’s take a look at a couple of the best third-party screenshot apps. Their basic functionality is the same as the standard method, but they offer some interesting additional features that are not available out of the box.

Ways to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A3

  • This is the most common way. In this case, it is necessary to SIMultaneously hold down the Home and Power buttons.
  • If the previous method did not suit you for some reason, hold down the “Volume.” and “Power” buttons for a few seconds.

Hold down the buttons marked in the photo at the same time

How to make A3 page format in Microsoft Word document

By default, the A4 page format is set in the MS Word document, which is quite logical. It is this format that is most often used in office work, it is in it that most documents, abstracts, scientific and other works are created and printed. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to change the generally accepted standard up or down.

MS Word has the ability to change the page format, moreover, you can do this either manually or using a ready-made template by selecting it from the set. The problem is that finding a section where you can change these settings is not so easy. To clarify everything, below we will tell you how to make A3 instead of A4 in Word. Actually, in exactly the same way, you can set any other format (size) for the page.

Change A4 page format to any other standard format

Open a text document for which you want to change the page format.

Click the Layout tab and open the Page Setup group dialog box. To do this, click on the small arrow located in the lower right corner of the group.

In the window that opens, go to the “Paper size” tab, where in the “Paper size” section select the required size from the drop-down menu.

Click “OK” to close the “Page Setup” window.

The page format will change to the one you selected. In our case, this is A3, and the page in the screenshot is shown at a scale of 50% relative to the size of the window of the program itself, since otherwise it SIMply does not fit.

Changing the page format manually

In some versions, page sizes other than A4 by default are not available, at least until a compatible printer is connected to the system. However, the page size corresponding to a particular format can always be set manually. All that is required from you for this is knowing the exact value according to GOST. The latter can be easily found out thanks to search engines, but we decided to make it easier for you.

So, page formats and their exact dimensions in centimeters (width x height):

A0. 84.1×118.9
A1. 59.4×84.1
A2. 42×59.4
A3. 29.7×42
A4. 21×29.7
A5. 14.8×21

And now about how and where to specify them in the Word:

Open the “Page Setup” dialog box in the “Layout” tab (or the “Advanced Settings” section in the “Page Layout” tab if you are using an older version of the program).

Go to the “Paper Size” tab.

Enter the required values ​​for the width and height of the page in the appropriate fields and then click the “OK” button.

The page format will change according to the parameters you specified. So, in our screenshot you can see sheet A5 at a scale of 100% (relative to the size of the program window).

By the way, in exactly the same way you can set any other values ​​for the width and height of the page by changing its size. Another question is whether this will be compatible with the printer that you will use in the future, if you plan to do so at all.

That’s all, now you know how to change the page format in a Microsoft Word document to A3 or any other, both standard (GOST) and arbitrary, set manually.