How to take a screenshot on the XR iPhone screen. Take a picture on the iPhone 11, iPhone…

How to take screenshots on iPhone 11

How to make a screen screen on the iPhone 12, 12 mini, Pro and Pro Max

On the 12th generation iPhone, screenshots can be made in several ways:

  • by simultaneously pressing the buttons buttons and volume buttons;
  • with the help of the function “Assistive Touch” (Menu item “Screenshot“);
  • double/triple touch of the rear panel;
  • Using the Siri voice assistant.

The first two methods work on the devices of the previous series and are discussed in detail in the article “How to make a screen screen on the iPhone 11 /11 Pro / 11 Pro Max”.

The ability to make Print Screen with gestures and voice teams was first implemented in iPhones 12, operating under the control of 14 versions of iOS. On all modifications of the line, the creation of long screenshots is also supported, with a complete seizure of information that did not fit on the screen.

How to make a screen picture by touch

To photograph the iPhone 12 screen by touching the rear panel of the smartphone, you must first enable the Back TAP option in the “settings”:

  • Enter the “Universal Access” section.
  • Find the point “Touch”.
  • Turn on the option “Tire on the back”.
  • Choose a type of touch. double or triple.
  • Put the chosen action of the “take a picture”.

The lack of the method. you need to control your movements so as not to touch the body in a given way by chance. It is recommended to give preference to a “triple touch”, in which there is less likely to obtain unnecessary photos.

We make a screen on the iPhone with the Touch ID button (home)

The physical button “Home” is a round button at the bottom of the smartphone screen designed to quickly exit applications.

It is it that needs to be squeezed simultaneously with the power key (Power). It also performs the function of sleep/awakening mode. On the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, SE, 5C This key is located at the smartphone on top, on models 6, 6s, 7, 8. on the side on the right.

At the same time, click the upper or side button (depends on the model) and the “home” button and immediately release both buttons quickly.

With a one.time press, a click of a work.out camera will be heard (only if the phone is not in sound mode). At the same moment, the screen will turn white for a second, and a mini-image of the resulting screenshot will appear below on the left.

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone XR (2 Ways)

By pressing this image, you will go to a graphic editor that will make changes to the screenshot. The editor has the following possibilities ⇒

After editing the screenshot, you should click on “Ready” and then “save in the photo”.

In the event that you did not press the image of a screen in miniature, then it will automatically remain in the “photo” folder.

To remove miniature from the smartphone screen. brush to the left.

If you need to create a PDF file from a web page, a document or letter, then after the screen is taken, click on its mini-image in the left corner and select the “whole page” parameter.

How to take a picture of the iPhone screen with Faceid

Generation of iPhone X phones and all subsequent models lost their physical button and became without framework. But the principle of creating screenshots remained similar. You also need to stick two keys at the same time. These are the buttons on/off and volume.

The further process of creating a screen is no different from previous smartphone models.

At the same time, click the on/off button and the volume button (volume) and quickly release them at the same time.

The camera will click, the screen will turn white for a split second, and the created miniature of the screen will display in the left corner. To view it, click on it.

The following problem is often found. The screenshot fails to make the first time. We recommend starting to hold the volume increased key a little earlier than the VCL button. Most likely, this will help solve the problem.

If you overtake the on/off button on the phone, then Siri may start. By default, its launch is assigned to hold this button for more than 5 seconds.

How to take a screenshot on the iPhone XR

Apple today is the leader in the smartphone market. The phonel line is moving every year and grows with new technologies. iPhone XR looks like iPhone X. It’s time to say goodbye to the old iPhone design with the “Home” button and the screenshot frames and below. Now all the new iPhone has a recess, a display for the entire front panel, rounded corners and gesture control.

One of the reasons why Apple managed to reduce the cost of a budget smartphone is his display. Instead of OLED display, LED was used. According to Apple, this is the most advanced LED display among all smartphones. Apple LED displays have always been the best in the market, and this one was no exception. 6 new colors will be a good reason for many users to buy iPhone XR.

iPhone XR is available in the following colors: white, black, blue, coral, yellow and red “Product RED”.

The iPhone XR has a Haptic Touch function that replaced 3D Touch. To open additional functions, you just need to click on the screen longer. After that you will feel vibro-delivery. According to Apple, the same technology is used in the tracks of new MacBooks.

How to take a screenshot on the iPhone XR

XR and the rest of the tenth iPhone models have a function of Assistive Touch, which will make the picture with one hand.

