How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung J1 2016

Samsung phones are popular and functional devices that can serve their owners for many years. In the process of working with them, we may need a screenshot that will be needed for a variety of tasks. How to get such a result? Below we will analyze the methods that will help take a screenshot on your Samsung J1, J2, J3 smartphone.

How to create a screenshot on Samsung J1, J2, J3 using function keys

The first of the methods we are considering, which allows you to get a screenshot on a Samsung J1, J2, J3 phone, consists in using the function keys of the gadget.

  1. Open the application or photo from which you want to take a picture;
  2. Hold down the power button at the same time (Power) and the Home button (Home) and hold for a while until the characteristic shutter sound;

Hold down the power and home buttons

  • Usually, after this a special system line appears, offering to share the picture you made (social networks, instant messengers, e-mail, bluetooth and more) or edit the resulting screenshot. Select the operation you need;
  • The screenshot in the notification bar on your Samsung will signal the taken screenshot.
  • How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung J1 2016

    Screenshot icon in notification bar

    Typically, images created by the system are saved in a sub-folder “Screenshots”, which in turn is located in the “DCIM” folder.

    Screenshots folder in the DCIM directory

    How to take a screenshot on Samsung using a palm gesture

    The second way to get screen pictures on Samsung gadgets J1, J2, J3 is to use a palm gesture to capture the screen.

      Turn on the gesture capture option in the settings of your phone. To do this, go to the settings of your device, select the option “Additional functions” (or “Movement”), and then activate the option “Screenshot with the palm of your hand” (or similar in name);

    Activate the specified option

  • Open the screen of your phone at the place of the application or where you want to create a screenshot in Samsung J1, J2, J3;
  • Swipe your palm edge on the screen from left to right or from right to left to get the result;
  • Swipe the edge of your palm across the gadget’s screen

  • The receipt of a picture will be signaled by the corresponding shutter sound or screen flash;
  • Next, share the resulting image with Samsung or perform other operations you need.
  • External screenshot apps

    In addition to the standard tools listed above, we recommend paying attention to a number of external applications installed on the phone. Their functionality allows you to make a screen on a smartphone Samsung J1, J2, J3 is often faster and more convenient than with the standard system version.

    In particular, we recommend that you pay attention to the following applications: