How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung

As a rule, in this case, two main methods are used.

1 method:

It is in some way similar to the technique in the iPad. You must simultaneously press the power button and the “home” key. The resulting screen will be placed in the “Gallery” folder of the device.

2 method:

applicable to the new Samsung on Windows. For some users, the Samsung Galaxy plus seems complicated, but worth a try. No applications needed. To do this, you need to go into the Android settings and select the gesture control command. Then select the section “hand movement“And set”Palm swipe to captyre“. All settings are completed, now to capture the screen you just need to run your hand in front of the monitor.

Note that using the first method, you can take a screenshot of Samsung on almost any Galaxy on Android, including the old ones. The second method will work on newer gadgets: Galaxy Note, Neo and S series.

How to take a screenshot on phones

Let’s see how to take a picture on Samsung Duos, Mini, and Core 2 phones.

In these Duos phones, this principle is not very different. In order to take a picture in Samsung Duos, you need to hold down the power key and the main screen button for a couple of seconds. If the first attempt failed, you need to try again, because sometimes you can’t press them together at once.

To perform a screen on the Samsung Mini on Android you need to use a different technique. We hold the Android power key and the volume down. Everything is ready.

Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S2 Phone

Taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy C2 and core 2 is as simple as on other versions of Samsung: “Home“And”Inclusion“And the process is complete. The image is saved in the gallery in the “Screenshots” folder. Also on phones C2 Star Plus and Age.

Screen on Samsung a3 and a5

On a Samsung smartphone, A3, A5, as well as A7 are made easily and simply, according to the same scheme already known to us, as on Duos.

The combination is as follows:

  • Clamp “Food“;
  • Hold “Home“.

Then a click will sound, it will make it clear that the picture was taken and saved in the image gallery in the memory of Android. Next phone is Grand Prime.

On a Grand Prime smartphone

The technique in this case completely coincides with taking a picture on the above gadgets. Click on “The main“And on”Inclusion“. The screenshot on the Grand Prime phone is ready. The method also works on smartphones Alpha, Note 4 and other models of Not, Duos and Edge.

How to take a screenshot on tablets

A screen shot on a computer is simple, and on a tablet this process is somewhat complicated, but we will now examine it in detail.

The general key combination for taking a picture of an Android tablet: hold down “Power” and “Volume Down” at the same time. This is not always obtained immediately, but it’s worth trying, this function will definitely work.

If, nevertheless, it did not work out, the network is another option. Samsung came up with their own keyboard shortcut:

  • Back“And”HomeClamped at the same time;
  • Home“And”Enable“Clamped at the same time.

To understand that a screenshot from the tablet’s screen has been taken will simply be due to additional animation and sound. After creation, the screenshot is saved as a file and stored depending on the brand of the tablet in one of the folders:

Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 are performed differently. He has a virtual button. If for some reason it does not work, we take a screenshot according to the general methodology.

Screen screen for Tab is performed on the same principle. No more complicated than on Grand Prime smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Tab 3, Tab 4 tablet

On Galaxy Tab 2 on an Android device with 4.0. 4.1.1, the combination “Power ”“ Volume Down ”key“.

On tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and 4 must be clamped simultaneouslyHome“And”Inclusion“.

On a laptop

If we talk about the general case of taking a screenshot on Samsung, then of course we will talk about Print screen on keyboard. Since it is this function that performs this function on laptops and computers. The picture is copied to the clipboard.

Then it can be immediately inserted into the correspondence dialog box and saved in the form of a picture in any program (open the program, click “paste”).

For a laptop it’s also convenient to use the command Fn prtscn or press at the same time Fn alt prtscn to capture only the active window.

Screen on a Samsung laptop on Windows 8

In this case, for a Samsung laptop, you can hold down a key combination Win PrtScn, The picture will be saved in the laptop images. Then we insert this picture in the Paint program and save it in the format we need. The screenshot is ready.