How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy j1

Where are screenshots stored on Samsung, how to view them

On a device running Android 4.4 or higher, screenshots can be viewed using the Gallery app.

  • Open the “Gallery”,
  • Select the “Albums” folder, inside it there is another folder. “Screenshots”.
  • To save a screenshot to the Dropbox / Google Drive cloud or transfer to another service, use the “Send” or “Share” option.

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J1 2016

In some older versions of Android OS / Samsung devices, you need to view the screenshots taken at a different address:

  • We are looking for an application called “Photos” on the main screen, open it.
  • Next, tap on the menu icon and select the “On device” option.
  • The next step is to go to the “Screenshots” section. The captured images are here.

Advice. How to hold down the Power button

The power button works even if you pinch it paired with volume down. To take a screenshot on Samsung, you have to hold down the keys for a while (just a few seconds). and after that the picture is automatically saved in the gadget’s memory or on a memory card, depending on the settings.

screenshot, Samsung, Galaxy

The phone hardware keys also allow you to take a screenshot on your phone in an alternative way. To do this, press the “Back” “Home” keys, remembering to hold them in this position for a couple of seconds. As you may have guessed, the same screenshot icon will appear at the top of the screen. Done!

If you have custom Android firmware, nothing prevents you from holding down the “ON / OFF” key, which activates the additional menu. The “Screenshot” button will appear in the drop-down window.

As for the new Samsung models (Galaxy S8, S9, S10.), It provides for the activation of the screenshot with the palm of your hand. This function is configured (in fact, very convenient) as follows:

  • Settings (this is where the gesture control setup always starts).
  • Management (choose the palm);
  • Screenshot option.

After the settings are set, you can take a screenshot on Android by touching the screen with the edge of your palm.

Samsung Galaxy j1, j3, j5, j7

The presented models do not differ in functionality. Users can take a photo using familiar methods.

  • Combination “Food” “Home”.
  • Gesture control function.
  • Using third-party applications with advanced functionality.

Screenshot apps

Editing, storing, sending. far from a complete set of functions of special applications for Android smartphones.

How to take screenshot in Samsung Galaxy J1

How to take a screenshot on Samsung J2

You can take screenshots on Samsung J2 and J2 Prime smartphones. The function allows you to take a screenshot and share it in any convenient way. How to take a screenshot on Samsung o2, read this manual.

Keyboard shortcut

Device owners often don’t know how to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy. Taking pictures of the current state of the smartphone screen is carried out in many ways, the first and most simple of which is to hold down a few keys.

Taking a screenshot on Samsung J2 / J2 Prime

The screenshot is taken in one of three ways:

  • a combination of buttons;
  • built-in gesture;
  • via app.

Screenshot Easy

A free utility that allows you to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung Galaxy j1 mini and younger gadgets, using a minimum of movements. The program takes only 2 MB in the smartphone’s memory. Key features:

screenshot, Samsung, Galaxy
  • Make a screen using an arbitrary combination of buttons.
  • Separate icon on the desktop or notification bar.
  • Saving a snapshot after “shaking” the device.
  • Adaptable to any hardware buttons, including the shutter keys of the main camera.
  • Having your own plugins.

For normal operation, the program requires Android OS version 4.0 and newer.

The only downside is in-app ads, which can only be disabled by premium users.

Taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) with two methods

In this article, we will show you all the ways to take a screenshot or screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016). The multitude of smartphones and the variety of hardware manufacturers logically means that each model has its own way of how the user can use a particular feature. Luckily for us, all Samsung Galaxy smartphones have the same functionality, including the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016). We will describe all the available methods with which you can take a screenshot on the TouchWiz UX shell, and you can choose the method that seems most convenient to you. Take note that this procedure is for the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) smartphone and is not applicable to other phones. Next, we will show you several ways of how you can take a screenshot or screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) phone and you can choose the one that you think is the easiest and most convenient. Go to the detailed instructions How to take a screenshot or screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016).

As mentioned earlier, Samsung wants the same functionality for its users, if you are a loyal fan of Samsung, then taking a screenshot will be easy for you. However, sometimes some of the latest features on phones like the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) need to be pre-activated. And when you do, you probably never want to use hardware buttons to take a screenshot again. And below we will describe in detail both methods.

