How to take a screenshot on Samsung Duos

How to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone

Now you can make a screenshot, i.e. a picture of the screen on any gadget. phone or tablet. It is worth noting that making a screenshot on the phone of any manufacturer is not difficult at all, in addition, on almost all gadgets this action is performed in the same way. If trying all of the options below doesn’t work for you, then contact a Samsung smartphone repair service center.

Depending on how up-to-date your Samsung phone model is, there are several options for creating a screenshot:

On earlier models, where Android version 2.3, or if it was released in 2012-2013, you should simultaneously press the “Home” button and the “Back” button. When you hear the characteristic sound of the camera clicking, you will get the screen image.

On later models, with Android version 4 or later.0 you will use a combination of lock and volume down buttons pressed simultaneously. After the sound signal, the icon will appear in the upper left corner of the screen to tell you that the operation was successful.

If you have a newer model, you can take a screenshot if you press and hold down the Home button and the lock button simultaneously for a couple of seconds. When you hear the camera shutter sound, the notification menu will tell you that a screenshot has been taken.

This option is only supported by Samsung’s cutting-edge models, such as the Galaxy Note, Neo, and S-series. You need to swipe the back of your hand sharply to either side of the screen and a screenshot will be taken automatically.

If this feature didn’t work, then look in your settings, you might not have it enabled. Go to the settings menu and select the action when you move your hands, specifying “Palm swipe to Captyre”.

All saved screenshots of your screen will be saved in the “Screenshots” folder you find in your gallery.

If, after several attempts, none of the offered methods works for you, depending on the model of your smartphone, it is likely that you have unofficial firmware, or unofficial manufacturer, that is counterfeit, where many functions of the phone are not supported.

You can ask a question our service center craftsmen by calling or writing your question on the feedback form.

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Using the Screenshot app

Most modern gadgets are equipped with the Android operating system. You can take a screenshot on Android through a special application called Screenshot, you can download it from Google Play or, for example, here:

The application Screenshot significantly simplifies the process of saving a snapshot and in addition saves your time. at least, so say the developers Geeks.Lab.2015.

The algorithm for taking a screenshot on Samsung using this utility looks like this:

  • Determine the path to save the image (Photo Path option).
  • Take a screenshot (pressing the power and volume button).
  • Open the picture to check the result.

Now that you know how to take a screenshot on your Samsung phone using the Android app, all that remains is to figure out the additional features of Screenshot and find the saved picture on your phone. Usually all images are saved in the Gallery.

In addition to saving screenshots, this application contains an image editor. It, in turn, allows:

  • Add mosaics to screenshots;
  • Make edits to an existing screenshot;
  • Insert text in a screenshot;
  • Edit images.

How to take screenshots on “Samsung“: learn how to take screenshots

The capabilities of modern mobile devices do not cease to amaze. Gadgets are able to perform different functions. They can now be used to access the Internet, make a video call, watch an online video, or exchange messages. Multimedia emails that contain all kinds of screenshots are very popular. Next, we have to understand how to take screenshots on “Samsung”. What is this process in general? All the features of the process will be described below.

Screenshot. is.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what document you are talking about. What is called a screenshot?

The object under study. is a screenshot. Every modern computer user is familiar with screenshots of the desktop. With regard to mobile devices screenshot means the same. You can call it a kind of picture of what is happening on the phone.

But how to take screenshots on “Samsung“? Is it possible somehow to quickly translate the idea into reality??

Ways to take screenshots

Yes. As practice shows, there are a huge number of different techniques that help to solve the problem. What we are talking about?

To date, among the main ways to create screenshots are the following solutions:

  • The use of function keys;
  • Using a special stylus (SPen);
  • The use of hardware settings;
  • working with third-party applications.

It should be noted that different Samsung models have different keyboard shortcuts. So we’ll have to explore all sorts of options. To remember them is not as difficult as it seems.


How to take screenshots on “Samsung“? The first way. is the use of a stylus called the SPen. This method in practice is not too common, but it sometimes makes life much easier.

So, to create a screenshot of any Samsung phone using the stylus, you need:

If everything has been done correctly, the owner of the gadget will see a message on the e-can about the successful saving of the photo. Now it can be opened, edited, sent in a message or deleted. Nothing difficult, incomprehensible or special!