How to prevent random screenshots

Due to the location of hardware buttons of locking and increasing the volume (opposite each other), their random simultaneous pressing, leading to unnecessary screenshots, is possible. The iPhone functionality does not include the disconnection or reassignment of this combination of keys, there is no software that allows you to do this.

But there are precautions that allow minimizing the likelihood of obtaining random shots. When touching the iPhone, you need to try not to capture these buttons with your fingers. You can also use covers without lateral cuts that close these buttons and make them less sensitive to touching. It is recommended to turn off the display immediately after use. in this case, if you accidentally press the lock and volume keys at the same time, the creation of the screenshot will not occur.

The turning of the iPhone 10 series is included in the basic functionality and allows the user by tilting the device to turn the picture. Album orientation displays.

The iPhone 10 family inherited from past versions the ability to make a screen recording, with its subsequent preservation, editing, sending through electronic.

How to use AssistiveTouch to create a screenshop

As in previous models, in the iPhone X there is a universal access function of AssistiveTouch. Its functionality is tuned from the “upper level”. Using this virtual button, you can not only control a smartphone, but also take a screen picture. And for this it must be activated. This is done like this: we go into system settings, then “basic” and open “universal access”. In the list we find the AssistiveTouch option and transfer the switch to the inclusive position. After that, a round button appears on the display, which easily moves to any scene on the iPhone.

Now you can manage the device without resorting to physical buttons. And for a picture of the screen in the dialog box, click the “apparatus” button, then “” and “Skart Skip”. You will see how an analogue of the button home will disappear from the screen on the iPhone and the screenshot will be made.

The AssistiveTouch icon will not spoil the image, as it simply does not fall into the screenshot, so there is no need to turn off this function.

How to take a screenshot on the iPhone XR

It is done exactly the same. two buttons: “shutdown” and “increased sound volume”. Bingo)

How the Apple Pay is called in the iPhone X and iPhone XS

Now Apple Pay is not caused by double clicking on the Home button, simply because it is not. And double fast pressing the Power button (turning on, turning off the phone). Do not thank)

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How to make a screenshot of the screen on the iPhone SE, 8, 7, 6

Screenshot of the screen on the iPhone SE, 8, 7, 6 and earlier models to make it easier than on modern versions of a smartphone. Press the Home and Blocking key simultaneously.

When the screenshot of the screen is made, its preview is in the lower right corner, and the process itself is accompanied by the sound of photography.

How to make an iPhone screenshot without buttons

Few people know, but on the iPhone of any models with the modern IOS version you can take a screenshot of the screen without pressing physical buttons. This is useful if screenshots have to often have to take a smartphone in two hands (for simultaneously pressing the keys) uncomfortable.

To take a screenshot on the iPhone without pressing the buttons, you need to activate the AssistiveTouch function. To do this, go to “Settings” and open the “Universal Access” section.

Activate this option by the switch and go to the “top level menu” item.

Click on “” in the lower right corner to add a new function.

Next, click on the free space on the menu.

Select the task that must be performed by clicking on a new menu item. In our case, you need to set the task of the “screen of the screen” there. Click “Ready” in the upper right corner.

The steps described above will need to be taken once, if you often need to take the screen screenshot and you do not plan to disconnect AssistiveTouch.

The AssistiveTouch function on the iPhone is an opportunity to do some actions without pressing the keys using only the touch screen.

A point will appear on the screen, which causes an additional menu. Clicking on it, the menu will open, where there will be a “screen of the screen” item. At any time you can press it to take a screenshot on the iPhone.

How to make a screenshot on the iPhone

Sometimes it is necessary to take a screenshot of the screen on the iPhone. Despite all the simplicity of this action, not every iPhone owner knows how to conduct a similar procedure.

In order to take a screenshot on the iPhone, you must simultaneously press the round exit key in the main menu on the front panel of the “Home” and the screen lock button on the upper end. Thanks to these simple actions, you will receive a screen of the process that is displayed on the screen in PNG format. The picture will remain in the “Photos” folder.

You can take a screenshot of the screen on the iPhone while in any application, including while using the camera.

To send a screenshot to your friend by mail or on a social network, insert into your blog, put it on the site, he needs to give an aesthetic look. SCRENSHOT MAKER PRO can successfully deal with this. In it you can change the size of the screenshrow, remove or add the shadows and glare of the screen. And what is most important. The resulting picture of the screen can be inserted into the frame imitating the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, iPad and other Apple devices. The application is English.language, however, the integration is quite convenient and understandable, so the absence of the Russian language will not interfere with its use. Thanks to the free version of Screenshot Maker Pro, you can take the screen screenshot on the iPhone and edit it twice a day, which is enough for most users.

