How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S8

Method one. Hard Reset using buttons

The most reliable and completely cleansing method is guaranteed to delete all data and return the device to its factory state:

  1. “Galaxy” must be off.
  2. We hold down three buttons. “Volume Up”, “Bixby”, “Inclusion”. We hold all three buttons until the inscription Samsung Galaxy S8 appears.
    How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S8
  3. If you did everything correctly, after a while a blue screen and a sign of the Android operating system will appear.
  4. We are waiting for a few seconds.
  5. A menu appears. Android System Recovery. Here we note that you can move (up and down) through the menu using the volume keys. And the “Include” button allows you to select the option we need.
  6. We are interested in the line. Wipe data / Factory Reset.
  7. We confirm our choice with the “Include” key.
  8. At the next step, a menu appears with a large number of “NO” lines and one “Yes. Delete all user data”. Press the “Volume Down” key to select it. “Delete all user data”.
  9. We wait for the system to clear the device and then select “reboot system now”.

Method two. Soft Reset through the settings menu

It is also possible to erase all Galaxy S8 data through the device settings. The method is softer than the previous one. Why? A simple example: it did not work to get rid of one “deeply seated” virus with its help. I had to use the Recovery menu.

But at the same time, it is simpler:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. We are looking for the item “General settings”.
  3. We go into it and select the option. “Reset”.
  4. Next “Reset to factory settings”.
  5. We are shown which accounts and which information will be deleted. Scroll down the screen and click “Delete All”.
  6. We are waiting for reboot.

Attention! If the Galaxy S8 is protected by a passcode, you will need to enter it.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

If the Samsung Galaxy S8 suddenly started working incorrectly, or some functions became unavailable, it is quite possible that the situation can be corrected only by returning the gadget to its original state. Often, the owners themselves disrupt the gadget’s performance. For example, by installing unofficial firmware, which all manufacturers oppose.

Since only the factory settings are guaranteed to work efficiently and flawlessly, with the help of a hard reset, we will learn how to return them to the Galaxy S8.

Method three. A special team

This numerical combination is entered through the usual dialing. We will “call” the number. 27673855 #. At its core, the method is similar to that used in the “seventh galaxy”. The Galaxy S8 will then erase all data on the device.

Finally, it is worth remembering that after such an operation, all programs, photos,s and any other data are automatically destroyed. Which, of course, is logical. It’s not for nothing that this is called a return to the factory state.

Only, as practice shows, not everyone remembers this. Therefore, if the smartphone has important data, then you should take care of their safety. Transfer the data to a computer or make a backup copy.

Method 5. How to take a screenshot by swiping across the screen

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus also have another fun screen capture feature. We think it’s easier this way to do screenshot versus pressing the buttons. However, if you’re using the larger Galaxy S8 Plus, it won’t be much harder for you. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Just slide your hand across the screen from the left to the right.
  • Just like in the first method, you will hear the camera shutter sound and see a small animation in the movie.
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This common rumor is turned on as a rule, alas, you can turn it off in the settings, if required (if you occasionally take screenshots during normal use). To disable swipe for screen capture, do the following:

In this we show you 7 functions of a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 you want to use right now

  • Enter the options menu.
  • Scroll down the page to Fri “Movement” and select “Motions and Gestures”.
  • Tap “Swipe with your finger” to take a photo.
  • Press the toggle switch to turn the function on and off.

What do people use screenshots for

Most smartphone users are faced with the need to take a screenshot of the screen. There are countless reasons why a person needs to capture a screenshot.

The most common reasons are:
 Take a screenshot with the title of the movie / song. Can be saved in notes
or in a message, but for this you have to close or minimize the application.
The screenshot requires only one action. To hold down two buttons. And you can
continue surfing the internet.
 Quickly save the information you need, while knowing exactly where it is
 Have quick access to stored information.
 Save pictures and send them to multiple users at the same time.
 So as not to forget important information.

Video: 3 Ways To Take Screenshots On The Galaxy S8

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Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S8: Wondering how to use the Samsung Galaxy S8 screenshot feature? This tutorial teaches you how to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. The screenshot feature is useful for taking pictures of your Samsung Galaxy S8’s screen. You can use it to screenshot conversations on WhatsApp,, Instagram, Snapchat and practically anything that is on your device’s screen. There are several ways to capture screenshots on your device. These screenshots are copied to the clipboard and stored in the Screenshots folder in the Gallery app of your device. So, how do you screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S8? Let’s find out!

