How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows 8 Laptop

A screenshot is a snapshot / photo (call it what you want) of your laptop screen. precisely, for dummies. a screen is a duplicate of what you see in front of you at the time of its creation. Everything is accurate, to a single pixel.

Why take a screenshot? For example, show correspondence, and everything else. I use them for a good example. Where, where to click, what should be displayed, etc. This is a very convenient option, which is sure to come in handy more than once.

How to make a screen on a laptop

In principle, a laptop or computer, this does not matter, like the model: Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba and so on. Everywhere, and in all versions of windows operating systems, you can take a screenshot using the “Print Screen” key. Do not be discouraged if you don’t have a print screen on your laptop, it’s just called differently. PrtSc and you can find this button in the upper right corner. For a good example, I bring you 2 photos with keyboards on which the arrow on the button you need.

After you clicked on a key PrtSc, the screenshot was made, but, stored while in the clipboard. If you restart the laptop, a buffer demand will occur and your image will be lost.

How to save a screenshot on a laptop

In fact, it is very simple and can be done in a million ways, the most basic and at the same time simple we will now consider.

  1. Open the standard windows xp, 7, 8, 10 “paint” application. You can find it in the start menu. all programs. standard. Paint Then press “CtrlV”. Now save your screenshot with the CtrlS key combination.
  2. Do everything the same as in the first case, only with any other graphic editor.
  3. Open correspondence in a social network, for example, VK and in the input field, press CtrlV i.e. insert.

How to take a screenshot of an open window

In the case above, we learned how to take a screenshot of the entire screen, and now let’s find out about the new, standard OS function “screenshot of an open window”. An open window is available I will enter, your workspace. Those. it does not get the taskbar with time, the background of the desktop (if any), etc. To take a screenshot of the window, press the key combination PrtScAlt For an example see a photo:

Those. As you already understood, you need to simultaneously press these two buttons. Everything, you can save your screen.

How to take a screenshot of a part of the screen

Congratulations, you are lucky today. And there are no programs to download, there is no need to install. The thing is that your laptop already has a standard program called “scissors”.

To open it, go to the start menu. all programs. standard. scissors.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows 8 Laptop

We open them and you don’t need to press anything else. You can already use the cursor to select the plot you need for the screen. Just select an area of ​​the screen and release the mouse. After that, click in the top menu “file” and select save.

A very large article was obtained for just one simple button, but now you can create 3 types of screenshots using windows and save them. To better learn the information from the most gifted dummies (no offense), I suggest watching the: