How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung J3 2016

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung J3 2016

The function of creating screenshots on phones is one of the most used in all smartphones, including devices from Samsung. The goals of creating images are different: to capture a system error, an interesting picture or part of the correspondence on social networks. The mechanism for creating images is different, and most importantly, what affects it is the phone model, type and version of the operating system. Samsung gadgets mainly work on Android, so it makes sense to consider options for fixing screenshots just for them. It is worth noting in advance that there is nothing complicated, and if one method did not help, then be sure to try the rest.

If the model is on the old version of Android

Let’s start with how to properly take a screenshot on Samsung with OS of past generations, such as, for example, the Samsung Galaxy J1.

Screenshot on old j5 version

So, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S, for example, on Android 2.3, then there are the following options:

  1. For 1-2 seconds, hold down the Back and Home buttons.
  2. In the absence of a mechanical Home key, you need to hold down the volume control in the Down position and the Power button for a couple of seconds. As practice shows, this method works well for models with later variations of the operating system, including the Galaxy Tab duos with Android 4.1.1 and earlier version 4.0.

How to take pictures in modern models

Focusing on current customer needs, the manufacturer made sure that the new generation of phones had an integrated option to create screen shots by touching the palm of your hand. In most cases, it is automatically connected, but it will not be superfluous to check. To do this, go from the Menu to the user settings and select the appropriate section. Please note that the name may differ depending on the model, for example, in Samsung Galaxy J1 phones, as well as J5, J3 and J2, it is called “Screen capture by gesture”. Other options are Motion, Advanced, or Gesture Control. Then you have to find the item responsible for taking pictures with the palm of your hand and make sure that it is active. Now you can proceed directly to the process of fixing the image:

  • open the desired page on the Internet, a picture or something else that you want to capture;

Gesture screen capture

  • from one side to the other (from left to right or from right to left, it doesn’t matter) move your hand across the display. you need to act with the edge of the palm of your hand, otherwise the device will not accept the command;
  • wait for a flash or a characteristic click. this indicates that the picture was taken;
  • make sure to take a screenshot of the special icon at the top of the screen;
  • Now the photos are at your disposal. by default, saving is done in the Screenshots folder, and access to the pictures can be obtained through the Gallery (as an alternative, use the File Manager).

Screenshot of the lock buttons

This method is not the only one that owners of smartphones in recent years of release can use. You can also try to immediately press and hold the Lock button and Home. This mainly works in older versions, but you don’t lose anything if you try. The fact that the image is captured, will indicate the sound of the camera shutter or animation effects.

Reasons for the failure of the option

It also happens that, having tried all of the above methods, it is not possible to achieve the desired result. The reasons for the failures are different, in particular, the problem may be that you cannot keep the buttons pressed at the same time. Do not rush. make a few more attempts, it is likely that it will turn out 3-5 times. If this does not help, then there is a chance that you got a non-original phone model. The fact is that in non-branded devices some of the integrated options are absent or they are not available, therefore, screenshots cannot be made.

Ways to take a screenshot on samsung j3 2016

Another possible option is poor-quality software. The problem can be fixed by contacting service center specialists who will diagnose the system and, if necessary, reflash the device. Attention! When installing a new OS, it is restored to the factory settings and personal data is lost, so be sure to save personal information on a computer, laptop or removable hard drive.

In 99% of cases, sooner or later, the owners of Samsung smartphones manage to find a way to take screenshots, so try and find the one that is right for your gadget.