Capture the entire screen

Now let’s look at how to take a picture of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 for a larger area of ​​the display (taking into account the invisible area). South Korean developers have implemented the ability to take a screenshot for the scroll area. It is convenient and saves time on creating multiple screens. To get started, take a regular picture on the Samsung Galaxy S8 according to the principle described above (you can use any of the methods). Then the following steps are taken:

  • On the left in the lower corner, find the “capture screen” key;
  • Click on it and move down as much as necessary for the photo;
  • Make sure the screenshot is saved in the gallery.

In conclusion, we note an important fact, which is often forgotten by the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and other smartphones. Screenshots are made narrower to save space and saved in JPEG format. Despite this fact, the file size can exceed 5 MB. To avoid memory pollution, you need to clean your phone from unnecessary screenshots from time to time.

From the gallery

  • From the Home screen, touch Apps.
  • Touch gallery.
  • Touch and select Albums.
  • Touch Screenshots.
  • Touch the desired screenshot.
  • Touch Share at the bottom of the screen.
  • Share the screenshot using one of the available options.
  • Sharing options vary based on applications installed and features turned on.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy

Newer versions of Android have a slightly different system for capturing screenshots. For example, to take a screenshot of Samsung Galaxy, you need to immediately hold down the Home and Back buttons. The picture should appear in your “Gallery”.

and full features of the smartphone:

When, on HTC phones, taking pictures from a mobile screen is arranged in a similar way. Which is good for those people who changed their own phone not so long ago.

The first way. We make a screen with buttons

The standard method for taking a screenshot is by simultaneously holding down the home button and the power button. Hold down the two buttons until the Samsung S8 emits a characteristic sound and the image on the screen momentarily decreases slightly. As a rule, holding the buttons is worth no more than two seconds.

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After creating a photo, a notification will appear at the bottom of the display (with a small thumbnail picture), by clicking on which we can view the snapshot. Or you can open the gallery with your own hands. The screenshot we need will act as the last photo.

In the case of the Samsung S8 Plus, it will probably not be very convenient to hold down two buttons. After all, the dimensions of its body are not too much and allow you to grab it in such a way as to manage to simultaneously hit the buttons. Therefore, there is another option.

Method 1: using mechanical keys

The combination of the remaining mechanical buttons can create a picture. For this you need:

  1. Press the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons at the same time.
  2. For a few seconds, the functional buttons at the bottom of the display will be available: “Share”, “Edit” and “Delete”.
  3. The photo will be saved in memory and can be viewed through the Gallery application.

How to take a long screenshot on the Galaxy S8

Sometimes you need to grab more, for example the entire page of a site from top to bottom. The good news is you don’t have to take multiple screenshots with your Galaxy S8 smartphone. You can just use a long screenshot and capture one big long screenshot of the display that will fit everything. This feature is familiar to us since MIUI 8 on Xiaomi smartphones, and on Samsung phones it has appeared since Galaxy Note 5. Here’s how it works on Galaxy S8.

  • Make a regular screen in any way
  • Click Capture to scroll down and capture more screen.
  • Keep clicking on this option until you commit what you need or reach the bottom of the page.

It is worth replacing that long shots take up a lot of space in the smartphone’s memory, this is how Samsung is struggling with this. Normal screenshots are displayed in full resolution. 2690 × 1440 pixels. But as soon as you start swiping down the screen, the width of the image is reduced to 1080 pixels wide, and the whole screenshot is saved in JPEG format instead of PNG.

On the subject: How to speed up a Samsung Galaxy S8

In this format, the screenshot is easier to share on a social network or by mail, and it also saves traffic. True, if your screenshots are very long, they can take 7-10 megabytes.

The flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy was presented not so long ago and soon it will be in the hands of many comers. The device has undergone many changes compared to other leading-edge phones from this company. One of the main features of the S8 was the lack of bezels and the appearance of touch control buttons located directly on the displays, instead of the traditional mechanical home button and touch buttons on the body.

Those who have used Samsung smartphones for a long time will probably be confused, but now how to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S8? In fact, everything remains as simple as before, only the key combination has changed slightly!