Many users are also interested in how to take a screenshot of the screen on the iPhone without a lock button if it does not work. To do this, you can activate a special function to turn on the buttons on the screen. To do this, you should go into the smartphone settings, select the “Basic” section, then find the “Universal Access” item and activate the “AssistiveTouch” function

After that, a key will appear on the screen on top of the desktop, moving along the edge of the display, thanks to which you can press Home without buttons, block the iPhone, adjust the volume, take the screen screenshot if the lock key does not work.

How to take a screenshot on the iPhone Se 2020, 8, 7, 6s, 6, SE and on older models

To create a picture of the screen, you need to simultaneously press and then release 2 buttons: “Home” and the lock key (on the iPhone SE, 5S, 5, 4S and 4, it is located on the upper face, on the iPhone Se 2020, 8, 7, 6s and 6. on the right).

You will hear a characteristic sound similar to a click of the shutter of the camera, and the screen for a split second will become white. After that, a miniature of the created screenshot will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

If you click on it, the graphic editor will open. You can trim the screen, add a drawing, text or frame, as well as send an image through any messenger or using the “message” program. To save the edited image, click on the “Ready” button, located in the upper left corner, and select “Save in the photo”.

If you do not need to edit a screenshot, do not click on its miniature. In a few seconds, it will disappear from the screen.

In both cases, the screenshot will remain in the memory of the device and will be available in the “Photo” application in the sections “All photos” and “screen pictures”.

Creating a screenshot on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR and X

There is no physical button Home in modern non.fair iPhone, therefore, for the iPhone 11 and other modern models, Apple developers came up with a new key combination. To capture the image from the screen, at the same time press and immediately release the lock key and the volume increase button.

Otherwise, the process of creating a screenshot on frameless iPhone is no different from that on old models. At first, a click will sound, and the display will whitewash for a fraction of a second. Then in the lower left corner a miniature of the created screen picture will be displayed. You can immediately edit it or save the image without changes. To view the picture, open the “Photo” program and go to one of the sections: “All photos” or “screen pictures”.

How to make a screenshot using AssistiveTouch

AssistiveTouch is a special iOS function, the activation of which will display a sensory “floating” button on the screen. By pressing this button, a menu will be opened, consisting of one or more (by default 6, maximum 8) points. You can add different options to the menu: Apple Pay launch, Siri call, volume adjustment, as well as capture of the image from the screen.

To enable AssistiveTouch, go to “Settings”, go to the “Main” section and open the universal access subsection. Then select AssistiveTouch and activate the upper toggle switch.

A translucent touch button will immediately display on the screen. It can be moved to any point on the display bordering the edge of the screen. By clicking on the button, a menu consisting of 6 points will be opened, but by default there will be no option “Skire Scom” option among them. To add this item to the menu, open the “top.level menu” and add another slot or click on the icon of an unnecessary option and replace it with a “screen of the screen”.

Now, to make the screen, just touch AssistiveTouch and click on the “screen of the screen” icon.

Also, if you wish, you can assign the creation of a double.touch screenshot or a long press of AssistiveTouch.

How to edit a screenshot

You can change the screen picture not only before saving, but also after, and there are much more software capabilities for post.production in iOS.

To edit the screenshot, open it in the Photo program and click on the “edit” button. You find yourself in the editor, with which you can cut and turn the image, add one of the available filters, as well as adjust the brightness, contrast and other parameters.

And if you want to finish the drawing, add text, magnifier or frame, click on three points in the lower right corner and select “Marking”. Another editor will open, in which all of the above functions will be available.

Sending the screen from the iPhone to PC

There are several ways to send an image from the iPhone to a computer “by air”, but the most universal is still an option using Lightning Cabel.

First, unlock the iPhone and connect it to the computer via USB. On the screen of the smartphone, a request will appear “Trust this computer?”-select” Trust “and, if necessary, enter the Code-Parol to the device.

Screenshots, like other media files, are stored on the iPhone along the way: “Internal Storage” (“internal storage”) → “DCIM” → in one of the internal folders, the name of which may differ depending on the device and version of iOS. For example, on iPhone 6 under the control of iOS folder is called “106Apple”. Open it with a conductor and copy the necessary images to the computer.

