How To Take A Screenshot On Lg Smartphones

How To Take A Screenshot On Lg Smartphones

Good day to all readers of the current article. Today we will tell you how to take a screenshot on LG different models. This article will help you deal with smartphones of the K (K4, K5, K7, K8, K10), G (G2, G3, G4C) models, as well as Spirit, Magna, Leon and X Power.

In general, after reading the information in this publication, you will learn how to create screenshots for any line of LG phones! Interested in? Then we will not torment you anymore!

This is a clatter, and then spend a second. a screenshot!

A few years earlier, when the first versions of Android were on mobile phones, each manufacturer came up with their own keyboard shortcuts and actions to create a screenshot.

This caused inconvenience for users, since each new model had its own way of playing screenshots. Users had to constantly memorize new combinations to different phones.

That is why today, almost all smartphones running under the aforementioned operating system have a standardized set of screen creation, consisting of two keys (touch and / or physical).

Now we will describe to you two ways by which you can capture the information displayed on the display of your LG smartphone.

Method 1. Keyboard shortcut

To create a screenshot, you must:

  1. Open the necessary information on the smartphone;
  2. Simultaneously press the volume rocker from the side of sound reduction and the power on / off button;
  3. Hold the buttons for a few seconds until you hear the characteristic sound of a camera click;
  4. Find the resulting display photo in the Gallery / Screenshots directory.

As you can see, this method is very simple and will work not only on LG smartphones, but also on many other devices running on Android. Although there is another set of keys among smartphones with this OS (instead of the volume rocker, the Home button is used).

Method 2: Quick Memo Application

You can also use a standard application called Quick Memo. Its main advantage is the ability to immediately edit the resulting image and send the latest to friends.

The disadvantages include the slower operation of the method, as well as the inability to photograph the controls of the phone itself.

So, to create a screenshot using the named application, you should:

  1. Click on the QMemo icon located in the notification panel, or hold down the home button and then, without lifting your finger, draw the application icon on the quick access ring;
  2. If necessary, edit the photo;
  3. Save or send image.

Now you know two ways to create a photo screen on LG brand smartphones.

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