The combination of the keys

Let’s move on to a more interesting method. How to take a screenshot on “Samsung Galaxy” and any other models of cell phones from Samsung? By using a variety of combinations of function buttons. Depending on the smartphone model and the installed operating system, a person will be helped by certain techniques.

If you are wondering exactly how you can create screenshots on your Samsung, it is recommended to thoroughly explore all the possible ways for Android operating systems. Most tips help to make screenshot on “Samsung“. The following options are most often effective:

  • Turn on your cell phone. Press the “off” button on the smartphone, as well as the “home” button. Hold down the controls until you hear a distinctive click of the camera. Buttons must be pressed simultaneously.
  • To open the desired page on the cell phone. Press “Power off” and “Volume down” buttons. This solution works very rarely for Samsung. Usually it is recommended to use on other phones with “Android”.
  • After opening a document/page, press the “Home” and “Back” buttons simultaneously. Press and hold the controls for several seconds.
  • Use the device shutdown button. Select the “Screenshot” option in the function menu. This method is very rare for Samsung.

Which option to use? In fact, it is difficult to predict. The owner must try all the combinations of keys, after which he can say with confidence that he knows how to take screenshots on “Samsung“.

Hardware options

If you do not want to play with the buttons, you can go another way. Nowadays Samsung allows you to control your cell phones with gestures. This option will help you create a screenshot. But how? How to take a screenshot?

On the “Samsung A3″ and other models from Samsung you can use the following algorithm:

  • Turn on the gadget. Open its main menu after fully loading.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Explore the menu carefully and select “Gesture Control” there.
  • Visit the “Hand action” section.
  • Select the line that says Palm swipe to capture.
  • Open the document you want to capture on the display.
  • Swipe your hand (palm) across the screen in a left-to-right direction.

The steps taken will cause the user to see the process of saving the resulting image. You can exit the settings and work with the screenshot.

Third-party applications

In this case, the process will be reduced to the following operations:

  • Install screenshot software on your cell phone. For example, EasyScreenShot.
  • Launch the application.
  • Open the image you want to take a screenshot.
  • Press the button (or make a motion provided by the program) responsible for creating the screenshot.

That is all. Now it is clear how to make a screenshot on a Samsung phone in one case or another. All suggested ways really help.

How to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S3

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There is something on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S3 you want to share with your friends? We will teach you how to take a screenshot!

Press the power and home buttons at the same time to freeze the screen. You will hear the click of the camera indicating that the screenshot has been successfully taken and saved among other photos.

Place your hand horizontally on the edge of the screen and trace the edge of your hand across. You’ll hear the camera click, indicating that the screenshot was successfully taken and saved among other photos.

Screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy A2 Core, as in

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A2 Core ? How to take a screenshot in the Samsung Galaxy A2 Core? How to save a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy A2 Core?

Easy way to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy A2 Core. After saving screenshots, you will be able to edit/share/delete captured screenshots in Android 8.1 Go Edition Gallery. Click here to learn more about the screenshot.

First method

  • First select the screen you want to capture.
  • Now hold down the volume down and power buttons until the screen flashes.
  • Great! You can view this image in your Samsung gallery.

Second method

  • Open the screen you want to save.
  • Now move your hand from one side of the screen to the other.
  • Perfect! Your screenshot was saved in the Galaxy A2 Core gallery.

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Palm screenshot

A corporate chip of smartphones from Samsung, with which you can make a screenshot, sliding your palm across the screen.

You open the section “Advanced Features”.

Taking a screenshot by sliding the palm of your hand across the screen from left to right or right to left.

Quite an interesting way, isn’t it?? Unfortunately, it is not present on all Samsung smartphones.

How to delete or transfer a screenshot

The moment a user opens a frame through “Gallery” or “File Manager”, he has the full functionality to interact with the image. For example, the owner of the phone can delete one or more screenshots at once in a couple of clicks:

Another way to do this is to open the image itself via Gallery, and select the “Delete” option from the available options. After confirming the operation the screenshot will be deleted from the phone memory.

If you want to send a screenshot via messenger or by other means, you can use the same instructions. The only difference is that instead of clicking on “Delete” you click on “Send” and choose the method of sending and the coordinates of the recipient. Thus, sending a screenshot doesn’t differ from sending any other image from the phone.