How to Take a Screenshot on a Samsung Smartphone

How to take a screenshot on Samsung should know every smartphone owner. This is a useful feature that is found in every modern phone. Consider how you can make a screen screen on Samsung J6, J3, C8, A5, A7 or other models.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Samsung Smartphone

How to make a screen on Samsung?

Below we will study in detail how you can take a screenshot on the Samsung A6 or on other modern models. There are several effective methods for screen shots that are used depending on your device.

Method number 1

The first method is standard and is used in almost all modern phones with Android OS. To take a screenshot, just hold down two keys. Volume Down and Power On, as shown below.

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Method number 2

The second option, explaining how to take a screenshot on Samsung A7 or on another phone model with the Android operating system, also consists in clamping certain buttons. This method is suitable for all new devices that went on sale in the next 2 years, and where there is a mechanical key “Home”.

Hold the two buttons. menu call and power.

Method number 3

If your Samsung is an older model, where the operating system is version 2 or 3, then you need to hold down “Home” or “Back”. Often presented buttons are already mechanical, just press them at the same time.

Method number 4

New smartphones, which are now on sale, mean a different way to screen. The manufacturer did not begin to remove the function of clamping specific keys to create a screenshot, and added another feature. You can take a screenshot with a gesture.

By standard, this feature is disabled in the settings. To enable this function you need:

  • Go to the options.
  • Find the “Advanced Features” section below.
  • Against the function that allows you to screen the screen with your palm, check the box or move the slider to the “On” position.
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After that, you can take a picture with a gesture. Just swipe your palm across the screen from right to left.

Is there a difference how to take a screenshot depending on the model

Some users are wondering if you can use any option you like for print screens. Not. Depending on the model of your smartphone, the method will vary. For example, owners of older Galaxy phones can do this by holding down the volume and power keys, while more modern models mean additional simplified functions for the screen. Let’s say the devices that are released in the near future support a special feature that allows you to take a screenshot with your palm.

After you make the print screen, a notification will appear at the top that the procedure has been completed successfully.

Where screenshots are stored

Screenshots taken are stored in the Gallery in the Screenshots folder. You can also use a special program. a file manager (for example, TotalCommander), downloading it from Google Play, and find a picture in the Pictures. Screenshots or ScreenCapture folder.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Errors

Sometimes, the described methods may not work. Why? Perhaps you held the buttons too little, or pressed them at more than one time. It is important to simultaneously use two buttons. If the presented options did not bring the proper result, then:

The phone does not have standard firmware installed, which is not supported by the developer. Reinstall it to the original.