If with the help of Lightning cable it is not possible to throw off the shots of the screen from the iPhone on the PC (for example, due to the fact that the USB port is broken on the computer), set up images imports in ICLOUD or Google photo, or upload the necessary screenshots on Google disk. And if Telegram is installed on the smartphone and on the computer, use the next life hack:

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If the “BCL” button does not work

It happens that the “VCL” button, which blocks the screen, does not work. In this case, you can use non.standard methods of creating a screenshop through a option or a application.

Through Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch. iPhone function, which allows you to control the device with gestures and get quick access to the right applications. This is a convenient thing, especially if the mechanical buttons are broken or temporarily faulty. instructions for Assistive Touch:

  • Go to the iPhone settings. the main ones and select the Universal Access section
  • In “Universal Access”, click on the point “Touch”. It will be closer to the end of the settings list;
  • In the opening window, turn on the AssistiveTouch;
  • In the menu “AssistiveTouch” click on the “upper level”;
  • On a pop.up window, select “more”;
  • The “Skart Skip” button will appear.

You can add the icon of the same name to a convenient location to make screenshots easier. programs

To create prints, you can use special applications from the App Store. Here is some of them.

Awesome Screenshot. already quite old service. It allows you to create and edit and process screenshots both.

The application is free and also quite easy to use.

  • To get started, download the AWESOME SCRENSHOT from the App Store;
  • Open any tab in the Safari browser and click on the menu;
  • Then click on a rectangle with an arrow (Action tab) and select “”
  • In the “actions” you need to include Screenshot in the working position using a toggle switch;
  • Now in the Action tab you will have a Screenshot icon. It will allow the use of the Awesome Screenshot application.

This application has an advantage before the standard way, through the lock button. Awesome Screenshot is able to take a picture of not only the visible part of the screen, but the whole page.

Another program with good rating and reviews is Screenshots Creator for iPhone. The application can make screenshots for any format. It is more suitable for those who take screenshots for work. It has a bunch of additional functions that will appreciate the creative lovers. This is, for example, a collection of templates, the possibility of blurring and darkening the background, setting up the color of the inscriptions in screenshots.

Question answer

Below are answers to the most popular questions.

Finding a stored screenshot is very simple. To do this, just go to the “photo” and click on “albums”. There you will notice a special folder with the name “screen pictures”, and personnel will be preserved in it.

For the owners of devices on iOS 11 and above, the screenshot editing function is available, with its help you can take the desired notes and marks in the pictures.

You will need, just click on the miniature of the frame and you will have a special editor on your screen.

In it you can cut part of the picture, add a comment with a marker, pen or pencil (six different colors are available), highlight the element that requires attention. This greatly simplifies the work, since all the necessary editing can be done conveniently and quickly.

You can open the screen in the album and edit as a regular photo (so you can cut off the excess). If you need to mark something by a marker, you will have to use third-party applications. They were mentioned above.

Sometimes there is a need to make a long screenshot. But often the entire page on the Internet browser does not fit on the visible part of the screen.

Apple developers, starting with iOS 13, gave the owners of the iPhone and iPad the opportunity to easily take a, continuous picture.

  • Open the desired web page
  • Take a screenshot in the usual way
  • Click on the pre.examination of the picture (miniature that appeared in the left corner)
  • In the editor at the top there will appear the “Complete page” option, choose it
  • At the end, click “Ready”
  • A picture of a full page will remain in your gallery.

Sometimes there is a need to capture only some small fragment from a web page. For this, the editor will help you again.

  • Make the Printskrin in the usual way.
  • Click on the pre.examination of the picture (miniature that appeared in the left corner).
  • In the opening editor in the upper right corner, next to the “Ready” will be the caption icon.
  • Click on it and highlight the desired area.
  • At the end of the work, click “Ready” to save photos.

IPhone camera allows you to take very high quality pictures. However, good photos can take too big in the memory of the phone because of their impressive weight.

Therefore, sometimes there may be a need to squeeze a photo without loss of quality.

  • You need to go to settings,
  • Find the “camera” in the list, select “formats” in the options,
  • Put a box for “high efficiency”.

For devices with the old operating system (iOS below 11):

Owners of older models will have to use photo editors. For example, app from the App Store. Photo Compress. In the options, you can compress photos without losing its size and configure the degree of compression of JPG. To do this, install the editor on the phone, upload the right photo and select the appropriate item in the application options.

On modern smartphones, you can not only take a photo, but also shoot videos from the screen. The so.called, moving screon can be written in different ways. This will be discussed in article 7 of ways to record a video from the screen on any iPhone with sound and without.