Method 1. How to take a screenshot using a keyboard shortcut

This method works on almost every Android smartphone, but there are a few additional options on Samsung phones. Follow this instruction:

  • Select the area on the screen that you want to capture
  • Press and hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time.
  • You will hear the camera shutter sound as well as a short blinking animation, that’s all!
  • You should now be able to see the screenshot in the Gallery app or in the built-in file manager by going to My Files or Google Photos.
  • If you need to find screenshots from the command line or through the Android File Transfer tool, they will be available at / pictures / screenshots.

Taking a screenshot in Samsung Galaxy S8. If the native functions of the smartphone seem small

Many smartphones have a screenshot function in the notification bar by default. In order not to deprive the Galaxy S8, using the “Screenshot Easy” application, this issue is also solved:

  1. Install and run the program.
  2. Grant Screen Capture and Memory Access rights to save data.
  3. Edit the notification panel and set the “Screenshot” function closer.
  4. Click on it when you need to make a screen.
  5. Then click “Snapshot” again to capture the screen.

How to take a screenshot on Huawei P20 Lite

You do not need to enter the application to view the created photos. It is enough to use standard “Google Photos” or “Gallery”. Thus, you can easily save important moments happening on the screen of your device and share them with other users.

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There are several ways to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. over, some of them are quite traditional. They are characteristic of all other Galaxy smartphones, while others are a “feature” of these particular models.

It doesn’t matter whether you take into account the S8 Plus or just the S8. Smartphones have the same functionality (and indeed, they are practically the same), for which you need to perform the same type of actions.

Screenshot using keyboard shortcut

This method works on almost every Android smartphone. But to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S8, there are a few more extra options. What needs to be done?

  1. Selecting the area on the screen that we need to capture.
  2. Press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously. Hold.
  3. You will then see a short blinking animation and a camera shutter sound.
  4. Screenshot taken.

To see a screenshot of the screen on the Samsung s8, go to the “gallery” application. You can also see the snapshot in the built-in file manager. To do this, go to Google Photos or “my files”.

If you need to find pictures using the Android File Transfer tool or from the command line, they are available at / pictures / screenshots.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung s8?

In this article, you will learn:

To date, the Samsung Galaxy S8 edge has been named the most desirable, modern, popular gadget of 2017. The only thing missing in the new product is the home button. Instead, there is an on-screen button that simulates pressing using a special vibration motor.

Previously, in all Galaxy S devices, we took screenshots by pressing the power key and the home button. Now everything has changed. How to take a screenshot on Samsung s8? After all, now there is a different combination, and this leads to the fact that many do not know how to perform such a function.

Don’t worry. Now you will learn how to take a screenshot on the Samsung s8 edge.

Snapshot with a swipe across the screen

The new flagship has another very interesting feature for taking pictures. It is even easier to take a screenshot of the screen when compared to pressing the keys. So, what to do to get a screenshot on the Samsung s8 edge.

  1. We swipe across the screen from the edge from left to right.
  2. We see a short animation on the screen and hear the sound of the camera shutter, as in the first method.
  3. The method is enabled by default, but it can be disabled in the settings if necessary if you take pictures during normal use.

To disable the swipe for screen capture, enter the settings menu. Scroll down to the item “movement” down the page. Select “movements and gestures”, press “swipe with your finger” to take a screenshot.

The ways

There are several ways, How to take a screenshot on Samsung s8. With the first two, you can take a normal screenshot, and the third method will help you take a long screenshot. Follow the instructions and you will succeed.

How to take a long screenshot on a smartphone

Sometimes you need to capture more. For example, take a snapshot of the entire page of your site. From top to bottom. This can be done with a single shot on the Galaxy S8. You can capture one big long screenshot of the display with a long screenshot that fits everything. How to do it.

  1. We take a regular picture using any method.
  2. Click “grab more”. This is necessary in order to capture most of the screen and scroll down.
  3. Click on this option until we fix everything we need or reach the bottom of the page.

The only thing is that long screens take up a lot of space in the phone’s memory. That’s how Samsung fights these. Regular screenshots are displayed in full resolution. 2690 × 1440 pixels.

But as soon as the user starts to swipe down the screen, the screen width starts to shrink to 1080 pixels wide. The screen is saved in the JPEG format. This format makes it easier to send the photo by email or share on social networks, which significantly saves traffic.

That’s basically it. Now you know how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy s8. Choose any of the methods and use.