There are two methods that can be used to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016). You can take a screenshot:

Both of these methods make the whole process easy. Choose the one that suits you best and requires less effort.

How to take a screenshot using palm gesture / swipe

This function was introduced into almost all the latest Samsung smartphones with the TouchWiz shell (for example, if we talk about Samsung smartphones, then these should be phones no older than two years). Usually, this feature is already enabled by default, but if it suddenly doesn’t work, then here’s how to enable and use it:

How to take a screenshot using hardware buttons

This is the fastest and most convenient way of how you can take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) smartphone. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Open the app or screen you want to take a photo from.
  • Now press and hold the Power button and Home button at the same time.
  • You will see a short animation and hear a sound to notify you that a screenshot has been taken.

And there is an even faster way to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) using the palm gesture.

Where to find screenshots?

Screenshots are very easy to find. They can be found in the Gallery application in the Screenshots folder. Or you can search for them manually, through the explorer or through My files, find the Pictures folder, and in it Screenshots.

If the model is on the old version of Android

Let’s start with how to properly take a screenshot on Samsung with previous generations of OS, such as, for example, Samsung Galaxy J1.

So, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S, for example, on Android 2.3, then there are the following options:

  • For 1-2 seconds, hold down the Back and Home buttons.
  • In the absence of a mechanical Home key, you need to hold down the volume control in the Down position and the Power button for a couple of seconds. As practice shows, this method works well for models with later variations of the operating system, including the Galaxy Tab duos with Android 4.1.1 and earlier version 4.0.

How to take pictures in modern models

Focusing on the current needs of customers, the manufacturer has made sure that the new generation of phones has an integrated option to create screenshots using the palm touch. In most cases, it is automatically connected, but it will not be superfluous to check. To do this, go from the Menu to the user settings and select the appropriate section. Please note that the name may differ depending on the model, for example, in phones Samsung Galaxy J1, as well as J5, J3 and J2 it is called “Screen capture by gesture”. Other options are Motion, Features, or Gesture Control. Then you have to find the point responsible for taking pictures with your palm and make sure that it is active. Now you can proceed directly to the process of capturing the image:

  • open the desired page on the Internet, a picture or something else that you want to capture;
  • from one side to the other (from left to right or from right to left, it does not matter) swipe your hand across the display. you need to act with the edge of your palm, otherwise the device will not accept the command;
  • waiting for a flash or a characteristic click. this indicates that the picture has been taken;
  • make sure to take a screenshot by the special icon at the top of the screen;
  • now the photos are at your disposal. by default, they are saved to the Screenshots folder, and the images can be accessed through the Gallery (alternatively, use the File Manager).

This method is not the only one that can be used by owners of smartphones of the latest years of release. You can also try pressing and holding the Lock and Home buttons right away. This mostly works on older versions, but you don’t lose anything if you try. The fact that the image is captured will be indicated by the sound of the camera shutter or animation effects.

Ways to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Phones

The function of taking screenshots on phones is one of the most used in all smartphones, including devices from Samsung. The purposes of taking pictures are different: to capture a system error, an interesting picture, or part of the correspondence on social networks. The mechanism for creating images is also different, and the main thing that affects it is the phone model, type and version of the operating system. Samsung gadgets mostly run on Android, so it makes sense to consider options for capturing screenshots specifically for them. It is worth noting in advance that there is nothing complicated, and if one method did not help, then be sure to try the rest.

Reasons for option failure

It also happens that, having tried all of the above methods, it is not possible to achieve the desired result. There are different reasons for failure, in particular, the problem may be that you cannot keep the buttons pressed at the same time. Do not rush. make a few more attempts, it is likely that it will work out 3-5 times. If this did not help, then there is a possibility that you have received a non-original phone model. The fact is that in non-branded devices, some of the integrated options are absent or they are not available, and therefore it is not possible to make screenshots.

Ways to take a screenshot on Samsung j3 2016

Another possible option is poor quality software. The problem can be eliminated by contacting the service center specialists who will diagnose the system and, if necessary, reflash the device. Attention! When installing a new OS, it is restored to factory settings and personal data is lost, so do not forget to save personal information on your computer, laptop or removable hard drive.

In 99% of cases, sooner or later, Samsung smartphone owners manage to find a way to take screenshots, so try and find the one that suits your gadget.