How to Take a Screenshot on Android 9

A variety of models of smartphones running under the “green robot” and graphic add-ons produced by major manufacturers mislead users. Sometimes, such a simple task as creating a screenshot takes you into a dead end. In this article, we will tell you how to take a screenshot on Android.

Standard option

Only three years later, with the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, the fourth version of the Android OS, users got the opportunity to make a screen screen. In subsequent releases, which include modifications of the Quartet, versions 5.0, 5.1, 6.0 and the latest 7.0 and 7.1. this method remained unchanged. It consists in simultaneously pressing the keys to turn off the device and reduce the volume.

In the same sequence, a screenshot is taken on a tablet running on Android. Actions for OS versions below 4.0, we will not consider, since only 1% of devices work under their control.


Some manufacturers have developed their own keyboard shortcuts that are different from those used by Google. For this reason, consider alternative options implemented by leading vendors in their devices.

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“Apple Way”

The first such combination was applied by Apple, but over time, it was introduced by many manufacturers of Android devices. You can take a screenshot by briefly pressing the Home button and the power off key.

This key combination is found in many smartphone models along with the classic one proposed by Google. It is enough to check both options to understand what choice the manufacturer of your device made.


It seemed to the South Koreans that two ways to accomplish one task were not enough. In some budget models of this company, you can find another combination that allows you to take a screenshot on your phone.

It is necessary to press together the physical key “Home” and the touch “Back”.

In the latest models running on GraceUI and supporting gesture control, a screenshot on a smartphone can be made by moving the edges of the palm across the screen.

How to Take a Screenshot on Android 9


The company began with Android-based development of the MIUI shell. Now, Xiaomi device users can create a screenshot in six different ways, including classic and Apple. We do not consider software, in different versions of MIUI they differ, but we will give two of the most interesting:

  • gesture with three fingers from top to bottom on the screen;
  • pressing the “Home” button and located to the left of it, with the “≡” logo.
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Software shells

Additional features implemented at the software level can be found in the shells ZeneUI from ASUS and VibeUI from Lenovo. They allow the user to take screenshots using the drop-down menu items or assign keys on their own.

Faulty physical buttons

If the physical buttons on the smartphone malfunction, it will be impossible to take a screenshot by standard means. Of course, the best way out is to replace the defective part.

Some programs do not allow you to take a snapshot of the entire screen, but only the selected part of it and add text and graphic notes to it.

Saving and Editing

On Android, the screenshot taken goes to the gallery where the pictures taken on the device are stored. Some manufacturers allocate a separate folder for this purpose. When you take the first screenshot, it is automatically created in the gallery. In the future, all screenshots will be added to it constantly.

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You can process the received screen photos using standard tools that are contained in the operating system. To expand the editing capabilities, you can use additional software on your smartphone or computer.


Despite the variety of devices running Android, most of them are able to create a screenshot in two standard ways. The option chosen by the manufacturer is usually indicated in the quick setup guide contained in the documentation of the smartphone, in addition, it can be found on the technical support page of your device.