How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung A3

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung A3

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 combines not only belonging to the same line. All devices are designed in the same concept and most of their functions are identical.

This is very convenient if the user moves from one model to the second. After all, it is not required to study everything anew.

Most often, the forums ask the following question: “How to take a screenshot on the Samsung A3?”.

It seems to be a trivial question, but it has already perplexed many. And since gadgets are becoming increasingly popular in Russia, I decided to tell you how to take a picture of the screen in Samsung A3.

Detailed instructions will help you with this. You can also do all this with other models of the line.

Indeed, so often there are situations when it is necessary to take a picture of what is on the screen in order to share information with friends.

Yes, and just when it becomes necessary to capture important points in correspondence.

How to do it?

  1. To take photos as quickly as possible, press the Home button and the power button at the same time. After such an action, you will hear a sound that resembles a click. This means that a screenshot has been taken. You can find all screenshots in the image gallery located in the device’s memory (Screenshots folder).
  2. For the second method, you will need activation. settings / gestures / hand gestures. Activate the switch “holding the palm to capture.” Open the application or screen we need and place our palm edge on one side of the screen. Then hold the hand in this position to the opposite edge. Photo taken. You will find out about this by receiving a notification.

Disable screen lock

If you have inactive items (except for the picture / password / PIN), and you do not know how to unlock the screen, then this will help you.

  1. Check the encryption of the phone’s memory card. If it is encrypted, you will need to decrypt it and then all the screen lock items will become active.
  2. Checking for a VPN connection. All screen lock items become active only after you delete the VPN network.
  3. We look at whether we have applications in the “device administrators” section. If available, turn it off.
  4. Make sure that you have configured corporate mail or installed a “corporate application”. Both require a certificate. Therefore, you will have to delete either the application itself or the certificate.
  5. Checking the phone’s operation in safe mode. If at the same time it is not possible to unlock the screen, then you have downloaded an application that blocks changing the type of lock. We delete the application.
  6. If none of the above helped, and you no longer know how to disable the Samsung A3 screen lock, then the only option remains. resetting the settings.

Hope these instructions help you. After all, now you know how on Samsung A3 you can take a screenshot and unlock the screen if necessary.

And this means one thing. the device continues to delight you!